It Took So Long Getting A Ticket That I Missed The Support Act Couldn’t Find What They Were Called It Runs So Much Smother For Me In Manchester As They Know Me As A Writer But I Love To Do Blackpool Gigs When We Get Them Getting Less And Less Each Year I Would Love To See More Gigs In Blackpool As I Live Here.

TAME  IMPALA  9 pm—10–20 pm

Australian Psychedelic Music Project Led By Multi Instrumentalist Kevin Parker Guitar/ Vocals Plays Along Side Dominic Simper Guitar/ Synthesises Some Of The Members Are From The Australian Band Pond Also Psychedelic Rock Jay Watson Synthesises/ Vocals/ Guitar ex.ex.ex Also Kevin ex.ex.ex. Jay ex.ex.ex. Cam Avery Bass/ Guitar/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. And Julian Barbagallo Drums/ Vocals/ Percussion ex.ex.ex. Band Started 2007 To Present 2019 1. Let It Happen ex. Amazing Screen At Back Graphics And Video Coverage Very Psychedelic In The Graphics There Was So Mush Lights It Was Hard To See The Band From Second Floor Seating The Overall Sounds And Songwriting Just Magic I Saw This Band In There Early Days 2007/ 2009 They Have Turn Out To Be A Fabulous Talented Band With Amazing Musicians ( All This Running Around) Using A Lot Of Strobe Lighting 2. Patience ex. ( What Am I Doing)( Dame You Got To Make It)( In Another Time)( Time Going Up) Just Magic Sounds Filling The Ballroom 3. The Moment ex. ( There Something Inside)( Do It To You) Just Love The Overall Sounds 4. Mind Mischief ex.( With Sestri Levant e Outre Jam ( In My Mind Take It Slow)( She Will Never) Pure Magic Lead/ Bass/ Key/ Sythi Rhythm And Drums Amazing Vocal Front Man The Overall Sound Is Pure Magic Genius With Outstanding Songwriting And Music Arrangements The Empress Ballroom Is Such A Great Venue For Concerts Love It.( It,s All Right) 5. Nangs ex. Amazing Laser Looks Fantastic Where I’m Sat On Second Floor Seats Lasers Red/ White/ Green Also White Just Magic Little Laser Stars Into The Ceiling ( I’m Under Your Spell)( That’s All It Is) 6. Elephant ex. ( With Extended Intro)( I Want To Be) His Vocals Are So Heavenly Magic With Outstanding Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( Your The Only One) 7. Love/ Paranoia ex. ( When Your Lover Changes His Mind)( Can’t You See) Brilliant Vocals And Sounds From Band. 8. The Less I Know The Better ex. ( It’s Changing)( There No Future Touch Me)( I Can Always)( She Got A Love For You) 9. Yes I’m Changing ex.( I Want To Change Your Mind) Just Outstanding Music Arrangement 10. Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind ex. ( I Long To Be With You)( I Know I Can Only Say)( The Moment We Could Be Happening) Amazing Laser Lights Again With Little Stars 11. Eventually ex.( Hear I Go) Another Great Song 12. Borderline ex. ( It’s Not Meant To Be)( Where I See)( I’m Coming A Little Closer) Outstanding Drumming/ Guitars/ Keys/ Sythi And Percussion 13. Apocalypse Dreams ex. ( I Know You)( Inside My Head) Pure Magic Intermission Instrumental B/T With Lights And Graphics Mutiny Gossip ex. Fantastic 14 Feels Like Were Only Going Backwards ex Pure Magic Overall Sounds Another Fabulous Song. 15. New Person ( Same Old Mistakes) ex ( I Need To Come)( It’s Inside Me A Dream)( I Always Come) Lots Of Silver Paper From Canons At End This Has Been So Magical Tonight In The Wonderful Empress Ballroom Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Fantastic Screens Video And Graphic Just Outstanding ex. Lights And Laser ex Mixing.


