QUIET   HOUSES  7–45 pm— 8–15 pm

Girl Vocals ex. Guy/ Acoustic ex. 1. Gallery ex. ( My Favourite Picture In The Gallery) Love Her Vocals So Magical ( Looking At  People They Don’t Like The Same Painting I Like) Birthday vg. ( What Do You Want For Your Birthday)( Maybe I Should Buy You A Allotment) So You Can Grow Things ( Maybe You’ll Grow Some Pasta With Tomatoes From The Greenhouse.)( Send Me Some Carrots By Post) 3. Jack vg. Song About A Guy Who Finds It Hard To Sleep. Pure Magic Lyrics ( He Likes To Be Free) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong. 4. Art Tragedy vg. ( Look Into The West Just Sitting)( In My Arm Chair Tree)( Looking For A Place To Hide) 5. Every Body’s Life vg. ( You Got A Whole In Your Jumper)( The Whole Of The Winter)( It’s Getting Colder 6. Were Over I Like ex. Song About Family Life ( Pack Your Bags For Days In Advance)( It’s OK)( I’ll Have The Toilet To My Self) 7. You Fall Like You Always Do ex. ( You Tried To Escape)( It’s Time You Should Have A Back Up Plan.) 8. Roof Garden vg. ( Where are You)( I Love You)( I’ll Meet You In The Garden) ex. Set ex. Duo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing


Lead/Acoustic ex. Bass B/V ex. Girl/ Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Vocals ex. 1. Say You Don’t Mind ex.( It Goes On) From Quiet From Quiet To A Crescendo Of Rock Sounds Beautiful Landscapes & Shades In The Music Arrangement 2. Night Driving  ex. Nice Quiet Intro ( Bet You Were) Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Amazing Vocals & Harmonies Fabulous Shades & Different Directions 3. All My Time vg. Great Drum Beat To The Song. ( My Senses Are)( This Is Now)( Stop Me)( Do You Know How I Feel Present Line Up Been Going 1 Year Band Been Going Longer. ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

ART  MAGIC  9–30 pm–10–45 pm

Amazing Folk/ Prog Duo Of The Highest Order With Richard Oakes ( Suede) Guitar B/V ex.ex. Sean MC Ghee Anolog Sythi & Keys & Vocals ex.ex. There Magic In The Air When These To Play. 1. Farmer & The Field ex. Very Prog Rock Based Outstanding Overall Sounds & Songwriting ( Under The Sky)( Waiting For The Night To Heal)( The Wind & The Rain) Pure Magic Key/ Sythi  & Fabulous Guitar Work ( The Farmer & The Field)( Till The Work Is Done) 2. Jealous Eros ex. ( Got To Go For A Kiss)( So It Begins)( Free To Make Our Own Mistakes)( The Internet)( Look At You)( It’s So Easy To Be Persuaded)( Jealous Eros)( The Image That Eros Works) Pure Magic Music Arrangement’s Lots Of Shades & Landscapes In The Music Score Outstanding Musicians. 3. The Fruit Of The Mystery ex. Some Of The Tittles Could Be Wrong I’m Working From A Set List From May 18 2019. ( The Clearing)( Can You Help)( The Colours Are) Outstanding Overall Sound & Songwriting ( The Air Was Bitter)( Death In The Farthest Court’s)( Hide Behind The Music) This Album Took A Long Time. 4. Half Life ex. Song From 1st Album ( It Took In Circles)( Never Change)( Time Is Over)( Like The Day Light Going Into The Clouds)( Love Has A Half Life)( It Gives & Takes Away 5. Black Flowers Bloom ex. ( Black Clouds Burst)( Rewind & Replay)( How You Struggle)( As It Passed Away)( Pulling Up The Roots) 6 The Clean Room ex. ( Dark Of Day)( What Will We Do)( Don’t You Want It)( Don’t Look Back) 7. Keep On Walking ex. Off  First Album. ( Let Go For A Walk)( She Held Your Hand)( I’m Walking All On My Own)( Life Goes On)( I Remember We Were Here Before)( Time Passed By)( It Goes To Soon) 8. The Songs Of Other England ex. Tittle Track Of Album There Second Album 2018 Pure Magic Music Arrangement. ( Lets Sing Again) Brilliant Key/ Sythi/ Piano & Guitar Work 9. The King Of Fishers ex. ( It’s All Right)( I’ve Had This Life So Long)( To Land A Catch)( All I Ask)( Running Back The Salmon)( Fine For All To See)( Between The Rock & The River Pools)( King Ofb Fisher Man)( Never Find The Nerve To Take The Bait)( Trudging The River)( Another Scary Day Ends) 10. I Won’t Change You ex. 11. Sing For The Snow Fall ex.( Simple Silence) ( The Old Grey Streets)( The Sun Fell Down On The Ground)( It Was Gone In A Day) 12. Heaven Is Here ex. Amazing Landscapes & Shades Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting.( Like The Sound Around Your Heart)( Day After Day)( When We Feel Love)( Love Is Not Meant To Go) This Set Has Been Pure Magic Another Amazing Night At Jimmy’s Do Try It Friendly Staff & Management Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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