CALINA   7–30–8 pm

Lead ex. Girl Bass/ Vocals ex. Rhythm ex. Drums ex. 1. Time ex. ( Oh Away) ex. ( Time I Hear You Say)( Tell Me Do You Love Me) Amazing Vocals Very Haunting ( Time Needs You To Say)( Oh Oh)( Finally We Leave) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 2. I In 4 ex. ( Do You Wanna Come Out) First Single From 2 Years Ago ( Light Up The Light) 3. Fire vg. ( Take Me Into The Fire) Brilliant Drumming ( I Want To Taste Love)( I’m On Fire)( I’ll Be Free As A Bird)( You Got To Save On Me) 4. Fall vg. ( One Fall Back)( I Miss You)( I Want To Love)( I Can See You Survive)( When You Dream On The Stars) 5. Expect vg. 2nd Single ( Open Arms)(Such You Seen)( From Worth You Shine)( You Belong)( Holding On) Last 6. Tongue ex. ( I Started Too)( Suddenly Your Face) Nice Happy Rock Overtones. Fantastic Lead/ Rhythm/ Drums & Outstanding Bass Riffs & Heavenly Vocals & Harmonies ( I’m Yours)( You Make Me Believe) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ex. Songs Band Been Going 4 Years ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Really Like This Band See Lots Of Pertinently There.

KUL  TAB-LASH  8–10 pm–8–40 pm

Girl Vocals/ Bass ex. Rhythm ex. Lead ex. Drums ex. 1. Wisdom Teeth vg . ( It’s A Dark Time)( I Don’t Know What Your Thinking)( I Know I’m Loosing Control)( I Don’t Know How I Feel) Pure Magic Sounds 2. Not Saying No ex. Brilliant Songwriting. 3. Evermore vg. Drums/ Vocals ( I Feel The Doorsteps)( I’ve Got To Show)( Built A Wall Around)( My Heart Says Let It Go)( Tell Me More) 4. Willow vg. Of Last E/P ( See What You Do)( I’ll Have To Cast Off) Some Amazing Guitar Work & Brilliant Drums. ( My Pride) Another Amazing Band Tonight. Love Them So Much Perpetually 5. Cherry Room  Good. ( Why Are You)( Let It Go)( Through The Dark)( I Know) 6. Orange Juice vg. ( I Only What To Know) Rhythm/ Vocals ( I Can See It)( Make Me What Too)( Something Bad Is Coming) Band From Old-ham Been Going Two Years ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

NAKED  PAYBACK  8–50 pm– 9–30 pm

This Has Been A Great Night For Bands & Especially Drummer’s  Vocal/ Bass ex. Lead ex. Rhythm Drums ex. 1. Who Is She ! ex. ( About The Time) Not As Tight On First Song Then Great 2. Cannelure vg. ( I Can See The Fire) Brilliant Overall Sounds & Songwriting ( It’s Hard To Tell)( Don’t Leave Me Here)( I Try To See)( We Are Free)( Love That Used To Be)( We Don’t Always Feel The Same) 3. Amphetamine Girl vg. ( Tell Me Girl) Pure Magic Sounds Love This Band See Great Things Very Rocky Commercial Sound ( Your A Groovy Girl) 4. Something Wicked This Way Come’s vg. ( I’m Like A Tiger) Some Nice Riffs In There Melodies ( Some Think That You Said) Brilliant Lead/ Rhythm/ Bass/ Vocals & Drums ( Knocking On My Door) Some Amazing Shades In This Song Very Technical Quite Music Dance On This Song 5. The Goodbye vg. ( I’m Making The Right Moves)( Slice It Right Through) 6. Smoke Without Fire vg. ( I’ll Make Some Time)( When I Can Dream About You)( Things I Never New) 7. Silent Disco ex. ( Your The Sweetest Thing)( I Need Some Loving) ex. Set ex Band vg./ ex. Songs  ex. Lights ex. Mixing. This Band Show Lots Of Pertinently.

STEROHAZE  9–40 pm–10–35 pm

Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1.Light The Fuse ex. ( City Of Life)( I Thought You Were All Mine) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting Very Commercial Rock 2. Tell It To Me Straight vg. ( It’s Killing Me) Amazing Guitar & Drum Work With Some Great Bass Riffs All The Bands Tonight Have Had Fabulous Drummers 3. Little Sarah ex. ( I Will See You)( It Keeps Each Other Alive)( Will You Discover)( She The One Breaking Down)( It’s All On My Mind)4. My Dearest Girl ex. ( All I Want Is For You) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong. ( See The Light) Pure Magic Sounds 5. Nobody’s Listening ex. ( On The Streets Tonight) Brilliant Songwriting ( Nobody Understands Me)( Listen To My Reason)( Nobody Seems To Care) Love This Band Very Commercial Rock See So Much Pertinently There 6. Soul Sister ex ( I Can See)( I Can’t Sleep At Night)( I Just Want To Understand)( Time Of Troubles)( Soul Sister) Pure Magic Guitar & Drum Work 7. Come Home ex. ( Well I Started)( Don’t Mean So Much To Me)( Take A Look At Your Self)( If You Never Feel The Same)( Come On Home) 9. Nothing Seems To Change ex. ( I’ve Lost Myself In A Shadow Of Doubt)( Nothing Seems To Change Day By Day)( We Tried So Hard To Work It Out)( It’s Going To  Drag You In) Some Great Bass Riffs. Fabulous Lead/ Rhythm & Drums. Don’t Think  Twice ex. ( Leave The World Behind ex. ( I’ll Take You Out Into The Sun)( Someone To Tell Me)( Some One To Show You)( I Know What Your Thinking)( It,s So Hard) 11. Infliction ex. ( See The Girl With The Look In Her Eyes)( You Got Me Running)( Chorus) Outstanding Drumming ( Got Me Running Back To You) Pure Magic Lead At It’s Very Best Love This Band. Outstanding Musicians 12. Drifting Away ex. ( I’m Looking Out)( They Take Me Away)( It’s Down To Me)( Situations You Find Your Self Again)( Come To Me)( Love In This Life)( It’s Up To Me)( Now Were Falling Apart) Encore Come Together vg. Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting. ex. Set ex. Band ex. Set ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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