Amazing Support  D/J He’s Very Big On The Circuit Very Commercial Pop Mixes With Vocals With Some Amazing Funky Mixes At The Very Best I Really Enjoyed His Set Made Up For Not Seeing One OK Rock Japanese Boy Band Just Done A Asia Tour With Ed Shearing Will Catch Again I Highly Recommend This Band. Some Great Girl Vocal Mixes  Also Drum And Bass Mixes With Sythi Two Hours Of Amazing D/J Mixes Also Outstanding Sythi Mixes ex. Set ex. D/J ex. Songs ex Lights ex Mixing

CONFIDENCE  MAN  9 pm—10 pm

Guy Vocal And Dance ex.ex. Girl Vocal And Dance ex.ex With D/J/ Key/ Sythi ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Some Amazing Instrumentals From Band 1. Church ex. Intro From Band Instrumental Outstanding Overall Sounds Brilliant D/J Mixes With Key/ Sythi And Pre Sets And Outstanding Drumming Two Vocals On 2. Fascination ex. Outstanding Vocals And Dance Routines These Two Just Shine With Stage Presence And Pure Magic Ability And Brilliant Musicians And Songwriting( Please To Meet You)( Fascination Brings Me Out Of Time) Lots Of Dance And Hand And Arm Movements Amazing Key/ Sythi Work And Incredible Drumming Love It ( Step Inside) 3. Out The Window ex. ( Sunshine Be My Arms)( I Once Wanted To Feel The Sunshine)( Be My Sunshine) 4. Bubblegum ex. ( Is It Teaching You About Love)( Feeling Good)( You Better Sit Down Boy)( You Are All Mine) Brilliant Vocal From The Two Stage Presence Pure Magic Genius Very High Energy Rave/ Electric/ Pop 5. Instrumental While Vocals Change Costumes Better Sit Down Boy ex. Amazing Sounds From D/J And Drums With Vocal Mix D/J Vocals On 6. Catch My Breath ex Pure Magic Vocals And Dance With Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 7. Permanent Come Up ex Instrumental While Vocals Change Costumes Amazing Sounds From Band 8. Try Your Luck ex. All White Costumes Girl Light Up Bra And Guy Light Up Shoulder Pads Very Sexy Dance Routine ( Try Not To Think) Outstanding D/J And Sythi Mix Brilliant Drumming 9. Carmex Band Instrumental While A Costume Change Pure Magic Sounds 10. Vocals Back On In A Band ( Oh My God)( Don’t You Know I’m In A Band) Amazing Songwriting Such A Talented Duo. 11. Santa’s Coming ex. ( Down The Chimney) 12. Cool Party ex. ( You Girls)( C.O.C.) Encore 13. Sailboat ex Band Instrumental Outstanding D/J Mix And Drums Just Fabulous 14. Boyfriend ex. Intro Tap Dance Routine From The Two ( I Want To Have Your Body) Crowd Jumping Wild If You Haven’t Seen This Band It A Must They Are So Talented Amazing Set Fantastic Duo With Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Score ex. Lighting ex. Mixing Another Great Gig At The Gorilla Just Magic.

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