Based in Brooklyn Also in the Band Toy Soldiers Rock Band From Philadelpha Lead Trumpet/Vocal,s ex.Bass ex.Keys/Sythi/  Piano ex.Drums ex.1.Something Stupid vg.(I,ll Eat You Alive)(I Feel It In My Belly)(I,m In Love With You)2.Great Sythi Intro White Noise 2.Alway,s Elsewhere vg.Very Psychedelic  Rock(To Feel What,s Real)(On The Outside) Interesting Songwriting  Going To A soft Barber Shop Harmony To A very Rock Sound,s 3 Realy Nice Guy,s vg.Very  Psychedelic Guitar Work Keys and Drums(Go Away With My Spice(Realise Your Ready)4.Put The Kids To Bed vg.(No Matter What It Is)5 Kill The Medicine Man)(Down Down Down)6.Temporary Slave vg.Vocal,s Only (I Woke Up Crying)(I Drank A Cold Glass Of Water) See Some Influance Of Early Stones Love There Lyric Writing and Music Scores 7.You Got To vg.(You Got To Be A Circle)Key,s Back On Pure Magic ex.Set ex Band vg.Songs/Lyrics and Music Scores ex Light,s ex Mixing Just Love This Band will See Again


Alex Maas Vocals/Guitar/Drone Machine/Organ ex.ex.ex.Stephanie Bailey Drums/Percusion ex.ex.ex.Kyle Hunt Keys/Sythi/Piano/Percusion//Guitar ex.ex.ex.Chrisian Bland Guitar/Vocal,s ex.ex.ex.Jake Garcia Guitar/Bass/Vocal,s ex.ex.ex. Nate Ryan Bass Guitar ex.ex.ex. Band Have Done 5 L/P Alex Mass has Done A L/P With Elephant Stone and The       Horrors 1.The Prodical Sun ex.A crescendo Psychedelic Rock 2.Bad Vibrations ex.(I,m Feeling) Dark Graphics On Big Screen   Amazing Over All Sound From Band 3.Molly Moves My Generation ex(A False Alarm) Vocal Semi Acustic Floor Drum Keys and Sythi (Up In The Sky 4 I Drent ex.(We Move) Amazing Overall Sound Just Love It Amazing Key/Sythi/Rytham/Lead/       Drums and Vocals 5.Empire ex. Pure Magic Sounds and Song Writing 6.Better Of Alone ex.(Behind The Table)I Tiptoe On    Top)Best Psychedelic Gig For 2018 By Far(Ghost Train That,s What We Are 7Medicine ex Pure Magic Overall Sound( I Want  To Be Free)(My Love My Love) Stephanie On Drums Out Of This World 8.The Return ex.Amazing Shades Ian The Music       Scores 9.Currency ex.Out Of This World Musicians Just Pure Magic 10.Half Believing ex.(Take Me To The Dark)(I,m The Better Half)(Promised My Self For A Weekend)11.The Snipper At The Gates Of Heaven ex.(Spin Spin The Money You Can   Bring)(I Can See)Drums Pure Magic Genius And The Rest of The Band Outstanding 12.Grab As Much(As You Can)ex       Amazing Shades And Songwriting 13.Black Grease ex(All I Can See)(The Spell Of You) One Hell Of A Front Man/Storyteller   (On My Way)14.Phosphene Dream ex.Pure Magic Overall Sound 15.Comanche Moon ex.Love This Song 17.Entrance Song ex. Keys/Sythi Floor Drum ex Vocal,s/Acustic (Things That You Want)(Sending Him)(Fire Fire)18 Young Men Dead ex Pure Magic GENIUS A Crescendo Of Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/lyrics/Music Scores Ex. Graphics Ex. Lights Ex.  Mixing Just A Magical Night With Friendly Staff And Security At The O2 Ritz




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