TREVOR  RAVEN  8 pm–8–35 pm Code vg.=Very Good ex.= Excellent

North Pier Organist From Blackpool Just Fabulous Trevor Organ/ Keys/ Sythi/ Drum Beat And L/T  1. Just Amazing Overall Organ Work At The Highest 2. Nothing Like Show Business ex. 3. Day Of My Friends vg. 4. Linic ex. Very Russian Music Score And Eastern Europe Brilliant Landscapes And Shades In This Piece 5. Nights In White Saturn ex. ( Moody Blues Cover) 6. Spring Spring Spring ex. 7 Song Song Blue ex. ( Neil Diamond Cover) 8 Time To Say Good-by ex. 9. Bohemian Rhapsody ex.ex. ( Queen Cover) Brought A Standing Ovation Love It ex.Set ex. Solo ex. Music Scores ex Lights/Mixing


First Half Merrier Land Full L/P Live This Is A Project Of Damien Al-burn Of Blur And Gorillas With Band Members Paul Simon ( Clash) Simon Tong ( Verve) Tony Alan Fralia Kuty Damien Vocals/ Acoustic/ Piano/ Keys And Meladron  ex.ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.ex. Organ/ Keys/ Sythi/ Piano B/V ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. Percussion ex.ex.ex. Just Amazing Musicians At There Very Best. 1. Intro ex. B/T 2. Merrier Land ex. ( I Wave You Good-by)( Nothing I Can Do Anyway)( Waiting For You)( You Can Fly To The Moon)( One Day) 3. Gun To My Head ex. Damien Vocal/ Piano Then Just Vocals 4. Nineteen Seventeen ex. ( I’ve Seen My Self) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Now They Done More Shows They Are On Fire Tonight Leaps And Bounds Since Blackpool Before Christmas Just Fabulous Tonight 5. The Great Fire ex. ( Back To The Seaside For A Drink) Back Cloth Looks Like North Pier Quiet A Dark Sean A Brilliant Stage Setting Tonight With Film Studio Lighting Looks Fab.( The Dark Forces Gather) Amazing Front Man/ Storey Teller/ Actor Damian Is So Special And A Genius Lead/ Bass/ And Organ B/V 6. Lady Boston ex. Damian/ Piano On Balcony String Section 3 Violins And One Cello  Amazing Musicians And Sounds 7. Drifters And Trawlers Joined By Trevor Raven Balcony On Organ Brilliant Overall Sounds From Band ( I’m Not In Love Today) 8. The Truce Of Twilight ex. ( You Only Raise Your Eye)( It Looks Like) Damien Puppet In His Hand. 9. Ribbons ex. The Blackpool Show Was A Warm Up Show Now We See The Finished Article Which Is Just Perfect Magic This Could Be One Of The Best Shows For 2019( I Wear My Ribbons) Love This Song Filling The Air With Magic Sounds. Musicians At There Very Best ( I’m The Arrow)( You Don’t What Me Any More) 10. The Last Man To Leave ex. ( On The Other Side Of The Pavement) Damian Acting And Storey Telling Is Pure Magic Genius ( Don’t Leave Me Now) Very Dark Songwriting 11. The Poison Tree ex. ( It’s Suicide) End Of First Half Short Break 2nd Half The Good The Bad And The Queen. 12. History Song ex. Still On The Amazing String Section On Balcony ( Come The Day You See The Sun) Brilliant Lead Intro And Magic From Rest Of Band ( If You Don’t Know How) 13. 80 % Life ex. ( When I See Your Love) B/V Organ/ Lead/ Bass And Drums Brilliant Harmonies Damien Vocals Just Heavenly Like A Magician Weaving His Magic 14 Kingdom Of Doom ex. ( Far Away There A Kingdom)( The Sunset Draws Turning The Sky Into Light) 15. Herculean ex. ( It’s Not To Late) Wonderful Overall Sounds 16 Nature Springs ex. ( The Days Of Survival) Brilliant Songwriting 17. A Soldiers Tale ex.( Wake Up Feeling Drowsy) Damian/ Acoustic This Is A Fabulous Evening At The Albert Hall 18 Three Changes ex. (This To The Main Sail) Amazing Song Love It. ( No One To Listen) 19. Green Fields ex. ( I Wrote This Song Long Ago)( The Darkest Hour)( I Was Looking Back) 20. The Good The Bad And The Queen ex. Tittle Track 1st L/P This Has Been A  Magical Night. Damien/ Piano This Guy Is Pure Magic Genius Can’t Get Any Better Than This. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Stage Set Up Fabulous Outstanding Lighting And Brilliant Mixing This Was A Special Night.

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