DAVID  GARIBALDI  7–50 pm—8–15 pm

Celebrate Painter Of Rock Stars 1. Portrait Solo Artist Painting On A Black Canvas To Heavy Rock Music Song All Night Long ex Very Loud B/T ( Fuck You)( Your Caught In The Middle Of Town ex. Special Thanks To David Pedder For Giving Me This Ticket So I Can Do The Revue First Painting Rock Star ex. Second Painting Mick Jagger Amazing Rock Music Then Into I Can’t Get No Satisfaction ex. Third Painting Four Faces Of Kiss Band To Be Auction Off For Manchester Kids Cancer Trust A Very Clever Different Support Tonight. Just Fabulous.

KISS  8–45 pm—10–45 pm

Band Formed In 1973 In New York Only Two Original Members Left A Few Changes Over The Years A Couple Have Died So Original Members Are Paul Stanley Vocals/ Rhythm B/V ex.ex.ex. & Gene Simmons Vocal/ Bass ex.ex.ex. Other Members Eric Singer Drums/ B/V / Vocals ex.ex.ex. & Tommy Thayer Lead Guitar/ Vocals/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Intro Rock & Roll B/T 1. Detroit City ex. Lots Of Flames & Fireworks Fabulous Pyrotechnics Amazing H/D Screens Witch We Saw Kiss Coming From The Dressing Rooms All Three Guitarist Come Up On Raised Platforms Drum Set Up High Middle Back Of Stage With Massive Screen Be Hind Him Outstanding Lighting Also Clever Moving Flames Across Stage & Pure Magic Overall Sounds 2. Shout It Out Loud ex. ( Shout It Shout It Out Loud) Pure Magic Guitar & Drum Work 3. Deuce ex. Played Free Trade Hall Manchester In 1976 Old Clips On Screen Then Video Of Band Now ( Yes Baby)( Baby Are You Feeling Right) Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm & Drums Outstanding Vocals And Harmonies One Hell Of A Front Man Using His Tongue On The Guitar Frets 4. Say Yeah ex. ( I’ve No Reason Tonight) Fabulous Music Arrangements At The Very Best This Will Be On Of The Best Rock Shows For 2019. 5. I Love It Loud ex. ( Nobody Ever Going To Beat It) Lots Of Little Screens With Graphics ( In & Out)( Hey Yeah) Brilliant Singing From Crowd 6. Heaven’s On Fire ex. ( Baby Don’t Stop)( Take It To The Top)( My Baby On Fire) 7. War Machine ( Gene Breathes Fire) Lots Of Flames ( Set The Demon’s Free) Amazing Demon Graphics On Screen ( It’s Just A Matter Of Time) Amazing Lead Work & Overall Sounds From Band & Songwriting ( You Better Watch Out In A War Machine) 8. Lick It Up ex. ( I’ve Been Wasted)( He Can Taste It) Pure Magic Guitar & Drum Work & Amazing Laser Lights ( I’m Getting You) 9. Calling Dr Love ex. ( Let Me In)( Do You Know Why) 10. 100,000 Years ( With Drum Solo)( Into Our Love) Outstanding Lead Work Then Into The Fabulous Drum Solo Just Love It Drummer Just Using Double Bass Drums For A While Also Some Nice Cowbell Work His Drum Work Is On Another Planet Rest Of Band Back On ( Stand Up To What You Believe In)( Do You Feel All Right Lead & Bass On Raised Castle Tower Platforms Into The Air 11. Cold Gin ex. From First Album ( I Need Some Fuel To Build A Fire)( Lets Get Together)( Time To Leave)( This Is All I Need) Some Amazing Double Lead Work ( It’s Time Again) Then Tommy Thayer Guitar Solo Rest Of Band Join At End 12. God Of Thunder ex. ( Bass Solo)( I Like It) Then Into Amazing Bass Solo With Brilliant Riffs 13. Psycho Circus ex. ( We Can Turn This Into A Psycho Circus)( Take My Place) Brilliant Graphics More Laser Show White/ Purple ( Till The Battle Down) More Flames In Air 14. Let Me Go ( Rock And Roll) ex. ( With Guitar & Bass Solo)( When I’m Loosing Control) Outstanding Drumming And Guitar Work Just Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Arena 15. Love Gun ex. Lifting Crane Goes Into Crowd Fantastic Music Arrangement 16 I Was Made To Love You ex. Outstanding Songwriting 17. Black Diamond Heavenly Vocals & Overall Sounds 18. Beth ex. ( Gene Simmons Piano) Love This Song 19 Crazy Crazy Nights Outstanding Musicians 20. Rock & Roll All Night ex. Pure Magic Sounds & Songwriting At It’s Very Best. Outro B/T  God Gave Rock & Roll To You ex. This Has  Been A Fabulous Evening At The Arena Pure Magic Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Pyrotechnics ex. Screens/ Graphics/ Video Coverage ex. Lights ex. Mixing. Band Will Be Sadly Missed.


