It Took So Long Getting A Ticket That I Missed The Support Act Couldn’t Find What They Were Called It Runs So Much Smother For Me In Manchester As They Know Me As A Writer But I Love To Do Blackpool Gigs When We Get Them Getting Less And Less Each Year I Would Love To See More Gigs In Blackpool As I Live Here.

TAME¬† IMPALA¬† 9 pm—10–20 pm

Australian Psychedelic Music Project Led By Multi Instrumentalist Kevin Parker Guitar/ Vocals Plays Along Side Dominic Simper Guitar/ Synthesises Some Of The Members Are From The Australian Band Pond Also Psychedelic Rock Jay Watson Synthesises/ Vocals/ Guitar ex.ex.ex Also Kevin ex.ex.ex. Jay ex.ex.ex. Cam Avery Bass/ Guitar/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. And Julian Barbagallo Drums/ Vocals/ Percussion ex.ex.ex. Band Started 2007 To Present 2019 1. Let It Happen ex. Amazing Screen At Back Graphics And Video Coverage Very Psychedelic In The Graphics There Was So Mush Lights It Was Hard To See The Band From Second Floor Seating The Overall Sounds And Songwriting Just Magic I Saw This Band In There Early Days 2007/ 2009 They Have Turn Out To Be A Fabulous Talented Band With Amazing Musicians ( All This Running Around) Using A Lot Of Strobe Lighting 2. Patience ex. ( What Am I Doing)( Dame You Got To Make It)( In Another Time)( Time Going Up) Just Magic Sounds Filling The Ballroom 3. The Moment ex. ( There Something Inside)( Do It To You) Just Love The Overall Sounds 4. Mind Mischief ex.( With Sestri Levant e Outre Jam ( In My Mind Take It Slow)( She Will Never) Pure Magic Lead/ Bass/ Key/ Sythi Rhythm And Drums Amazing Vocal Front Man The Overall Sound Is Pure Magic Genius With Outstanding Songwriting And Music Arrangements The Empress Ballroom Is Such A Great Venue For Concerts Love It.( It,s All Right) 5. Nangs ex. Amazing Laser Looks Fantastic Where I’m Sat On Second Floor Seats Lasers Red/ White/ Green Also White Just Magic Little Laser Stars Into The Ceiling ( I’m Under Your Spell)( That’s All It Is) 6. Elephant ex. ( With Extended Intro)( I Want To Be) His Vocals Are So Heavenly Magic With Outstanding Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( Your The Only One) 7. Love/ Paranoia ex. ( When Your Lover Changes His Mind)( Can’t You See) Brilliant Vocals And Sounds From Band. 8. The Less I Know The Better ex. ( It’s Changing)( There No Future Touch Me)( I Can Always)( She Got A Love For You) 9. Yes I’m Changing ex.( I Want To Change Your Mind) Just Outstanding Music Arrangement 10. Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind ex. ( I Long To Be With You)( I Know I Can Only Say)( The Moment We Could Be Happening) Amazing Laser Lights Again With Little Stars 11. Eventually ex.( Hear I Go) Another Great Song 12. Borderline ex. ( It’s Not Meant To Be)( Where I See)( I’m Coming A Little Closer) Outstanding Drumming/ Guitars/ Keys/ Sythi And Percussion 13. Apocalypse Dreams ex. ( I Know You)( Inside My Head) Pure Magic Intermission Instrumental B/T With Lights And Graphics Mutiny Gossip ex. Fantastic 14 Feels Like Were Only Going Backwards ex Pure Magic Overall Sounds Another Fabulous Song. 15. New Person ( Same Old Mistakes) ex ( I Need To Come)( It’s Inside Me A Dream)( I Always Come) Lots Of Silver Paper From Canons At End This Has Been So Magical Tonight In The Wonderful Empress Ballroom Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Fantastic Screens Video And Graphic Just Outstanding ex. Lights And Laser ex Mixing.

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