Full Orchestra String Section ex.ex.ex. Brass Section ex.ex.ex Woodwind Section Percussion Including  Xylophone A Very Big Percussion ex.ex.ex. ABC Band Front Man Vocals ex.ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Girl B/V ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Full Concert Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Percussion ex.ex. Orchestra And Band Just Fabulous 1. Overture From Orchestra Brilliant Music Arrangement I Can See This Going To Be A Magical Night Of Music Next Band And Front Man And B/V On 2. When Smokey Sings ex ( I’m On The Top Of The World Tonight) Pure Magic Sounds And Songwriting 3 Viva Love ex. Amazing Orchestra Arrangement With ABC Band Just Fabulous ( I Will Always Love You) 4. The Flames Of Desire ex.( Like Shifting Sands)( We Are Having A Great Time)( I Give My Heart To You)( This Is The Passion And Desire)( You Came And Saw) 5. ( How To Be A) Millionaire ex. ( I See The Future)( I Can Hold On) 6. The Love Inside ex. Pure Magic Music Arrangement. 7. Be Near Me ex. ( All My Dreams)( It’s Easy)( What’s Your Distraction) 8. Ten Below Zero ex. Amazing Intro From Strings ( It’s Summer Outside) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 9. One Better World ex. A Very Rousing Music Arrangement Just Pure Genius ( Somewhere Some How)( Oh Get Up) Outstanding Key And Piano Work 10. Ocean Blue ex. ( I Try To Find) Brilliant Songwriting 11. The Night You Murdered Love ex. ( It’s Cold Outside)( From A Early Age I Was Taught To Respect)( Close Your Eyes And See)( I Just Want To Walk Away) End Of Part One 20 min Interval.

SECOND  HALF  9–10 pm–10–10 pm

Intro From Orchestra Magic 12. Show Me ex. ( Something Wrong) Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Keys/ Piano/Drum And Percussion From Band And Magical Sounds From Orchestra 13. 1982 Poison Arrow ex. Big Hit For Them Sax To Front Of Stage Pure Magic ( Shoot The Poison Arrow Into My Heart) 14. Many Happy Returns ex. (When I Excepted This Job)( She Will Return) Sax To Front Of Stage Again. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air. 15. Tears Are Not Enough ex. ( I’m Looking For Real Love) 16. Valentine’s Day ex. ( Don’t Ask Me How It’s Gone)( Catch Your Eye Writing Verses)( Down To The Sea)( I Hope You’ve Learned Your Lesson) 17. The Look Of Love Part One ex. Big Hit For Them ( Your Falling Apart At The Seams) 18. Date Stamp ex. ( It All Seems The Same) Sax At Front Again Love It 19. 4. Ever 2 Together ex. Outstanding Music Arrangement From Orchestra Just Love It ( Gone No Where)( You Can Tell Me) So Much Magic Sounds Filling The Bridge Water Hall 20. All Of My Heart ex. Just Magic Songwriting ( Once Upon A Time I Gave You My Heart)( We Were Friends)( Wishing uPON a Star)( I Hope And Pray You’ll Walk Into The Room) 21. Look Of Love Part 4 Instrumental From Orchestra ex.ex. Love It Band And Front Man Back On Encore Repeating Look Of Love Part One ( The World Is Full Of Strangers)( Look In Your Eyes)( For Salvation) Outstanding Lead Work What A Brilliant Show Tonight Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Outstanding Lighting And Brilliant Mixing Just Love Tonight. At The Bridge Water Hall.

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