KWAKU  AS-ANTE  8 pm—8–30 pm

A Brilliant R/B Artist Kwaku Vocals ex. Dave D/J/ Keys/ Sythi/ Guitar & Vocal Mixes Lots Of Electronic Gadgets & L/T 1. Sunday vg. ( Your Owing Me My Life)( The Secrets We Share)( The Sign Of The Rain Hitting The Pain) D/J Mix On This Song Could Be Better The Rest Of His Mixing Brilliant Fantastic Front Man Fabulous Vocals Quite A Husky Style 2. Moving On vg. ( Go With Me)( I’m Moving On To Something Better) Brilliant D/J Mix ( Let The Good Times Roll) Great Overall Sounds 3. Work ex. No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong ( Beneath The Clouds)( Baby You’ve Brought Me Down To Earth)( You’ve Taught Me How To Love My Self) D/J Great Mix ( I Can See In The Mirror) Add On Vocal Mix Girl Vocal Add To Mix Just Amazing 4. Let Me Love You ex. ( I’ll Give You Everything You Want) 5. Piece Of Me vg Guitar/ Key Mix D/J ( How Will I See The True Side Of Life)( I’ve Been Hurt Before)( Piece Of Me)( Shorten Song) 6. Qua-ma ex. ( Baby I Want You As My Women) Add On Vocal Mix ( When Your Looked On My Mind)( How Do You Do This To Me)( I Just Want To Know) 7. We Are On A Different Path vg. ( I’m Telling You I’ve Had A Vision) Outstanding Key Mix From D/J & Pure Magic Vocals Overall Sounds And Songwriting See A Lot Of Perpetually In This Artist ex. Set ex. Solo & D/J vg./ex. Songs ex. Lights ex.Mixing

AMBER  MARK  9 pm–10–10 pm

Drums ex.ex. Amber Vocals ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ B/V ex.ex. Bass/ Key/ Sythi ex.ex. Intro From Band 1. Conexao ex. ( How Are You Feeling)( When Your Over Me)( Don’t Run Away From Responsibility)( Everything Is A Make Day)( I Love You Baby) 2. Space ex. Amazing Overall Sounds & Songwriting Pure Magic Vocals & Outstanding Stage Presence For A New Artist. ( Let Me Begin In My Head)( Can’t Go On This Way)( This Is Your Devotion) Outstanding Band Of Musicians Love Her Vocals ( Your Living)( Give Me Sometime) 3. Put You On ex. ( Give Me)( I’ll Show You I’ve Grown Up)( Wasting This Time Is What I’m Looking For)( All The Time) With Some Vocal Rap 4. Lose My Cool ex. ( What I Know)( I Feel The Pressure) Amazing Overall Sounds. 5. Like A Hunger ex. ( I Can’t Wait Any Longer)( It’s Driving Me Crazy)( All I Think About)( You Bring The Best Out In Me)( I Can’t Wait)( Come On Over Tonight Baby) For A New Artist She’s Got Amazing Stage Presence Just Magical Her Vocals Are So Special 6. Monsoon ex. ( Look At You Baby)( I New This Would Happen) Song About Broken Love ( How Much I Love You In Every Way)( You Just Make Me Cry)( Never Thought Everything Was Ending)( I Thought our love Was So Strong) 7. Can You Hear Me ex. About Jesus ( I Need You)( I Confess In My Head)( Oh Mother Can You Hear Me)( I Need Help)( Can You Hear Me) Add On Vocals B/T 8. New Song Mixer ex. ( What To Get Into Your Arms)( You Got Me Baby)( Give Me Something)( I Know What To Say) Pure Magic Vocals & Sounds Fr (om The Band 9. All The Work ex. ( I Hope I)( You What me)( Get Back To How It Was)( All The Times) Pure Magic Vocal Arrangement & Overall Sounds 10. Love Is Stronger ex. ( S hardy Cover)( I Can’t Make You Put I’ve Tried)( I’ve Been Wasting My Time) 11. What If Strings ex. ( What Ever)( I Make Mistakes But I Love You) 12. What If ex. ( Tell Me Baby) Amazing Overall Sounds 13. Love Me Right ex.( I’m The Light In Your Eyes) Brilliant Songwriting 14. Regret ex. ( Times I’ve Made You Feel Bad) Outstanding Vocal Magic. 15. Way Back ex.( I See The Sun Coming Up)( I Love My Baby)( I’ve Been Hoping)( Bring Back My Baby)( I Was Acting) Pure Magic Overall Sounds & Vocals This Artist Will Break Through In the Next Couple Of Years Pure Magic Potential There Amazing Set Fantastic Vocals & Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics & Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Love This Artist.



