STING AND SHAGGY  8–10 pm –10–10 pm

Lead ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Sting Bass/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Shaggy/ Vocals/ Rap/ Reggie ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Guy B/V ex.ex. Girl B/V ex.ex.ex. Guy Harmonica/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. 1. 44/876 ex. ( The Politicians In This Country Are Getting Me Down) Very Caribbean In The Music Score Love It ( A Spiritual Truth)( 44/786) 2. Morning Is Coming ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( It’s Quarter To Three)( Sunset Night And Day)( It’s A Beautiful Sunshine And Morning Has Broken)   ( I Look Around There Nobody There) 3. English Man In New York ( Sting Cover) ex. I’m A Alien I’m A Illegal Alien)( Come Back)( If You See Me Walking Down The Street)( I’m A Jamaican In New York) 4. Every Little Thing Is Magic ex. ( Police Cover)( I Held To Tell A Storey)( I Resolve To Call Her Up To Marry Her) 5. Oh Carolina ex. ( We Will Be Together) Guy Harmonica Pure Magic Stood Next To Guy B/V ( What She Tells You) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Just Fabulous ( She Rocks Her Body)( Oh Carolina)( Love Is A Flame)( We Will Be Together Tonight) 6. If You Can’t Find Love ex. ( She Looks For Love)( How Can You Find Your Self)( If You Can’t Find Love) Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies. 7. Love Is The Seventh Wave ex.( Sting Cover)( It The Sabbath Day)( It’s Seems Million Miles Away But Get’s A Little Closer Everyday)( The Way She Moves) Also Rhythm Sting Twin Neck Guitar ( Love This Spirit) 8. To Love And Be Loved ex. ( Another Lovely Day) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band And Outstanding Vocals From Sting And Shaggy. 9. Message In A Bottle ex. ( Police Cover)( I Send A S.O.S. To The World)( Message In A Bottle) Repeat By Crowd ( I Hope Someone Gets My Message In A Bottle) Pure Magic Overall Arrangement Of This Song The Place Is Really Rocking Tonight 10 You ex( Shaggy Cover) With Guest Vocals Alex Ander ( Your My Only Choice)( All I See Is You) Shaggy Vocal Rap ( I Want To Be With You) Alex Vocals Just Heavenly Magic Another New Artist Coming Through 11. Brand New Day ( Sting Cover)( All The People Out There)( All Those Sleepless Nights)( Starting Up In A Brand New World) Outstanding Keys/ Lead/ Rhythm/ Keys And Drums With  Some Brilliant Bass Riffs From Sting And B/V Pure Magic 9 Stand Up Stand Up)( It’s A Brand New Day) 12. Waiting For The Break Of Day ex. Amazing Piano Intro Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting. Girl B/V Vocals Just Heavenly ( When The Lights On The Window) Outstanding Lead Filling The Air With Magic Notes ( Is Sent Away) 13 Gotta Get Back To  My Baby ex. ( Lets Give It A Try)( On The Side Of The Road)( It Hopeless Now)( I Shouldn’t Have Messed Around) 14. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free ex. This Is Just A Outstanding Show Tonight ( It’s In My Heart)( If You Meet Somebody)( Don’t Ever Think About Me) 15. Don,t Make Me Wait ex. ( I Don’t What To Fight This)( I Know What Works For Me) Pure Magic Lighting On Stage ( True Love) 16 Angel ex (Shaggy Cover)( You My Angel)( Your My Guardian) Reggie Rap From Shaggy ( Oh Baby)( You Me And Friends I Need) 17. Dreaming In The U.S.A. ( Don’t Stop Now)( I’m In The Land Of The Brave) Talking To Crowd Shaggy Says I Feel Love Tonight Weather Your A Different Colour We Are All Brother And Sisters Here Tonight In Jamaica We Are One People. 18. Crooked Tree ex. With Stage Props Court Room Shaggy Is The Judge And Criminal In Dock ( Before I Pass The Sentence) From Shaggy Reply From Prisoner ( I Face A Broken Heart)( When The Shadows Shape My Criminal Soul) Pure Magic Stage Presentation And Brilliant Sounds 19. Shape Of My Heart ex. ( You Pray For Respect) Guy B/V Vocals Pure Magic Lyrics With So Much Feelings With Beautiful Harmonies Floating In The Air ( You Wonder Were The Sun Comes From) Pure Magic Songwriting And Overall Sounds ( The Place I Know)( Shadows In My Room)( The Love I Give You) 20 Walking On The Moon ex. ( Police Cover) A Very Interesting Intro Arrangement ( Some May Say) Pure Magic Drumming ( I Wasted My Life Away)( We Could Be Together Walking On The Moon)( Keep It Up) Then Some Fast Rap From Shaggy. ( I’ll Teach Them I What Them)( Get Up Stand Up For Your Rights) 21. So Lonely/ Strength Of A Women ( Welcome To This Two Man Show)( So Amazing How This World Was Made)( I Gave My Love To A Women)( There A Smile On Her Face)( My Manchester women)( Strength Of A Woman)( Lonely Lonely) Amazing Harmonies And Pure Magic Vocals ( I Feel So Lonely) 22. Hey Sexy Lady ex. ( I’m Out Of Control)( Only You Can Make Me Scream And Beg For More) 23. Roxanne/ Bombastic ex. ( You Don’t Have To Put On A Red Light) Then Into Bombastic ( I Want A Lovely Young Girl To Ring My Bell) 24. Can’t Stand Loosing You Shaggy And Sting Vocals ( Police Cover) ( I Can’t Forget)( No One Listen To A Word I Say)( You Will Be Sorry When I’m Dead) Some Brilliant Rap From Shaggy And Brilliant Vocals From Sting) Just Outstanding Sounds From Band Speaking To Crowd This Is The Best Way To End The Tour In Manchester. ( This Is My Good By)( I Can’t Stop Loosing You) 25. Desert Rose ex. ( I Dream About)( Shadows Fails Pure Magic Song With So Much Feeling ( I Close My Eyes)( Your Love) Brilliant Key Work On This Song ( Trumpet Sound From Keys)( One Love) A Nice European Sound. 26. It Wasn’t Me ex. Big Hit For Shaggy ( I Was Caught On Camera)( Banging On The Bathroom Floor)( I’m Sorry For The Pain) 27. Every Breath I Take ( Police Cover) ex. ( You Be Long To Me)( I’ll Be Watching You)( Every Move You Make)( Every Step You Take) Encore 28. Next To You ex. ( I Want To Be Next To You) Best Sting Show I’ve Seen The Chemistry Between The Two Was Pure Magic Genius The Staging Of This Show  Is Just Fabulous Amazing Set Fantastic Band Sting And Shaggy Magical Brilliant Song/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Graphics ex Lights/Mixing

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