THE CALLSĀ  8–15 pm 9–10 pm

Did Two Sets Owing To Second Band Bleeding Violets Didn’t Turn Up I Was Looking Forward To Seeing Them Back To The Calls Been Going 3 Years Present Line Up With New Drummer 1 Year Band From Leeds First Gig In Manchester Did A Festival In Germany Last Summer I See So Much Perpetual There Need To Write A Little More Commercial Rock Outstanding Musicians And Songwriters Need To Be Discovered By A Major Record Label Bass B/V ex Tom Vocal/ Rhythm ex. Lead/ Key/ Sythi ex. Drums ex. 1. A Chance Is Going To Come Around Here ex. ( What Are We Going To Do)( I’m Telling You)( Your The Only One) Great Vocal And Storey Telling ( Change Your Colour)( Let Your Spirit Grow) 2. Fall Inside ex.( Time To Act) 3. I Just Thought I Say vg. ( Tell It To A Thousand People)( Take Your Time) Song Not As Good As First Two Songs Need To Work On Slower Songs There Rock Songs Are Brilliant There Ability On Slow Songs Will Come In Time 4. It’s All Good ex. Goes Into A Jam Instrumental ( When I Look Into Your Eyes)( Whistling Out A Tune Lead Onto Key/ Sythi Then Jam Amazing Instrumental Some Great Bass Riffs And Great Lead From Rhythm Amazing Key/ Sythi Work With Great Church Organ Sound And Wicked Drumming 5. May Day ex. ( It Just The Beginning)( Your The Only One)( The Deed Is Done) 6. What Can You Do ex. Lead Tambourine ( As She Walks On By) This Song Has A More Commercial Beat ( What Do You Think) 7. I Am Gone ex. With A Long Instrumental Jam ( What’s Wrong You Come To Long) 8. Lost Art Of Romance ex. ( I Have The Revolution)( Tell Me What You Want)( Just Like Me)( Don’t Shoot Me Down)( Ain’t No Revolution)( Together Were Strong) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting Outstanding Musicians ex. Set ex. Band ex. Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Watch Out For This Band.

JAMESĀ  DW LEES 9–30 pm–10 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic ex. 1. Vulnerable ex. ( Starting Inside) Amazing Vocals With Interesting Guitar Work.( Feel Like Stars To Grow)( Soon I Go Bury Me Down)( Let The Glory Go)( Let The Trees Root)( Something Beautiful) 2 Your Mind vg. ( Take Your Memories)( We Need To Say)( Hope The Distance Read Your Mind) Guitar Work Getting Better With Great Finger Picking ( Let Me Read Your Mind) First Gig In Manchester Been In Manchester Union 3 Years 3. Need It vg.( Sometimes I Say)( You Know What’s It Like)( You’ll Crush Me And Pick Me Up)( Left To Your Own Devices) 4. Asking Ada vg. ( It Re-mines Me ( I Can Be Easy) Some Heavenly Vocals Sounds ( Inside Me I Have Nothing) 5. I Want You vg. Some Of The Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List.( A Paved Payment)( Would You Like It) 6. Last Song Hear Comes The Storm ex.( It’s Coming Quiet)( The Sun Goes)( Here Flashes Through The Sky)( And Voices Come As The Thunder Has It’s Way) Encore You Were Shinning When You Walked In vg. ( My Expectations Were Not Enough) ex. Set ex. Solo vg./ ex Songs ex. Mixing

ESPEDAIRS 10–25 pm–11 pm

Caught 3 Songs Before I Had To Leave. Lead/ Vocals ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. 1 I Think I Love You vg. Indie/ Rock ( I Like You) 2. Friday Man vg. ( Tell Me What To Do)( Shout Your Love To Everyone)( Your Never Satisfied) Great Guitar And Drums 3. To Do My Best vg. Songs Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List It’s A Must To See A Night And Day Showcase With There Friendly Staff And Management ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

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