D.J. SET  6 pm—8–30 pm

On Screen Advertising For Manchester International Music Festival Also Dancers On Screen This Was A Great D.J. Set With Some Amazing Mixing And Brilliant Songs Didn’t Have The D.J. Name Played Amazing Selection Of Songs With Great Motown Classics Quite A Selection Of Different Type Of Music Really Got The Crown Going Just Love This Amazing Set ex. D.J. ex Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

JANELLE  MONA’E  9 pm—10–30 pm

Manchester International Music Festival Janelle Vocals ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano B/V ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. 4 Dancers ex.ex. 2nd Keys/ Sythi/ Piano B/V Intro From Film And B/T Spoken Word ex. ( You Told Us) 1. Crazy Classic Life ex. ( I Don’t What To Cheat On You)( If The World Ends Tonight) Large Screen At Back And More Screens Just Fabulous With Graphics/ Video Clips And Janelle 2. Screened ex. ( I Like My Life On A TV Screen)( I’m Going To Press Your Body)( I Want You)( I’m Dirty Stay There) Janelle Spoken Rap ( I Know I Know) Outstanding Overall Sounds From Band And Magic Vocals From Janelle 3. D’ Jan go Jane ex. ( We Got You Life)( We Gave You Birth)( How Sweet Life Is) 4. Queen ex. Throne At Back Of Stage Janelle Queen Costume Very Fast Costume Changes ( I Came To Lead)( She Said) Amazing Graphics On Screen Pure Magic Production Number ( Queen) Trumpet ex. 5. Electric Lady ex. ( Your A Star) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band ( We Celebrate Tonight) Janelle On Small Screens 6. Prime Time ex. (  Take A Little Piece Of You And Me)( Life Is Built On Memories)( The Person Who You Love)( Put Your Self On The Side)( Feel That You Have Given It All)( This Is Prime Time) This Is Just A Magical Performance From A Very Special Artist 7. Pynk ex. ( Take This And Think) A Lot Of Quick Costume Changes From Janelle And Dancers ( You Got The Moves)( What Is You) 8. Yoga ex. Another Fast Costume Change ( I Want To Last For Ever)( Tonight We Climax Our Weirdness & Dusty Companions Even If It Makes Them Uncomfortable 9. I Like That ex. ( I Want To Chase The Song)( I Was Alive)( I’m The Only One) Pure Magic Lead & Brilliant Keys From The Two/ Drums & Fantastic Bass Riffs 10. Make Me Feel ex. ( You Ask The Same Questions)( Any Emotion)( It’s The Way You Make Me Feel) Janelle Black Top Silver Slacks Shine’y & Glittery ( You Know How I Feel)( Down Down) Pure Magic Songwriting & Music Arrangement 11. I Got The Juice ex. ( Into The Times)( You’ve Got The Sulks) 12. Tightrope ex. Janelle Talking To Crown Manchester You Must Keep Fighting We Must Fight For Black People & Fight For Freedom & Fight Against Donald Trump We Want A Higher Rope Some Great Trumpet Work ( One More Time)( Time Is Up) 13. Encore Come Alive ex. ( The War Of The Roses)( You Got The Time) A Pure Magic Production Number ( In Side Your Mind) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band ( La La La) Great Singing From Crowd Janelle Walking Among The Crowd ( Just One Love) One Of The Best Solo Concert’s This Year Love It Amazing Set Fantastic Solo/ Dancers & Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Fabulous Screens/ Graphics & Video Coverage ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


