MARINA  8–30 pm—10–10 pm

Has Had A Long Lay Off From Music For The Love And Heavenly Fear Tour She’s Using Studio Backing Tapes Simply Amazing Also Live Piano/ Sythi Drum Pads And Cello On Some Songs First Half Love Marina Vocals/ Piano Dancers Girl B/V ex.ex. Guy B/V/ Cello ex.ex.Girl B/V Sythi Drum Pads/ Dancing ex.ex. Girl B/V Sythi Drum Pads/ Dancing ex.ex. Intro B/T  1. Handmade Heaven A Most Beautiful Song Fantastic Vocals From Marina And  Amazing Dance Routine From Girl and Guy Pure Magic. 2.  Hollywood ex. ( In  Dreams) Joined By The Two Girls On B/V Heavenly ( Her Mind Is Just Like Mine)( Like A Movie Sean)( I’m Obsessed That Is America) 3. Prima Donna ex. ( Across The World)( It’s Always Someone Elsie’s Fault) Outstanding Songwriting I’ve Really Missed Marina She Has Had A Long Time Off From Music. One Of My Favourite Artists ( I’m A Prima Donna) 4. Enjoy Your Life ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 5. I’m Not A Robot ( Who Been Acting)( Your Just A Little Baby)( Teach Me How To Feel) Heavenly Vocals Of The Highest Order 6. To Be Human ex. Great Video Scenes Of America On Screen. Another Magic Song Her Vocals Are So Special Outstanding Lyric Writing 7. Superstar ex. ( What About You)( When Your So Far From Me)( Look At Me I’m A Superstar) Outstanding B/V And Vocals From Marina Love This Girl So Very Talented. 8. F root ( Give Me A Reason) Great Dancing And Overall Sounds Pure Magic Overall Sounds Marina Deferentially Back To Her Brilliant Best In Her Songwriting 9. Orange Trees ex.( I Am With The Flowers)( I Feel Free) Sea And Waves On Screen ( Let The Sun Go Down To The Sea And Rap Your Love Around Me) 10. Happy ex. Marina/ Piano ( I’ve Found What I’m Looking For)( Someone Is Watching Over Me) End Of First Album Next Fear Second Album 11. Believe In Love ex. Pure Magic Song And Brilliant Dance Routine 12. Life Is Strange ex. Guy Cello B/V Sythi Drum Pads ( I’ve Lost My Mind) 13. Marina/ Piano Soft To Be Strong ex. Girl Dance Routine So Very Beautiful This Is A Very Theatrical Production Tonight Pure Magic Genius 14 I’m A Ruin ex. ( To Lead You On)( I Have Had My Amounts Of Beautiful Men)( You And Me) All Four B/V ( I Don’t Wait To Say Goodbye) 15. Are You Satisfied ( I Was Out Of My Head)( It’s A Dream) Amazing Flowers On Screen 16. Karma ex. ( I’ll Be Sorry When It Comes Around)( When Your Life Comes Crashing Down It Won’t Save You) 17. Savages ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 18. Immortal ex. Two B/V Just Outstanding And Heavenly Vocals From Marina ( Love Is A Loosing Game) 19. End Of The Earth ex. B/V Dancing ( I’ll Love You To The End of Time) 20. Baby ex. ( Take You Back To Last September)( I Am Already Searching For Someone Else Baby) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 21. How To Be A Heart Breaker Love This Song ( Your Number 3)( Your Number 4) All Four B/V  And Brilliant Heavenly Vocals From Marina This Has Been Such Amazing Evening. Amazing Set Fantastic Solo and Dancers And B/V Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing And Brilliant Studio Quality B/T.

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