Singer /Songwriter All Songs On Backing Tape,s Studio Quality 1.Tell Me (To My Face) Really Like Her Vocals (My Eyes Are On You Now)(Don,t Bring Me Down) 2.You Me vg.(Eagles Cover)(I Believe)(You You You)(I Believe It,s True)(Standing In The Rain) 3.Her,s And A Mist good(Seeing The Sound)(Your Feeling All Right)(You Better Take Control)(If We Can Run)(What Can We Do)(Take Me Down Down Deeper)(If We Can Hold One Another) 4.Ones Summer good(You Could Be My Sister)(I,m  Trying To Kiss Her) 5.She A Dancer good(She Run,s Need ,s To Work On Starting Songs And On The Song Writing I Really Like This Artist Very Young vg. Set vg .Solo good/vg. Songs ex Lights ex. Mixing Needs To Do A Lot More Gigs

ZOO FAN 8–15pm

Lead/Vocals/Sythi Drum Pads Rhythm/Vocals/Sythi Drum Pads Drums/B/T Add On Bass and Ect  And Drums 1.There A Sound vg .(Because You Hurt Me) 2.Pick Up The Pieces vg.(I Keep Falling In Love) 3.Got To Start good(Life Is) Rhythm/Sythi Drum Pads 4.Great Intro I See You Go vg.(She Leaving) Vocals Sythi Drum Pads Then Guitar Also Pre Set Drum Sounds Also  Rhythm Drum Sythi Pads Lead Back On Sythi Drum Pads 5.We Got To Be vg.(Take Care Of Me)* Some Nice Double Vocals  6.  At Your Door vg (I,m Going To Love You)(Your Letting Him In) 7. Looking For vg.(I Don,t What To Be) Young Band ex Set ex.  Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing


Amazing Canadian Artist Now Living In England Alice Vocals ex.ex. Lead/b/v ex.ex.Drums L/T ex.ex. Keys/Sythi/Piano/b/v    ex.ex.1.Hit The Ground ex.(I,m On The Street) Amazing Vocals And Overall Sound Just Magic There A One Way Street And     You,ll Never Know What Lies Ahead) 2.Keep Me Awake ex.(I Don,t Understand) 3.Hole,s ex. About Starting Out In The Music  Industry Everyone Was Telling Her This Is Not Right And Do It This Way So She Started Her Own Record Company With A Friend (Swimming At The Deep End(I want To Go)(Iv,e Had My Share Of Bullshit)(I Want To Know) Outstanding Vocal Range Just Love Her Vocals With Great Stage Presence (How Many Hole,s Will It Take To Drown My Soul) 4.Learn To Live vg.( I     Believe In God)(Somebody Try,s Tell Me)(Try To Stay Calm) Pure Magic Backing Band Brilliant Musicians Alice ONE Hell Of   Solo Artist(I See Them Waving Outside My Window They Won,t Go) 5.Jealousy ex.(Jealousy Taking Over Me)(The Voices Inside My Head) So Much Passion In Her Vocals And Storey Telling 6.Make Believe ex.(I,ll Make You) Amazing Lead/Keys/     Drums Crowd Jumping Well So Much Energy On Stage From Alice Heavenly Vocals(I,ll Spend The Rest Of My Life Holding  You 7.Tell Me Why vg.(What You Tell Me)(Why Didn’t You Speak To Me) 8.Heartbreak ex.(Ever In Love)(You Kept Me Dreaming)(I’ve Got Those Arms To Hold Me)(Why Don,t You Take My Hand)(It Felt So Good Underwater 9 About To Kids Starting A Record Company Two Kids ex.(The Storm Came Down) Amazing Songwriting (You Want To Play The Game)(Two   Kids In The City) 10.I Want A Last Song ex.(I’ve Got To Let It Out) 11.I Don,t Hold A Grudge ex.(Where Were You When The  Lights went out)(Don,t Hold Back) Buster Keys 12.No Roots (I,v Got Memories)(I Travel Like A Gypsy In The Night) nice sythi  Work From Keys/Lead/Drums And Heavenly Vocals 13.Why So Serious vg.(Why Did We Get Like This)(Things Are Happening (I Want To Live With No Regrets) (We Were Born Up Like This) Band Keep Going Band Alice Off Stage Amazing Set Fantastic  Solo Artist Outstanding Backing Band Brilliant Songs /Lyrics And Music Score ex. Lights ex. Mixing Another  Amazing Evening At The Gorilla If You Haven,t Come It,s A Must.


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