WESTERN MAN  8 pm—8–30 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitar Western Man Vocals/ Guitar 1. Capella I Was Talking Back vg. ( Paper Darts)( We Keep Behind Close Doors)( Pass Me On) 2. Ecstasy vg. ( Touch Love)( Maybe It’s That Outer Rd)( If I Can Only Live For Ever)( I’m Heading For The Flame)( I Want It All)( To Feel I Was Needed) 3. Outsider vg.( Be What You Want)( Tell Me When To Catch You)( Give What You Want)( I’ll Always Be Your Champion) 4. Busy Working vg. No Set List Tittles Could Be Wrong. Great Songwriting And Overall Sounds ( Your Hero Is Not Dead)( Nothing I Can Do)( How Can I Do This) 5 Pink House Thing vg. ( Look Forward To Meeting You My Friends)( You Ask A Lot From Me) Needs To Be More Technical In His Guitar Playing See Lots Of Perpetual In His Vocals 6. Easy Running ex. Released Last Year ( I Don’t Know)( It’s All Coming Back Some How)( It’s Easy Money)( I Can Have My Fill)( That’s Enough) Repeat 7. Take Me Back vg ( Starting Out Nothing Going Wrong)( You Tried My Love)( Still Can’t Get My Head Around It) vg. Set vg. Solo vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Need To Do A Lot More Gigs.

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN  9 pm– 10–45 pm

Girl Violin/ Keys/ Vocals/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Main Vocals/ Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Cello/ Keys ex.ex.ex. Four Violins ex.ex.ex. One Trumpet ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. Bass/ Keys/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Rhythm/ Vocals/ B/V/ Keys ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Bass/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Keys ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Piano/ B/V ex.ex.ex. 1. I Fought In A War ex. Pure Magic Sounds And Vocals And Harmonies Outstanding Musicians ( With The Bullets Flying High) On Back Screen Film Projection Clips And Graphics ( Leave These Shores Back Home) 2. Cello I’m A Cuckoo ex. ( I See You) Girl/ Violin/ Keys B/V ( They Taken Away My Child) Brilliant Trumpet Work ( I  Rather Be In Tokyo) Main Vocals/ Lead/ Rhythm 3. Sister Buddha ex.( New Song) This Band Just Gets Better And Better Every Time I See Them Just Love This Band Vocals/ Tambourine ( Sister Buddha Takes Me On A Bus)( Stop Outside From Your Selfish Mind) Pure Magic Songwriting Love There  New Songs ( I’m Sending All My Prayers I Can Find) Very Indie Rock 4. A Summer Wasting/ She’s Losing It ex. ( Summer And Winter)( I Spend The Summer Wasting) Great Film Coverage On Screen Girl/ Keys/ Violin ( You Hear The Birds Sing) Magic Sounds 5. Wrapped Up In Books ex. Faces On The Screen ( I Never What To Leave You) Rhythm/ Harmonica ( I Can See Your Plan) Cello Back On ex. ( I’ve Been Trying To Wind Your Heart) Girl Violin/ Keys 6. Poor Boy ex. Girl/ Keys/ Vocals Also Main Vocals ( I’m Showing You)( We Had A Time) Dancing On The Screen Film Projection ( If I Had You With My Heart) Rhythm Also Vocals 7. The Wrong Girl ex. ( I’m Leaving You For My Darling)( Songwriting In The Back Of Your Mine) Cello/ Keys Back Stage Rhythm/ Vocals And Main Vocals Brilliant Love The Song Pure Magic Overall Sounds 8. Piazza, New York Catcher ex. Vocals Only Sat At Front Of Stage Rhythm/ Harmonica/ Vocals ( We Drink The Hours Away)( I Wish You Were Here With Me) 9. Don’t Leave The Light On ex. Amazing Overall Sound From Band ( Don’t Leave The Light On Baby) 10. Nice Day For A Sulk ex. Pure Magic Lyrics And Music Arrangement Main Vocals/ Piano 11. Waiting For The Moon To Rise ex. ( Chasing Darkness)( There A Place I Want To Go) Girl/ Keys Vocals And Main Vocals ( Don’t Try To Say This Was Not Meant To Be) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Next Extra Song Shorten Version See What You Want To Do ex. Song Ask By Crowd 12 There To Much Love ex. ( I’ve Been Waiting For This To Start)( I Feel Like Dancing)( There’s Too Much Love To Go Around) 13. Step Into My Office ex. ( She Called Me Out Today)( Step Into My Office Baby) Rhythm/ Bass/ Bass/ Piano At Back Of Stage Outstanding Violins And Cello ( She Took  Of Her Little White Dress) Girl/ Keys Flute ( Now Were Fucked With Boris Johnson) 14. The Boy With The Arab Strap ex. Main Vocals/ Piano A Few Of The Crowd On Stage Dancing (You’ll Tear Your Mind To Distraction)( She Got Style) 15. Women’s Realm ex. ( I Don’t Care) Girl Vocals And Main Vocals ( That We Left Behind) Just Magic Sounds And Lots Of Dancing On Stage. 16. Judy ex. ( Fall In Love With Someone) Girl Recorder ex. ( Write Another Song Judy) 18. We Had To Make ex. ( Girls On Fire)( Spinning It Out)( The Snow Has Fallen) Pure Magic Sounds From Band 19. Funny Loving You ex. ( You May Be Trouble)( You Funny Little Thing Ecstasy) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Graphics And Film Clips On Screen Fabulous ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Band Just Gets Better And Better Magic.

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