Van is one of the all time greats. He magical & puts words to music .

With amazing music scores. Most of his backing band have been with

him a long time. At the age of 75 he’s just a perfect musician. His

backing band are just outstanding musicians.

Van Morrison Vocals/ Harmonica/ Sax./ Guitar M/D Hammond

Organ/ Piano/Trumpet. Girl Percussion B/V. Double Bass/Bass

Lead/Keys/ B/V. Drums B/V . Girl Tambourine B/V Outstanding

Song 1. Deadbeat Saturday Night ex. Just Magical Love It.

Song 2. Double Agent ex. Outstanding vocals & music from band.

Song 3. Up Country Down ex. Just love the song Van is on fire.

Song 4. Baby Please Don’t Go/ Got My Mojo Working. Van on

Vocals & Sax on a lot of songs with B/V from Band. Girl on

Percussion outstanding also plays Xylophone on some songs.

Song 5. I Can Tell ( Bo Diddley Cover) Amazing Arrangement “

Song 6. Day’s Like This ex. Pure magic Van on Sax.

Song 7. Precious Time ex. Lead on Steel Guitar Outstanding.

Song 8. Real Real Gone / You Send Me ex. 2 Brilliant Songs.

” People say ” ” If You Try ” ” You send me a song”

Song 9. Ain’t Gonna Moan No More ex. Pure Magic.

Song 10. Did You Get Healed ex. Keys/ Trumpet Magical.

Bass/ Double Bass. Just brilliant.

Song 11. Jumping With The Symphony ex. ( Lester Young

cover) Just love the arrangement.

Song 12. Magic Time ex. Van on guitar Band outstanding.

Song 13. Moon Dance ex. One of my favourite songs.

great music arrangement.

Song 14. Why Must I Always Explain ex. Magic flying

through the air. Crowd just loving it.

Song 15. Wild Night ex. Percussion B/V on xylophone

Love this song just brilliant.

Song 16. How Far From God ex. ( Sister Rosetta cover )

Pure magic arrangement

Song 17. Cleaning Windows/ Be- Bob-A-Lula melody.

Song 18. Think Twice Before You Go ex. ( John Lee Hooker)

Band just amazing .

Song 19. Help Me ex. ( Sony Boy Wiilliamson Cover)

Song 20. Brown Eyed Girl ex. Van & Band magical.

Song 21. Gloria ( Them Song) ex. Last song ” Baby tonight “

Extended song by Band after Van leaves the stage to

ovation from crowd going wild. Girl B/V just magical.

Band out of this world. Amazing ending to a fire cracking

magical gig. Just love it. After gig covered last artist at

Night & Day Oldham St.


Caught for song of a Fantastic Young Band Vocals / Bass/

Song 1 It Not To Far ex. Amazing Songwriters & Musicians

Song 2. Feel Alright ex. ” Socialise ” Pure Magic

Song 3. I’m In Love Again ex. ” We Got To Ask ” Love It.

Song 4. Going Down ex. ” I can see “. A very tight young

Band with very Talented Musicians missed a few songs

had to catch train. Do give this Amazing Venue a look In

A great place for seeing up & young Artist & Bands.

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