Very different production I saw a few years ago In Manchester. Very different scenery using more Graphics on screen just fabulous. This was a far better production very funny script with song references & artist names. Assembly amazing cast of Dancers / Vocals &
brilliant acting. Main Cast Buddy Michael MC Kella ex.ex. Khashoggi Adam Starch ex.ex. Galleo ( The One) ex.ex.ex. His girlfriend Scaramouse Elena Sky’s ex.ex.ex. Killer Queen Jenny O Leary ex.ex.ex. Brit ( Corporation General) David Michael Johnson ex.ex. Oz Ann Di Bartone Live Band Members Piano Bob Broad ex.ex.ex. Guitar James Bamber ex.ex.ex. Guitar Simon Croft ex.ex.ex. Bass Nile Murray ex.ex.ex. Drums Dave Cottrell ex.ex.ex. A must get a Program.
SET ONE 7 : 30 pm

Intro from Band Pure magic sounds The story Is a future place where the Corporation does not allow Rock Music & takes over the young people minds & brain washes them. But out there is a gang of Bohemian still loving there Rock Music but the Corporation are trying to catch them. Run by the Killer Queen & her General. The gang live on the Sea Of Rhye with Leader Buddy & his girlfriend. The two main characters Live around the waste dump they are Galleo ( The One) & His girl friend Scaramouch very funny actress & fabulous vocalist as is Galleo some amazing lines from these two Wonderful cast members. Lets get on with the show Scene starts at Corporation Head Quarters.
Song 1. Radio Gaga ex. ” I hear It on the radio ” ” Every time It comes ” ” Someone still loves me ” Pure magic sounds from a brilliant cast.
Song 2. I Want To Break Free ex. Fabulous vocals from Scaramouch Fantastic actress who meets up with Galleo ( The One) to save the Bohemian’s. Against Global Corporation ” Get out of here ” Brilliant production number. Next.
Song 3. She A Killer Queen ex. With cast & Killer Queen Brilliant sounds from band & cast. ” She playful as a pussy cat ” ” She’ll blow your mind ” Next cast.
Song 4. Play The Game ex ” Everyone play the game of love ” Next Galleo.
Song 5. Under Pressure ex. Still Corporation scene Scaramouch comes in & Duets Brilliant production number Love It· Next Galleo & Brit ( General).
Song 6. A Kind Of Magic ” This fire that runs inside of me ” Next scene Waste Dump on screen outstanding graphics with Galleo & Scaramouch very funny lines. Duet.
Song 7. I Want It All ex. ” I want It now ” ” Give me a sign ” Next.
Song 8. Do You Want To Make It ex. ” Another Situation ” Scene Bohemians hideout. Galleo & Scaramouch meet up with Buddy & his Girlfriend they call Galleo a dreamer & Don’t like the way Scaramouch dresses. Next.
Song 9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love ex. Vocals Buddy / Girlfriend / Cast & Galleo & Scaramouch coming In. Fabulous production number with amazing sounds from Band of brilliant musicians. ” There goes my baby ” End Of Part One 20 min Interval.

Song 10. One Vision ex. Scene Corporation Head Quarters I had a dream when I was young ” On screen. Access Vital High. Another production number. Next cast.
Song 11. Seven Seas Of Rhye ex. ” What is mine ” ” It just a miracle of life ” then Into I do like to be by the sea ex. Next scene back at waste dump Galleo & Scaramouch talking.
Song 12. Who Wants To Live Forever ex. Amazing vocals & acting from the two just fabulous ” There no time for us ” ” There no place for us ” Pure magic sounds. Next the two have a argument & fall out. Next scene Corporation Head Quarters with Killer Queen & four cast doing song & dance routine.
Song 13. Fat Bottom Girls ex. ” By the side of the red light ” Outstanding vocals & dance.
Song 14. Don’t Stop Me Now ex. ” I’m going to have a good time ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 15. Another One Bites The Dust ex. ” I’ll get to you ” ” Take me on my own ” Next scene Waste Dump.
Song 16. Hammer To Fall ex. ” Give It to me one more time ” Just fabulous. Next scene Bohemian Hideaway Brilliant stage set.
Song 17. These Are The Days Of Our Lives ex. Pure magic sounds filling the air ” Those were the days of my life ” ” The days have now gone ” Next Buddy / Galleo / Scaramouch. On a Motor Bike. Very funny lines & scene.
Song 18. Ride My Bicycle ex. Pure magic production number. All three are still looking for the star to lead them to the Axe in the Stone. Next Galleo & Scaramouch show love.
Song 19. Devil On The Highway ex. Another amazing song. Next Cast.
Song 20. We Will Rock You ex. Audience singing & clapping . Fabulous magical song. Next Cast .
Song 21. We Are Champions ex. ” We will keep on fighting ” ” I’ve paid my dues ” ” There was mistakes I’v made a few ” ” We are the champions my friend ” ” We are the champions of the world ” . Another production number love It Next Galleo / Scaramouch / Buddy & Cast .
Song 22. Bohemian Rhapsody ex ” Mother I’ve just killed a man ” ” Now I’ve thrown It all away ” ” To late my time has come & sends shivers down my spine ” ” It time to go ” ” I don’t want to die ” ” Sometimes I wish I was never born ” ” I see a ship on the Arizonian ”
” We won’t let you go ” ” Oh baby ” ” I’ve got to get right out of here ” ” Nothing matters to
me ” This has been a Fantastic evening at the Fantastic Blackpool Opera House. Just love this Musical & It’s wonderful Cast.
Amazing Cast Fantastic Vocal / Dance Routines & Acting Brilliant Band of outstanding Musicians. Fabulous Songs / Lyrics / Music Scores. Outstanding Graphics & Scenery Brilliant Lighting & Fantastic Mixing This was truly Amazing Production of the highest order. Everyone went home happy.

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