WESTERN MAN  8 pm—8–30 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitar Western Man Vocals/ Guitar 1. Capella I Was Talking Back vg. ( Paper Darts)( We Keep Behind Close Doors)( Pass Me On) 2. Ecstasy vg. ( Touch Love)( Maybe It’s That Outer Rd)( If I Can Only Live For Ever)( I’m Heading For The Flame)( I Want It All)( To Feel I Was Needed) 3. Outsider vg.( Be What You Want)( Tell Me When To Catch You)( Give What You Want)( I’ll Always Be Your Champion) 4. Busy Working vg. No Set List Tittles Could Be Wrong. Great Songwriting And Overall Sounds ( Your Hero Is Not Dead)( Nothing I Can Do)( How Can I Do This) 5 Pink House Thing vg. ( Look Forward To Meeting You My Friends)( You Ask A Lot From Me) Needs To Be More Technical In His Guitar Playing See Lots Of Perpetual In His Vocals 6. Easy Running ex. Released Last Year ( I Don’t Know)( It’s All Coming Back Some How)( It’s Easy Money)( I Can Have My Fill)( That’s Enough) Repeat 7. Take Me Back vg ( Starting Out Nothing Going Wrong)( You Tried My Love)( Still Can’t Get My Head Around It) vg. Set vg. Solo vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Need To Do A Lot More Gigs.

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN  9 pm– 10–45 pm

Girl Violin/ Keys/ Vocals/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Main Vocals/ Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Cello/ Keys ex.ex.ex. Four Violins ex.ex.ex. One Trumpet ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. Bass/ Keys/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Rhythm/ Vocals/ B/V/ Keys ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Bass/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Keys ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Piano/ B/V ex.ex.ex. 1. I Fought In A War ex. Pure Magic Sounds And Vocals And Harmonies Outstanding Musicians ( With The Bullets Flying High) On Back Screen Film Projection Clips And Graphics ( Leave These Shores Back Home) 2. Cello I’m A Cuckoo ex. ( I See You) Girl/ Violin/ Keys B/V ( They Taken Away My Child) Brilliant Trumpet Work ( I  Rather Be In Tokyo) Main Vocals/ Lead/ Rhythm 3. Sister Buddha ex.( New Song) This Band Just Gets Better And Better Every Time I See Them Just Love This Band Vocals/ Tambourine ( Sister Buddha Takes Me On A Bus)( Stop Outside From Your Selfish Mind) Pure Magic Songwriting Love There  New Songs ( I’m Sending All My Prayers I Can Find) Very Indie Rock 4. A Summer Wasting/ She’s Losing It ex. ( Summer And Winter)( I Spend The Summer Wasting) Great Film Coverage On Screen Girl/ Keys/ Violin ( You Hear The Birds Sing) Magic Sounds 5. Wrapped Up In Books ex. Faces On The Screen ( I Never What To Leave You) Rhythm/ Harmonica ( I Can See Your Plan) Cello Back On ex. ( I’ve Been Trying To Wind Your Heart) Girl Violin/ Keys 6. Poor Boy ex. Girl/ Keys/ Vocals Also Main Vocals ( I’m Showing You)( We Had A Time) Dancing On The Screen Film Projection ( If I Had You With My Heart) Rhythm Also Vocals 7. The Wrong Girl ex. ( I’m Leaving You For My Darling)( Songwriting In The Back Of Your Mine) Cello/ Keys Back Stage Rhythm/ Vocals And Main Vocals Brilliant Love The Song Pure Magic Overall Sounds 8. Piazza, New York Catcher ex. Vocals Only Sat At Front Of Stage Rhythm/ Harmonica/ Vocals ( We Drink The Hours Away)( I Wish You Were Here With Me) 9. Don’t Leave The Light On ex. Amazing Overall Sound From Band ( Don’t Leave The Light On Baby) 10. Nice Day For A Sulk ex. Pure Magic Lyrics And Music Arrangement Main Vocals/ Piano 11. Waiting For The Moon To Rise ex. ( Chasing Darkness)( There A Place I Want To Go) Girl/ Keys Vocals And Main Vocals ( Don’t Try To Say This Was Not Meant To Be) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Next Extra Song Shorten Version See What You Want To Do ex. Song Ask By Crowd 12 There To Much Love ex. ( I’ve Been Waiting For This To Start)( I Feel Like Dancing)( There’s Too Much Love To Go Around) 13. Step Into My Office ex. ( She Called Me Out Today)( Step Into My Office Baby) Rhythm/ Bass/ Bass/ Piano At Back Of Stage Outstanding Violins And Cello ( She Took  Of Her Little White Dress) Girl/ Keys Flute ( Now Were Fucked With Boris Johnson) 14. The Boy With The Arab Strap ex. Main Vocals/ Piano A Few Of The Crowd On Stage Dancing (You’ll Tear Your Mind To Distraction)( She Got Style) 15. Women’s Realm ex. ( I Don’t Care) Girl Vocals And Main Vocals ( That We Left Behind) Just Magic Sounds And Lots Of Dancing On Stage. 16. Judy ex. ( Fall In Love With Someone) Girl Recorder ex. ( Write Another Song Judy) 18. We Had To Make ex. ( Girls On Fire)( Spinning It Out)( The Snow Has Fallen) Pure Magic Sounds From Band 19. Funny Loving You ex. ( You May Be Trouble)( You Funny Little Thing Ecstasy) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Graphics And Film Clips On Screen Fabulous ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Band Just Gets Better And Better Magic.


