KWAKU  AS-ANTE  8 pm—8–30 pm

A Brilliant R/B Artist Kwaku Vocals ex. Dave D/J/ Keys/ Sythi/ Guitar & Vocal Mixes Lots Of Electronic Gadgets & L/T 1. Sunday vg. ( Your Owing Me My Life)( The Secrets We Share)( The Sign Of The Rain Hitting The Pain) D/J Mix On This Song Could Be Better The Rest Of His Mixing Brilliant Fantastic Front Man Fabulous Vocals Quite A Husky Style 2. Moving On vg. ( Go With Me)( I’m Moving On To Something Better) Brilliant D/J Mix ( Let The Good Times Roll) Great Overall Sounds 3. Work ex. No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong ( Beneath The Clouds)( Baby You’ve Brought Me Down To Earth)( You’ve Taught Me How To Love My Self) D/J Great Mix ( I Can See In The Mirror) Add On Vocal Mix Girl Vocal Add To Mix Just Amazing 4. Let Me Love You ex. ( I’ll Give You Everything You Want) 5. Piece Of Me vg Guitar/ Key Mix D/J ( How Will I See The True Side Of Life)( I’ve Been Hurt Before)( Piece Of Me)( Shorten Song) 6. Qua-ma ex. ( Baby I Want You As My Women) Add On Vocal Mix ( When Your Looked On My Mind)( How Do You Do This To Me)( I Just Want To Know) 7. We Are On A Different Path vg. ( I’m Telling You I’ve Had A Vision) Outstanding Key Mix From D/J & Pure Magic Vocals Overall Sounds And Songwriting See A Lot Of Perpetually In This Artist ex. Set ex. Solo & D/J vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex.Mixing

AMBER  MARK  9 pm–10–10 pm

Drums ex.ex. Amber Vocals ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ B/V ex.ex. Bass/ Key/ Sythi ex.ex. Intro From Band 1. Conexao ex. ( How Are You Feeling)( When Your Over Me)( Don’t Run Away From Responsibility)( Everything Is A Make Day)( I Love You Baby) 2. Space ex. Amazing Overall Sounds & Songwriting Pure Magic Vocals & Outstanding Stage Presence For A New Artist. ( Let Me Begin In My Head)( Can’t Go On This Way)( This Is Your Devotion) Outstanding Band Of Musicians Love Her Vocals ( Your Living)( Give Me Sometime) 3. Put You On ex. ( Give Me)( I’ll Show You I’ve Grown Up)( Wasting This Time Is What I’m Looking For)( All The Time) With Some Vocal Rap 4. Lose My Cool ex. ( What I Know)( I Feel The Pressure) Amazing Overall Sounds. 5. Like A Hunger ex. ( I Can’t Wait Any Longer)( It’s Driving Me Crazy)( All I Think About)( You Bring The Best Out In Me)( I Can’t Wait)( Come On Over Tonight Baby) For A New Artist She’s Got Amazing Stage Presence Just Magical Her Vocals Are So Special 6. Monsoon ex. ( Look At You Baby)( I New This Would Happen) Song About Broken Love ( How Much I Love You In Every Way)( You Just Make Me Cry)( Never Thought Everything Was Ending)( I Thought our love Was So Strong) 7. Can You Hear Me ex. About Jesus ( I Need You)( I Confess In My Head)( Oh Mother Can You Hear Me)( I Need Help)( Can You Hear Me) Add On Vocals B/T 8. New Song Mixer ex. ( What To Get Into Your Arms)( You Got Me Baby)( Give Me Something)( I Know What To Say) Pure Magic Vocals & Sounds Fr (om The Band 9. All The Work ex. ( I Hope I)( You What me)( Get Back To How It Was)( All The Times) Pure Magic Vocal Arrangement & Overall Sounds 10. Love Is Stronger ex. ( S hardy Cover)( I Can’t Make You Put I’ve Tried)( I’ve Been Wasting My Time) 11. What If Strings ex. ( What Ever)( I Make Mistakes But I Love You) 12. What If ex. ( Tell Me Baby) Amazing Overall Sounds 13. Love Me Right ex.( I’m The Light In Your Eyes) Brilliant Songwriting 14. Regret ex. ( Times I’ve Made You Feel Bad) Outstanding Vocal Magic. 15. Way Back ex.( I See The Sun Coming Up)( I Love My Baby)( I’ve Been Hoping)( Bring Back My Baby)( I Was Acting) Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Vocals This Artist Will Break Through In the Next Couple Of Years Pure Magic Potential There Amazing Set Fantastic Vocals & Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Love This Artist.


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