IN  THE CARDS 8 pm —8 –30 pm.   ”  LYRICS “

Girl Vocals ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.
Intro brilliant arrangement B/T  1. Thoughts Colliding ex. ” I walk down ” ” I follow the night ” ” I love you ” ” I work today ” ” Do you realize ” A little Gothic in her vocals has such amazing vocal range.
Song 2. Beautiful Silence vg. ” Every time I look ” ” I want to stay ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 3. Define Me ex. ” You fine me ” Amazing front women & brilliant lead/ bass & drums
Song 4. Mazes vg. ” So much time ” ” Have you tried ” ” I’ve broken down ” ” We are on our way ” Very clever music arrangement & pure magic sounds.
Song 5. Hope Not Wisdom ex. ” I’m dancing on the earth ” Pure magic vocals & outstanding musicians
Song The Only Thing ex. ” In your face ” ” Time has passed by ” ” All my world ” ” You said ” Amazing songwriting.
Song 7. Disguise vg. First single from first E/P band been going seven years. They should have broken the ladder of success & need a major label. This band is so good. ” I need somebody different ” ” Don’t turn away ” ” All my thoughts ”
Amazing set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

LED  BY  LANTERN’S   8–45 pm– 9–15 [pm

Lead ex.  Bass ex. Vocals ex. Drums
Song 1. Nothing But vg. ” Tell you what ” ” Every-time we fight you ” ” Another day ” Great sounds & songwriting.
Song 2. It’s All Right vg. ” ” Tell me you want me ” ” Trust me ” High energy pop/ rock very commercial.
Song 3. Funeral’s ex. Cover. Great musicians. On stage two strip lights stood up great affect.
Song 4. Compo-sable vg. ” It’s the future ” ” Any days like this ” ” Everybody knows ” ” All I want to know ” ” Your family made some noise) No set list some tittles could be wrong.
Song 5. This Is What You Find ” ” The best of me ” Amazing front man & band needs to be a little tighter. ” Why does life have to be so complicated ” ” I need to know ”
Song 6. The Life ex. ” To feel the life ” ” 4321 ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting see perpetual need more gigs.
ex. Set ex. Band. vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. mixing.

MALLORY  KNOX  21–45 pm—22–45 pm

Band formed in 2009 from Cambridge Depute Album Signals 2013 2nd Album Asymmetry released 27th Oct. 2014. 3rd Album Wired released 10th March 2017. 4th Album Mallory Knox  released 16th Aug. 2019. Band members Sam Douglas Vocals/ Bass ex.ex.ex. James Gillet Rhythm/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Joe Savine Lead/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Dave Rawling Drums ex.ex.ex. This Is there finale tour I’ve been seeing them since 2009. A lot of time as support band It’s so sad when amazing band give up.
Intro Finale Countdown pure magic B/T. Song 1. Sugar ex. ” I got you baby ” ” Sugar baby ” ” Sweet inside of me ” ” To find myself again ” ” Inside my love ” ” Just to fall In love “.
Song 2. Wherever ex. ” Can you taste ” ” You will loose your mind ” ” So simple ” Pure Magic Sounds. ” Started with a taste ”
Song 3. Shout At The Moon ex. ” It’s so cold ” ” It’s lonely where you are tonight ” ” Do you realize ” ” You love me today ” ” You help me ” ” Say the word ” ” I don’t know ” Brilliant musicians.
Song 4. Black Holes ex. Amazing riffs to the song. ” Let It go ” Outstanding bass riffs/ Lead/ rhythm & drums. ” Living on the edge ” ” Bet you know ” ” All is life ” ” Need some time to get it right ”
Song 5. Beggars ex. ” I’m on my way ” ” I want to be ” ” Out of the mind ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 6. World I Know ex. New song. ” Someone else ” ” Tell me what your thinking ” ” Tell me what your feeling ” ” Your In love ” ” Won’t you to Know”
Song 7. Getaway ex. Wrote when drunk. Amazing fun song very catchy. ” Don’t let me go ” Fantastic white lights & yellow ” Tell me you like It ” ” It’s a love train ” ” We got to go & getaway ”
Song 8. Ghost In The Mirror ex. ” There she goes ” ” There a ghost in the mirror ” ” I can feel It ” Pure magic lead/ bass/ rhythm & drums. ” Looking to the sky ” ” I see the sunlight ”
Song 9. White Lies ex. ” I’m lying on the beach ” Lead/ Rhythm B/V. Brilliant front man on bass & vocals. ” Tell me about my Life ” Talking to crowd I was 16 when band started.
Song 10. Oceans ex. ” I want to be like you ” ” Your always thinking about me ” Outstanding Music score & Overall Sounds ” Oh Oh Oh ” Brilliant lead work.
Song 11. Wake Up ex. ” Someday ” ” Wake up stay up ” Band been going 10 years. Very sad they are giving up just love this band. ” If you see me smile ” ” Listen to what I say ”
Song 12. Lighthouse ex. So much magical feeling from the band. ” All the signs ” My eyes have you to find “” What do you want from me ” ” Inside your life away ” ” To get the song ”
Song 13. Bowy ex. ” You think I’m Indestructible ” ” I like you to stay ” ” Turning into ” Just a outstanding performance from a brilliant band which should be headlining arena.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.









FISKUR  8–30 pm — 9–10 pm   ” LYRICS “

Fiskur Vocal/ Guitar ex. Amazing Artist from Glasgow. Next time In Manchester with his band.
Song 1. Just Like A Window ex. Pure magic lyric writing. ” In your eyes ” ” A drop of rain drops & die’s ” Brilliant vocals & storytelling.
Song 2. Servant ex. ” I was a servant trying to serve you ” ” When I feel love out I need to get out of here ” ”  I was told & now I’m sad ” Fiskur grew up in Glasgow.
Song 3. You Know Me So Well ex. ” Torture through down the well ” ” Time to take the blame ” ” Find the word to come back to me ” Amazing vocals & storytelling.
Song 4. Black Blankets ex. No set list some tittles could be wrong. ” I’m tired of being the clown in the room ” ” Last chance on your run’s my friend’s ” ” I say anything to get there ” ” I need to breath the air ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 5. Raven ex. ” The twilight ends ” ” Answers ” Just love the way he writes songs his lyrics are so fabulous.
Song 6. Crying & Smiling vg. ” Very last day ” ” I fight to slow for you ” To slow to far ” ” Tell me know my flames are real ”
Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing. My second time of seeing this Artist Just Magic.

