MASSIVE WAGONS  7 pm– 7–30 pm

Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.Drums ex.ex. 1. Last On The List ex. ( Need Someone) Brilliant Overall Sounds. 2. Billy Balloon Head ex. ( I Am A Looser) Amazing Songwriting 3. Back To The Stack ex. ( One More Last Dance) Dedicated To Rick. 4. Hero ex. ( I’ll Tell You)( Something In The Sky)( What About You And Someone Else)( Never Be A Hero)( This Is Your Song) 5. Ratio vg. ( You Want To Hire)( Someone Messing With My Ratio) Pure Magic Guitar And Drum Work And Brilliant Vocal Front Man. 6. Tokyo ex ( Far Away)( You Want To Touch Me Up)( Take Today)( There A Place Far Away)( On The Road) Pure Magic Sounds And Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Band Is Really Coming On Well.

STATUS  QUO  7–45 pm—8–45 pm

Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Intro B/T The Drone ex. 1. Caroline ex.( Get Me On Too Your Love)( Sweet Love)( Take  My Hand) Fantastic Guitar/Key And Drum Work Great Vocals And Harmonies From Band One Hell Of A Front Man 2. Something ” Bout” You Baby I Like ex. (Cover) ( Thank You Baby That’s What I Like) 3. Rain ex. ( Baby You Told Me) One Song Into Another All 3. Guitarist At Front Of Stage Just Magic Sounds ( Around The Room) 4. Medley What You’re Proposing ex ( Yet I’m Building) Next Down The Dust Pipe ex. Great Overall Sounds Next Wild Side Of Life ex. ( I’ve Been Telling You)( Honky Tonk)( The Wild Side Of Life) Next Rail Road ex. ( She Stands In The) Next Again Again ex. ( Let The Guitar Goes)( Why Don’t You Do It Again) 5. Mystery Song ex. ( You Really Got Me Going)( I’ve Got Friends I Will Show You How To Understand) 6. The Oriental ex. ( Your Very Oriental)( Her Name Was) 7 Cut Me Some Slack ex. Pure Magic Sounds ( There No Time) 8. Liberty Lane ex. ( Down Liberty Lane)( I Wake Up)( Coming Down From Above)( Out Of Reach) 9. In The Army Now ex. ( Cover)( Uncle Sam Does His Best) 10. Roll Over Lay Down ex. ( You All Take A Drink From The Table)( Lay Down And Let Me In) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting Some Great Double Lead Brilliant Bass/ Keys And Drums 11. Down Down ex. Solo Francis Then Band Joins In ( I Wait For The World To Show)( I’m Waiting To See) 12. What Ever You Want ex.( What Ever You Need)( It’s Taking You Home On The Midnight Train)( Show Me Your Love)( What Ever You Win Or Loose)( Rocking All Over The World)( Like It) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Crowd Went Wild For Them.

LYNYRD SKYNYRD 9–15 pm —10–45 pm

Band Members Gary Rossington Guitar Rickey Medlocke Guitar/ Vocals ( Also Band Blackfoot) Johnny Van Zart Vocals ( Also Used To Be In Thirty 8 Special Band) Michael Cartel-lone Drums/ Percussion Mark Natejka Guitar/  B/V Peter Keys Keyboard/ Piano Keith Christopher Bass 2 Girls B/V Intro B/T Thunderstruck ex. AC/DC Really Loud 1. Working For M.C.A ex Pure Magic Overall Sounds. 2. Skynyrd Nation ex. ( Skynyrd Nights)( It’s A Celebration)( Feeling Right)( Young And Old) 3 What Your Name ex. ( I Just Travel)( Whats Your Name Girl)( Shooting Strangers It’s No Shame) 4. That Smell ex. ( It’s Sad On You) pure magic Lead And Fabulous Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( Say It Will Be Alright Tomorrow)( Oh What A Smell) 5. I Know A Little ex. Pure Magic Sounds From Band Some Great Rock And Roll Honky Tonk Piano Work And Guitars On Another Planet 6. The Needle And The Spoon ex. ( I’m Going To Take It Away)( I Sing My Blues) 7. Saturday Night Special ex. ( We Are Going Out Tonight.) Outstanding Sounds 8 Red/ White And Blue ex. Outstanding Piano/ Guitar And Drum Work 9. The Ballad Of Curtis Loen ( Play Me A Song)( This Old Heart) Some Amazing Lead Work From Guitars 10. Tuesday Gone ex. ( The Train Going Down The Track)( My Baby’s Gone)( I’m On The Road)( I Just Want To Be)( I’ll Try Again) 11. Don’t Ask Me No Question’s ex. Amazing Graphics On Screen ( I Wont Tell You Know Lies) Lead Work Pure Magic Genius 12. Simple Man ex. ( I Will Help You)( We Will Be Sorry) Outstanding Music Arrangement Love It 13. Gimme Three Steps ex.Brilliant Songwriting And Vocals And Harmonies 14. Call Me The Breeze ( J.J. Cale Cover) ex. Wonderful Sounds From Band 15. Sweet Home Alabama ex. Big Hit For Them A Really Rocky Sound. Encore 16. Free Bird ex Another Big Hit For Them Just Love It This Has Been A Magical Rock Night At The Arena With Southern Rock At It’s Very Best This Was Supposed To Be There Last Tour I Hope Not Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Fabulous Graphics On Screens Outstanding Lighting And The Very Best Mixing. Meet Some Really Nice People At The Concert Everybody Had A Great Time.






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