CARAVAN PALACE ALBERT HALL MANCHESTER 31st JANUARY 202O Band from France Paris Formed around 2005 / 2006 First Jazz Festival 2007. Self tittle album released 20th Oct 2008. Band Members Zoe Goldtis Vocals ex.ex.ex. Arnaud Vial Guitar / Vocals Victor Raimondeau Baritone Sax & Tenor Sax ex.ex.ex. Charles Delapoint ex.ex.ex. Double Bass / Electronics ex.ex.ex.Continue reading “CARAVAN PALACE”


MADAMA BUTTERFLY PLACE THEATRE MANCHESTER WED. 22nd JAN. 2020 Main Cast Mimi Elena Dee Fabulous Korean Soprano ex.ex.ex. Together with Alyona Kistenyova ex.ex.ex. & Maria Tonina as Musetta ( House keeper ) ex.ex.ex. Rich Guy ex.ex. Sea Captain ex.ex. Councillor ex.ex.ex. Mimi Son ex.ex. Captain Wife ex. Rest of cast & Singers ex.ex. Amazing CostumesContinue reading “PUCCINI MADAMA BUTTERFLY”


THE BOOTLEG BEATLES BRIDGE WATER HALL MANCHESTER FRI. 13th. DEC. 2019THE  BOOTLEG BEATLES  7 : 30 pm—10 pm. Paul vocals/ Bass ex.ex.ex. John vocals/ Rhythm/ Lead/ Keys/ Piano ex.ex.ex. George Vocals/ Lead/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Ringo Vocals/ B/V/ Drums ex.ex.ex. Also using a String Section 3 girls on Violin & Guy Cello ex.ex.ex. & Brass SectionContinue reading “THE BOOTLEG BEATLES”


ARCH  ENEMY  8 pm—8 : 45 pm Will To Power Tour Death Metal Band from Sweden originally a super-group formed in 1995 Band Members Alissa White Gluz Vocals ex.ex.ex. Michael Amott Guitar/ Keyboards B/V ex.ex.ex. Daniel Eriandsson Drums/ Keyboards ex.ex.ex. Sharlee D’Angelo Bass B/V ex.ex.ex. Jeff Lomis Guitar/ Keyboards B/V ex.ex.ex. Intro Set Flame AtContinue reading “AMON AMARTH”