NOSE BLED 8 pm– 8–30 pm

Band Been Going Five Years Very Hardcore Punk/ Rock Really Worked The Crowd Amazingly 1 Psycho ex. ( The Things You Say) Great Overall Sounds 2. Lost & Found ex. ( When I Want)( You Took My Heart & Threw It On The Ground) Love This Band. 3. I’m Okay vg. ( What Do You Want To Tell Me) 4. Everybody vg. ( Nobody’s Looking At Me) Great Overall Sounds 5. Time & Time Again ex. ( We Got It Baby)( Do The Time Walk) 6. Live & Die vg. ( Call It White) Last Single ( Do You Want To Live & Die) 7. I’m Shaking vg. ( I’ve Taking Love Like This) Amazing Drumming & Guitar Work. 8. Secret vg. ( I Don’t Like It)( I Can’t Say No)( Here We Go) 9. I Don’t Know vg. Great Overall Sounds 10. Wrong vg. Great Songwriting. 11. What You To Go ( Party On Girl) 12. Scratching Circles vg. Love It. 13. Watch Out vg.( You Better Watch Out) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Will See This Band Again If You Haven’t Seen I Highly Recommend.


Marky Ram-one’s Was Drummer For The Ram-one’s From May 1978 Until 1983 & Aug 1987 Till Aug 1996 Marky Born July 15th 1952 Age 67. Brian Ross ( Blitzkrieg) Vocals ex.ex.ex. Ken Johnson Lead ex.ex.ex. Liam Ferguson Bass ex.ex.ex. Marky Ram-one’s Drums ex.ex.ex.  Intro B/T Very Brass Film Score. 1. Rock-away Beach ex. ( Fly Away From The Beach) Pure Magic Sounds 2. Lobotomy ex. ( Come On Out There)( We Are On Our Ways) 3. Do You Want To Dance ex. ( Do You Want To Dance Under The Moonlight) 4. I Don’t Care ex. ( We Don’t Care) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting Love This Band Such Talented Musicians 5. Sheena ex. ( I’m  Here)( See My Lips)( Oh Boy) 6. Havana ex. ( Very Heavy Rock Call)( See My Self)( Only Very Young One) 7. Commando ex. Pure Magic Sounds & Fantastic Lead/ Bass & Drums Out Of This World Front Man Fabulous Rock/ Punk Vocals 8. Boyfriend ex. ( I Want To Be Your Boyfriend) Pure Magic Front Man Brilliant Lead/ Bass & Outstanding Drumming ( Super Little Girl) 9. Beat On The Brat ex. ( What Can You Do)( Oh Yes) 10. 53 & 3rd ex. ( Standing On The Side Walks)( Friend For Life) Pure Magic Vocals & Harmonies From Lead & Bass 11. Glue ex. ( I Want You To Be My Girl)( All I Want Is To Sniff Some Glue) 12. Shock Treatment ex. ( Can You Give Me Some)( I Want To Stop Breathing) Another Magical Performance 13. R N’ R High School ex. ( All I Want)( I’m Rocking In High School)( I’m Such A Lucky Boy) 14. Let’s Dance ex. ( Every Dance You Want To Do) Very High Energy Punk Rock Love It ( When Ever Your Alone Just Dance)( Tonight’s The Night) 15. Surfing Bird ex. 9.( I’ve Got My Things)( Best Of Luck) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 16 Judy ex. ( It’s The One)( Stay Back)( Die)( Oh Yea) 17. Miracles ex. ( I Need A Miracle) Love This Song ( She A Nice Girl)( I Need To Realise) 18. KKK ex. ( She Never Gets None)( I’m Ready Tonight)( I Don’t Know)( She Never Gets Fucked)( Never Got Love)( KKK) 19. Pet Sematary ex. ( I Don’t What To Be)( I Don’t What To Spend My Life)( I Don’t Want To Be A Pet All My Life With You) 20. Chinese Rocks ex. ( We Are Coming Up) Outstanding Drumming From Marky Brilliant Vocals & Guitar Work. ( Oh Yea)( I’m Living On A Chinese Rock) 21. Sedated ( Out As They Go)( Bar Bar Ba)( I Want To Easy The Pain) 22. I Don’t Want To Walk ex. ( With You)( It’s All Right) 23. Pinhead ex. ( I Need To Be A Pinhead)( I Want To Be A Pinhead Boy)( Got To Get Away)( Repeat) 24 R N’ R Radio ex. ( I’ve Been Listening To The Radio) Very Lively Song Just Love It. ( I’ve Been Rocking To The Radio)( Lets Go) 25. Something To Do ex. ( You Fly)( & Now Away)( I’ve Been Wanting So Many Things To Do) Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Songwriting. 26. Needle & Pins vg. ( I Want It All)( I’ll Get Dow n On  My Knee’s & Pray) 27. Can’t Make It On Time ex. ( I’ll Pick Up) One Hell Of A Front Man Pure Genius ( You Got To Wave) 28. Don ‘t Come Close ex. ( We Said Everthing)( You Got To Go) Pure Magic Lead/ Bass & Fabulous Drums 29. She’s The One ex. ( Yea Yea)( Right Now She My Girl) Amazing Song 30. Cretin Hop ex. ( 1234)( Easy)( 54321) 31. Spider Man ex. ( Fill My Dreams)( I Can See In  My Life 32. California Sun ex. ( My Heart Is Young)( I Need You) Some Outstanding Lead/ Bass & Pure Magic Drumming. 33. Ramones vg. ( All My Life)( I Fought All Day & Night Encore 34.  35. Birthday vg. ( To You & Rock & Roll)( I’ll Be With You) 35. Palisades Park vg. ( I Want To Rock On With You)( I Want To Rock On Baby) Love It 36 Loud Mouth ex. ( I’m Yours)( I’m In Love) Pure Magic Sounds 37. Wonderful World ex. ( Louis Armstrong Cover)( I Wanted More)( How Do You Do) This Song Gets Better With Age 38 Blitzkrieg Bop ( Let It Go)( Ha ve You Ever)( Let It Go) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Pure Magic Night.

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