CHINA  MOON  7–45 pm –8–15 pm

Band Been Going About 5 Years Vocal Been In Other Bands And Writes A Lot Of Songs Vocals ex. Lead ex. Bass ex. Girl Drummer ex. 1. Lonely Game vg. ( What Are You Saying)( It’s A Shame Your Not Awake)( Play The Game) Great Overall Sound Nice And Tight 2. Nebula ex. A Lot More Depth In This Song Great Music Arrangement Very Indie Rock Need To Write A Little More Commercial Pop/ Rock ( All This Time)( On My Mind) 3. She Won’t Go Back To You vg.  ( Fast Lane)( We All Fall Down) 4. Free Fall ex. ( Oh Come) Slower Song Great Songwriting And Overall Sounds ( I Don’t Know Why) See Lots Of Perpetually There Need To Work On  Stage Presence Will Come With More Gigs 5. Every-time vg. ( Every-time You Walk On By)( I Did’n t Know) Like That vg. ( That’s All Said It’s Done)( Do You Like That)( Your Telling Me One Thing) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

KULA  BAY 8–30 pm–9 pm

Very Young Band With Lots Of Stage Presence Very Impressed Rhythm/ Vocals ex. Bass ex. Lead ex. Drums ex. Keys/ Sythi ex. 1. I Want You vg. ( People Wan t Too) Pop/ Rock ( I Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong 2. Hands vg ( How Can I Get To You This Day) Very Commercial Songwriting Lots Of Bounce Vocals Great Front Man ( I Would Like To Say The Things I Want To Say)( I’ll Wait For You) 3. I See So Much vg. Great Songwriting With Lots Of Energy ( You Don’t Know) 4. Feel Free ex. Amazing Drum Beat Quite Calypso Fun Arrangement Very Young Band With Lots Of Perpetually And Great Musicians Love Them 5. We Are One vg. ( Thinking About It)( We Got The Summertime)( Thinking About Yesterday)( I’m So Lost With Out You) 6 I Just Got To See You ex. ( I Never Want To Break Your Heart) Brilliant Songwriting ( Got To Get You Out Of My Mind)( I Think About You All The Time) 7. Someone You Love ex. Great Key Work Latest Single Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( Someone You Love)( I Would Dance With You All Night) ex. Set ex Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing See Great Things For This Band.

PROVOCATIONS  9–15 pm–9–45 pm

Rhythm/ Vocals vg. Bass B/V vg. Lead B/V vg Drums Good 1. We Don’t Talk vg. ( I See Your Face)( Deep In Your Soul)( We Are Time Of The Times) Not Quite As Tight As First Two Bands Drums Need To Work On His Technics No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong 2. Say What You Say vg. ( Picking Up The Stubs)( You Want To Go) 3. I Throw The Key Good. ( You’ll Never Find You)( To Many Hearts) 4. You’ll Be Dreaming vg. ( On Way)( Just To Watch Me Go)( Sunset Shines On Your Face) 5. New Song Hold Me Tight vg. ( I’ve Been Missing You)( I Think You Lied) 6. Starlight vg.( No What I Say)( The Way We Are) 7. Love You vg. ( Your A Soul Survivor) 8. Have Faith vg. Some Nice Sustain On Guitar ( Talking About)( This Time We All Have To Go) Better Lyrics Some Nice Songwriting And Overall Sounds vg. Set vg. Band vg Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


Lead/ Vocals ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. 1. I Used To ex. ( I Want To Speak To Jesus) Pure Magic Sounds ( How Will We Survive) 2. You Never Can ex. ( What You Want It To Be)( It’s The Feeling) Brilliant Commercial Songwriting 3. Every Time You See Me ex.( Just Like A Face On A Sinking Ship)( You See Me**) Try To Get A Set List Some Of The Tittles Could Be Wrong ** Could Be Wright 4. Time Is Labouring ex. ( It’s A Waste Of Time)( I’ll Say It Fine)( All The Time You Have Wasted) Amazing Drumming/ Lead And Bass And Amazing Front Man Pure Magic ( You Nothing To Loose)( And Nothing To Do) 5. Spoken Word Intro B/T And Add Ons I’m Looking At Your Stars ex. ( Falling In Love)( You Got A Secret) Very High Energy Pop/ Rock Also Vocals From Bass 6. We Are On The Road ex. ( Things In My Life)( Something Wrong)( Remember The Way)( We Need Something More **) Both On Vocals Main Vocals Bass ( Give Me Something More) 7. The Music Is Playing ex ( I Really Want You)( Set Me Up) 8. You Take Me Away ex. Brilliant Overall Sounds And Songwriting Had To Go For My Train Missed 2/3 Songs Just Love This Night At The Great Venue Jimmy With It’s Friendly Staff/ Security And Management Do Check This Place Out Highly Recommend Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Lights And Mixing I.m So Impressed With This Band See Big Things For Them Watch Out For This Band Love Them.