WINTER  SLEEP  9–20 pm—10–50 pm

Canadian Band Formed 2001 Band Members Loel Cambell  Drums/ Guitar B/V ex.ex.  Paul Murphy ex.ex. Vocal/ Guitar ex.ex. Tim Dieon Guitar/ Keyboard’s B/V ex.ex. Jon Samuel Keyboard’s/ Guitar B/V ex.ex. Chris Bell Bass/ B/V ex.ex.
Song 1. Surrender ex. ” As It comes through ” ” I’m missing you ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 2. Soft Focus vg. Amazing harmonies & vocals & outstanding musicians just love them. ” How do you find ” ” You see for me ”
Song 3. America ex. ” I don’t what to let you down ” Some nice vocal sounds. ” We can try ” Love there songwriting.
Song 4. Spirit ” My mind ” ” I’m going to be your man ” ” Touch me ” Guitar/ Keys B/V . Fabulous vocals & harmonies.
Song  5. More Than ex. ” Thing we said before ” ” I love you more than I can ” ” These day dreams ” Rhythm lead/ B/V.
Song 6. Never Let You Go ” Old school ” Lead/ rhythm/ keys/ bass & drums pure magic & outstanding sounds filling the air.
Song 7. Forest Fire ex. ” Where the forest fire ” ” I was looking for ” ” The way I feel for you ” ” Oh my self ” Pure magic vocals & harmonies ”
Song 8. Beneficiary ex. ” I don’t why ” Lead/ bass/ drums B/V. ” All these days ”
Song 9. Dead Letter ex. Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 10. Archaeologists ex. Vocal & harmonies just out of this world. ” Time It takes ” ” Bring you way ” ” There Is a storey ”
Song 11. Weighty Ghost ex. ” Happy ever after ” ” When I grow up ” Amazing keyboard with electronic sythi gadgets & magic mixing.
Song 12. Nothing Is Anything ex. Electronic sound keys & rhythm/ acoustic ” Your running away ” ” I’m going to see my girl ” ” The party’s come ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 13. Orca ex. ” Is there a reason ” ” You forgot your heart ” ” I can never take your place ” ” Is there a reason to steal your heart ” ” Much I’ll ever say ” ” It’s all right ” Pure magic sounds.
Song 14. Laser Beams ex. ” Nothing really matter’s ” Anger coming back ” Outstanding keyboard work.
Song 15. Migration ex. Outstanding shades in the music score. ” The sounds that ” ” To hide your heart ” Brilliant guitar/ key & drum work  Amazing sounds filling the air.
Song 16. Nerves ex. ” There is a place ” ” When I was something ” ” I’m going around ” Crowd just loving them.
Song 17. Metropolis ex. Just love there songwriting.
Song 18. Twist ex. This band has been magical tonight just love them.
Song 19. Danse ex. Another fantastic arrangement. This has been a magical experience at the fantastic Castle Hotel with It’s friendly staff & management do try this venue out.
Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.



FEATHER  TRAP  19–15 pm –19–40 pm   ” Lyrics “

Band from George U,S.A. Bass/ Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.

song 1. Mouth Breather vg. ” In your eyes ” ” Down town evil ” ” Don’t tell me more ”
song 2. Dead Boy vg. ” My party season ” ” I’m sick of trying & scared of dyeing ” Tired of living on the house on the boulevard ” ” Everybody wants to rule the world ” ” You should know by now ” Amazing Bass/ Lead & Drums.
song 3. Mesh vg. ” ” Sacrifice ” ” I never heard ” ” In a time” ” I stand & stare ” ” One day you’ll make your mind. ” ” You’ll get where your should go ”
song 4. Pale Sand vg. ” The world on your shoulder ” ” Are you going to stay the night ” I Can feel It In ”
song 5. Knives vg. Pure Magic Songs & Songwriting 6. Just like a film ex. ” The good die young ” ” Last night I dream’t of you ” ” Oh did you tell ” ” I meet a demon ” ” I feel undone ” Very hardcore rock. ex.

Set ex. Band vg./ ex Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

DEREK  POEBES & THE DARK  19–50 pm—20–20 pm

Band Bass/ Vocals ex. Drums ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano & B/V ex.
song 1. Do You Know The Way vg. ” I see you with a man every night ” ” Bring It on ” ” I really know ” You bring the sunshine ” ” I’ve been every where ” Outstanding Bass / Drums & Keys/ Sythi ” We get up close ”
song 2. Standing on the edge ex. ” You call me ”  Pure magic melody line. Brilliant Musicians.
song 3. Baby 1 2 3 vg. ” And the world goes down ” ” We dream ” ” Baby baby baby ” ” The world is higher higher ” ” Your rocking the day ” ” You are ” Just love the overall sounds & songwriting ” I’m  telling you ” ” I don’t know ”
song 4.    Say No vg. Love song. ” Get  to the park ” ” Have some sleep” No set list some tittles could be wrong.
song 5. Blue vg. New Song Instrumental  Just outstanding arrangement.
ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

SPEAR  OF  DESTINY  20–40 pm—22—00 pm

Band formed In 1983  by Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist Kirk Brandon. Born 3rd August 1956 in  London Band Sax. ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Kirk/ Vocals/ Rhythm ex.ex. Bass/ B/V ex.ex. Lead/ B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.
Intro  The Sweeney B/T. Song 1. Rainmaker ex. ” It time to meet the wagon team ” ” Rainmaker ”
Song 2. Young Man ex. ” Kiss your sweet head” ” Young man nothing wrong ” Your the reason why ”
Song 3. Everything You Ever Wanted vg. ” You lost your control ” ” And again & again ” Pure magic Lead & Musicians.
Song 4. Don’t Turn Away ex. ” Your nothing” Pure magic sounds & songwriting. Just love them.
Song 5. Liberator ex. ” Like in reality ” ” I’m a liberator ” ” I want you ” ” Make love ”
Song 6. Prisoner Of Love ex. ” I need you to tell me ” ” I’m a prisoner of love ” ” I see the time ”
Song 7. Playground Of The Rich ex. Outstanding melody line. Wicked piano work ” From the beach ” ” Up In the city ” ” The world has gone ” Outstanding Drumming/ Piano/ Lead/ Rhythm/ Bass & Sax. ” It time to stamp out ”
Song 8. Forbidden Planet ex. ” Your In the sky ” ” Can you lead us through the dark hole ” Pure magic sounds filling the air.
Song 9. Attica ex. ” No getting back ” ” That’s how freedom goes ”
Song 10. These Days Are Gone ex. Pure magic vocals & overall sounds ” You never understand ” ” They call him stranger ” ” As far as you can ” Magic Sax work.
Song 11. Rosie ex. ” In your bed ” ” Stick to the promise when you married me ” ” Be my girl ” ” Rosie ” Outstanding Drumming & Heavenly Sax.
Song 12. Grapes Of Wrath ex. ” It’s wonderful ” ” The sunrise above you ” ” Time is coming ” Some great lead from vocals. Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 13. Land Of Shame ex. ” On a Sat. & On a Sun. ” Rocking the place here tonight.
Song 14. Medievalists ex. ” Sometimes ” ” Sticks & stones will break my body” ” Oh little girl ” ” I listen to them talking ” Pure magic lead ” Just want to say ”
Song 15. The Where ex. ” Echo’s on the future ” ” You want to go ” ” Your tied to everything ” ” Wow wow wow ” ” Let it go ”
Song 16. Mr Livingston I Presume ex. ” At 87 I was teaching all my life ” ” And you fortunes ” ” Mr Livingstone I wish you well ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting.
Song 17. Soldier Soldier ” Around the other ” Fantastic lively song everyone jumping & singing. ” I was only talking yesterday ” ” Don’t listen to what they say ” ” I hope your listening now”
Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Song/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Another amazing night at the Gorilla Venue.



