OWEN  CHAMBERLAIN  8 pm—8–25 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic  Owen Vocals/ Acoustic 1. Windfall ex. First Part Of A Two Part Long Song With Amazing Landscapes And Shades In The Music Score ( You Walk Through The Crowds)( Paper Chains Caught In The Breeze) Amazing Lyric Writing ( Through The City So Load) Part Two ( On Foreign Pa tens And Human Zoo) A Long Song In Two Sections ( Sit Me Down By The Tower 2 Benches vg. ( I Sat On A Park Bench In The Winter Sun)( People Pass My Bench Taking There Ways)( When Time Elapses) 3. Mile Stones good New E/P ( Mile Stones On The Road To) 4. Paper Planes v g.    ( Why Do I Cast Paper Planes) His Guitar Work Is Pure Magic ( It’s Something To Hold On 5. Lonely Ice Cream Man vg. E/P 2009 ( Where Have All The Children Gone)( Far Away From The Raging Sea) 6.Eva Song ex. ( Some Broken Dream)( Do You Remember All)( All Forgotten) 7. Spiders ex. A Storey About A Old Lady Who Tried To Kill A Spider With Her Shoe Anf Feel And Died ( Spiders But A Web On Her Grave Where She Died. Brilliant Songwriting And Overall Sounds Will See Again Soon ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

HEDARA  8–35 pm—9 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Piano L/T For Add On’s 1. We Are More The Same vg. ( We Have One)( Days Are Filled With Sadness)( Take Us Back To A Better Place)( Can We Work Out Our Issues)( Find Our Way Home) Amazing Vocal And Piano Work 2. Frozen ex. Day View L/P First Time In Manchester Song About Having Your Heart Broken.( Sitting On The Floor)( Does She Taste Like Honey Like Me)( I Can Count The Times We’ve Broken Up)( I Can Count The Ways We’ve Fucked Up) 3 Say It Again ex. This Is One Of The Best New Artist I’ve Seen This Year. Reminds Me Of Ray Morris 2 Years In When I Saw Her Young At The Empress Ballroom Blackpool ( We Are Built To Last)( I Could Be A Miracle Very Powerful Vocals And Brilliant Piano Work Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( I’m Lost In You) 4. Skin Deep vg.( I Like You Being Close)( What You Give To Me)( Show Me What You Got Boy) She Just Shines With Stage Presence A Star In The Making ( Don’t Tell Me What I’m Looking For)5. First Song She Wrote While In Hospital Finding Out She Had Diabetes Swallow Me Whole ex. ( Why Don’t You Swallow Me Whole)( I Don’t Be Long Here)( Every Words A Whisper)( What Have You Given To Me) Diabetes Has Really  Changed Her Life Amazing Powerful Lyrics 6. Slow Day ex. ( The Only Voice I’ve Have None) This Has Been A Real Find Tonight. One Of The  Best New Artist For A Long Time. ( The Sweetest Touch)( Sometimes I See Things I Don’t Know) Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Can,t Wait To See Her Again.


Lydia Bass/ Vocals ex.ex. Tom Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano B/V ex.ex. Drums B/V ex.ex. 1. Waiting ex. ( Take My Hand)( Take Me Higher So I Can See The Stars)( I Been Waiting For You) 2. You Are Here ex. Didn’t Get A Set List So Some Of The Tittles Could Be Wrong Wrote As I Hear Them ( Give Up The Ghost)( I Want To Be Where Ever You Are)( Your The Only Miracle) 3. Falling ex. ( I See You Lighting Up The Dawn) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 4. Into The Night ex. ( Lights Flashing)( She Gone)( I’ve Got News For You)( I Won’t Let You Go)( Waiting At The Road Side) 5. It’s You ex. ( Trying To Put My Self Away)( I Want You)( What Are These Dreams About) 6. The Whole Thing ex. ( Because I Want You) Lydia/ Shaker ( It Been Like A Old Friend. 7. Heart Shaker ex. ( There You Go)( The World At Your Feet) Lydia/ Bass Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies Brilliant Musicians And Songwriters Lydia Is A Artist In Her Own Right Did Support For U 2. Lead/ Keys/ Drums B/V 8. Co-lade Tittle Track L/P ( I Belong To You)( With Me To The End Of The Stars) 9. Joey ex. ( She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve)( She Lives Her Days Listening To Music And A Glass Of Wine ( No Worries In My Heart)( You And Me This Is Only The Start) 10. I Can Feel It I n The Air Tonight ex ( Phil Collins Cover)( I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment All My Life) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Brilliant Musicians Love It 11. Alice ex. ( Wrote While In Hospital Last Year. ( I’ve Got A Heart Keeping Me Up Late)( Oh Alice) Outstanding Lead/ Keys/ Acoustic / Bass And Drums Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies 12. Ever Little Song ex. ( Everybody Says To Me)( Little Love)**ex.( Everything Is Wasted On Us)( Nobody Ever Whats To Die) Lydia/ Bass 13. Evermore ex. ( There A Place For You In My Mind) Pure Magic Songwriting With So Much Feeling 14. I Need A Reason ex. ( Your The One I Need The Most) 15. Standing Now ex. (( Waiting For The Best)( Don’t Run Away From Me)( Starting Out)( I Need You Now) Very C/W Rock Oh What A Night At Night An d Day Love It 16. When The Love Has Gone ex. ( When The Day Is Ours) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Lights ex. Mixing This Has Been A Fantastic Gig Tonight Highly Recommend You See This Artist.


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