Amazing Indie Rock Band from Manchester. Formed in 2014.

When Carla meet Heather while attending B.I.M.M. Music

College Manchester. Some amazing young artists come out

B.I.M.M. They signed to Independent Record Label Dirt Hit

in 2017. This is amazing Band of very talented musicians .

Line Up Heather Baron Gracie Vocal / Guitar ex. ex. ex Ciara

Doran Drums ex. ex. ex. Hugo Silvani Guitar ex. ex. ex. Charlie

Wood Bass ex. ex. ex. See great things for this band . Magic.

Song 1. Eighteen ex. Pure Magic overall Sounds. Just Great.

Song 2. Television Romance ex. Amazing Song-writing. Love It.

Song 3. The Tide ex. Just outstanding musicians . Just Great .

Song 4. Red ex. Brilliant music arrangement & playing. Love It.

Song 5. Noises ex. Brilliant Lead /Bass / Rhythm/Vocals & Drums.

Song 6. One More Time ex. ” Don’t say your going to leave me”

Song 7. There’s A Honey ex. ” You said you want me ” ” My body

says ” Amazing Set from this very talented Band of musicians.


This amazing solo performance from Tom Guitarist for Rage

Against Machines . Tom Morello Born May 30th 1964. American

Singer / Rapper & Actor Line Up Tom Vocals / Guitar ex. ex. ex.

Drums ex. ex. ex. Intro ( The Green Blevator Communique B/T

Video on Large Screen with amazing Lighting out of this world .

Song 1. Lead Poisoning ex. Drums come on . ” We declared what

it is ” You can’t hold me down ” Pure magic guitar work from Tom

& Vocals with outstanding Drumming . Brilliant song-writing .

Song 2. Where It’s At Ain’t What It Is ex. With rapping on screen .

Tom brilliant Lead . INTERMISSION B/T on Screen on some songs.

Song 3. Battle Sirens ex. ” I was born & free ” ” Can’t stop the

breathing ” Amazing music arrangement with outstanding playing.

Song 4. Rabbit’s Revenge ex. Some amazing Lead / Rhythm with

Wah Wah . Add on Bass B/T Instrumental Piece . Just Love It .

Song 5. Can’t Stop The Bleeding ex. ” I was lost ” ” I’ll wait for you ”

Song 6 Medley Bombtrack ex. / Know You Enemy ex. / Bulls on

Parade ex. / Guerilla Radio ex / Sleep Now In The Fire ex. / Cochise/

Like A Stone ex. Seven short song in a medley ” All alone ” ” Make

something ” ” There a illusion ” ” Hungary lights ” Amazing graphics

on screen ” Heart to reap ” Amazing music arrangement Love It .

Song 7. How Long ex. ” Don’t talk down ” Brilliant Song-writing .

INTERMISSION ( Famous Last Words ) ex. Video & B/T Love It .

Song 8. The Ghost Of Tom Joad ex. ( Bruce Springsteen Cover)

” Take something ” Outstanding overall sounds . Crowd going wild.

Song 9. Killing In The Name ex. ( Race Against The Machines Cover)

” A ticket to the promise land ” Another great arrangement .

Song 10. Power To The People ex. ( John Lennon Cover) Joined by

a young people choir Magic. This has been a wonderful set from

this very talented Artist & a wicked drummer & Guitar / Vocals Tom.

MUSE 8-45pm – 10 -30pm.


Muse are a brilliant English Rock Band from Teignmouth Devon

Formed in 1994. Muse have numerous Awards 2 Grammy Awards

2 Brits Awards 5 MTV Europe Awards & 8 NME Awards in 2012.

Line Up Mathew Bellamy Vocals / Piano / Keyboards / Guitar ex.

ex. ex. Chris Wolstenholme Bass / B/V ex. ex. ex. Dominic Howard

Drums / Percussion ex. ex. ex. Dancers ex. ex. ex. Great Routines.

Song 1. Algorithm ( Alternate Reality Version Short-end ) Pure

magic overall sounds & one hell of a front man Just outstanding.

Song 2. Pressure ex. ” Don’t stop me ” ” I’m feeling the pressure”

” What are you doing ” ” Don’t put me ” INTERLUDE Video B/T

( Drill Sergeant ) With amazing dance routine just fabulous Magic.

Song 3. Psycho ex. ” Feeling on my shoulder ” ” I’m going to break

you ” Pure magic Lead / Bass & wicked drumming & Keys/Piano

Song 4. Break It To Me ex. ( With Tom Morello ) ” I want to know

the truth ” Dancers in White with lights . Just magic arrangement.

Song 5. Uprising ex. ( Extended Intro & outro ) ” We will be

victories ” ” Revolution will take it toll ” Amazing graphics on

screen ” We will come closer ” Brilliant music score Love It.

Song 6. Propaganda ex. Dancers with smoke tubes . Vocals /

Synth Guitar. on walkway with Lead / Bass & Drums with Synth

Drum Pads. Into the crowd . Amazing music arrangement .

Song 7. Plug In Baby ex. ” I gave my love ” Amazing strip lights

on walkway . ” I’m going crazy ” Another brilliant song . Love It.

Song 8. Pray ex. ( Matt Bellamy Song )( Short-end) ” If you

could see her face ” ” Wake up ” ” And set me free ” Brilliant

Graphics on screen . Another wonderful song arrangement .

Song 9. The Dark Side ex. Amazing overall sounds Pure Magic.

Song 10. Supermassive Black Hole ( Close Encounter Intro

B/T ) ” In the dead of night ” Outstanding Song-writing Love It.

Song 11. Thought Contagion ex. ” Far Down ” ” Your caring

out ” ” Some one looking for me ” ” I’ll never do what I want

to do ” ” Try out ” ” To late to have a revolution ” Great Song.

Song 12. INTERLUDE B/T also screen then into Hysteria Magic.

Song 13. Hysteria ex. ( AC/DC’S Cover ) ( Back To Black Outro)

” The things you maid ” ” I’ll break you down ” Pure Magic .

Song 14. Bliss ex. ( Extended Outro ) Brilliant overall sounds.

Song 15. The 2nd Law ex. from there 2nd Album Unsustainable.

Song 16. Dig Down ex. ( Acoustic Gospel Version ) ” We must

fly away ” Just love the arrangement. Then INTERLUDE B/T

& Screen Interstitial 1. Pure Magic Overall sounds Love It.

Song 17. Madness ex. Outstanding playing from the Band .

Song 18. Mercy ex. Another great production number Magic.

Song 19. Time Is Running Out ex. ( Oasis’s Cigarettes &

Alcohol ) This amazing band are on fire tonight really rocking.

Song 20 Houston Jam ex. Very Instrumental just love it .

Song 21. Take A Bow ex. Crown going wild with delight .

Song 22. Prelude ex. Just fantastic sounds from band.

Song 23. Starlight ex. Amazing Song INTERLUDE STT

Interstitial B/T 2 This has been so magical tonight .

Song 24. Algorithm ex. Another amazing version Love It.

Song 25. Medley Stockholm Syndrome ex. / Assassin ex./

Reapers ex. / Harder ex. / New Born ex. Just Brilliant .

Song 26 . Knights Of Cydonia ex. ( Ennio Morricone’s )

( Man with a Harmonica Intro) This has been a wonderful

Set from this fantastic talented Band at the wonderful

Etihad Stadium Manchester Love ever minute Pure Magic.

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