TWINNIE 8 pm–8–30 pm

Twinnie Girl Vocals/ Acoustic ex. Guy Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic B/V ex. 1. Type Of Girl vg. ( It’s Emotionally)( There No Mistakes)( I’m Crazy) 2. Daddy Issues vg. ( It’s Sunshine & Roses)( I Didn’t Chose Me)( There Something Missing From The Start) Great Guitar Work & Vocals ( Some Women Stay With A Bad Man) 3. Chasing vg. Wrote In Nashville ( You Know I Struggle ( I Should Be Looking For A Nice Guy But I’m Staying With A Bad Man)( I’m Sleeping With A Bad Guy That Looks Like James Dean) Great Songwriting & Overall Sounds 4. Lie To Me ex. ( I’m The One)( Tell Me Baby)( I’m A Fool)( Maybe I Was Blind)( Didn’t See The Truth) 5. More vg. Joe Guitar Heavenly Vocals From Twinnie ( You Will Pull Out All The Stops)( Shoe Me Your Desire) Pure Magic Songwriting ( I Don’t Owe A Shit) 6. Cupid ex. Vocal Only Very Witty Lyric Writing ( I Don’t What To Die Alone) Twinnie Got Amazing Stage Presence 7. Feeling of Falling ex. ( I’m A Bad Bitch) The Odd Song Tittle Could Be Wrong. Wrote While In Nashville ( I Can Make You) Another Amazing Song ( I Can Play Dirty)( I Promise I Want Bite)( You Better Not Go Alone) 8. I Want To Dance With Somebody ( Who Loves Me)( Are You The One)( The Look In Your Eyes)( What Are You In Or Out)( Will You Love Me)( Oh Just Let Me Know) Twinnie From York. 9. Social Babies ex. New Song Being Played On The Radio At The Moment Amazing Song. ex Set ex. Duo vg. ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

LAUREN¬† ALAINA¬† 9–15 pm–10–20 pm

Lauren Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex Lead B/V ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex. Rhythm/ Keys B/V ex.ex. Drums B/V ex.ex. 1. History ex ( New Version)( You Want To See)( Your Going To Beat It) 2. Queen Of Hearts ex. ( Outro Solos)( Give It To Me) Pure Magic Sounds Lauren Is A Singer/ Songwriter & Actress From Georgia Born 8 Nov 1994 Was Runner Up On American Idol 2011 Debut Album Wild Flower In 2011 Second Album Road Less Travelled 2017 ( I Want To Be Loved)( I’ve Got You In The Palm Of My Hand) Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting 3. Peaches With Paradise City ex. ( Time A Reason)( Wo oo Wo oo)( Take A Bow Pure Magic Guitar Work & Drums 4. Barefoot Buck-wild ex. (Extended Intro)( You Got To Live)( You Got Me Over)( Don’t Look Away)( I Want You) 5. Doin Fine ex.( Do It Right) Song About Crazy Family Life ( You Got Me) Drums B/V ( Everybody Wants To Be A Rodeo Star)( Oh The Lonely Nights) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Love The Band & Fabulous Front Women 6. Next Boyfriend ex. Song About A EX. ( I Want To Come Over)( Yes Boy) Overall Sound From Band & Vocals 7. Tupelo ex. ( To Say True Love)( I Was Sat All Alone)( True Love) Amazing Songwriting 8. Like My Mother Does ex. Lead/ Acoustic ( She Taught Me To Smile)( When I Love I Give All I’ve Got)( Everybody)( She Got Me This Far)( Beautiful Stereo)( Like Any Mother Does) Rhythm/ Lead 9. What Ifs ( Ethereal Outro)( I Need You)( If I Fool You) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 10. Melody Girl Covers Walk This Way ex./ Meet Me In The Middle ex./ The Middle ex/ There’s Nothing Holding Me Back/ Everybody ex./ Body Like A Back Road ex./ Brand New Man ex/ Man I Feel Like A Women ex. 11. Ladies In The 90’s Encore 12. Three ex.( Acoustic) Bass/ Keys/ Rhythm ( Wishing He Was Here) About Loosing A Baby Brother. So Much Feeling In The Song. 13. Faithfully ex. ( Oh The Rain)( Under The Midnight Sun)( It’s Electric Tonight) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting ( I Believe) Lauren Was On American Idol At 16 Came Runner Up In 2011. 14. Road Less Travelled ex. ( Tittle Track Of Album)( You Can Take Away)( Time Heals) Amazing Set Fantastic Solo & Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights/Mixing. This Has Been A Magical Evening At The Deaf Institute Love This Venue Along With Gorilla & Albert Hall.

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