CHINA  MOON  7–45 pm –8–15 pm

Band Been Going About 5 Years Vocal Been In Other Bands And Writes A Lot Of Songs Vocals ex. Lead ex. Bass ex. Girl Drummer ex. 1. Lonely Game vg. ( What Are You Saying)( It’s A Shame Your Not Awake)( Play The Game) Great Overall Sound Nice And Tight 2. Nebula ex. A Lot More Depth In This Song Great Music Arrangement Very Indie Rock Need To Write A Little More Commercial Pop/ Rock ( All This Time)( On My Mind) 3. She Won’t Go Back To You vg.  ( Fast Lane)( We All Fall Down) 4. Free Fall ex. ( Oh Come) Slower Song Great Songwriting And Overall Sounds ( I Don’t Know Why) See Lots Of Perpetually There Need To Work On  Stage Presence Will Come With More Gigs 5. Every-time vg. ( Every-time You Walk On By)( I Did’n t Know) Like That vg. ( That’s All Said It’s Done)( Do You Like That)( Your Telling Me One Thing) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

KULA  BAY 8–30 pm–9 pm

Very Young Band With Lots Of Stage Presence Very Impressed Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Bass ex. Lead ex. Drums ex. Keys/ Sythi ex. 1. I Want You vg. ( People Wan t Too) Pop/ Rock ( I Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong 2. Hands vg ( How Can I Get To You This Day) Very Commercial Songwriting Lots Of Bounce Vocals Great Front Man ( I Would Like To Say The Things I Want To Say)( I’ll Wait For You) 3. I See So Much vg. Great Songwriting With Lots Of Energy ( You Don’t Know) 4. Feel Free ex. Amazing Drum Beat Quite Calypso Fun Arrangement Very Young Band With Lots Of Perpetually And Great Musicians Love Them 5. We Are One vg. ( Thinking About It)( We Got The Summertime)( Thinking About Yesterday)( I’m So Lost With Out You) 6 I Just Got To See You ex. ( I Never Want To Break Your Heart) Brilliant Songwriting ( Got To Get You Out Of My Mind)( I Think About You All The Time) 7. Someone You Love ex. Great Key Work Latest Single Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( Someone You Love)( I Would Dance With You All Night) ex. Set ex Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing See Great Things For This Band.

PROVOCATIONS  9–15 pm–9–45 pm

Rhythm/ Vocals vg. Bass B/V vg. Lead B/V vg Drums Good 1. We Don’t Talk vg. ( I See Your Face)( Deep In Your Soul)( We Are Time Of The Times) Not Quite As Tight As First Two Bands Drums Need To Work On His Technics No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong 2. Say What You Say vg. ( Picking Up The Stubs)( You Want To Go) 3. I Throw The Key Good. ( You’ll Never Find You)( To Many Hearts) 4. You’ll Be Dreaming vg. ( On Way)( Just To Watch Me Go)( Sunset Shines On Your Face) 5. New Song Hold Me Tight vg. ( I’ve Been Missing You)( I Think You Lied) 6. Starlight vg.( No What I Say)( The Way We Are) 7. Love You vg. ( Your A Soul Survivor) 8. Have Faith vg. Some Nice Sustain On Guitar ( Talking About)( This Time We All Have To Go) Better Lyrics Some Nice Songwriting And Overall Sounds vg. Set vg. Band vg Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


Lead/ Vocals ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. I Used To ex. ( I Want To Speak To Jesus) Pure Magic Sounds ( How Will We Survive) 2. You Never Can ex. ( What You Want It To Be)( It’s The Feeling) Brilliant Commercial Songwriting 3. Every Time You See Me ex.( Just Like A Face On A Sinking Ship)( You See Me**) Try To Get A Set List Some Of The Tittles Could Be Wrong ** Could Be Wright 4. Time Is Labouring ex. ( It’s A Waste Of Time)( I’ll Say It Fine)( All The Time You Have Wasted) Amazing Drumming/ Lead And Bass And Amazing Front Man Pure Magic ( You Nothing To Loose)( And Nothing To Do) 5. Spoken Word Intro B/T And Add Ons I’m Looking At Your Stars ex. ( Falling In Love)( You Got A Secret) Very High Energy Pop/ Rock Also Vocals From Bass 6. We Are On The Road ex. ( Things In My Life)( Something Wrong)( Remember The Way)( We Need Something More **) Both On Vocals Main Vocals Bass ( Give Me Something More) 7. The Music Is Playing ex ( I Really Want You)( Set Me Up) 8. You Take Me Away ex. Brilliant Overall Sounds And Songwriting Had To Go For My Train Missed 2/3 Songs Just Love This Night At The Great Venue Jimmy With It’s Friendly Staff/ Security And Management Do Check This Place Out Highly Recommend Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Lights And Mixing I.m So Impressed With This Band See Big Things For Them Watch Out For This Band Love Them.

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