JESS  GLYNNE  7–15 pm  8 pm

Took Nearly 50 min. To Get In Given Wrong Directions And Gate Was Very Busy Had To Listen From Outside So I Had Trouble Catching The Lyrics Caught Last Song In Full Band  Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. B/V ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. I Was So Far Away There Might Have Been Another Band Member 1. Hold My Hand ex. Talking To Crowd Each Song Was Amazing 2. No One ex Another Brilliant Song 3. These Days ( Rudimental Cover) I Enjoyed The Songs From Outside Great Songwriting 4. Thursday ex. Amazing Overall Sound From Band And Heavenly Vocals From Jess 5. One Touch ex. Crowd Going Wild 6. Don’t Be Hard On Your Self ex. Just Love The Melodies 7. Take Me Home ex. ( Cover) Love The Song  8. Medley Of 4 Songs So Real ex./ Real Love ex./ My Love ex./ Rather Be ex. Love This Medley 9 All I Am ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds 10. I’ll Be There ex. ( If You Give Me Love)( I’ll Be There For You) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Fabulous Vocals Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing I’ve Seen Jess A Few Times Right At The Beginning When She Started.

SPICE  GIRLS  8—30 pm—10–30  pm

Before Coming On Dancers On The Walk Way Two Great Songs On B/T 1. My Hands Are Tied ex. 2. I Wear My Pride ex. Band Lead ex. Bass ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. About 16 Dancers And B/V Intro From Band ex. With Fireworks Lighting The Sky 1. All Four Girls Mel C/ Geri/ Emma/ Mel B On Stage  Spice Up Your Life ex Pure Magic Overall Sounds This Is A Wonderful Start To A Amazing Magical Evening ( Take That Turn)( People Of The World)( Keeper Of The World) Lots Of Fireworks Going Off 2. If You Can’t Dance ex. ( We’ve Got The Players) Nice Bit Of Rap ( Can’t You See Your Having A Dance With Me) With Some rap ( If You Can’t Dance Nothing For Me Baby) 3.  Who Do You Think You Are ex. ( Turn Out The Lights Oh Oh Oh) ( Your A Superstar)( Shake it Move It Who Do You Think You Are) More Fireworks Over The Stadium 4. Do It ex. ( I Can Stop The World)( You Got To Show What You Feel)( You Got To Do It)( This Time)( I’m Loosing Control) 5. Something Kind Of Funny( We Got Something Kind Of Funny Going On) Stage Set Just Fabulous ( This Is Just A Escape)( You Got It)( Feeling Kind Of Funny) Amazing Vocals And Out Of This World Arrangement From Band Intermission B/T Military Cadence/ Sound Off ex.Girls On Screen With Vocals Great Dance Routine From Dancers Costume Change ( Take The Heat)( It’s Over Again)( We Are Stronger) Girls Still On Screen ( We Are The Spice Girls) Dance Routine Guys Vocals On B/T ( We Know How We Got This Far) Next Spice Girls Back On  Stage 6. Holler ex.( Play That Game)( I Want To Love You More)( Don’t Be Afraid)( Call My Name)( Were The Spice Girls)( Girl Power Is All We Need) Great Singing From Crowd Intermission Queer Tango Orchestral Piece B/T Just Two Guys Dancing Amazing Dance Routine Pure Magic 7. Viva Forever ex. ( Do You Remember How It Used To Be)( I’ll Be Waiting For Ever) Some Amazing Spanish Lead Love It ( It Was Just A Dream) 8 Let The Love Lead The Way ex. ( I See Sunshine) Another Amazing Song From All Four Girls.( She Will Find It)( Sunshine In The Rain)( You Can Be Perfect) Pure Magic Vocals Coming Over Louder ( I Want To Be) 9. Good-by ex. ( If I Never Try)( Good By People)( Send A Angel To Me)( Good-by My Friends)( It Not The End) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Love This Song. So Much Feeling ( I Never Thought You Go Your Own Sweet Way) Intermission B/T Car Wash ex. Dancers On Screen Just Amazing About Sixteen Dancers ! Girls Back On 10. Never Give Up On The Good Times ex. ( Come Back On The World)( Baby You Ran Out Of Time)( Remember All The Good Times) 11. We Are Family ( Sister Sledge Cover)( All The People) Pure Magic Cover With Heavenly Vocals 12. Love Thing ex. Outstanding Sounds From Band And Pure Magic Vocals From The Girls ( It Happened To Me)( You Don’t What To Be Dreaming)( I’m Not That Easy)( All That Pushing And Shoving) Heart Graphics On Screen 13 Lady Is A Vamp ex. ( Cover) Lou Lead/ Conner Percussion/ Ace Keys/ Chris Bass And AT Drums. ( A Lady In Another World)( We Love Her So)( She A Dance House Queen) Intermission B/T The Last Waltz On Screen Big Ben Showing Twelve O Clock Dancers Doing A Dance Routine Looks Fantastic The Dance Routines Have Been Out Of This World. Spice Wheel Looks Like A Clock 14. Too Much ex. ( All I Can See)( I Need A Friend)( To Much Of Something Is To Much)( I Need To Be Satisfied)( Something Is Bad Enough)( Keep Me Satisfied) 15. Say You’ll Be There ex. ( Last Time)( Now Your Telling Me Your Falling In Love)( All I Want From You Is A Promise That You’ll Be There) 16. Two Be Come One ( Tomorrow I Need Some Love)( Tonight We Become One) Intermission B/T Girl Power ex. On Screen And Dancers 17. Stop ex. Girls Routine Just Fantastic With Amazing Vocals And Sounds From Band. 18. Mama ex. Love This Song Just A Fabulous Arrangement 19. Wannabe ex. Another Brilliant Song To End The Show Great Dance Routine And Outstanding Vocals From Mel C/ Geri/ Emma And Mel C  This Show Has Been So Magical Loved Ever Minute  Ending Intermission Spice Up Your Life ex. With Amazing Firework Finish Amazing Set Fantastic Band Fabulous Vocals From All Four Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Fantastic Video Footage And Graphics On Screen Outstanding Pyrotechnics Fabulous Lighting Brilliant Mixing.

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