RED  LIGHT  EFFECT  8 pm– 8–30 pm.  ”  Song Lyrics  “

Lead  ex.  Bass  ex  Girl Drums  Brilliant Intro Songs  1. Empleps ex. ” Don’t go to hell ” ” It took me years to find ” Great front man/ vocalist ” Go wild ” ” I won’t see you anywhere ” ” I soon see the signs ” ” I told you why ” Great overall sounds & songwriting 2. Phosphorous vg. ” So you lost you way ” ” So you caught me out ”  ”  You’ll never see me again ” ” Far away ”  ”  You like fosters 3. Without You ex. ” There a person around you ” ” You have the eyes ” ” You start to walk away ” ” With out you ” ” We don’t care ” ” With out you the lies & the truth 4. Sunflower State vg. ” These sounds ”  ” Hold back ” Amazing lead/ bass & fabulous drumming ” I found I’ve loved ” ” We can’t change the distance ” ” I no you never ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting. 5. Cherish vg. ” The shadows coming ” ” Your on the last chance ” ” I’ll take you for a last dance ” 6. Into One ” If you win ”  ” It’s the final piece of heaven ” ”  People screaming god ” Amazing guitar & drum work. ” Life must go on ” If you know it goes unheard ” You can tell me by the sounds of my words ”  ” We got to keep it together now” ” With a tear on your cheek 7. In Times Of Fading Light ex. ” I know what your feeling ” ” If you fade away ” ” Sometimes I’m feeling love ” ” Something you make me cry ” “I know ” Pure magic sounds 8. Hands vg. ” To the sky” ” Look into his eyes ” ” Lets just be our-self’s ” ” I can feel ” ” All I need is love ” ” Yes she knows ” Amazing front man vocalist & storyteller. ex. Set ex. Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

LOUISE  & THE SHAKERS  8–50 pm —9–20  pm

Lead ex.  Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. 1. Lets Get Down vg. ”  In the town tonight ” ” Baby you stole my heart ” ”  It’s time about going ” ” There no chance ” ”  Somebody getting out of love ” Pure magic drumming & brilliant Lead/ bass & rhythm. Band from London. 2. I’ll Be Out There vg. No set list some tittles could be wrong. ”  Brave new world tonight ” ”  Our last shoot ” ” I’ll be with you tonight ” Well break through ” 3. ”  W oh W oh ” Walk Right Here vg. ”  To see you keen ”  ”  I’ll just walk away ”  ”  There a change in my heart ” ”  I want to wake up free ” ” Baby can’t you see ”  4. Plain Water vg. New single ” I want love ”  ” I could change the world tonight ” ” My self a esteem ”  ”  There water in the stream ”  5. Never Meet A Girl ex. ” Like you before ” ”  Cover ” ” This world has change so much ” ”  Somebody ” 6. Let It Go ex. ”  I’m falling out of love ” Rock & roll cover ” Rock on ” Baby your crazy ”  ”  The girl I used to know ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting. 7. Don’t Worry ex. ”  I need somebody ”  Outstanding guitar & drum work brilliant musicians ” I want to Conquer you now ” Some real funky bass work. 8. Your Going To Let Me Down vg. ” You can see me coming ” ” I’m leaving this to win ”  9. Last Time vg. ” Pick me up ” ” Push me down ”  ”  I’ve got a love for you ”  You were born in the 80% ” ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

SHALLOW  WATERS   21–30 pm  22–30 pm

Lead/ Vocals ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Sex Is All That ex. ”  I love your feeling ”  ” Does the sex come right now  ”  ”  Let your lips around my eye ”  Pure magic sounds  2. Leech  ex. Fantastic music arrangement ” I said I let you face ”  ” Come back  ”  ” Your Wasted ” Great shades in the music score. ”  See the sky ” ” Ride away ” Very dark in the music arrangement ” Do you want my wish ” Band from Wigan 3. Jam ex. ”  To  Bad ”  ” Say what you want ”  Really like this band see great things for them. Pure magic sounds. ”  I see into the night ” ” Fuck off ”  4. Odessa ex. ” See into me ” ” So long ” ”  So far away from me ” ” Ain’t you see ”  5. 2.3.7. vg. ”  Start playing  ”  ”  Think what you want ”  ”  Lets start it up ” ” A memory I wanted to say ”  ”  Just walk away ” ” Your driving me mad ”  6. Inside I  ex. ”  The way I’m feeling ”  Amazing  music score & pure magic sounds. 7. Jam ex. Another amazing music arrangement. Filling the air with magic  Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Another great evening at Jimmy’s


