This amazing young artist from Newcastle Line Up Sonny

Vocal // Acoustic ex. ex. Very talented musician & Songwriter.

Song 1. Princess ex. ” Your never satisfied ” ” I’m loosing all

my ” Amazing song some great acoustic work & Vocals

Song 2. Ridge War ex. ( No Set List some tittles could be

wrong ) ” Over me ” There’s defiantly magic in his playing .

Song 3. Since You’ve Been Gone vg. ” This is not for show ”

” It’s the lucky one ” There some great sounds in his playing .

Song 4. Bad Loves ex. ” Want to be next to you ” Just love It .

Song 5. Yesterday Gone ex. ” You came my love ” Just Magic.

Song 6. What The Matter Baby ex. ” I’ll pick you up piece by

piece ” Another amazing arrangement & song -writing. Love It.

Song 7. What’s Going On ex ( Cover ) Great Vocal & Storytelling.

This has been a Great Set from this talented artist. Love It .


This Fantastic Artist Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist / Pianist

Gabrielle Ann Aplin Born 1992 is a English Artist . Aplin signed

a recording deal with Parlophone in February 2012 . She rose

to prominence the following Nov. when she was selected to

record the soundtrack for a John Lewis Television Commercial

with a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s The Power Of Love.

Which went to the Top of the UK Singles Chart. Her Debut Album

English Rain was released in May 2013 to positive reviews. It

debuted at number 2 on the UK Album Charts & led to more

singles Please Don’t Say You Love Me / Panic Chord / Home /

Salvation . English Rain has since been certified Gold in the

UK selling over 100,OOO Copies Aplin’s Second Album Light

up The Dark was released in Sep 2015 Followed by the release

of her Third Album Dear Happy 2020. She has also released

multiple extended plays throughout her career. She resides in

Brighton. Aplin went to study music at Bath College participating

in the College in House Label BAI Records. Genres Folk / Indie

Folk / Indie Rock / Synth Pop / Pop . Line Up Gabrielle Vocal /

Acoustic / Piano ex. ex. ex. Drums ex. ex. ex. Keys / Synth ex.

ex. ex. Girl Bass / B/V ex. ex. ex. She has a very talented Band .

Song 1. Sweet Nothing ex. ” I feel lonely & blue ” Bass / B/V

Song 2. Night Bus ex. ” I’ve been waiting ” ” For the last time ”

Love the arrangement some brilliant sounds from Vocals & Band.

Song 3. Panic Chord ex. ” I’m the one to blame ” ” If you went ”

Song 4. Heavy Heart ex. ” There nothing to say ” ” I treat so

wrong ” ” Help my self ” Next Gabrielle Solo & Band off stage.

Song 5. Coming Home ex. Gabrielle / Acoustic ” The feelings

coming home ” Some amazing finger picking & Vocals so much

magic in her performance with brilliant Storytelling in the lyrics.

Song 6. Power Of Love ex. Gabrielle / Piano ” I’m so in love

with you ” ” Torches’ of fire ” ” Make love your gold ” Love It .

Song 7. That Girl ex. ” That’s not up to you ” ” I want to be right

for you ” Next Gabrielle Semi Acoustic & Band Back On. Magic.

Song 8. Light Up After Dark ex. ” I want to be ” ” I’m talking to

you . Amazing arrangement & Song-writing & Great playing.

Song 9. Fools Love ex. ” You kick I’m sleeping ” Some fools

love ” ” You make it for me ” ” Fools Love ” Heavenly Song.

Song 10. Please Don’t Say You Love Me ex. ” So I can say it

back ” Crowd going wild with delight. Amazing Arrangement.

Song 11. Say Nothing ex. ” Your looking so contended ”

” Say nothing ” Some amazing vocals & overall sounds.

Song 12. Waking Up Slow ex. ” Please answer me ” ” I don’t

knock ” ” Care my days ” Next Gabrielle Vocal / Piano Magical.

Song 13. Salvation ex. ” Celebrating my life ” Violin & Strings

B/T ” My Salvation & my life ” Another amazing arrangement.

Song 14. Miss You ex. Vocals only from Gabrielle ” Tell me

you miss me ” ” I’m coming back to you ” ” I miss you to ” ” I

need somebody to love me ” Pure magic playing . Encore.

Song 15. Stay ex. ” Times gone by ” ” Why are you looking

at me ” ” Stay ” ” Did you think I say ” ” Who on the outside”

Song 16. Home ex. ” Home is where the heart is ” ” Love as

there no tomorrow ” This has been a wonderful set from

this very talented artist & Band of amazing musicians at

the Amazing Manchester Cathedral. If you have never seen

a concert at the Cathedral I Highly Recommend Love It.

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