GOLD TEETH 8 pm—8–30 pm Code vg.=Very Good ex.= Excellent

Girl Vocals ex.ex. Rhythm vg. Lead vg. Bass vg.  Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex. 1. Line Checker vg. Instrumental 2. The Thunder vg. ( I Know Your Going To Do It)( You Take Away The Problem)( I’m No Good) A Great Gutsy Rock Number. 3. Start Again vg. ( Every Time You Need Me)( I’m Never Going To Break That Heart)( I’m Right In Front Of You) Amazing Front Women Vocalist Band Could Be More Technical In There Music Scores Especially The Guitarists 4.Hand Of God vg. ( Finding The Words So Hard To Say)( Walking Out Of Shadows) 5. Crucify vg. ( There A Fire In My)( I’m Going Away)( I’ll Run Away) Some Nice Sythi Work From Keys 6. Doing Better vg. ( I See You Gone) Last 2 Songs Great Songwriting And Better Music Scores I Fee 10.l This Band Has Perpetual Amazing Intro From  Key/ Organ/ Sythi ( I Wish The Same)( I Want You To Stay) Brilliant Rock Vocals vg. Set vg. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Band Can Only Get Better Will See Again.

GOOD COP BAD COP  9 pm –9–50 pm

ex.Side Project From Guy Out Of Arctic Monkeys Intro Key/ Sythi  Sounds And Drums B/T 1. When Your Not Winning ex.( Sail Across The Sea)( Your Not Winning)( Your Hands Are Tied Behind Your Back)( Like Last Time)( Your At The Water Edge) 2. Silk And Leather ex.( We Go Together Now)( I’m Free I’m Leaving)( Devil On His Way)( When I See You)( Did You Get What You Want)( I Sold My Soul) 3. Sharp Shooter ex. ( Stand Aside There No Doubt Your A Sharp Shooter) Some Choral Vocals At End 4. Times New Roman ex. ( Morning Sun)( And The Times Keep Rolling)( Put On Your Red Dress)( It’s Not Easy)( We Belong To The Night 5. End Of Level Boss Pt One ex. ( Only What To Survive)( This The Last Time) Some Amazing Organ And Key Work 6. Quarter Past June ex. ( The Rain Has Come Falling)( I Don’t Know What To Think)( I See Your Image Tonight) 7. Three Things ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting Just Vocal/ Guitar And Keys Only Rest Of Band Off ( You Can Wear Another Jacket) 8. Psycho Killer ex. ( I’m Not Your Friend Or Enemy)( You Will Face The Danger) 9. Taste The Danger ex.( My Mind)( That Stranger In  The Echo Chamber) 10. Landline ex. Very Rocky ( I Want To Realise) 11.End Of Level Boss Pt Two   12 Brilliant Sounds From  Band 12. Time Crisis ex. Song About What I’m Doing With my Life Since I Reach 25 Years Old ( Time Passing)( Where The Hell Am I Going)( I Don,t Know How You Survive)( I Fell On This B Side) 13. End Of The Beginning ex. ( As The Sky Falls Down)( All I Could Do To Protect You From The Storm)( Before It Gets To Late)( We Should Have Control) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Score ex. Lights ex. Mixing If You Haven’t Been To Yes This Is A Great Friendly Venue Check It Out. This Has Been A Great Side Project.



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