ALL-MAN BROWN  8 pm—8–30 pm

Rae Keys/ Piano B/V ex. All-man Vocal/ Acoustic ex. 1 Darling On Me ex. ( I What You Tonight) Some Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List ( One Has To Break)( Into My Arms)( I Hold You Close To Me) Pure Magic Sounds And Great Songwriting ( I Said Your Name) 2. Then I Will Hold You Tight ex. ( I Will Keep You Warm)( And I Want My Self) Girl Vocals ( I Keep The Light Off)( We Are Building Our Kingdom)( In Our Hearts Sons And Daughters) 3. Your The Sweetest Thing ex.( Tears To Set You Free)( I Ever Did See) 4. Bury My Heart ex.( Everything Is Grown Is Still) Pure Magic Lyrics So Beautiful With So Much Feeling ( Everybody’s Heart Believes The Blue Sky)( It’s You I See)( I Will Wait For You) We Sit Around The Moon vg. ( It’s Foolish I Know)( Suddenly I’m Afraid)( I See You Shinning In The Night)( There Magic In The Air) 6. I Was Waiting For Something To Believe In ex. ( I’m So Tired Of Living)( Where Did The Kindness Go)( My Soul Is To Heavy)( I Do My Best To Be Kind) I See Lots Of Perpetual In This Duo With Amazing Keys And Brilliant Acoustic Work And Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies ex. Set ex. Duo ex./ vg Songs And Songwriting ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

DIDO   9 pm—10–38 pm

Drums ex.ex.ex. Percussion ex.ex.ex. Bass B/V Keys ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex Keys/ Organ/ Sythi B/V ex.ex.ex. Dido Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Intro From Band Just A Magical Arrangement Very Key/ Drum And Percussion Based 1. Hurricanes ex. ( I Want To Wake Up By Your Side)( I Want To See You Walking Through The Door) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting Her Band Is Just Fabulous And Brilliant Musicians Love Them Dido Acoustic ( I Can Stay) 2. Hell After This ex. ( You Better Run)( The Sun Goes Down And The Lights Go Out Flame Graphics On Four Screens ( Feeling On Fire) 3. Life For Rent ex. Lead/ Acoustic ( I Need To Find A Place Like Home)( I’ll Travel The World)( There Nothing I Have To Give Up) Another Powerful Lyric Song Love It. ( There Nothing More) 4. Hunter ex. ( With One Life)( If You Were A Bear On The Run)( I Want To See The World Again) Outstanding Sounds From Band And Heavenly Vocals From Dido Just Out Of The World ( Let Me Go) 5. No Freedom ex. Dido/ Acoustic ( Take It By Your Side)( No Love Like Me) Lead/ Acoustic ( No Love Without Freedom) Amazing Graphics On Screen 6. Grafton Street ex. ( No More Watching Sunset)( No More Watching Lovers)( I’ll Be There And I’ll Do My Best)( Rocking Angels)( No More Staying Up All Night)( Nothing Can Bring Us The People We Had On Grafton Street) 7. Sand In My Shoes ex. Intro Pure Magic Acoustic/ Lead ( Things Don’t Look The Same)( As We Go Into The Night)( I Want To See You Again) Lead B/V ( I Still Get Sand In My Shoes) 8. Give It Up ex. Song About When Romance Dies ( I’m Not Saying)( I Found Away To Let You Go)( You Can’t Rip My Heart Out)( Nothing Is Safe)( You Changed My Mind) 9. Thank You ex. Another Big Hit ( Not So Bad)( I’ve Got Your Picture On The Wall)( Best Day Of My Life)( All I See Is You)( What I’m I To Do)( Just To Be With You)( I Just What To Thank You) 10. Friends ex. ( I Thought About) Outstanding Percussion/ Drums/ Bass/ Lead And Keys ( Don’t Go Teaching Again) Some Amazing Key Melodies ( You See It Slip Away)( Don’t Know Why) 11. Sitting On The Roof Of The World ex. Dido/ Acoustic Lead/ Acoustic ( Just To Run From A/B ( There I Was)( Not Knowing How I Got There) A Fantastic Acoustic Song Just Dido And Lead Amazing Vocal Harmony From Lead 12.Quiet Times ex. ( Ask Me When I Go Tonight)( It Hard Enough To See The World As It Is) Tree’s On The Screen( I Miss You)( I Want You) 13. Hear With Me ex. ( I Do What I Want)( Till Your Back With Me)( I Can’t Hide)( I Will Know) Pure Overall Sounds From Band And Heavenly Vocals From Dido. See You When Your 40 ex Song About A Broken Relationship ( We Are Raped Up In Changes) Lead/ Electric ( Sad That You Lost Me)( I’ll See You Tonight Your Just A Boy Not A Man)  15 Mad Love ex. Great Calypso Beat ( Show Me Love) 16. End Of Night ex.( Your Twisted Life)( It Doesn’t Matter I Not There)( There No Need To Reply) 17. Take You Home ex. ( The Sun Is Up)( Everyday We Meet)( And Take Me Home)( Sleep All Day) 18. Take My Hand Off First L/P Pure Magic Guitar Work ( Come Into My Heart)( Take Your Time) 19. Have To Stay ex. Song About Having A Kid ( Your Smile On Your Face)(When You Cry I Tell You I Haven’t Gone)( When We Walk Hand In Hand And Tell Me About Your Day) Bass/ Keys ( That’s What Love Is All About) 20 White Flag ex. Beautiful Intro From Keys ( I Won’t Go Down With The Ship)( I’m In Love) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Dido Pure Magic Heavenly Vocals Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Has Been Such A Wonderful Evening At The Amazing Albert Hall.


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