CHARLOTTE  7–45 pm—8–15 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Pianist Charlotte Vocals/ Piano ex.ex. Joe Guitar ex.ex. 1. I Need Someone To Hold ex ( I Called Out To Somebody)( I’m Searching High And Low) Duo From Hull 2. I Tell You Lies vg. New Song ( You Don’t Know Who I Am)( Stuck In The Fast Lane) 3. Just Me ex. Charlotte/ Piano ( I’m Never Going To Do Things I’ve Never Done)( Voices In My Head) Charlotte Has A Voice Of A Angel ( I Try To Be Unbreakable) 4. All My Life ex. No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong Outstanding Overall Sounds And Songwriter. ( Your Not Alone)( I’m By Your Side)( All Your Worries Are Yours And Mine)( I’ll Give You All My Life) Pure Magic Lyrics And Outstanding Music Score. 5. Get It Right ex. Vocals Only And Joe/ Acoustic Guitar ( You Said I’m The One)( You Had The Chance To Treat Me Better)( My Heart Has Had Enough) Song About Love 6. Red-bone ex.( Cover)( I Wake Up Feeling)( Don’t Feel Right)( You What To Wake It Up But Your To Late)( Don’t You Loose Your Eyes 7. So Frustrating vg. ( I’m Tired Of Shaking)( I’ve Been Running Around)( I’ve Got To Face It)( I Get Nervous Under The Surface)( Cold Sweats) ex. Set ex. Duo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Really Like This Artist See Lots Of Perpetual.

NEWTON  FAULKNER 8–45 pm—10–30 pm

Newton  Acoustic/ Vocals/ Keys/ Sythi / Loop Machine Lots Of Add On Sounds And Electronic Gadgets And Drum Beats Interesting Stage Lighting 1. If This Is It ex. ( I Won’t Forget)( I’ll Show You Everything)( It Right Now)( Please Come Back Again) 2. Indecisive ex.( I’m Wanting You)( Is There Nothing I Can Say To Change Your Mind) On Sythi Drum Pad ( Don’t What You To Go)( Where Do You Go With A Broke n Heart) 3. Brick By Brick ex. ( You Keep Building On)( Now We Stay)( Bit By Bit) 4. Clouds ex. ( Go Out And Find It)( No One Gets You Down)( Start Looking From The Clouds)( Something  Bound To Change)( Start Looking Down From The Clouds) 5. I Took It Out On You ex. ( I’m Such A Fool I Should Have Let You Know) 6. Teardrops ex. ( Massive Attack Cover)( On The Fire)( Here Comes The Sunrise) 7. Finger Tips ex. ( I Need Something To Believe In)( I Don’t Mind Anymore)( I’m Sick And Tired Of Getting Nowhere) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting.8. I Need Something ex. Very Rocky Clever Mixing From Newton On Pedals And Loop Machine Some Of The Add On’s Are So Magical 9. Don’t Leave Me Waiting ex. ( I Can Fairly Find My Way Home)( You Don’t Have To Say)( I Know It’s Hard) Lighting Just Out Of This World. ( How Will I Know)( They Changed Our Song) 10. Million Reasons ex. ( Jess Glyn Cover)( Give Me A Million Reasons To Let Go) 11. Against The Grain ex. Pure Heavenly Vocals And Outstanding Acoustic Guitar Work. Pure Magic Lyrics Pulling At Your Heart Strings So Much Passion And Feeling 12. Take All You Want ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting At It’s Very Best. 13. Dream Catch Me ex. Big Hit For Him. Love This Song ( Every One I Want To Be)( I Won’t Come Back At All)( Dream Catch Me When I’m Falling)( This I Know) 14. Shadow Boxing ex. ( There A Feeling In The Darkness)( You And I)( So Were Moving On)( Loving Out)( Feel Like Shadows) 15 I’ll Be There ex. ( Jackson 5 Cover) Amazing Overall Sounds 15 a Sponge Bob Square Pants Theme Short Song ex. 16. Send Me On My Way ex. ( Rusted Root Cover)( All That We Wanted)( I’ll Give You All You Want) 17. Write It On  Your Skin ex. ( Set Your Clothes On Fire)( All The Things I Rather Be)( I’m Starting Again)( I Can’t Stay Around Here)( I Can Sail Away) 18 Up Up And Away ex. ( You Got To Slow Down)( Everything I Want And Everything I Need)( Give Me A Ticket On The Air Waves) 19. Orange Skies ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Incredible Mixing Just A Outstanding Evening Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing

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