KELLIE  WALKER  7–15 pm–7–45 pm !

This Has Been Done From You Tube Owing To Getting In Very Late Live From Liverpool Gig On Line All Songs Done On Studio Quality B/T  Kellie Vocals ex Very High Energy Pop See Lots Of Perpetually There 1. From The Inside ex. Very Commercial Songwriting ( Get Me On The Inside) 2. All Is Shining On ex. ( Come On My Baby)( I’ll Make It Easy For You)( Get A Life) 3. Break Me Into Pieces ex ( I Want You To Love Me)  ex. Set ex. Solo ex. Songs ex. Dancers ex. Lights ex. Mixing

THE RUE  8 pm—8–30 pm !

I Will Have To See This Artist Again Talking To People They Like The Rue No Live Performance On You Tube Sorry For This

WEST LIFE 9 pm–10–40 pm

Nick Byrne Vocals ex.ex.ex. Kian Egan ex.ex.ex. Mark Feehily ex.ex.ex. Shane Filan ex.ex.ex. Amazing Stage Set With Large Screen And Smaller Screens Band On Left Bass And Drums ex.ex. Band On Right Lead And Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Pure Magic Musicians At The Very Best Intro Hello My Love ex. Instrumental From Band And On Screen Graphics 1. Hello My Love ex. With West Life On Fabulous Vocals From The Lads And Overall Sounds ( I Know What Your Waiting For)( Searching For Someone Like You)( This Is All I Want To Be)( You And I) 2. Swear It Again ex. ( You Should Know)( I’m Never Going To Say Good By) Pure Magic Vocals And Outstanding Arrangements From Band Love This Song I Would Like To Thank Amber For Giving Me This Ticket. (I Never What To Say Good By) 3. What About Now ex. Another Amazing Song Over The 20 Years They Been Together They Have Had 7 Number One Hits One Of The Most Successful Boy Band Ever Along With One Direction And Boy-zone ( I,m Not Saying) Fantastic Fireworks And Amazing Graphics On Screen (What About Today) 4. My Love ex. From 2nd L/P ( All My Love)( The Sky Is Blue)( I Love You The Most)( I Promise You My Love) Using A Four Piece Band Pure Magic Song Arrangements 5. When You’re Looking Like That ex. Flames In Air At Front Of Stage. Great Pyrotechnics.( She’s All Dressed Up)( I Want To Live My Life) Next Instrumental From Band ( Costume Change) And On Screen Love Hearts/ Football Stadium And Band Flying A Plane Amazing Graphics Love It 6. Uptown Girl ex. ( Billy Joel Cover) Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies. Amazing Sounds From Band. 7. Mandy ex. ( Scott English Cover)( I’ve Been Dreaming All My Life)( It’s Just Another Day Happy People Pass Me By)( Oh Mandy You Kissed Me)( I Sent You Away)( Won’t You Listen To Me) 8. If I Let You Go ex. This Is The 20 Year Tour. ( Your On My Mind)( If I Let You Go)( There Know One Like You) 9. Home ex. ( Michael Buble)( I Put On The Letter I Wrote To You)( I Want To Go Home)( Amazing Winter’s Day) 10. Better Man ex. Talking To Crowd Before Song. ( You And I Are Something Special Baby)( Your The One I Love)( I Try To Be A Better Man)( Sometimes I Sit On My Own)( How Do You Loose The One You Love) 11. Queen Medley Another One Bites The Dust ex. Next Radio Gaga ex. ( My Only Friend)( I Herd It On The Radio) Next I Want To Break Free ex. ( I Don’t Need You)( I’m Falling In Love) Next Somebody To Love ex. ( Find Me Somebody To Love) Next Don’t Stop Me Now ex. ( I’m Having A Good Time) Flames Into The Air ( He’s A Speed Of Light)( Your A Super Sonic Man) Next We Will Rock You ex. Pure Magic Sounds From Band Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies Next We Are The Champions ex.( I’ve Paid My Dues)( I Am The Champion My Friend) The Arrangement On This Medley Was Just Fabulous 12. I Have A Dream ex. ( Abba Cover) Before Song Talking To Crowd About His Child Hood All The Band Grew Up With Music ( I Had A Dream)( I Believe In Angels) 13/14/15 Shorten Version 13 Unbreakable ex. ( I Look Into Your Eyes) 14. Fool Again ex. 5th Number One ( Do You Believe I’ve Fool Again) Love This Song 15. Queen Of My Heart ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds 16. What Makes A Man ex. Brilliant Songwriting 17. You Raise Me Up ex. ( Cover) One Of My Favourite Songs Love It. Encore 18. Flying Without Wings ex. Another Of My Favourite Songs Pure Magic Arrangement And Vocals 19 World Of Our Own ex Brilliant Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Vocals And Band Brilliant Musicians Fabulous Graphics Video Work On Screens Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Has Been A Pure Magic Evening Of Fantastic Songs Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies And Music Arrangements Of The Highest Order Crowd Went Wild Tonight.