ANGIE MC MA-HON   7–30 pm– 8 pm

I Was Looking Forward To Reviewing Metallica But Didn’t Work Out Caught The Two Support Acts Then Left I Feel I Picked The Right Concert In The End Missed This Artist But I Have Been Watching Her On You Tube Quite A Few Songs Will Catch Her Next Time She Comes See Lots Of Perpetually There Do Check Her Out I Recommend These Are The Songs From London On  May 28th 1. Soon 2. Slow Mover ex. 3. Missing Me 4. Play The Game vg. 5. Stand Out 6. If You Call vg. 7. Atlantic City 8. Helpless 9. Keeping Time ex. 10. And I Am A Women 11. Pasta ex. Do Check This Artist Out.

GARY  CLARK  Jr   8–45 pm– 10–50 pm

Gary Vocal/ Rhythm/ Lead ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.ex. Girl Lead/ Vocals/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi / Piano/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. 1. Intro Instrumental Pure Magic 2. Bright Lights ex. ( See Me)( You Better Know My Name)( I Like To Say) Very Blues Sound Amazing Vocals From Gary Plus Rhythm/ Lead Some Fantastic Lead From Girl Also Bass/ Keys And Drums Pure Magic Overall Sounds 3. Ain’t Messing Around ex. ( I Know The Feeling) Pure Magic Blues/ Soul/ Rock ( I Know What Going Down) Gary Just Out Of This World ( Don’t Get Me Down) 4. What About Us ex. ( Call Me What You Want) Very Funky ( What Are We Going To Do About Us Pure Magic Lead And Bass ( He Loves You Baby) Brilliant Drums And Keys 5. I Walk Alone ex. ( Up And Ready)( I Won’t Be Long)( You Don’t Understand)( I Could Love You) Some Amazing Double Lead ( I’m Trying To Be Free)( Best You Can Do)( I Stay Out Of Trouble) Keys/ Drums B/V ( Oh I’m Missing You) 6. I Got My Eyes On You ex.( Locked And Loaded)( You Got My Heart Going)( Just One More Time Baby) 7 Feed The Babies ex. Going Back To 2012 ( I’ll Give Her My Love)( It’s Taking Me Over)( Long You Say)( It’s So Long) Pure Magic Guitar Work From Gary And Girl And Brilliant From Bass/ Keys And Drums 8. Band Off Gary And Keys Only Got To Get Up ex. Pure Magic Sounds And Songwriting ( It’s Hard To Take) 9. Feeling Like A Million ex. ( I Need You) Gary/ Acoustic/ Harmonica ( I Need Your Help In Everything) Outstanding Piano Work And Guitar From Gary Amazing Harmonies From The Two. Pure Magic. 10. Band Back On When I’m Gone ex. Girl Vocal ( You’ll Always Be)( Talk To Me)( I Need You Forever) Pure Magic Vocals From Girl ( I Promise You)( You Got To Know) Gary Vocals 11. Things Are Changing ex. ( Taking You Back)( When I’m Home)( I Don.t Know When I’m Coming Back) 12. Church ex. ( I Love You)( I Will Always Stay) Very Blues From Gary And He Sings So Magical ( Baby Baby)( This Is Our Love) 13. Cold Blooded ex. ( I Told You Never To Come Back)( I’ve Come To Take You Down) Amazing Sounds From Band And Vocals And Harmonies 14. Our Love ex. Outstanding Lead From Girl And Brilliant Songwriting. 15. Gotta Get Into Something ex. ( I’ll Give Her Something)( Something Going On Baby)( It Not What You Came Here For) Just Magic Sounds From Band. 16. You Saved Me ex. ( I’ve Been Looking At You) One Of His Famous Songs. ( This Is My Life) Keys B/V On Quite A Few Songs 17. Low Down Rolling Stone ex. ( Stay By Me)( You Made Some Control Of Me)( You Stay) Amazing Vocals And Harmonies 18. The Land ex. Amazing Overall Sounds 19 Pearl Cadillac ex. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air. Encore 20 The Guitar Man ex. This Has Been So Magical Tonight Makes Up For Not Getting Into Metallica And Picking The Right Concert At The Fabulous Albert Hall 21. 3 O’clock Blues ( BB King Cover) Pure Magic Genius From Band. 22. Come Together ex. ( The Beatles Cover) First Time Seeing Gary Clark Jr He Just Blew Me Away. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Gary Just Fabulous Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Arrangements Love Them ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


