A Instrumental Post Doom Atmospheric Band Lead ex. Rhythm ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. Intro Very Quiet With Shades Then Into A Crescendo Of Rock  1. A Fire Within The Splendour ex. Instrumental Of Pure Magic & Songwriting Guitar Using A Sythi P haze Pedal 2. Dawn Creatures ex. Another Great Instrumental With Amazing Guitar & Drum Work Brilliant Music Arrangement’s Lots Of Shades. 3. March Amid The Howling Trees ex. Instrumental With Some Clever Music Arrangement’s With Lots Of Changes In The Music Scores Some Lovely Landscapes & Fabulous Melodies Then Into A Crescendo Of Rock With Outstanding Drumming & Wicked Guitar Work 4. Sacred Lands ex. Another Amazing Instrumental With Some Lovely Changes Of Direction In The Music Arrangement Outstanding Lead/ Rhythm/ Bass & Drums ex. Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing. A Pure Magic Instrumental Band.

BAST  8 pm–8–45 pm

Band From South West London Lead ex. Bass/ B/V & Vocals ex. Drums/ Vocals ex. 1. In The Beginning vg. ( On My Way)( The Night Time) Brilliant Overall Sounds & Songwriting Very Long Songs Really Like This Band Amazing Musicians 2. A Red Line Through Black vg. ( Tell On Us)( Till My Love Is Gone) Love The Music Arrangement See Lots Of Perpetually In This Band It’s Been Going Ten Years 3. Phychonauts ex. Fantastic Song With Brilliant Musicians & Songwriting 4 The Ghost Which H aught’s The Space Between The Stars ex. Another Great Song. ( Out Of The Dark) A Great Rocky Song Love This Band Using A Lot Of Feedback On Guitars ( Your Going To Die) Add Ons B/T Amazing Lead/ Bass & Drums Great Vocals ex. Set ex Band vg/ ex Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing. This Is A Band To Look Out For. Lots Of Perpetually In There Music.

ZURIAAKE  CHINA  9–30 pm—10–15 pm

Chinese ( Epic) Black Metal Band With A Hit Of Gothic Five Piece Band Hailing From Jinan Shandong China Formed 1998. Dressed In Black Robes With Black Cola Hats Holding Lanterns. Intro Pure Magic Very Choral Chants Quite Gothic. 1. Afterglow ex. With Some Add Ons B/T ( There A Time) Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting 2. God Of Scotch Mist ex. Fabulous Use Of Add On Sounds B/T Love This Band. A Gothic Chant Intro Add On Piano B/T Outstanding Guitar & Drum Work With One Hell Of A Front Man A Lot Of Hand & Arm Movement ( Time Out) 3. GU Yan ex. Intro A Magical Arrangement Love There Songwriting These Guys Are Such Brilliant Musicians Some Lovely Shades & Change In-directions 4. Apter-image Of Autumn ex. ( I Take My Place) Pure Magic Sounds Quite A Gothic Influence In There Writing 5. The Sacrifice ex. ( Sometimes)( What If) Love The Add Ons In These Songs Some Very Clever Mixing . It Been A Long Time Since I’ve Reviewed At Rebellion Love This Venue & It’s Friendly Staff & Management Do Check The Venue Out You’ll Be Surprised I Hope This Band Comes Again & Brings More Magic To Manchester 6. The Frontier ex. Intro Pure Magic Sounds With Wind & Crashing Sounds B/T ( Take Me To The Dark Side) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm & Drums & Heavenly Vocals ( There No Time) 7. Sirius ex. Intro Add Ons B/T  ( Out At Night)( Don’t You Know) Brilliant Songwriting & Overall Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Smoke Machine ex Mixing With Add Ons B/T.

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