JACK  BROADBENT 8 pm— 8 : 37 pm

Jack Lead / Rhythm / Vocals ex.ex. Dad Bass / B/V ex.ex. Some of the songs solo.
Song 1. I’m On My Own Again ( Solo ) ” Hold me mother don’t cry no more “
Song 2. Making My Way Back Home ex. ” Sometimes I wait ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 3. It’s A Hard Time ex. ” All alone ” ” She said ” ” Hey what’s your name ” Great songwriting. Very blues.
Song 4. Feet Willing ex. ” I’m ever working on the ranch ” ” I saw Dallas ” I’m still willing “
Song 5. Led Billington song. ” I’m leaving in the morning ” ” I hate to leave you darling so sweet ” ” I laid down on my pillow & cried my self to sleep ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 6. Don’t be lonesome ex. ” I do my best ” ” I’ve wasted all this time ” Love It.
Song 7. Moonbeam Dancing! ( Van Morrison cover) ” I want to make love to you ” ” Making time for a moon dance ” Brilliant music arrangement.
Song 8. Last In The Road ex. ” Don’t come back no more ” Brilliant songwriting.
ex. Set ex. Solo & Duo ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.
RONNIE WOOD 9 pm—10 : 45 PM

RONNIE WOOD from the Faces & Rolling Stones doing a tribute to Chuck Berry with the Ben Waters Band. Just amazing Piano / Keys / B/V ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.ex. Ronnie Wood Lead / Vocals ex.ex.ex. Fabulous Guest Singer Imelda May ex.ex.ex.
Song 1. Roll Them Pete ex. Band only Ben Waters tribute to Johnnie Johnson.
Song 2. Roll Over Beethoven ex. Band only ( Chuck Berry cover) Pure magic sounds. Next Ronnie Wood comes on. Audience goes wild.
Song 3. Don’t Lie To Me ex. Outstanding Lead & Vocals from Ronnie & Fantastic playing from Band. Just love It.
Song 4. Little Queenie ex. ” Do you like me ” ” You make me laugh ” Outstanding songwriting from Chuck Berry Performed Fabulously.
Song 5. I’m Talking About You ex. Another amazing arrangement from Ronnie & Band.
Song 6. Blue Feeling ex. Fantastic blues work from Ronnie & Band. Ronnie just gets better with age. Next song Guest Vocalist Imelda May from Ireland. Just love this artist.
Song 7. Wee Wee Hours ex. Amazing Duet Outstanding production number.
Song 8. Mac The Lad ex. With Imelda May ” I think of you ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 9. Back In The U.S.A ex. Brilliant production number. Outstanding Piano / Bass / Lead & Drums Love It.
Song 10. Tribute To Chuck Berry ex. Pure magic arrangement.
Song 11. Memphis Tennessee ex. ” Last time I saw her ” They are really rocking tonight.
Song 12. No Money Down ex. ” I’m going to get you a car ” ” I’ll talk to my baby when I get home ” Blues Rock & Roll just fabulous.
Song 13. Billie Jean ex. ( Michael Jackson cover ” Outstanding Lead from Ronnie & wicked sounds from Band. ” I like the way you are ” .
Song 14. Sweet Little Rock & Roller with Imelda May. Love her vocals. They are rocking the place tonight. Pure magic sounds filling the air.
Song 15. Rock & Roll Music ex. with Imelda May. Just fabulous vocals. ” If you want to dance with me ” Brilliant music arrangement.
Song 16. Bye Bye Johnny with Imelda May. Two SAX players on. Just heavenly. This wonderful rock & roll song. Ronnie has taken us back into a magical era. Love It.
Song 17. Carol ex. with Imelda May Outstanding music arrangement. Ronnie & Imelda & Band at there very best.
Song 18. Johnny B. Good ex. with Imelda May. Fabulous production number. This has been a wonderful evening at the Manchester Opera House with It’s friendly staff / security & management.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band / Ronnie & Imelda May Brilliant Songs / Lyrics & Music Scores Wonderful Lights Fabulous Mixing. I would love to see Ronnie with the Rolling Stones. That would be amazing.

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