JOANNA SERRATE  8 pm–8–35 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic  Joanna Vocals/ Acoustic 1. You Might Just See ex. ( What I Want)( Walk Out Of My Door) Her Rhythm Very Basic But Got A Lot Better Through The Set B/T With Add On’s Brilliant Songwriting And Fantastic Vocals See Lots Of Perpetually There I Feel She Needs A Backing Band To Add More Dimension To Her Set 2. When She Came vg. ( Your The Story)( Follow Me Down)( Passing Through The Shores)( I Will Always See The Waters) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong. 3. One Day Well Be Together vg. ( Baby I Love You Someday)( My Heart  Is Breaking) 4. Tired Road ex. Song About Missing Being On The Road. ( This Road I’m Travelling)( I’m Wasted With Out You) Beautiful Vocals And Overall Sounds And Songwriting. ( Walk Away From The Sunrise) 5. I’m Sorry ex. ( I Drag You Down In This Gray Moment) Her Lyrics Are Very Impressive ( In This Rich Town)( How Long Do I Have To Travel)( She Still Mine)( Travel Back In Time) 6. As You Grow Old vg. ( Tell Me Baby)( Vampire *) 7. I Can Make You ex. ( I Would Like To Make A Free World)( How To Listen To All The Sounds Around You)( How To Make)( Love Me) 8. I Couldn’t Feel vg. Her Songwriting Is Such A High Standard Would Sound Amazing With A Band ( To The Other Side)( Everything Will Fly) Love Her Songs So Much Feeling About Life/ Dreams And Romance 9. Sometimes vg. ( Bring Back Memories)( You Were The Only One) A Most Magical Dreamy Set ( I Will Kiss You In The Sunshine)( My Eyes Wonder Every Time I See You) 10. There Is Someone vg. ( Who Walks Alone)( There Goes My Only One) ex.Set ex. Solo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

RYAN  BINGHAM  9  pm–10–45 pm

Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex  Drums ex.ex. Ryan Vocals/ Rhythm/ Lead/ Acoustic  Two Girl B/V ex.ex. 1. Nothing Holds Me Down ex. ( On That Telephone)( Ask Me Where I’m Going Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 2. Jingle And Go ex. ( I Sang The Blues All Night)( I’ve Got Your Low Down Blues)( I’ve Got Your Whiskey)( I Go To The 69) Amazing Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm/ Vocals/ Drums And Harmonies From The Two Girls Magic 3. Tell Mother ex. ( I Miss Her So)( Take This)( Ease My Pain)( Put A Spell On Me) 4. Situation Station ex. ( Thinking About The Situation)( I Need Some Kind Of Vacation Drink Tequila And Smoke marijuana)( There A Chance We’ll Love Again)( Living In A Sad Situation) Pure Magic Guitar And Drum Work With Outstanding Vocals And Harmonies B/V Ryan/ Acoustic 5. Beautiful And Kind ex. ( Walking Down This Lonely Night)( Miss My Love Ones)( This World Causes Trouble)( Ease My Mind Oh Lord) Repeat 6. Got Damn Blues ex. ( I Was Left On My Own In A Bad Place)( I’m Going Down The Road My Friend) Lanai And Kasai On B/V Pure Magic ( Shaking All Those Damn Blues) 7. Blue ex. ( Doing My Best To Keep Up With You)( I Just Can’t Stop)( Baby I’m All On My Own)( Doing The Best To Be Your Man)( I Love You) Talking To Crowd My Mother Bought Me A Guitar When I Was 16 Years Old  Carrying It Every Where But Couldn’t Play It Till One Of My Farther Drinking Friends Showed Me A Mexican Song Next Ryan Acoustic Band Off 8. Mariachi ex. Instrumental Pure Magic Genius With A Few Lyrics In Spanish And English ( Yung DA Sia)( Now In Mexico)( The Buzzards Are In The Desert In Old Mexico) Next Song Wrote When He Was Learning Guitar 9. South Side Of Heaven ex. Pure Magic Overall Sound ( I’ve Been Gone So Long It’s Getting Cold)( I’ve Been A Desperado In Texas)( Wind Blows Everyday)( On The South Side Of Heaven Take Me Home) Ryan Guitar And Harmonica 10. Pontiac ex. ( Down In Louisiana) Ryan/ Rhythm Band Back On Pure Magic Sounds. 11. Hot House ex. ( I Meet These Girls)( She Turn Me On)( Now I’m Sitting In The Hot House) Some Nice Double Lead 12. Wolves ex. About Being Better Than Each Other. ( How The Wolf Would Cry)( Stand My Ground And Keep These Wolves At Bay)( Couldn’t Take No More)( I Hear The Children Play) Amazing Vocals And Harmonies And Brilliant Overall Sounds From Band. 13. Hallelujah ex. Ryan/ Acoustic And Harmonica ( Lost City)( I Feel Dead And Gone) Very Lively 9 Hallelujah Scoop Dog) 14. Lover Girl ex. ( We Need More Love In This World)( I Would Like To Know You)( Your Such A Beauty)( I Like To Spin You Around)( Tell Me Darling Whats Your Secret)( Can I Take You To A Movie) Amazing Vocals And Harmonies Pure Magic Music Arrangement 15. What Would I Become ex. Pure Magic Sounds ( I Would Have Never Left My Country Home)( I Was Standing Here Tonight) Encore 16. Blues Lady ex. ( Sweet Angel)( You Took A Ride Into The Sky) Pure Magic Sounds And Vocals 17. Weary Kind ex. ( You Got A Crazy Heart Give It One More Chance)( This Ain’t No Place For The Weary Kind) Amazing Songwriting Another Magical Night At The Gorilla Amazing Set Fantastic Band Ryan Fabulous Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing.


