POST  ANIMAL  8 pm–8–40 pm

Psychedelic Rock Band Formed 2014 From Chicago Illinois Bands Debut Album When I Think Of You In A Castle Released April 20th 2018 Very Interesting Band Dalton Allison Bass/ Vocals ex.ex. Jake Hirshland Guitar/ Keyboards/ Vocals ex.ex. Javi Reyes Guitar/ Vocals ex.ex. Wesley Toledo Drums ex.ex. Matt Williams Guitar Vocals Pure Magic Intro From Band ex. 1. Gelatin Mode ex. ( When The Wind Blows)( Please To See You) Amazing Overall Sounds 2. Ralphie ex.( Say Say)( It’s Right To Be Close)( All The Time)( Baby You Love Me) Amazing Vocals & Harmony’s Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriter ( It’s Nothing Without You) Brilliant Musicians Pure Magic Guitar/ Keys & Drums. 3. Victory Lap ex. Lots Of Shades & Different Directions In There Music Scores First Time To England & Manchester & Europe 4. Hales Tale ex. ( You Take It To Me)( Do Not Stop Me) Then Into Another Song 5. You Were Not There ex. Pure Magic Sounds From Band. 6. When I Get Home ex. Amazing Rhythm & Keys/ Lead/ Bass & Drums ( I Can See) 7. Dirt Picker ex. A Crescendo Of Psychedelic Rock At It’s Very Best We Were In The Cellar Tonight Very Inter-mate Gig Very Busy Great Staff/ Security & Management Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Meet Some Real Friendly People Tonight.

NAKED  GIANTS  9–10 pm—10 pm

Psychedelic/ Rock/ Grunge Founded 2014 In Seattle Washington Grant Mullen Vocals/ Lead ex.ex. Gianni Aiello Bass/ Vocals ex.ex. Henry La Vallee Drummer Band Released There Debut Album Sluff On March 30th 2018 Toured 2018/ 2019 With Indie Rock Band Car Seat Headrest Another Band I Really Like No Set List Some Tittle’s Could Be Wrong 1. I’m A Bad Ass Guy ex. ( I Love You) This Band Is Amazing In It’s Music Arrangements Very Clever Musicians 2. T/V ex. ( I Just Believe)( All These Lies) Pure Magic Sounds 3. I Hope You ex. Brilliant Songwriting. 4. Everybody  Think’s They No Better ex. Brilliant Lead/ Bass & Drums Great Rock Vocals ( I Want You) Very Commercial Rock ( Nobody Really Knows) 5. Slap ex. ( I Want To Love You Baby)( That What She Said)( I Want To Get You Baby What Ever You Say) 6. Take To Blue ex. Brilliant Lead/ Bass & Drums ( Everything Turns To Blue)( Don’t Know Why I Want To Be Blue)( I Know Its True) 7. Shot Gould ex. ( On The South Side & North Side) 8. Take A Chance New Song Outstanding Lead/ Bass & Drums ( Right Now My Love)( What Do You Do To Me) This Is There Second Gig In Manchester 9. Green Fly’s ( I’ve Been A) Lead Vocals ( I Will Have You)( I Want To See You In My Door)( You Want To Put me Through)( I Will Lead You There)( Only If You Want Me Too) 10 Die’r ex. ( You Tell Me)( I Don’t No What To Say)( Lie’r) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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