Kylie  Set Is Broken Into Acts 1 To Acts 6. This Was A Pure Magic Production Kylie Vocals Came Through The P/A Very Loud     And A Great Balance From The Band Which Includes Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Rhythm/Acoustic ex.ex.Key/Piano/Sythi ex.ex.      Drums ex.ex. 2 Girl Backing Vocalist ex.ex. 6. Amazing Dancers ex.ex. Out Of This World Dance Routines Kylie Vocals ex.ex.       Next Act 1 1.Golden ex. Intro Lead/Acoustic (The Day Was Just Beginning)(What About The Human Race) 2.Get Out Of My       Way) ex.(You Can Take A Seat) Amazing Landscapes On The Screen Lighting Is Out Of This World 3.Better The Devil You Know ex. Pure Magic Overall Sound End Of Act 1 .Next Act 2.4. Blue Velvet ex. Kylie On Screen Singing While A Costume Change To A White Outfit Kylie On Stage For End Of Song Heavenly 5. Confide In Me ex.(I’ve Still To Come A Distance)(We All  Have Our Crosses To Bear)(A Problem Should Be Shared) 6.I Believe In You ex. (I Don,t  Believe In Many Things)(But I        Believe In You) 7.Where The Wild Roses Grow ex.Very Short Song (The World Keeps Spinning)(Make It With You) 8.In Your     Eyes ex.(What To Make It With You) 9. A Life Time To Repair ex. Kylie Done 32 Shows At The Arena (To Many Times)(We Tell Many Stories)(Heaven I New I Did My Best) Next Act 3 10.Shelby 68 ex.All About A Car A Big Car On Screen (Look On Down) Another Costume Change Also Dancers Changing Regular (I Know You,ll Break My Heart When I Get Into His Car) 11.    Radio On ex. Kylie Is 50 years Old This Year (I’ve Been Moved On) 12. Wow ex.(Just Make You Dance And Set Me Free)(You       Get It)(Your By My Side)(I,m Into You) 13. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head)(La.La.La.) With Instrumental Ending With Dancers To End First Half  Next 20 min. Interval.

KYLIE SECOND HALF 9–30 pm–10–30 pm

Using A CinemaScope Screen Using Glitter Balls Act 4 14. Slow ex.(Dance With Me)(Take Me Down)(Slow) 15. Kids ex. Very  Funky (Beat My Number)(Going To Take A Ride)(Kids Are All Right To Night) Kylie On Walk Way With 2 Girl B/V And 3.           Guitars  And 6 Dancers On Walk Way At Back Of Stage A Brilliant Stage Set Up(Take A Ride) 16. The One ex.(I Feel Like You)   (I,m Chasing You)(Love Me Love Me I,m The One) Amazing Overall Sound And Pure Magic Production (Do What You Do To Me) 17.Stop Me From Falling ex.(So High)(I Don’t Care) Act 5. 18. Wouldn’t Change A Thing ex.Amazing Fast Dance Routine ex.These Dancers Are Pure Magic Play Video 19.I,ll Still Be Loving You ex.Amazing Song Writing And Brilliant Musicians In       Her Band 20 Especially For You ex.(I Want To Show You My Heart Is Also Free) 21 Lost Without You ex.Amazing Laser Light Show Pure Magic 22.All The Lovers ex.Love This Song Pure Genius Songwriting Lead/Acoustic ex.ex(I,ll Take You Higher There) Next Act 6 23.New York City/Raining Glitter ex.(The Lights Go Down)(See This Town)Glitter Coming Down ( I Just Want To You) Amazing Dance Routine On Walk Way End More Amazing Laser Light Show (Can You Hear Me Calling)(You        Touch Me I Just Want To Be Together)(You Kiss Me I,m Falling) 24.On A Night Like This ex.Pure Magic Overall Sound 25.The  Loco Motion ex.(Ever Body Doing A Brand New Dance) Tug Tug Like A Railway Train) 3 Glitter Balls ex.Lighting 26. Spinning Around ex.(A Night Like This)(Baby Baby) Encore 27. Love At First Sight ex.(Tonight The Stars Light Up The Sky)(We Will Be As One) 28. Dancing vg. One Of Her Early Song From Way Back I will Truly Remember This Show Such Amazing Msagical Evening Just Love It. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/Lyrics And Music Scores Kylie Out Of This World Amazing     Vocals And Dancing 6 Dancers Pure Magic ex.Light And Laser Show ex.ex. ex.ex.Mixing .


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