HELADO  NEGRO 8 pm—8–30 pm

Vocal/ Rhythm/ Lead And Sythi Machine For Add Ons And Drum Mix ex Girl Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Sax ex. Guy Sax / Percussion/ Key/ Sythi Didn’t Announce Songs Well So Tittles Could Be Wrong Very European Influence In There Music 1.You Got Something To Say vg.( When Will It Be Me) 2. Keys/ Violin Victory Will be Gone Tomorrow vg. ( I’m Waiting For The) Vocals Hand Held Sythi Gadget With Buttons Then Violin/ Sax Now Two Sax On This Song Love It 3. Don’t Go To Far vg. ( That’s My Life) 4 Oh My Sky vg. ( My Heart Having Lost My Mind)( Thinking About You)( We Take Our Time) Bands First Time In Manchester Sax Guy Keys Sax Girl Keys 5. Chasing Choice vg. ( I’ve Seen You In My Dreams Great Lyrics To This Song ( It Makes You)( I Feel You In My Mind)( You Get Me Running Just Like You) Girl/ Piano Beautiful Melody 6.You Be Here vg. ( I’ve Got No Shoes On)( I See You)( Friends From Side To Side)( I Don’t Know What To Say) 7. All The Times You Make vg. Pre Set Key Melody ( It’s All About You)( Told Me About You) Band Lives In N/Y 8. Hold Your Self vg. Great Interaction From Sax Players Love It. vg. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Will See Again

BEIRUT  9 pm—10–35  pm

American Band Originally Solo Music Project Of Santa Fe Native Zach Condon Folk/ Rock And World Music 1st Album Gulag Orkestar May 9th 2006 2nd Album The Flying Club Oct 9th 2007 3rd Album The Rip Tide Aug 30th 2011 4th Album No No No Sep 11th 2015 5. Album Gallipoli Feb 1st 2o19 Zach Condon Vocals/ Ukulele/ Trumpet/ Key/ Sythi Nick Petree Drums/ Percussion Melodica Paul Collins Bass/ Acoustic Kyle Resnick Trumpet/ B/V Ben Lanz Trombone Aaron Arntz Piano/ Keyboards/ Organ/ Accordion When I Die ex.( I’m Looking Back) 2. Varieties Of Exile ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Brilliant Songwriting 3. No No No ex. ( Who Are You) Outstanding Keyboard Work ( Don’t Know Anything) 4. Family Curse ex. Amazing  Music Arrangement Brilliant Brass/ Keys/ Bass And Drums. Pure Magic Front Man Weaving His Magic 5. Santa Fe ex. Brilliant Songwriting ( See You Fall)( Stand Up Santa Fe) Pure Magic Song Love It 6. Fender ex. ( Sit Up Close)( I Had To Go)( Where Did You Go) Vocal/ Key/ Sythi Amazing Sythi Work 7. Postcards ex. Vocals/ Ukulele ( You Told Me So) Wondrous Magic Music Arrangements At The Very Best. This Band Is On Fire Tonight ( Someday We Will See That Day) 8. The Shrew ex. Keys/ Accordion Brilliant Songwriting 9. Peacock ex. ( He The Only One Who Knows) 10. Gallipoli ex. Extra Stage Lighting Just Fabulous 11. Riptide ex. Vocals/ Keys/ Sythi ( This Is How It Goes) Brass B/V ( I Feel Lonely) 12. Landslide ex. ( It A Long Time I Recall)( It A Long Time I’ve Been Told) Vocal Also Key/ Sythi 13. Corfu ex. Music Score Very Eastern Europe 14. Scenic World ex. ( Looking Around) Heavenly Magical Songwriting Very Interesting Melodies Quite Calypso ( Why Did You Tell Me) Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies From Brass Pure Magic Vocal Front Man/ Storey Teller Band Just Amazing 15 Light In The Atoll ex. ( When I Was Young)( Now The Seasons Begin)( All Alone Are We) 16. Elephant Gun ex. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air Of The Hall With Heavenly Music And Vocal Sounds. The Acoustics At The Albert Hall Are Magical 17. Gauze Fur Zah 18. C0cek ex. Brilliant Songwriting 19. In The Maus ex. ( It’s Been A Long Time)( Since I’ve Seen You) 20 Nantes ex. Just Vocal And Piano ( Summer Time)( In The Shallow Waters)( I’m Learning To Swim) Encore 21. Pour La Route ex. Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies And Outstanding Overall Sounds. 22. We Never Lived Here ex. Just Heavenly Overall Sounds. This Has Been Such A Magical Experience ( They Called Him Mine) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Some Amazing Lighting Tonight And Brilliant Mixing At The Very Best.


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