ELEPHANT & THE RIDER  8 pm —8–30 pm   ”  Song Lyrics “

Drums ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. Great intro sounds. Song 1. Alright ex. ” Silhouettes in the light”  ” I speak my mind ” ” Sometimes ” ” I’m all right ” ” It fills my fears with a silent glow” ” Sometimes I find ” Song 2. Fake It vg. ” Rain clouds in my window ” ” It’s not bad ” Like showers in the autumn leaves ” ” Now is the time ” ” There nothing like love so sweet ” Pure magic sounds & songwriting. 3. I Can’t ex. ” Some night’s it’s lonely ” ” She rises so slowly ” I taught her to see the light ” ” I might said I did ” ” But I want too ” Very lively music arrangement 4. Tight Rope ” Walking a tight rope ” ” I feel I’m falling  apart ” ” Every day in my mind ” ” Hold me close baby ” ” I’ve been waiting for the girl to arrive ” 5. Nostrudgrin ex. ” Lying here ” ” Here we are ” ” I’m climbing up the walls ” ” Baby keep looking at the ocean ” ” You got to see ” ” I’m sorry for all ”  ” Deep as the ocean ” 6. Pleasures vg. ” I saw something I need ” ” So many ways to love you ” ” I’m Taking a quick fix ” ” See them pleasures on your face ” ” Feeling kind of frisky ” ” Self Meditations ” 7. Masquerade vg. new song ” It’s the first time ” ” The sun is shinning ” ” I won’t the world to shine ” Love some of the music arrangements see lots of perpetually there. Love this band. ” I want the world to stop from breaking. Band from Manchester one member Newcastle. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

KULA  BAY  21–00 pm–21–30 pm

Lead ex. Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Bass ex. Drums ex Songs/ 1. Lost in you vg. ” I’ve got a feeling ” ” It’s coming back to you ” ” The rain is pouring ” ” I want you to stay ” ” I don’t want to leave you alone tonight ” 2. Oh Tonight vg. ” Life I need to get to you some how ” ” Things I like To Say ” ” For you ” ” I’ll wait for you ” ” I’ll wait for you If you want me too ” 3. You don’t seem very happy vg. Started with a great melody line then lost a little in the music ” Where ever I go to you ” ” Your wasted ” ” You don’t know who I’ve been with ” No set list some tittles could be wrong. 4. What you said to me vg. ” Speak for the money ” ” Looking for summer time 5. I’m Sorry vg. ” Maybe were better off as friends ” ” I never meant to hurt you ” ” If you told me from the start ” ” Don’t know what to do ” 6. Last Innocence vg. Very bouncy intro. ” Welcome ” ” Nothing I said ” ” The memories you hold ” 7. Something vg. ” Some one caught your eye ” ” Put your to shy ” ” Tell them how your feeling tonight ” ” Stopped you walking out of the door ” Some add ons B/T Keys really like this band. ex. Set ex. Band ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

ONLY   SHADOWS  9–45 pm—10–30 pm

Lead ex.ex. Bass  ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. Keep Strong ex. ” You know the truth ” ” I’ve been dancing away ” Pure magic sounds filling the air. Love this band ” So keep strong ” ” I’ll always be around for you ” Using B/T Studio Quality for production sounds. Band just recorded a album. Pure magic sounds & songwriting  2. B.T.E. ex. ” You surprise me ” ” Never find a road nearer ” ” I don’t mind ” ” With those tired eyes ” ” Ever I’ve spoken ” Brilliant musicians of the highest order. ” I’m trying to find ” ” I don’t mind ” 3. Cowboys ex. Single from album ” Why don’t you come to me ” ” I know you know ” ” I hear them coming in ”  ” Y our a diamond in my eyes ” I know baby just hear me out ” You’ll never go ” Add ons Vocals B/T  Pure magic sounds & Songwriting  ” I know you stress me out ” 4. F.M. ex. ” Push It on ”  ” It takes It tool ”  ”  Your loosing all control ”  One hell of a front man vocalist. 5. S.CT.M. ex. ”  There something wrong ”  ” Oh baby I’m sorry ” Stay close to me we can figure It  out ”  Where running out of time ”  ” I ready ”  ” Holding on ”  This band is ready for bigger things. There stage production Is outstanding 6. Drugs ex. ”  First time like I want to be ” ” I know I’ve made choices  ”  ” That’s OK ”  ” We could be the only one ”  ”  I’m not the man I was before ”  ” I’m missing It all ”  ”  We can be together ” Lots of add ons pure magic genius. This band has made my week. 7. Be still ex. ”  We know a place of time ” ”  Shall I bring you to your knees ”  ” Your nothing ”  8. A.T.D.K. ex. ” You can spit It out ” ” Everything between us ”  ” You can do It ” ” Can you feel It ” ” Are You Shaving ” 9. W.A.M. ” You said my love ”  ” I  will love you ” ” I’ll never let you down again ” ” I want to hold you by my side ” Back to a great production number ” Can you feel that ” ” There is a reason in holding you ” ” This is my world ” ” Can you feel It  ”  Keys on B/T add ons This has been a great night at Jimmy’s check It out. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


CHAOS  CHAOS  7–30 pm—8–05 pm

Amazing Duo Very Talented Musicians Girl Vocals/ Piano Girl Drums/ Vocals & B/V 1. Sometimes I Feel So Happy ex. ( Sometimes I Feel Sad)( Baby You Make Me Mad)( I Thought Of You Every-time Then Girl Drummer Comes In ( You Got My Pride) Outstanding Piano & Drums & Beautiful Vocals. 2. Call Myself ex. Very Pop/ Rock With A Classical Twist. ( I Don’t Know What I’m Doing)( I’m On My Way) B/V Drums Amazing Sound For A Duo Brilliant Key/ Piano & Drum Work. ( I’m Feeling The Emotion But I Don’t Feel The Same) 3. Nothing Is Perfect ex. Drums/ Vocals & Piano B/V ( You Make A)( Go Back To That Time)( You’ll Have A Baby Some Day)( Go Back To That Time*)( Up There) 4. Outstanding Piano Intro Instrumental ex. Very Interesting Music Arrangements Lots Of Shades & Landscapes 5. She’s A Wake vg. ( You Wake Up)( She’s Away)( You Gone Back)( Your On Your Way Up)( You Got To Love Me)( On My Way) 6. It’s Got To Feel The Same ex. ( You’ve Given Me A Live Pot)( I’ve Nothing To Set You Free)( I Want You To Love Me) 7. Your Every Words vg. Brilliant Vocal Work & Harmonies This Duo Is A Breath Of Fresh Air. 8. Go Away ex ( Show Me What You Got)( We Been Together For Ever)( We Had It All)( You Took My Hands Together) 9. I Wanted To Go Back ex. ( To The Land But I Can’t)( That’s What You Need) Vocal Only ( Thou You Love Me)( I Want To Get Back To The Land Without You) With Outstanding B/T Add Ons Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing

