D.J. SET  6 pm—8–30 pm

On Screen Advertising For Manchester International Music Festival Also Dancers On Screen This Was A Great D.J. Set With Some Amazing Mixing And Brilliant Songs Didn’t Have The D.J. Name Played Amazing Selection Of Songs With Great Motown Classics Quite A Selection Of Different Type Of Music Really Got The Crown Going Just Love This Amazing Set ex. D.J. ex Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

JANELLE  MONA’E  9 pm—10–30 pm

Manchester International Music Festival Janelle Vocals ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano B/V ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. 4 Dancers ex.ex. 2nd Keys/ Sythi/ Piano B/V Intro From Film And B/T Spoken Word ex. ( You Told Us) 1. Crazy Classic Life ex. ( I Don’t What To Cheat On You)( If The World Ends Tonight) Large Screen At Back And More Screens Just Fabulous With Graphics/ Video Clips And Janelle 2. Screened ex. ( I Like My Life On A TV Screen)( I’m Going To Press Your Body)( I Want You)( I’m Dirty Stay There) Janelle Spoken Rap ( I Know I Know) Outstanding Overall Sounds From Band And Magic Vocals From Janelle 3. D’ Jan go Jane ex. ( We Got You Life)( We Gave You Birth)( How Sweet Life Is) 4. Queen ex. Throne At Back Of Stage Janelle Queen Costume Very Fast Costume Changes ( I Came To Lead)( She Said) Amazing Graphics On Screen Pure Magic Production Number ( Queen) Trumpet ex. 5. Electric Lady ex. ( Your A Star) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band ( We Celebrate Tonight) Janelle On Small Screens 6. Prime Time ex. (  Take A Little Piece Of You And Me)( Life Is Built On Memories)( The Person Who You Love)( Put Your Self On The Side)( Feel That You Have Given It All)( This Is Prime Time) This Is Just A Magical Performance From A Very Special Artist 7. Pynk ex. ( Take This And Think) A Lot Of Quick Costume Changes From Janelle And Dancers ( You Got The Moves)( What Is You) 8. Yoga ex. Another Fast Costume Change ( I Want To Last For Ever)( Tonight We Climax Our Weirdness & Dusty Companions Even If It Makes Them Uncomfortable 9. I Like That ex. ( I Want To Chase The Song)( I Was Alive)( I’m The Only One) Pure Magic Lead & Brilliant Keys From The Two/ Drums & Fantastic Bass Riffs 10. Make Me Feel ex. ( You Ask The Same Questions)( Any Emotion)( It’s The Way You Make Me Feel) Janelle Black Top Silver Slacks Shine’y & Glittery ( You Know How I Feel)( Down Down) Pure Magic Songwriting & Music Arrangement 11. I Got The Juice ex. ( Into The Times)( You’ve Got The Sulks) 12. Tightrope ex. Janelle Talking To Crown Manchester You Must Keep Fighting We Must Fight For Black People & Fight For Freedom & Fight Against Donald Trump We Want A Higher Rope Some Great Trumpet Work ( One More Time)( Time Is Up) 13. Encore Come Alive ex. ( The War Of The Roses)( You Got The Time) A Pure Magic Production Number ( In Side Your Mind) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band ( La La La) Great Singing From Crowd Janelle Walking Among The Crowd ( Just One Love) One Of The Best Solo Concert’s This Year Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Solo/ Dancers & Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Fabulous Screens/ Graphics & Video Coverage ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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