SLAP  RASH DUO 8 pm—8–30 pm

Very Young Duo Brilliant Musicians Hardcore Punk Bass/ Vocals & Gadgets B/V ex. Girl Drummer/ Vocals ex. 1. I Want To Be vg. ( I Pray)( I See You Going Down)( Get Away From Me)( I See You Over There)( Get Away From Me) 2. Stay Away vg. ( Where Do I) Great Overall Sounds & Songwriting Guitar B/V 3. Slump vg. ( You Don’t Recognise)( The More I Try)( A Day Ride) 4. Aron ex. ( It Only Takes A Little Of Me) Guitar B/V ( Hey It’s Me) 5. Better Man ex. ( I’ve Had Enough Of Your Expensive Shit)( Fuck Off)( Telling Me I’m Not As Good Because I’m Not Wealthy Like You)( Fuck You)( Nice Meeting You) 6. Zone A.K. ex. ( About Being Stuck On A Train) Amazing Bass & Mix & Brilliant Drumming ( Find Your Fucking Way To Zone A) ex. Set ex. Duo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

SHONEN  KNIFE  9–23 pm—10–40 pm

Naoko  Yamano Vocal/ Guitar ex.ex Ritsuko Taneda Bass/ Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. Risa Kawano Drums/ Vocals ex.ex. Also Performed As A Ramon-es Tribute Act. 1. Jump Into The New World ex. ( You Know) Amazing Lead/ Bass & Drums Pure Magic Overall Sounds All Girl Japanese Band Formed Osaka Dec. 30th 1981 1st Album Burning Farm Realised Zero Records 1983 Was Realised On Legendary American Label K Records And There First Major Album Let’s Knife Was Realised In Japan/ U.S.A./ UK In 1992 2. Lazy Bone ex. ( You’ll Know)( You Love Me)( Do You Love Me) 3. Twist Barbie ex. ( Your A Sexy Girl)( Oh Sexy Guy)( I’ll Love Me) 4. Flying Jelly Attack ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting Very High Energy Punk Rock & Brilliant Musicians 5. Party ex. Off New Album Sweet Candy Power Amazing Songwriting & Music Arrangement’s At The Very Best 6. Dizzy ex. From New Album ( I Feel Dizzy)( I Don’t Know Why I’m Wasting Time) Outstanding Vocals & Harmonies 7. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches ex. Band Love There Sweet Food Very Commercial Lively Song Love It. These Girls Are Rocking Tonight. 8. Public Bath ex. ( I’m Leaving My House For The Public Baths) Pure Magic Sounds From Band Outstanding Lead/ Bass & Fabulous Drumming 9. Ice Cream City ex. ( Is Far Away)( I Want To Go To Ice Cream City) 10. Capybara ex. ( About Killing Animals Amazing Music Arrangement’s & Overall Sounds 11. Like A Cat ex. All 3 Girls Sang Chorus Love This Song There So Much Magic In There Music Makes Your Heart Feel Happy.Chorus( Mew OO Mew OO) Crowd Joining In ( Your There Like A Cat) 12. Green Tea ex. ( I Would Like To See You)( You Look At Me)( I Like Green Tea) These Girls Can Rock Pure Magic Musicians. Love Them 13. California Lemon Trees ex. ( I Love My Lemon Tea) Another Amazing Song 14. My Independent Country ex. ( There Is Something I Like To Share)( I  Be There For A Thousand Years) 15. Sweet Candy Power ex. ( Tittle Track Of New Album) Pure Magic Drumming With Amazing Overall Sounds & Songwriting 16. Banana Chips ex. Love The Song. 17. Riding On The Rocket ex. ( Here We Go)( I’m On My Way) 18. Buttercup ex. ( I’m A Super Girl)( I’m Holding On) Pure Magic Sounds Encore 19. All You Can Eat vg. ( Last Two Songs Not Quite As Good) Very Energetic Set Probably Tired. 20. Antonio B aka Guy This Has Been Such A Magical Night Of Musical Genius Can’t Wait To See Them Again Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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