GOOD FUTURE  7–30 PM–8 pm Code vg.=Very Good ex.= Excellent

Lead/ Keys/ Sythi ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Vocal/ Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. See This Band Being AS Big As The Blossoms Love Them Intro The Internet B/T 1. Not In Love ex. Brilliant Overall Sound And Front Man ( I’m Going To Waste  My Time)( My State Of Mine) Band From Stock-port Modern Romance ex. Lead/ Keys ( It’s Funny)( Every Witch Way To See Your Face)( I’m Giving It Up)( Out Of Sight)( A Message In It Self) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting Love It 3. God Knows ex. Vocals/ Keys ( Sex And Drug) Love The Commercial Sound  ( I Believe) 4. Jam vg. Very Rocky 5. Loved You A Little Too Soon ex. ( You Were To Busy And I Was To Busy 6. Call It Off ex Will Be Next Single ( It Hard To Say)( I’ve Got Something To Prove) Vocals Key/ Piano ex. Set ex. Band ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing See Great Things For This Band.

RED FACES 8–15 pm—8–45 pm

Vocal Lead/ Rhythm vg. Bass B/V vg. Key/ Sythi/ Piano ex. Drums vg. Intro B/T vg. We Will Be Late vg. ( So Long)( I’m Wasted)( Getting Away With It) 2. Wise Up vg. Band From Sheffield ( She Likes What You Do)( She’s Trying To Put You Down)( It’s Great To See)( Trying To Get Close To You) 3 Hard To Say No vg. ( Lets Get Blown Away)( You What The Best Of Me) 4 Way Down vg. ( Tell Me The Truth Now)( You Were Always Into Me) 5. Make It vg. Great Lead/ Bass/ Keys And Drums ( I Want To Take You Out)( I Want To See You Naked)( I Want To Loose Control) Song Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List 6. This Song Is About Being Sad Stuck To The Eyes vg. This Band Needs More Gigs Behind Them. 7. Waiting vg. Great Key Intro And Bass Riffs ( I’m Going To Stay The Night)( When I See You)( It’s Not To Late) 8. I Want To Be Lonely vg. ( Everybody Got The Same Feeling) 9. Take It Or Leave It vg. Keys/ Guitar ( No One Is Perfect) vg. Set vg.Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex Mixing

ANTEROS  9–15 pm–10–15 pm

Last Gig In Manchester Soup Kitchen Laura Hayden Vocals Grew Up In Spain ex.ex.ex. Band Now Based In London Joshua Rumble Bass Jackson Cozens Lead Harry Balazs Drums Very Dream Pop Amazing Commercial Sounds 1. Wrong Side ex. ( Right Time At The Wrong Time ( How It Goes) 2. Drive On ex. ( I’m On The Wayside)( You Carry On To The Wasteland ( It Feels Like Heaven And Feels Like Hell) 3. On The Moon ex. ( It’s Burning)( Might As Well Be Living On)( Anymore) 4 Honey ex. ( You’ll Bring Me Down)( And Knock Me Of My Feet)( Every Time I Think I’m Free)( I’m A Fool) 5. Ring Ring ex. Keys B/T ( I Will Hold My Breath)( All I Want It) 6. Drunk ex. Add On Line From Another Song ( These Boots Are Made For Walking)( Cover)( Say What You Want)( I’m So In Love With You) Very Commercial Overall Sounds From Band Her Vocals Are Out Of This World. 7. Ordinary Girl ex. ( Don’t What To Talk About Secrets)( It’s Not A Normal World And Your Not A Normal Girl) Next Talking To Crowd Everybody Being Told How To Look)( Always Except The Way You Are) Bonnie ex. ( Dancing In The Middle)( I Want To See Your House) 9. Full Moon ex. ( When The Rain Comes)( Rain On Me Too)( Everything We Do)( Buzzing In My Head)( Blame It On You) 10. Let It Out ex. ( My Fantasies And My Troubles)( My Troubles Go Away)( Shadows Gather From The Light) Outstanding Vocals And Storey Telling Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Room One Hell Of A Front Women With Brilliant Stage Presence 11. Afterglow ex. ( Here We Are)( There Smoke In The Air)( We Are Going To Be The After-burn 12. Breakfast ex. ( Big Girl)( Don’t Question Me) 13. Call Your Mother ex. Outstanding Vocals And Musicians From The Band 14. Anteros ex. ( I Never Loved)( Turn The Lights Out)( Every Day Every Hour)( See The First Star And The Last Star) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

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