MASSIVE WAGONS  7 pm– 7–30 pm

Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.Drums ex.ex. 1. Last On The List ex. ( Need Someone) Brilliant Overall Sounds. 2. Billy Balloon Head ex. ( I Am A Looser) Amazing Songwriting 3. Back To The Stack ex. ( One More Last Dance) Dedicated To Rick. 4. Hero ex. ( I’ll Tell You)( Something In The Sky)( What About You And Someone Else)( Never Be A Hero)( This Is Your Song) 5. Ratio vg. ( You Want To Hire)( Someone Messing With My Ratio) Pure Magic Guitar And Drum Work And Brilliant Vocal Front Man. 6. Tokyo ex ( Far Away)( You Want To Touch Me Up)( Take Today)( There A Place Far Away)( On The Road) Pure Magic Sounds And Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Band Is Really Coming On Well.

STATUS  QUO  7–45 pm—8–45 pm

Rhythm/ Vocals ex.ex. Lead ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Intro B/T The Drone ex. 1. Caroline ex.( Get Me On Too Your Love)( Sweet Love)( Take  My Hand) Fantastic Guitar/Key And Drum Work Great Vocals And Harmonies From Band One Hell Of A Front Man 2. Something ” Bout” You Baby I Like ex. (Cover) ( Thank You Baby That’s What I Like) 3. Rain ex. ( Baby You Told Me) One Song Into Another All 3. Guitarist At Front Of Stage Just Magic Sounds ( Around The Room) 4. Medley What You’re Proposing ex ( Yet I’m Building) Next Down The Dust Pipe ex. Great Overall Sounds Next Wild Side Of Life ex. ( I’ve Been Telling You)( Honky Tonk)( The Wild Side Of Life) Next Rail Road ex. ( She Stands In The) Next Again Again ex. ( Let The Guitar Goes)( Why Don’t You Do It Again) 5. Mystery Song ex. ( You Really Got Me Going)( I’ve Got Friends I Will Show You How To Understand) 6. The Oriental ex. ( Your Very Oriental)( Her Name Was) 7 Cut Me Some Slack ex. Pure Magic Sounds ( There No Time) 8. Liberty Lane ex. ( Down Liberty Lane)( I Wake Up)( Coming Down From Above)( Out Of Reach) 9. In The Army Now ex. ( Cover)( Uncle Sam Does His Best) 10. Roll Over Lay Down ex. ( You All Take A Drink From The Table)( Lay Down And Let Me In) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting Some Great Double Lead Brilliant Bass/ Keys And Drums 11. Down Down ex. Solo Francis Then Band Joins In ( I Wait For The World To Show)( I’m Waiting To See) 12. What Ever You Want ex.( What Ever You Need)( It’s Taking You Home On The Midnight Train)( Show Me Your Love)( What Ever You Win Or Loose)( Rocking All Over The World)( Like It) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Crowd Went Wild For Them.

