FIRST HALF TREVOR HORN  7–30 pm—8–30 pm

‘ Re-imagines The 80s’ Live In Concert With The Sarm Orchestra & Very Special Guest Singers & Band One Of The Very Best Vocal & Music Arrangement Concert For 2019 Just Love Them At The Wonderful Bridge Water Hall. Three Amazing Girl Singers & B/V Izzy ex.ex.ex. Chas ex.ex.ex. Roberto ex.ex.ex. Also Vocals From Trevor Horn ex.ex.ex. Matt Cardle ex.ex.ex. Lou Creme ex.ex.ex. & Steve Hogarth ex.ex.ex. I Can’t Say Enough How Magical Were The Vocals Were Tonight Next Thee Amazing Band Of Top Musicians & Producer’s Trevor Horn Bass Lou Creme Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic Simon Law Lead/ Keys/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Tom Percussion ex.ex.ex. MD Julian Harsen Keys/ Piano/ Conductor & String Coordinator ex.ex.ex. Lead Phil ex.ex.ex. All These Musicians Have Worked With The Top Stars Like Eric Clapton/ Argent & Many Others Mark Computer ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Organ/ Sythi & Piano & Accordion ex.ex.ex. Alan Clark Drums Worked With Tom Petty For 25 years ex.ex.ex. Trevor Horn Produced Many Bands & Artist 1 Two Tribes Vocals Matt Cardle ( Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover) Pure Magic Sounds ( Go To War)( Looking Down America) 2. Video Killed The Radio Star ex.ex. Vocals Trevor Horn (Buggles Cover) Love This Song Went To No. One Pure Magic Songwriting Genius Fabulous Production Number 3. Cry ex.ex. Vocals Roberto ( Godley & Creme Cover) Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air 4. Rubber Bullets ex.ex. Vocals Lou Creme (10 cc Cover)( At The Local Dance At The Local County Jail) Amazing Production Number 5. Different For Girls ex.ex. Vocals Steve Hogarth ( Joe Jackson Cover) The Music Arrangement’s Are On Another Planet Tonight ( Don’t You Know It’s Been A Long Time) Steve Such Amazing Vocalist Of The Highest Order Does Some Costume Changes 6 Ashes To Ashes ex.ex. Vocals Steve Hogarth ( David Bowie Cover)( We Got A Mission From Another Man)( I Hope Your Happy)( I Want To Come Right Down Now)( Oh Major Tom) 7 A Song From Way Back By Two Russian Girls Who Kissed each Other In The Video All The Things She Said ex.ex.ex. Vocals Izzy/ Chas/ Roberto ( Cover)( In My Heart) Outstanding From All Three Girls On Vocals ( All The Things She Said) 8. Slave To The Rhythm ex.ex. Vocals Izzy ( Grace Jones Cover)( Never Must Now) Magical Arrangement Of The Song. 9. The Power Of Love ex.ex. Vocals Matt Cardle ( Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover)( I’m So In Love With You)( Love Sought’s The Darkness Away)( Keep The Vampires Away From The Door)(Make Your Self Better) 10. Plastic Age ex.ex. Vocals Trevor Horn ( Bungles Cover)( Live In A Plastic World) About Our Seas Being Polluted With Plastic Killing Our Sea Life Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting 11. I’m Not In Love Vocals Matt Cardle ( 10 cc Cover)( Lou Creme On Keys)( I Want To See You)( Oh You Waited A Long Time For Me) 12. Every Body Wants To Rule The World) Vocals Steve Hogarth ( Tears For Fears Cover) All The Songs They’ve Played Tonight Are Big Hits For Other Artist’s End Of Part One 30 min Interval.

PART  TWO  9 pm–10–10 pm

13. Owner ex.ex. Vocals Trevor Horn ( Yes Cover)( Owner Of A Lonely Heart)( See Your Self) Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting 14. Brothers In Arms ex.ex Vocals Steve Horn ( Costume Change)( Dire Straits Cover) Keys/ Organ/ Accordion Lead/ Acoustic Another Great Production Number 15. Rhythm Of My Heart ex.ex. Vocals Roberto ( Rene S human Cover)( Love Is A Funny Game)( Things Are Getting Higher)( Rhythm Of My Heart Is Beating Like A Drum)( When The Ocean Mass The Sky I’ll Be Sailing) Some Magical Vocals Tonight. 16. Dancing In The Dark ex.ex. Vocals Katie Holmes ( Bruce Springfield Cover)( I Get Up In The Evening)( Can’t Stop The Fire)( We Are Just Dancing In The Dark) Pure Magic Sounds 17. Girls On Film ex.ex. Vocals Izzy/ Chas/ Roberto ( Duran Duran) Pure Magic Arrangement With Overall Sounds 18. Another Of My Favourite Songs Kiss From A Rose ex.ex. Vocals Steve Hogarth ( Costume Change)( Seal Cover)( You Are The Dark Side Of Me)( The Light You Shine)( Roses Will Bloom)( So Much I Have To Tell You) Lead/ Piano Fabulous Sounds From String Section Some Great Key Work & Guitar/ Drum/ Percussion & Computers 19. Blue Monday ex.ex. Vocals Steve Hogarth ( New Order Cover) Pure Magic Arrangement With Three B/V On This Song. 20. Relax ex.ex. Vocals Matt Cardle ( Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover)( Don’t Do It) 21. God Gave Rock & Roll To You ex.ex. Vocals Roberto ( What It Feels To Be Alive) Pure Magic & Overall Sounds & Songwriting ( Argent Cover) 22. Money For Nothing ex.ex. Vocals Roberto ( Dire Straits Cover)( That’s The Way To Do It) Outstanding Vocals From Roberto Lou Creme & Trevor Horn Formed Band Back In 2006 There Present Line Up Is Out Of This World This Has Been One Of The Best Concerts For 2019 Vocal & Arrangement’s Have Been Such A High Standard From Top Musicians & Brilliant Vocalist’s Love Them Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores Fabulous Lights Outstanding Mixing I Would Like To Thank The Gentleman Who Gave Me The Ticket So I Can Do The Revue Meet Some Lovely People Tonight Another Great Night At Bridge Water Hall.

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