This amazing artist Jessica Hannah Glynne Born 20th Oct.

1989. A English Singer & Songwriter. After signing with

Atlantic Records she rose to prominence in 2014. As a

featured Artist on singles Rather Be by Clean Bandit & My

Love by Route 94 both reached number 1 in the UK. Glynne

was the first British Female Artist to have Seven Number 1

singles on the UK. Charts. Line Up Jess Vocals ex. ex. ex.

Lead ex. ex. Bass ex. ex. Keyboards ex. ex. Drums ex. ex.

Song 1. Hold My Hand ex. Amazing overall sounds & Vocals .

Song 2. No One ex. Brilliant song-writing & arrangement .

Song 3. These Days ( Rudimental Cover ) Just Love It . Great.

Song 4. Thursday ex. Brilliant sounds from band & Vocals .

Song 5. One Touch ex. ( Jess Glynne & Jax Jones Cover ) Love.

Song 6. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself ex. Another great song.

Song 7. Take Me Home ex. Brilliant song arrangement. Love It.

Song 8. Medley So Real ex. ( Warriors Cover) Amazing Lead /

Bass / Keys & Drums Great Harmonies from B/V & Jess .Real/

Love ex. / My Love ex. / Rather Be ex. Pure magic sounds .

Song 9. All I Am ex. Brilliant music arrangement. Just Love It.

Song 10. I’ll Be There ex. ( Last Song) Amazing production

number ” If you give me my love ” ” I’ll be there for you ” Magic.

This has been amazing Set from this very talented Artist & Band.

SPICE GIRLS 8-30pm-10-30pm.


This Wonderful Talented Band formed in 1994 have sold 100

Million Records World Wide. Spice World Tour was the Fourth &

Finale Concert Tour By English Girl Group The Spice Girls. It

commenced on 24th May in Dublin Ireland & ended on 15th

June 2019 Tour without Victoria Beckham . Across the 13 Sold

Out Dates The Tour Produced 7oo,ooo Spectators & Earned

$ 78.2 Million in Ticket Sales Line up. Mel B ( Scary Spice)

Vocals ex. ex. ex. Melanie C ( Sporty Spice) Vocals ex. ex. ex.

Emma Bunton ( Baby Spice) Vocals ex. ex. ex. Geri Halliwell

( Ginger Spice) Vocals ex. ex. ex. Band Members Ricci Riccardi

M/D Drums ex. ex. ex. Louis Riccardi Guitars ex. ex. ex. Dave

Troke Bass Guitar ex. ex. ex. Ayo Ayce Oyerinde Keyboards

ex. ex. ex. Karlos Edwards Percussion ex. ex. ex. Dancers

House of Scary Jo Dyce ( Dance Captain) ex. ex. ex. Shay

Barclay ex. ex. ex. ex. Bill Sawyer ex. ex. ex. Kane Horn ex. ex.

ex. Robyn Laud ex. ex. ex. House of Baby James Mulford ex.

ex. ex. Josh Huerta ex. ex. ex. Michael Taylor ex. ex. ex.

Chanelle George ex. ex. ex. Maya King ex. ex. ex. House of

Ginger Jake Leigh ex. ex. ex. Kieran Daley Ward ex. ex. ex.

Che Jones ex. ex. ex. Dani Hampson ex. ex. ex. Demi Rock ex.

ex. ex. House of Sporty Mason Boyce ex. ex. ex. Oli Metzlee ex.

ex. ex. Mike Fellows ex. ex. ex. Erin Dusek ex. ex. ex. Majella

Fitzgerald ex. ex. ex. This is amazing set up of Great Dancers.

Song 1. Spice Up You Life ex. ( Morales Carnival Remix) Crowd

going wild. Amazing overall sounds with all 4 Girls just magic.

” Take that turn ” ” People of the world ” ” Keeper of the world”

Lots of Fireworks over the stadium . Truly a magic opening .

Song 2. If U Can’t Dance ex. ” We got the player ” Nice bit of

Rap. ” Can’t you see your nothing for me baby ” Brilliant Song .

Song 3. Who Do You Think You Are ex. ” Turn out the light oh

baby ” ” Shaking move it who do you think you are ” More

Fireworks . Amazing production number the place is buzzing.

