CASHMERE  7–20 pm –7–50 pm

Lead ex. Vocal/ Rhythm ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. Local Band From Stockport 1. So Mean ex. ( I Feel Lonely Sometimes)( Got To Get You Out Of My Sight)( I Need Someone) 2. Codem vg. ( Your Face) Great Overall Sounds And Great Musicians 3. Tokyo vg. ( Your Love)( It Feels So Good)( Look Down On Me)( I Get A Little Love To You) 4. Anaeshesia vg. Brilliant Lead/ Bass And Drums Great Vocal Front Man 5. Gravity vg. Vocal/ Rhythm Great Overall Sounds 6. Lucid vg. ( Blue Sinner) Add On B/T ( The Darkest Times ( All The Troubles)( Trying To Be Someone L ike You)( There Must Be A Better Way To Say It) 7. Potgeler ex.( I’ve Got To Say)( Before I Turn To Stone)( Words Meant To Say) 8. Accident ex. ( You Set Yourself)( Leave The Light On) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

THE  HUBBARDS  8–15 pm –8–45 pm

Vocal/ Rhythm ex Lead B/V ex. Bass B/V ex Drums ex. 1. I Just Want To Say vg. ( You Can Do What You Want To Do)( Your  Boyfriend)( Your The Voice In My Head) 2. How Do You Feel vg. ( I’m Surrounded By People Under Me) 3. Your Love vg. ( It Feels So Good)( Look Down On Me) Great Overall Sounds And Songwriting 4. Born To Fight vg. ( Trying To Sing The Song I’ve Been Meaning To Do)( We Were Born To Fight) 5. I Told You vg. ( Oh Boy)( Don’t Mess With Me)( Get Over It) 6. It A Long Way To Go ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Very Commercial Songwriting ( Just Look In The Mirror)( That’s Not Right) Love This Song See Lots Of Perpetual There If They Can Write More Songs Of This Quality No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong. 7. Good By Girl vg. ( There Is A God Who Good To Me) 8. I,m A Fool For You vg. ( You Are A Nightmare)( I Like The Way You Touch)( Leave The Light On) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

GIANT   ROOKS  9–15 pm–10–15 pm

Vocals/ Rhythm/ Acoustic/ Percussion And Floor Drum ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex Lead ex.ex Key/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. 1. Cara Declares War ex. ( I’ve Got Feelings When My Spirit On The Run) This Is A Very Young Band Of Brilliant Musicians To Gig Is  Being Film With A German Crew. ( Why Are You Waiting)( Once In A Life Time) 2. 100 mg ex. ( Don’t You Know)( Good For You) Vocals Floor Drum And Percussion. 3. Went Right Down ex. One Hell Of A Front Man/ Vocalist Just Shines With Stage Presence  Overall Sound From Band Pure Magic Genius Love Them. 4. Bright Lies vg. ( Your More Than) Outstanding Songwriting Songwriting This Is There Fifth Time In Manchester This Band Really Rocks Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies. 5.Slow ex. Another Great Song So Much Feeling In The Lyrics. 6. Head By Head ex. ( I’m Not Alone)( Something In The Water) Try Footprints In The Snow)( Turn To Stone) 7. Sighing Like A Sleeper ex.( She’s Missing It)( Soon They Come Together)( In The Dark They Rise) 8. Chapels ex. Amazing Vocals And Harmonies( I Couldn’t Believe Today)( 1920 For Me) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band (Oh Oh Oh Oh) Outstanding Vocal/Acoustic/ Storyteller/ Actor Just Shines With Magic Vocals Down In Crowd Great Singing From Crowd. 9. Walled City ex. Some Incredible Lighting Tonight 10. Wild Stare ex. ( The Sky Is Blue)( We Don’t Say No)( There Are Times)( Where Ever We Go) 11. Mia And Keira ex. Brilliant Songwriting Love It. Encore 12. Rainfalls ex. ( Waiting For It) Amazing Lighting 13. New Estate ex. ( Go To The Other Side)( Believe In Your Heart) 14. King Thinking ex. ( Be My Guest)( Why Should I Stay) Front Man Out Of This World Stage Presence. Another Magical Evening At The Gorilla Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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