LYNYRD SKYNYRD 9–15 pm —10–45 pm

Band Members Gary Rossington Guitar Rickey Medlocke Guitar/ Vocals ( Also Band Blackfoot) Johnny Van Zart Vocals ( Also Used To Be In Thirty 8 Special Band) Michael Cartel-lone Drums/ Percussion Mark Natejka Guitar/  B/V Peter Keys Keyboard/ Piano Keith Christopher Bass 2 Girls B/V Intro B/T Thunderstruck ex. AC/DC Really Loud 1. Working For M.C.A ex Pure Magic Overall Sounds. 2. Skynyrd Nation ex. ( Skynyrd Nights)( It’s A Celebration)( Feeling Right)( Young And Old) 3 What Your Name ex. ( I Just Travel)( Whats Your Name Girl)( Shooting Strangers It’s No Shame) 4. That Smell ex. ( It’s Sad On You) pure magic Lead And Fabulous Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( Say It Will Be Alright Tomorrow)( Oh What A Smell) 5. I Know A Little ex. Pure Magic Sounds From Band Some Great Rock And Roll Honky Tonk Piano Work And Guitars On Another Planet 6. The Needle And The Spoon ex. ( I’m Going To Take It Away)( I Sing My Blues) 7. Saturday Night Special ex. ( We Are Going Out Tonight.) Outstanding Sounds 8 Red/ White And Blue ex. Outstanding Piano/ Guitar And Drum Work 9. The Ballad Of Curtis Loen ( Play Me A Song)( This Old Heart) Some Amazing Lead Work From Guitars 10. Tuesday Gone ex. ( The Train Going Down The Track)( My Baby’s Gone)( I’m On The Road)( I Just Want To Be)( I’ll Try Again) 11. Don’t Ask Me No Question’s ex. Amazing Graphics On Screen ( I Wont Tell You Know Lies) Lead Work Pure Magic Genius 12. Simple Man ex. ( I Will Help You)( We Will Be Sorry) Outstanding Music Arrangement Love It 13. Gimme Three Steps ex.Brilliant Songwriting And Vocals And Harmonies 14. Call Me The Breeze ( J.J. Cale Cover) ex. Wonderful Sounds From Band 15. Sweet Home Alabama ex. Big Hit For Them A Really Rocky Sound. Encore 16. Free Bird ex Another Big Hit For Them Just Love It This Has Been A Magical Rock Night At The Arena With Southern Rock At It’s Very Best This Was Supposed To Be There Last Tour I Hope Not Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Fabulous Graphics On Screens Outstanding Lighting And The Very Best Mixing. Meet Some Really Nice People At The Concert Everybody Had A Great Time.







