Heart Of England Philharmonic Orchestra This Was My Favourite Show Of The Festival The Only Day I Could Take A Chair In As I Can’t Stand Last Year I Was Able To Take A Chair In Fri/ Sat & Sun I Must Say Michael BallĀ  & Sheridan Smith Were Outstanding With Some Amazing Guests From Musicals But The Special Guests Made My Evening. Intro From Orchestra & Conductor James Macoan! From The Shows Pure Magic Sounds Fabulous Strings/ Brass/ Percussion/ Harp & Woodwind 1.Hooray For Hollywood ex. 2. Sheridan Smith Rain On My Parade ex. ( Don’t Tell Me) Amazing H.D. Screens With Graphics & Video Coverage 3. James ( Guest) Singing In The Rain ex. ( I’m Happy Again) Two Dancers On Guy & Girl ( Let The Stormy Clouds Chase) Amazing Orchestra Arrangement’s ( I’m Dancing & Singing In The Rain) 4. Guests Mathew/ Ben/ Laura Good Morning ex. ( The Sun Beats Now) Brilliant Film Clips & Graphics 5. Jodie Beasley My Heart Strings ex. ( Guest)( Clang Clang Went The Trolley)( Ding Ding Went The Bells) Amazing Tram Car On Screen 6. Cola-bro ( Guest) Circle Of Life ex. ( From The Lion King) Written By Elton John ( Some Have Fallen By The Way Side) 7. Michael Ball Home At Last ex ( From Le Ms)( I Don’t Know Why)( Feel The Magic in The Making)( We Never Said Good By)( Home At Last) 8. The One Who Had It All ex ( From Beauty & The Beast)( Wasted In My Lonely Tower)( I Curse The Meaning Of Life)( She’s Always Outside)( I’ll Be Here For Ever) 9. Liam Jones ( Guest) Baltimore & Me ex. ( Feeling The Way I Do)( Every Day Is Like A Open Door) 4 B/V ( I’ve Got My Hairspray) Fabulous Overall Sounds From Orchestra 10. Luke McCall ( Guest) Here My Pray ex. ( From Le Ms)( Bring Him Home)( He’s Like The Son I Might Have Known) Amazing Orchestra Arrangement’s With Some Lovely Harp Work 11. Le Salonga My Favourite Guest Of The Night Pure Magic There Was A Time ex. ( From Miss Saigon)( When Men Were Kind)( I Dream A Time Alone)( I Had A Dream My Life Would Be)( Life Has Killed The Dream) 12 Reflections ( from Disney) ex. ( Look At Me)( Who I Am Inside) 13. Lauren Tyrer Ever Night In My Dreams ( From Titanic)( My Heart Goes On & On)( Love Can Last A Life Time) Outstanding Music Arrangement From Orchestra Filling The Air. 14. Instrumental From Orchestra Harry Potter Theme Castle On Screen Very Spooky Music Score Outstanding Brass & String Section 15. City Of Stars ex. ( Sheridan Smith)( Our Dreams Finely Come True) Girl & Guy Dancer ( Looking In Someones Eyes)( City Of Stars Shining For Me) 16. A Melody Of Songs From Mary Poppins Intro Xylophone From Orchestra A Spoon Full Of Sugar ex. With Vocals ( A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down) Next Hollywood Prom Kids You Must Be Kind ex. Jane & Michael With Laura Adult Next James Mullard Lets Sail A Kite ex. Woodland Graphics On Screen Interval 20 min.

2ndĀ  Half

17. Overture From Orchestra From The Sound Of Music Then Into The Hills Are A Light ex. With The Tram Shed Theatre Company & Sheridan Smith Next Joe Appleby! Climb Every Mountain vg. ( Chase Every Rainbow Till You Find Your Dream)( A Dream All The Love You Can Give) 18. James Bond Melody Starting With Orchestra Gold Finger ex. Pure Magic Arrangement With A Great Kick Next Louise Marshall Licence To Kill ex. ( Hey Baby Are You The One Who Tried To Run Away)( I’ve Got A Licence To Kill) Amazing B/V Fantastic String Section ( Me Baby By Your Side)( It’s Going To Go Straight To Your Heart) Fantastic Vocals ( To My Dying Day) Next Leanne Jones Sky-fall ex. Pure Magic Vocals Amazing Piano & Orchestra Arrangement Just Love It. With Four B/V ( Where I Go You Will See)( Your Loving Arms) 19. Songs From West Side Story Caroline Myrie West Side Storey ex. Wonderful Vocal Arrangement Pure Magic Sounds The Orchestra Has Been Fabulous All Night Next John Roberts Somewhere vg. ( There A Time For Us)( Hold My Hand Were Half Way There) Next Mini sh Wallace Going To Be Free ex. Pure Magic Vocals ( Your Going To Love Me) 20. Ma riced! Wallace Tam’l To ex With Rachel John ( From Dream Girls)( I’ll Try To Do The Same)( Open Your Heart & Forgive Me) Best Duet Of The Night ( I Love You So)( I Know What I Must Do) 21. In The Shadows ex. Sheridan Smith & Guy ( Lady Gaga Cover From Star Is Born)( Tell Me Boy) 22. E.T. Sound Track From Orchestra Pure Magic Arrangement Some Lovely Sounds From Woodwind/ Strings & Brass 23 Songs From Wizard Of Oz James Macoan & Laurel Samuel Yellow Brick Road ex. ( When The Whole World Is Reckless Jungle)( A Place Behind The Sun) Next Some Where Over A Rainbow ex. Amazing Vocals Love Her ( Happy Little Blue Birds Fly Over The Rainbow) 24. Rachel John ( From Whitney) I Will Always Love You ex.ex. ( Whitney London Production) 25. Loraine Chambers With Queen & Kings From Now On ex. ( From Now On These Eyes Won’t Be Blinded By The Light 24. Caught First Song Michael Ball Missed Tittle ex. Also Missed Another Two Song From Michael Also Missed Orchestra Doing Last Night Of Proms & Singers & Fireworks Display This Has Been A Fabulous Evening At Lytham Festival Celebrating It’s 10th Anniversary Amazing Set Fantastic Orchestra/ Guest Singers & The Fabulous Michael Ball & Sheridan Smith Brilliant Songs/Arrangements From Orchestra Amazing H.D. Screens with Brilliant Graphics & Video Coverage Outstanding Lights & Brilliant Mixing A Fantastic Ending To A Fabulous Festival.

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