EELS   8–30 pm—10–20 pm

Amazing Indie/ Rock Band From The U.S.A. Vocals ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex. Drums B/V ex.ex. Brilliant Intro On B/T Out In The Street ex. ( Now We Go)( Go On Me)(Listen To Me I Can See)( Down We Go)( Your Putting On Me)( See My Pleasures) 2. Mississippi Delta ex. ( Bobby Gentry Cover)( Everybody Know’s This Song This I Know)( I’m Lost & Found) ( This I Know)( Right In The Middle Of The Cotton Field)( It’s Holding Me Up) Outstanding Drumming & Guitar Work One Hell Of A Front Man/ Vocalist 3. Raspberry Beret ex. ( Talk About Time)( I Was Doing Something About It)( A Overcast Day) Spoken Word From Vocals ( There A Change) Amazing Vocals & Harmonies From Band 4. Bone Dry ex. ( You Eyes Fixed With A Creepy Stare)( The Things You Say What Do You Mean)( Don’t Try)( Like A Man)( Don’t Cry) 5. Flyswatter ex. ( Sleepy Like A Bird) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting. Vocals/ Cowbell Then Tambourine Amazing Strange Music Arrangement & Lyrics Love This Band. So Much Star Quality 6. Dog Faced Boy ex. ( I’ve Got A Place For Me)( Someone’s Going To Bring You Down)( Dog Faced Boy)( Go Back To School)( I Want Them To Set Me Free) 7. I Need Some Sleep ex. Vocal/ Rhythm ( I Need Some Sleep I Can’t Get One)( You Just Got To Let It Go) Pure Magic Sounds 8. Dirty Girl ex. ( I Like A Girl With A Dirty Mouth)( If I Ever See Again)( We Need To Attend)( Sat On The Back Porch) Southern Rock ( It’s Kind Of Wild)( Are These Troubles In The Past) Love The Song. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air. ( We Had Our Time But Didn’t Last Long) 9. Daisies Of The Galaxy ex. Love Song. Vocal/ Rhythm ( Take Back My Little Friend)( I’ll Bring You Some Daisies It Might Cheer You Up) 10. Prize Fighter ex. Amazing Rock Number ( I’m A Prize Fighter)( Come On Baby Take A Walk With Me)( There A Place You Can Go)( Come On Baby Just Take Me) 11. She Said Yea ex. Rock & Roll ( Keep On Talking) Outstanding Guitar & Drum Work. They Are Rocking Down The Place Tonight.( I’ve Got A Feeling) 12. Tremendous Dynamite ex. Another Southern Rock Song. ( Got It In My Sight)( She’s The Miners Dynamite)( The World Has Just Past Me By) 13. Open My Present ex. ( I.m Going To Walk A Mile)( I Just Can’t Wait) Vocals/ Tambourine ( I’ve Been Thinking About You)( Living With Out It)( Saying My Prayer)( It’s Right In Front Of Me) 14. You Are A Shinning Light ex. ( What A Pretty Girl Likes To Do)( In The Darkest Night)( You Are The Shinning Light) Outstanding Guitar & Drum Work & Heavenly Vocals & Harmonies 15. My Beloved Monster Vocal & Castanets Then Tambourine Outstanding Music Arrangement ( So Damn Angry)( If Your Lost In Another World) 16. In My Dreams ex. ( Stop Pretending)( I’m Going To Tell You)( When I Come To My Senses)( It’s A Heart Break)( Like The Tears In Your Eyes)( In My Dreams)( I’m Sorry)( I Do The Things I Pursue) 17. I Like The Way It’s Going ex. ( I Like The Co-lour Of Your Hair)( We Could Have Made A Lovely Couple) Outstanding Vocals & Music Arrangement & Pure Magic Sounds ( I Don’t Care About The Past)( It’s Not Who You Know But The Way It’s Going) 18. The Ballad Of Little Joe ex Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting. 19 Today Is The Day ex. ( I’m Asking Myself What I’m Living For) 20. Novocaine ex. ( For The Spirit)( I’m Coming Back In The Darkness) Pure Magic Sounds 21. Soulijacker Part 1. ex.   ( Johnny Hates Teachers)( Johnny Won’t Go To School) Great Indie/ Rock 22. I Like Birds ex. ( I Can’t Look At The Rocket Launch)( Looking At All The People Like A Herd Of Cows)( I’ve Got A Feeling For You) Pure Magic Musicians 23. PS You Rock My World ex. ( I Was Out Off)( I Want To Spend My Love With You)( All I Every Needed)( Don’t Know How It’s Going)( Maybe It’s Time) Brilliant Ballad Love It. 24. Fresh Feeling ( What It Like To Be Next To You)( I Can’t Be That Strong) Slower Ballad. 25 Mr E’s Beautiful Blues ex. ( Smoke Stack Into The Sky)( God Didn’t Invite)( Girls Girls Sweet Big Women)( God Damn Right)( It’s A Beautiful Day) 26. Fresh Blood ex. Outstanding Stage Presence & Pure Magic Sounds. 27. Love & Mercy ex./ Blinking Lights ( For Me) / Wonderful ex./ Glorious ex. A Medley Of Songs. Pure Magic Genius  Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing. A Pure Magic Evening.


NEW  RULES  8 pm–8–27 pm

A New Boy Band Very Polished Performance & Very Commercial Pop/ Rock With Studio Quality B/T Add On Sounds & Drums Just Outstanding 1. Dreaming ex. ( My Life Is Easy)( I Don’t Want To Send You Away) Lead/ Vocals ex.ex. Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. Bass/ Vocals ex.ex. This Young Band Has A Great Commercial Sound Next Big Boy Band To Break Through Crowd Went Wild For Them ( Call Me Baby) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong. 2. Kiss Me Tomorrow vg. ( Talking For Hours)( Your Days On The Table’s)( Just Want To Feel Love *) 3. Happy Ever After ex. Pure Magic Signs & Songwriting ( Your The Only One) 4. The Nights vg. ( These Nights At The Hotel)( It’s Only A Matter Of Time) Contents On Song Week A Bit Hip Hop Thrown In. Great Guitar & Drum Work. Outstanding B/T With Add On Sounds. 5. Punch At The Hood ex. Song About  Missing Someone Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting ( I Hope You Sleep Down Like I Do) Brilliant Lyrics See Big Things For Them. Outstanding Vocals & Harmonies Pure Magic This Song Will Make A Great Single 6. 24 Hours I’ll Be Done ex. This Could Be Another Amazing Hit Song ( Thinking Of You)( Won’t You Tell Me The Truth) Amazing Drumming On B/T Add On Music Arrangement. 7. Pretty Baby ex. ( I’ll Make You Happy)( You Just Want To Be With Somebody)( Hey Hi)( I Just Want To Face Somebody)( Baby It’s So Sad) Amazing Set Fantastic Young Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing

