DAVE   C  RUBE-RT  8 pm–8–30 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic Dave Vocals/ Acoustic 1. Oh Come Around ex.( Like Shadows Never Moved Before)( Shadows Change So Slow From This Place) Outstanding Vocals And Storey Telling 2. 17 ex. ( So Clear Your Mind)( Capella)( Oh Don’t Be Afraid)( She Won’t Go Away) 3. Say A Little Pray ( Cover) vg. 4. Can You Make Your Own Way Back ex. Song Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List ( It Isn’t Real Love) So Much Depth And Feeling In The Songwriting. 5. There Must Be Another ex. Dreamy Lullaby ( I’ve Got Everything Right Here)( Here I Can Sleep) ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

MAISIE  PETERS  9 pm—10 pm

Maisie Vocals/ Acoustic/ Rhythm ex.ex. Tina Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Violin And Sythi Drum Pad B/V ex.ex. Joel Folk Guitar/ Electric ex.ex. Lead/ Bass B/V Outstanding Musicians And Brilliant New Artist From Brighton 1. In My Head ex. ( Every Saturday Night)( In My Head I’m Yours) 2. Maisie/ Acoustic Place We Were Made ex. ( Saturday Night Living The Dream)( You Talk About This Feeling)( All I Know It’s Far Away) 3. Best I’ll Ever Sing ex. ( Maybe I’m Better Off Now Were Not Together) Keys/ Piano Just Brilliant Tina A Very Talented Musician ( We Brought The Worse Out In Each Other 4. You To You ( You Broke My Heart)( I Was Different Then)( I’ve Lost My Friends) 5. Details ex. ( I Don’t What Your Dreams) Amazing Overall Sounds 6. This Is On You ex. Brilliant Songwriting Just Love This Artist See Big Things For Her 7. Birthday ex. A Mash Up Of A Old Song Vocals And Harmonies Just Pure Magic 8. Feels Like This ex. ( I’m Falling In Love With You)( I Think I’ll Never Know It)( At My Finger Tips) 9. Favourite ex. ( Here We Go Walking On The Shores) Add On Violin Brilliant Piano Work From Tina ( You Want My Gold Wish) 10. Architecture ex. ( You Go)( And You Break My Heart) A Lot Of Teenage Songs About Young Love And Having Your Heart Broken Very Hard Being A Teenager And Growing Up Very Different in THE 60% When I Was A Teenager ( The Gold I Was Worth Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting 11. Stay Young ex. ( I Want To Stay) Maisie/ Electric Rhythm Guy Bass Tina Sythi Drum Pad And Keys 12. Encore Worst Of You ex.( All I See Is You)( Give Me A Reason Why You Should Stay)( I Don’t What You Anyway) Amazing Musicians With Her Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Artist And Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing Another Great Night At The Deaf Institute Love This Venue Along With Gorilla And Albert Hall.

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