Tommy vocals/ Guitar. A brilliant young artist from London. Check her out.

Song 1. Reap My Heart vg. ” In a jug ” Great songwriting & arrangement.

Song 2. Shoot vg. ” Don’t know what to do ” ” It’s scares me ” ” What is this “

Song 3. Places vg. ” You talk like that ” ” The way you play me ” Guitar work

very basic ” Walking home with my heart on my sleeve ” Love her songs.

Song 4. Howard vg. ” Never let It show ” ” This song says ” It’s the

difference ” Crowd really loving her. Just magic in the air. Love It.

Song 5. Cars ex. Vocals pure magic. ” How can I ever be in love “.

Guitar work getting more technical & better. Great arrangement.

Song 6. Words ex. ” I dream of you” Another great song Love It.

Song 7. Trash Fires vg. ” It’s a beautiful day ” ” Can’t put It out “

Song 8. It’s Crazy vg. ” I love you ” ” I don’t love you “. A great set

from this young artist just love it.


A fantastic young pop artist with a brilliant Band Maise Guitar/ Vocals ex.ex.

Bass ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Girl Keyboards / B/V ex.ex.

Song 1. Stay Young ex. ” I’m In Love Again ” ” oh oh oh ” Great melody

Song 2. This Is On You ex. ” You gave It up ” ” I build you up ” ” My best

friend ” Amazing arrangement & fantastic sounds from Band. Love It.

Song 3. Adore You ex. ” In my dreams ” Another great song.

Song 4. Held Me Down The Line ex. No set list some tittles could be

wrong. ” Finger tips ” ” How can I tell you “. Amazing vocals.

Song 5. I Talk To Much ex. ” I want to say ” ” I missed you “

Song 6.The Place We Were Made ex. ” Till I Run ” ” Living the dream “

Song 7. You’ll Always On My Mind ex. ” Touch me ” Just love It.

Song 8. My Ex. ” He’s a looser ” ” To the right ” ” Just another song “

” Take my hand “. Great music arrangement. Just fabulous.

Song 9. Volcano ex. ” I Love You ” ” All of nothing ” ” It feels like this “

” Like a light comes ” Brilliant song writing & music score.

Song 10. Sister ex. ” If you look for the girl of your dreams “

” She In my bed with me ” Crowd going mad with pleasure .

Song 11. My Favourite Ex ex. ” All out of your hands ” ” When

you pulled the trigger ” Just outstanding. Love It.

Song 12. John Hughes Movie ex. ” You’ve got me in the palm

of your hands. Just a wonderful set from amazing artist &

Band . Just love this venue with amazing staff / security &

Management . Do check the venue out you’ll love It .

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