JULIA  MICHAEL  9 pm 10–15 pm

Julia Carin Cavazos Born Nov 13th 1993 Stage Name Julia Michael Age 26 Years Old From Davenport Iowa Began Her Career As A Pop Music Writer Pending Tracks That Have Been Recorded By Selena Gomes/ Demi Lovato/ Fifth Harmony/ Shawn Menders/ Britney Spears/ Justin Bieber/ Hance Steinfeld/ Gwen Stephanie. Julie Debut Solo Single With Republic Records In 2017 Been Opening Act For Shawn Menders Illuminate World Tour In 2017./ Nial Horan Flicker World Tour 2018./ Maroon 5 Red Pill Blues Tour 2019. Pink Beautiful Trauma Tour 2019./ Keith Urban Graffiti World Tour 2019 1. Intro B/T Studio Quality Brilliant Sounds Band Members Drums & Sythi Drum Pads Also Uses Them At Front On A Couple Of Numbers ex.ex.ex. Bass/ Sythi Drum Pads ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Key Guitar ex.ex.ex. Girl Keys/ Sythi/ Piano & Key Guitar B/V & Vocals Julia Vocals/ Guitar/ Ukulele ex.ex.ex. Outstanding New Artist Doing Her First Headline Tour 2. Pink ex. ( Don,t Get Enough) Amazing Singing From Crowd Very Young Also Add Ons B/T ( Silly What You Mean)( I Know What Your Meaning) 3. I Miss You ex. ( Clean Bandit Cover)( I Know Your Problem)( Your Not A Baby) Musicians Moving To Front Keys/ Key Guitar Bass/ Sythi Drum Pads Around His Waist Lead/ Key Guitar Drums / Sythi Drum Pads Overall Sounds Just Fabulous This Is Such A Production Show Add Ons B/T ( All These Years)( I Miss You) 4. Make It Up To You ex. Using Sythi Drum Pads Back On Drums ( Uggy Uggy To You)( Your A Pain On My Back)( I’ll Do Anything You Want Me To Do)( That’s Not My Style) 5. Worst In Me ex. Keys/ Piano Drums/ Lead & Bass Back In Place. ( I See The Worst In You)( The Best In Me Loves You & The Worst In Me Don’t Want You)( Me & My Action) Stage Covered In Cut Out Sunflowers As Fabulous Stage Props Looks Fantastic ( I Used To Be Happy With You) Outstanding Lead/ Bass/ Piano & Drum Work. Julia One Hell Of A Front Women Just Shines With Stardom Like A Press-use’s Star. & Brilliant Vocalist. 6. Heaven ex. Falling For You Is Taking From Grace)( All Good Boys Go To Heaven)( Boys In The World)( I Know It’s True) 7. Deep ex. Spoken Word ( When I Was Going Too)( Deep Deep Deep)( Bringing All My Feelings In My Fucking Life)( I Shy Away From You) Song About Our Inner Dark Side/ Hurt & Feelings. 8. Into You ex. Julia Talking To Crowd This Is Our Save Place. ( What About Me)( Wish We Didn’t Have To Work Around The Problems) This Is Such A Production Show Just Love It) 9. Hurt Again ex. ( I Can See The Future)( I’ve Been Truly Hurt Again) Julia Is A Incredible New Artist On Her Way Up The Ladder Of Success. Her Band Are Just Fabulous Musicians. 10. Happy ex. ( You Make Me Sick)( Sometimes I Feel Relationships Are Bullshit)( I Just Want To Be Happy) Julie Comes Of Stage Into Crowd With A Small Platform For Her & Mike Stand Julie Ukulele/ Vocals 11. Two Songs in One Fuck You ex. ( Cello Green Cover) Lots Of Vocal Energy & Overall Sound From Band Then Second Song Apple ex. ( A Apple From Your Fridge)( Taste It On My Lips) 12. Falling For The Boys ex. ( I Want To Love You Baby)( As I Like You)( If You See Me In The Street) Very Lively Song. 13. Priest ex. Lead/ Acoustic ( I Don’t Know What I’m Thinking)( You Broke My Heart)( You Bring Me To Heaven) 14. Anxiety ex. All The Crowd Screaming ( My Friends What To Take Me To The Shrink)( I’m Wishing I Was With Him)( All My Friends Don’t Know What It Like) Song About What We Go Through With Anxiety & Depression These Days. ( That’s What Your Feeling) Outstanding Songs Tonight Just Love This Song. ( I Can’t Sleep Through The Night)( All My Friends Don’t Know What It Like) Pure Magic Lyrics & Sounds.Encore 15. Uh Huh ex.  ( It’s Electric)( Should We Slow Down)( So Damn Good) 16. What A Time ex. ( I’m Feeling The Love Tonight)( I Want To Go The Distance)( What A Time)( I Want It For Ever)( You You You)( I Think Of The Time For Hours) 17. Issues ex. Her First Single Outstanding Song ( I’m Just Over Jealous)( You Don’t Judge Me) ( I’ve Got Issues)(  You Don’t Have To Judge Me) This Has Been A Magical Night At The Albert Hall Just Love It. Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Artist & Band Brilliant Songs Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Can’t Wait To See Her Again.


GAURANGA 8 pm—8–30 pm

Lead ex. Bass ex. Rhythm/ Keys/ Sythi & Vocals ex. Drums ex. Very Young Band. 1. Prelude vg. ( Heaven Only Flows)( Some One Next To Me)( I’m Free)( I’m Getting Into Someone Else’s Bed) 2. Miles Apart ( You Still Seem To Chile)( When We Are Apart)( Give Me Your Heart) 3. Great Bass Intro Back To Me vg. ( You Said I Had To Go)( Why Don’t You Come Back To Me) Vocals/ Tambourine ( I’m Out Of My Head) Amazing Guitar/ Keys & Drum Work Pure Magic Sounds 4. Let Me Go ex. ( Time To Just)( Do You Want To Stay)( Your Just Falling Away)( I Can’t Sleep At Night)( You Let Me Go) 5. Dive vg. Wrote A Couple A Weeks Ago. ( Sometimes I Feel)( Every Time I See You)( To Peaceful)( Every-time I See You Your Just The Same)( To Be So Close To You At Night)( Till I Die) A Little Raw But See Lots Of Perpetual There Great Musicians 6. Day Dreams vg. ( I’ve Forgotten Everything)( I Feel Something When I’m Standing With You)( I’m Going Around In Circles In My Head)( I Want To Do The Things That Are Right For You)( Somethings Are Better Left Unsaid Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 7. The City ex. ( I’m Holding On To You) Great Commercial Pop/ Rock Love This Band Crowd Jumping & Dancing Wild. 8. Butterfly ex. ( There Got To Be A Reason)( When We Started Out)( I Can Deal With The Consensuses ex.Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Gauranga Are A Bradford Band Brand New E/P Miles Apart Released On The 14th June 2019 Will Bolton Rhythm/ Keys Alex Holds-worth Lead Conrad Berift Vocals/ Keys/ Sythi Henry Strangway Bass. Dillon Harrison Drums.