EAGLES 8 pm–10–40 pm

Don Henley Lead/ B/V/ Drums/ Percussion/ Rhythm Guitar ex.ex.ex. Joe Walsh Lead/ Rhythm/ B/V/ Vocals And Keyboards ex.ex.ex. Timmy B Schmit Bass/ B/V/ Vocals And Harmonica ex.ex.ex. Deacon Frey Acoustic/Lead/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Replaced His Dad Who Died Will Be Missed So Much His Son Is Brilliant Scott F Gr-ago Drums/ Percussion ex.ex.ex. Joan Corey Piano/ B/V/ Percussion ex.ex.ex. Will Hollis Keyboards/ Synthesizer B/V ex.ex.ex. Stewart Smith Guitar/ Mandolin B/V ex.ex.ex. Michael Thomson Piano/ Keyboards B/V ex.ex.ex. Vince Gill Vocals/ Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. 1. Seven Bridges Road ex. ( Stars In The Southern Sky) On Big Screen Tree Graphics Side Screens For Band ( Sometimes There A Pain Of Me) 5 Guitars/Drums/ Piano/ Keys/ Percussion Just Fabulous Musicians Love Them 2. Take It Easy ex Pure Magic Sounds And Arrangements ( I Was Walking Down The Road)( We May Loose We  May Win)( Take It Easy)( Running Down The Road To Loose My Load) Deacon Frey Acoustic/ Vocals 3. One Of These Nights ex. ( One Of These Crazy Nights)( This Feeling Is High)( You Got The Desire) Don Henley Vocals Great City Graphics On Big Screen. Amazing Lead Work ( I’m Shaw I’m Going To Find You)( One Of These Nights) Don Talking To Crowd 4. Take It To The Limit ex. ( At The End Of The Evening)( I’ve Always Been A Dreamer)( Turn It Out)( Put Me On A Highway)( You Can Spend All Your Love)( There Nothing To Believe In) Amazing Overall Sounds And Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies 5. Tequila Sunrise ex. Great Desert Graphics On Big Screen Pure Magic Lighting On Stage Just Love The Music Arrangements 6. Witchy Women ex ( She’s A Breathless Spirit)( She’s Got The Moves) 5 Piece Brass Section On This Song Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies Which Are Out Of This World Tonight Just Magic In The Air. This Is One Of The Best Eagle Gigs I’ve Seen. ( I Know You Want To Live)( You Got The Moves In Her Eyes) 7 In The City ex. ( Joe Walsh) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band Love It ( With My Face Against The Wall)( There No One To Catch You When You Fall) Deacon Frey Semi Acoustic Brilliant Lead Work With Joe Walsh 8. I Can’t Tell You Why ex. ( Tearing Our Love Apart)( Every Time I Try To Walk Away)( Something Makes Me Turn Around) 9. New Kid In Town ex. ( People Feel So Familiar)( Johnny Go Lately)( After A While You Look The Other Way)( Tears On My Shoulder)( Just Another New Kid) 10. Peaceful Easy Feeling ex. Deacon Frey Vocals Pure Magic ( Music To Your Soul)( I’m Already On The Ground)( As A Lover And A Friend)( This Voice Keeps Whispering That I Might Not See You Again)( I’m Already Standing On The Ground) 11. Love Will Keep Us Alive ex. ( From The Highest Mountain)( I Was Standing All Alone In The World Outside) 12. Lyin’ Eyes ex. Just Love This Song. Pure Magic Timmy B Schmit Guitar Vocals ( She Heading For The Cheap Side Of Town) Amazing Overall Sounds 13. Don’t Let Your Love Start Slipping Away ( Vince Gill Cover)( It,s Time For Sleeping)(What People Dream About)( Love Starts Slipping Away) Pure Magic Songwriting Brilliant Guitar/ Drums/ Percussion/ Piano And Keys. 14 Those Shoes ex. ( Tell Me What Are You Going To Do Tonight) Outstanding Sounds From Band. 15. All Ready Gone ex. ( Heard People Talking The Other Day) On Screen Back Roads In The US.A. Video ( I’ve Got The Stars At My Feet)( We Are All Ready Gone) Love This Song. 16. Walk Away ex. ( James Gang Cover)( Come Today) Just Fabulous Sounds Filling The Arena Joe Walsh Vocals And Heavenly Harmonies From Band 17. Life’s Been Good ex Joe Walsh Vocals With Crowd Participation ( I Haven’t Meet You)( He’s Cool)( Life Been Good To Me So Far) Pure Magic Guitar Work From Joe Love It. ( Oh Yeah) Words On Screen 18. The Boys Of Summer ex. Don Henley Vocals ( I Can See You Shinning Like The Sun)( I Take You)( I Don’t Understand Whats Happening)( Only Love For You Is Still Strong)( I’m On The Road)( I New What Love Was) Pure Magic Vocals And Overall Sounds. 19 Heartache Tonight ex. ( Some People Have)( I Know)( Somebody Going To Hurt Someone)( Somebody Going To Come Undone) Vince Gill Vocals 20. Funk # 49 ex. ( James Gang Cover) Joe Walsh Vocals ( Live It Up All Night)( Sleep All Day) Magic Sounds. 21. Life On The Fast Lanes ex. Brass Section On 1. Trombone 2. Trumpets ( Keep Your Reflection)( Your Going To Loose Your Mind) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Outstanding Musicianship. ( Listen Back)( Everything Is Coming)( Life In The Fast Lane) Encore 22. Hotel California ex. Trumpet Intro Pure Magic Don Henley Vocals Just Love This Song Amazing Graphics On Screen ( On A Dark Dessert Highway)( With Wind I n My Hair)( She Stood In The Door Way Could This Be Heaven Or Hell)( Welcome To Hotel California)( Were All Prisoners Here) 23. Rocky Mountain Way ex. Joe Walsh Vocals Song Just Fabulous 24. Desperado ex Love This Song Pure Magic Sounds. 25. Best Of My Love ex. Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies And Amazing Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs And Lyrics Fabulous Screen/ Graphics And Video Work ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Truly Been A Magical Night At Manchester Arena With There Wonderful Staff And Security Best Eagles Performance I Have Seen Just Love Them.