EAGLES 8 pm–10–40 pm

Don Henley Lead/ B/V/ Drums/ Percussion/ Rhythm Guitar ex.ex.ex. Joe Walsh Lead/ Rhythm/ B/V/ Vocals And Keyboards ex.ex.ex. Timmy B Schmit Bass/ B/V/ Vocals And Harmonica ex.ex.ex. Deacon Frey Acoustic/Lead/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Replaced His Dad Who Died Will Be Missed So Much His Son Is Brilliant Scott F Gr-ago Drums/ Percussion ex.ex.ex. Joan Corey Piano/ B/V/ Percussion ex.ex.ex. Will Hollis Keyboards/ Synthesizer B/V ex.ex.ex. Stewart Smith Guitar/ Mandolin B/V ex.ex.ex. Michael Thomson Piano/ Keyboards B/V ex.ex.ex. Vince Gill Vocals/ Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. 1. Seven Bridges Road ex. ( Stars In The Southern Sky) On Big Screen Tree Graphics Side Screens For Band ( Sometimes There A Pain Of Me) 5 Guitars/Drums/ Piano/ Keys/ Percussion Just Fabulous Musicians Love Them 2. Take It Easy ex Pure Magic Sounds And Arrangements ( I Was Walking Down The Road)( We May Loose We¬† May Win)( Take It Easy)( Running Down The Road To Loose My Load) Deacon Frey Acoustic/ Vocals 3. One Of These Nights ex. ( One Of These Crazy Nights)( This Feeling Is High)( You Got The Desire) Don Henley Vocals Great City Graphics On Big Screen. Amazing Lead Work ( I’m Shaw I’m Going To Find You)( One Of These Nights) Don Talking To Crowd 4. Take It To The Limit ex. ( At The End Of The Evening)( I’ve Always Been A Dreamer)( Turn It Out)( Put Me On A Highway)( You Can Spend All Your Love)( There Nothing To Believe In) Amazing Overall Sounds And Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies 5. Tequila Sunrise ex. Great Desert Graphics On Big Screen Pure Magic Lighting On Stage Just Love The Music Arrangements 6. Witchy Women ex ( She’s A Breathless Spirit)( She’s Got The Moves) 5 Piece Brass Section On This Song Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies Which Are Out Of This World Tonight Just Magic In The Air. This Is One Of The Best Eagle Gigs I’ve Seen. ( I Know You Want To Live)( You Got The Moves In Her Eyes) 7 In The City ex. ( Joe Walsh) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band Love It ( With My Face Against The Wall)( There No One To Catch You When You Fall) Deacon Frey Semi Acoustic Brilliant Lead Work With Joe Walsh 8. I Can’t Tell You Why ex. ( Tearing Our Love Apart)( Every Time I Try To Walk Away)( Something Makes Me Turn Around) 9. New Kid In Town ex. ( People Feel So Familiar)( Johnny Go Lately)( After A While You Look The Other Way)( Tears On My Shoulder)( Just Another New Kid) 10. Peaceful Easy Feeling ex. Deacon Frey Vocals Pure Magic ( Music To Your Soul)( I’m Already On The Ground)( As A Lover And A Friend)( This Voice Keeps Whispering That I Might Not See You Again)( I’m Already Standing On The Ground) 11. Love Will Keep Us Alive ex. ( From The Highest Mountain)( I Was Standing All Alone In The World Outside) 12. Lyin’ Eyes ex. Just Love This Song. Pure Magic Timmy B Schmit Guitar Vocals ( She Heading For The Cheap Side Of Town) Amazing Overall Sounds 13. Don’t Let Your Love Start Slipping Away ( Vince Gill Cover)( It,s Time For Sleeping)(What People Dream About)( Love Starts Slipping Away) Pure Magic Songwriting Brilliant Guitar/ Drums/ Percussion/ Piano And Keys. 14 Those Shoes ex. ( Tell Me What Are You Going To Do Tonight) Outstanding Sounds From Band. 15. All Ready Gone ex. ( Heard People Talking The Other Day) On Screen Back Roads In The US.A. Video ( I’ve Got The Stars At My Feet)( We Are All Ready Gone) Love This Song. 16. Walk Away ex. ( James Gang Cover)( Come Today) Just Fabulous Sounds Filling The Arena Joe Walsh Vocals And Heavenly Harmonies From Band 17. Life’s Been Good ex Joe Walsh Vocals With Crowd Participation ( I Haven’t Meet You)( He’s Cool)( Life Been Good To Me So Far) Pure Magic Guitar Work From Joe Love It. ( Oh Yeah) Words On Screen 18. The Boys Of Summer ex. Don Henley Vocals ( I Can See You Shinning Like The Sun)( I Take You)( I Don’t Understand Whats Happening)( Only Love For You Is Still Strong)( I’m On The Road)( I New What Love Was) Pure Magic Vocals And Overall Sounds. 19 Heartache Tonight ex. ( Some People Have)( I Know)( Somebody Going To Hurt Someone)( Somebody Going To Come Undone) Vince Gill Vocals 20. Funk # 49 ex. ( James Gang Cover) Joe Walsh Vocals ( Live It Up All Night)( Sleep All Day) Magic Sounds. 21. Life On The Fast Lanes ex. Brass Section On 1. Trombone 2. Trumpets ( Keep Your Reflection)( Your Going To Loose Your Mind) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Outstanding Musicianship. ( Listen Back)( Everything Is Coming)( Life In The Fast Lane) Encore 22. Hotel California ex. Trumpet Intro Pure Magic Don Henley Vocals Just Love This Song Amazing Graphics On Screen ( On A Dark Dessert Highway)( With Wind I n My Hair)( She Stood In The Door Way Could This Be Heaven Or Hell)( Welcome To Hotel California)( Were All Prisoners Here) 23. Rocky Mountain Way ex. Joe Walsh Vocals Song Just Fabulous 24. Desperado ex Love This Song Pure Magic Sounds. 25. Best Of My Love ex. Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies And Amazing Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs And Lyrics Fabulous Screen/ Graphics And Video Work ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Truly Been A Magical Night At Manchester Arena With There Wonderful Staff And Security Best Eagles Performance I Have Seen Just Love Them.

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