LARKIN’S 8–50 pm–9–20 pm

Manchester Band Josh Noble Vocals/ Rhythm ex.ex. Don Want Lead/ Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Henry Beach Bass/ Keys/ Sythi ex.ex. Joe Scott Drums 1. It Took A Long Time ex. ( I Feel Fine)( How Was I Supposed To Now)( I’m Feeling Fine) Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting. Very Commercial Rock They Come On In Leaps & Bounds Since I Lost Saw Them. Should Be Doing Arena’s. 2. It’s Not Easy ex. ( It Should Have Been Me)( Baby Can You Take A Short Cut)( I Like The Way You Walk)( Oh God Knows)( I’m Into You) 3. Not Enough Love vg. ( We Go Back In Time To A Place We Love) Brilliant Commercial Songwriting At It’s Very Best Just Love This Band. ( Give Me A Call Sign)( There Not Enough Love For The Both Of Us) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong 4. Vocal/ Acoustic Pieces ex. Lead/ Key Mix ( Are You Lonely Or Are You Free)( Are You Waiting)( You Know Love Is Cool)( Did You Ever Stop To Pick Up The Pieces From Your Heart)( Are You Waiting For Something Good) With Some Indie/ Rock There. Amazing Overall Sounds & Songwriting 5. Something Beautiful ex. ( I Want You To Know) Great Beat To The Song. ( I See Something Beautiful ( I’ve Been Waiting For The Time So We Can Go Away)( If You Want Me) A Great Lively Young Audience Vocals/ Rhythm 6. I Want To Take You Back ex. ( I Need To Ask You Questions)( Take My Love To You) Brilliant Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm & Drums. Pure Magic Front Man. ( When Our World Has Lost It’s Mine)( I Can’t Imagine What I’m Feeling)( I’ll Take You Dancing On A Silver Screen) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

LOVE FAME TRAGEDY  10–05 pm—10–40 pm

Mathew Murphy Vocal/ Guitar Front Man Wombats Side Project With Band Members From Pixies/ Alter J & Pearl Jam E/P I Don’t Want Top Play The Victim But I’m Really Good At It. Wombats Last Album People Will Run Your Life Debut In The Top Three Of The UK Album Charts This Is A Very New Project Mathew Murphy/ Vocals/ Guitar ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Keys/ Sythi ex.ex.ex. Matt Chamberlain ( Pearl Jam) Drums ex.ex.ex. Bass/ Keys/ Sythi ex.ex.ex. 1. Back-flip ex. ( I Only What You)( All This Time)( You Always Wanted)( But You Wasted) 2. Hard-come ex. ( Your Distrusted)( I Need Insurance For You)( Your So Hard-come)( You A Back Seat Seeing What I’m Going To Do)( I Like Your Eyes)( Your So Bad) 3. Body Parts ex. ( Best Of My)( Credit Cards)( The Worst Is Yet To Come)( I’ll Just Start With A Credit Card) 4. Wave ex. ( Riding Away)( Slap Me)( I’m Just The Wind) Bass Also Key/ Sythi Lead/ Key/ Sythi Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 5. Brand New Brain ex. ( I Push You)( Did I Go To Far)( In The Eye Of The Storm)( Baby I’m Trying To Get Some Dignity)( Still Nothing I Can Do)( I’m Flying Now) Bass B/V Wrote With Dan Smith From Bastille. 6. Multiply ex. ( Naughty Boy)( Just Multiply) Outstanding Music Arrangement 7. Everything Affects M.N. ex. ( I See The Crack)( I Hear The Sounds In My Brain)( Everything Affects Me Now)( Now Before The World) Got A Little Chain Smokers Influence In The Song. 8. Please Don,t Kill Me ex. Short Song Wrote For His Wife ( It’s A Falling Of Truth)( Darling Don’t Murder Me) 9. Pills ex. ( There A Time)( There A Natural Space Where My Heart Should Be)( The Pills Don’t Work Anymore) Great Vocals From Key/ Sythi Outstanding Sounds & Songwriting Love This Band Brilliant Musicians 10. My Cheating Heart ex. ( There A House On The Hill)( Shake Shake)( I Want It All)( I Wide It Up)( I Want To See Some Feelings) This Has Been A Magical Project By Mathew This Band Is So Talented With Top Musicians. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Just Another Amazing Evening At The Gorilla.


PRIMA  8 pm—8–33 pm

New Manchester Artist Prima Vocals ex. Joey DJ / Producer 1. Push & Pull vg. ( Something)( I Never Gone Before)( Don’t You Ever Give Up On Us)( What Are You Going To Do When The Rain Falls)( Something Inside You What’s Me)( But Your Scared To Do) 2. Anywhere vg. ( Listen All)( I Can Taste Him)( I’m Falling)( Anywhere With You) Great DJ M/C Doing His Best With Crowd. 3. Autumn Leaves ex. ( I’ll Give You Anything)( I Took Back My Energy)( I Thought I Was Falling)( All I Ever Wanted)( Covered Me In)( Soon I’ll Have The Answer)( It’s So Hard To Tell You)( Autumn Leaves) Love This Ballad)( Sell Me A Star)( Cover Me In Gold) 4. Weekend vg. Song Pick By BBC July ( Never Alone)( When I Saw You)( I Don’t Want To Go)( I Will Care For You) 5. Cowboy Song vg. Prima Vocals/ Piano ( I Feel My Heart Getting Thicker Now)( You Shut Me Down)( Do You Not Expect)( When You Love Someone) Voice Of A Angel I Feel She Needs To Write More Commercial Pop/ Rock Pure Magic Vocals & Overall Sounds 6. Mean Something vg. Guest Vocalist Sleazy ex. Great Duet ( I Don’t What To Leave A Memory) With Vocal Rap Sleazy ( We Are On Our Way) 7. Crazy vg. ( I’m Crazy About You)( Crazy Feeling) Prima Got A Fantastic Vocal Range. 8. My Love ex. ( Step Into The Light) B/V On B/T On DJ L/ Top ( You Were Everything)( If You Want To Stay With Me)( Just Be My Love) ex. Set ex. Solo & DJ Mixing. vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

