ASH MOUNTAIN  7–45 pm–8–15 pm

Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Black Gold vg. ( And Take Her Hand)( Had To Stop)( Raindrops Flashing) 2. Boom vg. ( She Told Me I Don,t Deserve Her)( This Time She Going Back) 3. Music Died ( I’ll Never Get Over You) Vocal/ Folk Guitar Magical Overall Sounds    ( A Thousand Miles Away We Go) 4. Walking Shoes vg. ( I Sold My Soul)( I’ll Take For Another) Brilliant Overall Sounds And Songwriting Outstanding Lead/ Acoustic/ Bass And Drums 5. Copping Out vg. ( Your Future Is Not Here Anymore)( Coming On Out Of A One Horse Town)( Take A Look Were Never Coming Back)( Someones Looking Over Your Shoulder)( I’m On The Run)( Spread Your Wings And Fly) 6. Enemy vg. ( We Will Get You)( Just To Get a World Away From You) 7. 8 Ball ex. ( Now It’s So Cold And No One To Hold) 8. Long Hair vg, ( Woke Up In  My Suit) Very Rock And Roll ( I Need Your Lips)( Baby Won’t You Pull My Long Hair Down) ex. Set ex. Band vg,/ ex. Songs ex.Lights  ex. Mixing A Great Local Band Check Them Out Been Going About Ten Years On There 5 Singer This Band Deserves A Break Love Them

WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR 8–45 pm–10–15 pm

Aside Project From Ruarri Joseph Born 3 January 1982 In Edinburgh He’s Now Married With 3 Children And Resides In Cornwall His Solo Albums 1st Tales Of Grim And Grit 2nd Album Both Sides Of The Coin 3rd Album Shoulders To The Wheel 4th Album Brothers William The Conqueror Albums 1st Debut Proud Disturbers Of Peace 2nd Album Bleeding On The Soundtrack. Ruarri Joseph Vocals Lead/ Rhythm ex.ex. Naomi Holmes Bass/ B/V ex.ex. Harry Harding Drums ex.ex. 1. Path ex. Song Tittles In Abbreviation ( I’m So Glad You Came) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 2. Madness ex. ( You Caught Me By Surprise)( You The One To Relay On)( And Reasons To Live)( You Found The Reason Why) 3. Be So Kind ex. ( I Listen To The)( I Left You Behind)( I’m Missing My Way)( Sweet Kisses) 4. Many Faces ex. ( In The Darkest Days)( Lights Go Out On The Whole Town) 5. Sunny ex. Vocal/ Guitar And Harmonies Just Magic ( Shut Out The Light)( Your Voice Is Sad)( When I Have Found You) So Much Feeling In This Song Just Heavenly Love It. ( What You Get)( I Can’t Live With Out You)( Sing Your Sad Songs If That’s What Your Feeling) Love This Song Brilliant Songwriting 6. Curse ex. ( We Saw No Reason To Disturb)( If You Want Some Forgiveness) 7. Did You ex. ( Did You Wrong) Bass B/V ( That Ties Me To You) 8. Tend vg. ( Don’t Waste Your Time)( Give Me A Sign)( My Special Ways)( I Want You For My Self)( I Love You So) 9. Ontario ex. ( I Was All Tied Up In Life)( So They Say)( All That Time You Wait) 10. Pedestals ( Need A Answer)( Don’t Build Me Up)( If Your Going To Knock Me Down) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( I Got To Stop Getting Lost) 11. Tittle Track New L/P Bleeding On The Soundtrack ex. ( I Know See You Wasting With Your History)( Li-sen On The Soundtrack) 12. Cure ex Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting 13. Thank ex. ( When I Broke Your Heart)( You Can Thank Me Now Or Latter) 14. Sensitive ex. ( That You Love) Amazing Overall Sound From Band 15. Proud ex. Amazing Vocals And Harmonies Just Love This Band Encore 16. Manatoo ex. ( Get Me To The Other Side And Call Me By A Different Name)( There No Hiding In Manatoo Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights/ Mixing

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