Amazing Prog. Rock Band Doing Moonmadness L/P In Full Set One Andrew Latimer Lead Guitar/Flute/Recorder/Vocals ex.ex.ex. Colin Bass Bass Guitar/Vocals ex.ex.ex. Denis Clement Drums ex.ex.ex. Peter Jones Keys./Sythi./Piano /Vocals ex.ex.ex. 1.Song Within A Song ex. Overall Sound Pure Magic Prog. Rock (The Sun Has Left The Sky)(Far Beyond The Sky The  Spirit Is For Know) Outstanding Lead/Bass/Keys And Drums Heavenly Sounds And Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies 2. Chord Change ex.Amazing Song Writing This Band Just Get,s Better With Age Last Time I Saw Them Early 70,s Pure Magic Lead Work Every Note Is So Clear And Wonderful Just Out Of This World The Whole Band Are Just Amazing Musicians Song   Mostly Instrumental With Outstanding Shades And Landscapes In The Music Scores 3.Spirit Of The Water ex.(See The Lights  On The Water Come And Go)(Nothing Stops The River Flow) Lead/Recorder (By The Time We Find Each Other)We Either Live Or Die) 4.Another Night ex (Dark Clouds Before My Eyes)(Baby I Feel) Vocal Keys Pure Magic Genius (Love Grows Before My Eyes)(Waiting For That Silver Moon)Love The Way The Lead And Bass Work Together 5. Air Born ex.Lead/Flute Intro Then Lead Pure Magic Sounds(I Fly Spread You Wings)(Flying In Circles Never Touching The Ground) Heavenly Magic Flute Filling The Air (World Spinning Around) 6.Lunar Sea ex.Outstanding Key/sythi Intro Some Great Sythi Oscalator Work Pure Magic Great Instrumental Part To The Song Very Long With Spoken Word,s On B/T( I Can Hear You)Interval About 20min.     2nd Set

7. Uneven Song ex.Pure Magic Overall Sound Keys Help On Stage Owing To Being Blind Peter Is Pure Magic With A Voice Of   A Angel Amazing Song Writing 8.Hymn To Her(Him To Her) ex.(When You Tell Me When Your At My Side)(You Are With Me)(Why Don,t You Show) 9.End Of The Line ex.(I move On Day To Day Heavenly Vocals From Peter Keys (My Mother Comes To Me And Beg,s Me Knot To Fight)(On The Road Again For A Job I Want Find)(I,m Coming To The End Of The Line) Very     Instrumental With Clever Drumming (Life Of Poetry) Some Of The Best Lead Work I’ve Heard For A Long Time (A Place To Be) 10.Coming Of Age ex. A Crescendo Of Rock Sounds With Shades And Landscapes In The Music Score Lead On Fender Strat.The Music Fills The Room With Magic Heavenly Sounds 11. Rajaz ex About Around A Camp Fire Listing To Stories (When The Desert Sun Has Gone And Darkness Comes It Way)(The Star,s At Night Guide Us Till We Meet Again To Another Day (Souls Of Heaven Are Star,s At Night)(When The Dawn Has Come Sing The Song All Day Long)Key/Sax ex.ex. Peter Is One Hell Of A Musician Of  The Highest Order 12.Ice ex.Heavenly Piano And Lead Intro Just Melts Your Soul Into Heavenly Happiness The Music Has Your Heart Strings With Ecstasy Amazing Shades And Landscapes In The Music Score From Soft    Tunes To A Crescendo Of Rock Sounds 13.Mothers Road ex.(Long Space Now)( I’s A Long Way Back)Lead /Bass Sharing Mike  Some Outstanding Key And Organ Work One Of The Best Prog Rock Concerts For 2018 14.Long Good By’s ex.Lead/Flute ex.ex.(Breeze Carry’s A Tune)(All Good By’s Make Me Feel Sad)(Hate To Go)( She Stairs At The Wall) Just Pure Magic Overall Sound  Encore Lady Fantasy ex (Listen Carefully To My Words) Pure Magic Music Score Just Heavenly Sounds Flowing Through The Air .Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Sounds/Lyrics And Music Scores ex.  Lights ex. Mixing



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