VELVET  SHAKES  8 pm–8–30 pm

Lead/ Vocals ex. Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Bass B/V ex. Drums ex. Band Been Going One Year From Stafford Now Living In Salford Manchester 1. Got To Give You ex. ( All Along The Road) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong.( When Your Gone)( It’s A Long Time For Love)( I Can Feel It) 2. ( Oh Oh) Don’t Stop Believing vg.( It’s Doing It All Wrong)( Just Let Him Go) Pure Magic Sound Some Great Bass Riffs. 3. We Are Not Alone vg. Amazing Songwriting Very Commercial Rock Very Young Band ( If I Can Find My Way)( It’s A Lie I’ll Be Alright) Band Meet At University 4. Don’t Let Me Down vg. Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( No Love The First Time)( The First Time You Really Kissed) Amazing Guitar & Drum Work. 5. Dessert For One vg. ( I Like To Be)( Oh I Know) Great Vocals From Front Man ( Turn The Light)( Into The Darkness)( She Always) 6.I Like It vg. ( I Feel It)( It’s A Feeling Running Inside Of Me)( It’s A Feeling I Can’t Explain)( All My Life) ex. Set ex. Band vg Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

THE  PEOPLE  8–45 pm—9–15  pm

Lead ex. Vocals ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex. 1. Vovic ex. ( I Can See)( With You)( There Nothing More Pure Magic Piano Work 2. No Rules vg. ( For Some Sad Reason) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 3. Milk & Honey ex. Brilliant Guitar/ Keys & Drums Work Their Music Is Very Ballady 4. So High vg. ( I Fall) They Need To Write More Commercially ( Lay Your Hands On Me) Some Nice Shades In There Music Arrangement Band Coming Back To Jimmy’s  In Dec. Check Them Out 5. Albatross vg. Great Overall Sounds ( I Used To Be Loved) Some Nice Sythi Work From Keys Also Great Guitar & Drum Work & Vocals. 6. Sandalwood Some Nice Songwriting ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

PURPLE HEART PARADE  9–30 pm–10–15 pm

Vocals ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Petrichor ex. ( Were In Summer)( I’ll Find My Way)( I Keep My Spirit) 2. Sister Libra ex.( Lost Leader)( I Walk Into The) Very Atmospheric With A Little Prog Influence Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 3. Red Rose Country. Brilliant Intro With Shades ( Tell Of The) Brilliant Musicians 4. The Room vg. ( See You) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Keys/ Sythi & Drums 5. Drifter vg.( I’m Going Too) Great Songwriting. 6. Lone Star ex. More Beat In The Song Great Drum Work This Is Another Band That Could Write More Commercial. 7. Starwhezz ex. ( I’ll Give It All)( Sweep Me Away)( I Speed Away)( Tell Me Know)( Take Me Away) Pure Magic Sounds Love This Band ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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