LAUREN JEAN  7–30 pm—7–45 pm

  • Amazing young artist from Clitheroe age 14 yrs still at school just a brilliant talented musician % songwriter Laura Keys/ Piano/ Vocals Guy guitar/ B/V.
    Song 1. Talk About It ex. ” No going back ” ” See It all around ” Pure Magic Sounds.
    Song 2. Rattles ex. ” Where are you now ” ” You know the reason why ” Amazing vocal & piano work. Great guitar work.
    Song 3. Hold On ex Softer song Amazing songwriting for her age. Just love her lyrics she did a few festivals over the summer. ” If you were you be better wasted ” ” Oh to me ” ” Take you people out to me ” ” Walking the storm ” Pure Magic Songs.
    Song 4. Fallen Angel ex. ” Falling out of the darkness Today ” ” So many problems “
    ex. Set ex. Solo & Guitar ex. Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

IRIS 8 pm—8–30 pm

Drums ex.ex. Guitar ex.ex. Iris vocals ex.ex. From Scandinavia Singer songwriter.
Song 1. Let It Be Gone ex. ” Don’t be bad ” ” As We Play ” ” Something bad I can tell you ”  Outstanding sounds & vocals.
Song 2. I Can See Right Through ex. ” Break the heart I want your money ” Drums/ Lead B/V ” Break the chain I won’t my money ” Brilliant songwriting.
Song 3. Universe ex. Song about the universe. ” I Close my eyes ” Pure magic sounds. ” My mind is a ” ” There all in the past ” ” Outside emotion ” Lyrics fabulous & stage presence. Her writing is very commercial with a voice of a angel with gifted musicians backing her .
Song 4. She Special ex. Very magical lyrics ” She see’s in your eyes waiting for someone “
Song 5. I Love My Life ex. ” One last time ” ” To reach out ” ” She got you ” ” Girls get the butterfly’s for you ” 
Song 6. Take Me I Care ex. ” All I see ” ” In my mind ” ” I wake up & don’t know who I am ” You need a better heart ” She has such a lovely voice & amazing dance movements around stage.
Song 7. This One ex. Song tittle could be wrong no set list. ” Everything is out of control ” ” When the night time comes ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 8. I’m So Excited ex. ” Take me out of this place ” ” I give you my heart ” Fabulous vocals I see big things for this artist.
Amazing Set Fantastic Solo & Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex.Mixing Just love every minute of this set.
AURORA  9 pm—10–35 pm

Aurora Born 15th June 1996 Stavanger Norway. Aurora Singer/ Songwriter/ Record Producer Age 23 years Started 2012 Learned piano at 6 years old My self had piano lessons at 5 years old. She loved playing classical on piano. At the age of 9 years she had a better handle of English Language. Started writing songs Her first original composition was titled Had A Dream. Which Referred to how hard the world can be. Songs such as Running With The Wolves/ I Went To Far & Runaway. Where written in the early stage of her life Runaway written at the age of 12 years old. Her Debut Album All my demons greeting me as a friend Released 11th March 2016. Also Released a Single Life On Mars cover David Bowie. On 14th March 2016 Aurora made her American Television Debut In April 2019 Aurora Contributed two songs on the Chemical Brothers Ninth Album No Geography Aurora/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. Keyboard ex.ex.ex. Girl Keys/ Sythi ex.ex.ex.
Song 1. Churchyard ex. ” You saw me walk away ” ” Hear the people ” ” Tell me how ” ” Can’t you tell me ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 2. All Is Soft Inside ex. ” I’m loving my ” ” Don’t let me go ” ” I’ll carry on ” ” In a emotion ” ” Last for a moment ” ” We can see ” Brilliant Songwriting.
Song 3. Warrior ex. ” I Feel a sleep ” ” He my warrior ” ” Just reach out for the night ” Amazing song arrangement.
Song 4. Forgotten Love ex. ” Every day I daydream ” ” I’ll get by ” ” I’m In love ” Fabulous vocals & harmonies.
Song 5. Murder Song ex. Just two vocals only & bass guitar ” Oh oh oh “
Song 6. It Happened Quiet ex. ” Against the wind ” B/V only ” I’m returning from the shadows ” Amazing sounds from band.
Song 7. Runaway ex. ” Take me home where I Belong ” ” All this time I’ve been lying ” ” I can’t take no more ” ” Take me home ” Drums back on ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 8. Animal ex. ” Before I push you off ” ” There time I sleep ” ” Your heart beat “
Song 9. Apple Tree ex. Key/ sythi B/V Aurora just heavenly vocals. Pure magic genius ” He’s just a boy & She’s just a girl “.
Song 10 A Different Kind Of Human ex. ” I don’t bring a human ” ” Are you afraid ” ” We have been waiting for the meeting ” ” There a place like you ” ” Coming in the mother ship ” Brilliant songwriting. 
Song 11. The River ex. ” I’m coming for you ” ” You can fly ” ” I am the shadow ” ” We can fly ” ” This is heaven ” Amazing music arrangement.
Song 12. Queendom ex. ” I am in your head ” Fabulous vocals ” Kingdom come “
Song 13. The Seed ex. ” Just like the way It grows through the shadows ” So the flower grows again ” ” Thinking slower ” Amazing lighting on stage “
Song 14. I Went To Far ex. Guitar/ sythi/ keys ” Give me some loving ” ” Told me ” ” When I cut my hands & begin to bleed ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 15. Running With The Wolves ex. ” We stand the ground ” ” Everything In my mind I’m crying ” Outstanding music arrangement. ” I’ll run with the wolves tonight ” ” Trick a treat ” ” The blood blossoms in your eyes ” ” Wo wo oo ” Encore.
Song 16. Daydreamer. ex. ” When the world’s coming bye in your dream ” ” Time comes & go ” Fabulous overall sounds & heavenly vocals from another planet. ” All the feeling ” ” Like a child ” Outstanding vocal sounds filling the air.
Amazing Set Fantastic Solo & Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores. ex. Lighting ex. Mixing. Another Wonderful Night At The Albert Hall.




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