Song 4.Do It ex. ” I can stop the world ” ” You got to show what

you feel ” ” You got to do it ” ” This Time ” ” I’m loosing control”

Song 5. Something Kind Of Funny ex. ” We got something kind

of funny ” Stage set just Incredible ” This is just an escape ”

” You got It ” ” Feeling kind of funny ” Amazing Vocals out of

this world Brilliant arrangement from the Band Just Love It .

INTERLUDE B/T Graphics Screen & Dancers Military Cadence /

Sound Off ex. Girls on screen Amazing dance routine from

dancers . ” Costume change ” Take the heat ” ” It over again ”

Girls vocals on screen ( Video) ” Oh Yea ” Girls still on screen

” We are stronger ” ” We are the spice girls ” Dance routine Guy

vocals B/T . This is such amazing magical night . Just Love It .

Song 6. Holler ex. ( Contains elements of Maw Remix ) ” Play

that game ” ” I want to love you more ” ” Don’t be afraid ” ” Call

my name ” ” We are the spice girls ” ” Girl power is all we need”

Great Singing from Crowd. Another production number Love It.

INTERLUDE B/T Graphics on Screen Queer Tango ex Dancers

Orchestral piece B/T Just two guy Dancers Brilliant routine .

Song 7. Viva Forever ex. ” Do you remember how it used to be”

” I’ll be waiting for a dream ” Another amazing arrangement .

Song 8. Let Love Lead The Way ex. ” I see the sunshine ”

Amazing song from all 4 Girls just magic. ” He will find It ”

” Sunshine in the rain ” ” You can be perfect ” Pure magic ” I

wan to be ” Another amazing production number Just Love It.

Song 9. Goodbye ex. ” If I never try ” ” Good by people ” ” Send

a answer to me ” ” Goodbye my friends ” This song has so much

feeling. ” I never thought you go your own sweet way ” Magic .

INTERLUDE B/T Graphics on Screen Car Wash Dance routine .

Song 10. Never Give Up On The Good Times ex. ” Come back

on the world ” ” Baby you ran out of time ” Remember all the

good times ” Some amazing Song-writing & overall sounds .

Song 11. We Are Family ex. ( Sister Sledge Cover ) ” Shine ”

” I believe ” ” All the people ” Brilliant song arrangement .

Song 12. Love Thing ex. Outstanding sounds from Band. Pure

Magic Vocals from the girls. ” It’s happening to me ” ” You don’t

want to be dreaming ” ” It’s not that easy ” ” All that pushing &

shoving ” Heart graphics on screen . Great production number.

Song 13. The Lady Is A VAMP ex. ( Cover ) ” A lady in another

world ” ” We love her so ” ” She a dance house queen ” Love It.

INTERLUDE The Last Waltz B/T Graphics on screen Big Ben at

12 o clock Amazing dance routine from the dancers. Pure Magic.

Song 14. To Much ex. ” All I can see ” ” I need a friend ” ” To

much of something is to much ” ” I need to be satisfied ”

” Something is bad enough ” ” Keep me Satisfied ” Great Sounds.

Song 15. Say You’ll Be There ex. ” Last time ” ” Now your telling

me your falling in love ” ” All I want from you is a promise that

you’ll be there ” Another amazing music arrangement. Love It.

Song 16. Two Become One ex. Pure magic overall sounds &

Song -writing . Heavenly Vocals filling the air with magic. ” Tonight

I need some love ” ” Two will come one ” Great playing from Band.

INTERLUDE Girl Power ex B/T with Graphics on screen & Video

Song 17. Stop ex. Brilliant song & dance routine Just Love It .

Song 18. Mama ex. Just love this song . Pure Magic Genius

Song 19. Wannabe ex. Another Big Hit For Them Just wonderful

Vocals from the Girls & wicked sounds from this very talented

Band & a fantastic dance routine . Outro B/T Graphics on Screen

Spice Up You Live ex. This has been a wonderful set from the

Spice Girls & There Brilliant Band & Dancers at the Fantastic

Etihad Stadium Home Of Manchester City Football Club.

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