ALICE CHATER  9 pm–10–05  pm

High Energy Pop Goddess Been Performing Since She Was 15 Years Old Now 26 Years Old I Can’t Believe She Hasn’t Broken Through A Long Time Ago She’s Aiming High For Big Things I See Her Breaking Through Next Year. See Big Things For Her. Alice Born Ramsgate By The Sea. She Struggled At School Due To Dyslexia Catch Her Show Live On You Tube From Camden Assembly London 9th Sep 2019. Alice Vocals ex.ex.ex. Male Dancer ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Lead/ Bass ex.ex. Also Studio Quality B/T & Add Ons 1. Tonight ex. ( They Say I’m Trying To Let Go)( Help Me To Dance )( Tonight A Party Going On)( I Want To Be With You Tonight) Add Ons B/T  2. Girls & Boys ex. Add Ons B/T Make’s The Song a Production Number ( Pushing On The Walls)( When Boys & Girls Undress)( Just A Little Bit)( Can’t You See)( Kiss & Tell)( When Behind The Wall)( I Can See I Am) 3. Got It All ex. Vocal & Rap With Professor Green On B/T 7 Add Ons. ( Dirty For Me) Alice Vocals ( I Need A Friend) Rap Vocals B/T ( Why Am I) Alice ( Dirty For Me) Amazing Production Number. With B/T Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting 4. Pretty In Pink ex. ( I Don’t Know Why)( Higher & Higher)( The World Has Gone Crazy) 5. Finally ex. ( It Happens To My Face)( I Just Can’t Picture It Out) Outstanding Vocals. 6. Her ex. Love This Song So Much Feeling Grabbing Your Heart Strings. ( I Try To Embrace Myself Seeing You With Her) Song About A Broken Relationship. ( She’s So Fucking Perfect)( She So Beautiful)( I Was Standing Right In Head Of You)( Wishing It Was Me) 7. Breathe ex. First Song With Virgin Records ( Try My Best Without You)( What You Do To Me)( When I’m Lonely)( I Remember At The)( Just Wait) 8. Dance Break ex. With Dancer Pure Magic B/T Music Intro Stage Quite Dark Amazing Dance Routine B/V On B/T Then Alice Joins In On The Routine Just Outstanding Magic. With Brilliant Lifts 9. Teen Spirit ex.Another High Energy Pop With Band & B/T  Alice Stage Presence Is Pure Magic Genius Crowd Joins In On Chorus Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting. 10. Samuel Jackson ex. ( You Say I Like You)( I Rather Have Samuel Jackson)( It’s Going To A Bear One. 11. Thief ex. Love This Song. Pure Magic Lyrics ( Before A Thief)( I Dream I Sold My Heart Just Like A Thief)( Help Myself)( Give It Back) Outstanding Drumming & Brilliant Bass From Lead Pure Magic Vocals ( I Tell My Myself) 12. Heart Break Hotel ex. B/V B/T ( I’m Loosing)( It’s Going To Be)( Welcome To Heart Break Hotel)( Your Doing Everything Right)( Dive Into The Sea Of Dreams)( I Know You Really Love It)( At The Heart Break Hotel) 11. Hourglass ex. ( Someone’s Standing On The Back Of Night)( I’ve Got The Feeling)( Were Moving On)( The Moon Shines On The Edge Of Night) Another Amazing Night At The Deaf Institute. Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Artist/ Dancer & Band & B/T & Add. Ons. Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing


MICHAEL  ROTHER  8–45 pm –10–15 pm

Michael DJ Mixing With Lots Of Electronic Gadgets Sythi Affects Pre Set Melodies/ Guitar & L/Top Add Ons ex.ex.ex. Bass/ Guitar ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. 1. Katzen music 1./Katzen music 5./ Katzen Music 6. All Pieces Are Instrumental Michael Lead Pure Magic Sounds Intro Sythi Oscillators & White Noise Very Atmospheric Brilliant Bass & Drums Bass Twin Neck Guitar Michael Twin Neck Guitar 2. Neuschee ( New Song) Flowers Graphics On Screen Very Rock/ Electronic Fabulous Instrumental Michael Was In Kraft Work In There Early Days Amazing Drum Piece Through Out The Piece Interesting Shades In The Music Arrangement 3. Stomlinien ex. Psychedelic Light Graphics On Screen Also Band & Crowd On Screen. Just Love These Instrumentals Pure Magic Sounds 4. Sealand ex. Amazing Add On Sounds L/T & Mixing Desk Some Scottish Sound Interesting Lead/ Bass & Drums Very Psychedelic Graphics On Screen 5. Gitarrero ex. Very Eastern European Sounds With Lots Of Shades & Landscapes In The Music Arrangement’s Pure Magic Lead/ Bass & Drums Taking Us Into A Music World Far From Our Planet. 6. DE Luke ex. ( Immer Wieder)( Har Monia Song) Another Magical Instrumental Arrangement Full Of Fantastic Sound Filling The Air With Magic. Michael Lead Work Is On Another Planet Followed By His Amazing Band Of Brilliant Musicians Love Then Lots Of Change In The Music Directions In The Music Arrangement 7. Maultrommet ex. Pre Set Sythi Melody Another Instrumental With Scottish Influence Lovely Key Melody Some Amazing Add Ons On B/T Some Lovely Shades & Landscapes Pure Magical Sounds Sythi Key Mix Outstanding Played In Glasgow The Other Night 8. Halio Gallo ex. Very Bass Also Harmonica With Amazing Arrangement In The Piece 9. Negativland ( New Song) Very Strange Electronic Intro Very Clever With Some Nice Sythi Oscillators Coming In On Add On Mix Quite Heavy Guitar & Drum Work Building To A Crescendo Of Rock Sounds. Franz Bass Hans Lalter Drums 10. Dino ( Harmonica Song) Pure Magic Sounds & Music Writing Drums Also Has Drum Sythi Pads 11. E  Musik ( New Song) Pure Magic Instrumental & Fantastic Music Arrangement Brilliant Guitar/ Bass & Drums Plus Mixing Add Ons 12. Encore Zyklodrom ex. Electronic/ Key/ Sythi Mix Michael Lead Then Bass & Drums Amazing Overlapping In The Shades & Music Arrangement’s Just Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air. This Has Been A Truly A Magical Instrumental Night. Amazing Set Fantastic Micheal & Band Brilliant Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Another Magical Gig At The Gorilla.