BETTY  HARRIS  8–30 pm—10–05 pm

Bass ex.ex.ex. Lead ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Trumpet ex.ex.ex. Sax ex.ex.ex. Tom Tom Percussion Pure Magic Musicians At There Very Best I Would Say They Are Top Session Musicians Intro Instrumental From Band Break In The Road ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band Then Betty Comes On With Her B/V At Front Of Stage 1. Show It ex.( I Wait To Find You)( Don’t You Know)( Do It Again)( I Can’t Help My Self)( So In Love With You)( You Got What It Takes To Get To Me)( Show Me) Pure Magic Trumpet Work 2. 12 Red Roses ex.( The Best Of Me)( Here The Good Times)( To Say Good Bye)( Red Roses) Pure Magic Piano Work Brilliant Trumpet/ Sax/ Lead/ Bass/ Drums And Percussion And Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies 3. Trouble With My Lover ex. ( He Had Me Walking Around In Circles)( I Feel So)( He Puts His Arms Around Me) Outstanding Funky Lead Work From Ian ( It’s So Good) 4. I Don’t Wanna Hear It ex. ( I Don’t Want To Be) Amazing Band On Such A High Level 5. Nearer To You ex. ( Cry Me Baby) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 6. Lonely Hearts ex. (Your All Alone)( Don’t You Feel Like Crying) Outstanding Vocals And Harmonies 7. Mean Man Pure Magic Overall Sound From Band. ( Take Me Now) 8. I’m Gonna Git You ex. ( Nearer To You)( Mirror)( I Never What To Hurt You) 9. Cry To Me ex. ( I Know Something) Amazing Sax Work And Magic From Band Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies. 10. Ride Your Pony ex. ( When You Have A Whiskey) This Has Been Amazing Night Of Northern Soul Love It. 11. Break In The Road ex Last Song ( There A Break In The Road Amazing Wah Wah From Lead Outstanding Overall Sounds From Band ( Oh Yea) Betty Has Been Brilliant All Night And Fantastic Harmonies From Her B/V Just Magic. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Fabulous Vocals And Harmonies Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


ANGEL  BABY   7–30 pm—-8–15 pm

I Was Late Getting There Thought Band was Coming On Till 8 pm Missed About Five To Six Songs  Lead Vocals ex. Bass ex.Drums ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano I’m So Glad I Got To See This Gig Instead Of Ministry Of Sounds  Just A Magical Evening 7. You My Baby Amazing Overall Sounds Great Musicians 8. The One I Love ex. ( Baby That What I Like) Very Indie/ Rock See Lots Of Perpe tual There A Touch Of Prog In There Music Scores. ex. Set ex. Band  ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing


The Band Has Taken Old American  Contemporary Soul Sounds Kwo Vocal / Lead ex.ex. Lot-sun Drums ex.ex. Shao Keyboards ex.ex. Hungli Bass ex.ex. Hao Chia Percussion ex.ex. Taiwanese Band 1. Teen Town ex, ( Your The Way)( Time To Share)( We Can Dream Our Dreams) Mostly Instrumental This Is Such A Talented Band Of Musicians Wasn’t Expecting This Very Different Very Funky Soul 2, Lullaby ex. Amazing Music Arrangement ( Your So Sweet)( I Don’t Know Why)( I Can’t Read Your Lesson) This Band Is Out Of This World. 3. Summer Bonum ex.( Take Take)( New World) Pure Magic Sounds 4. New Drug ex. Brilliant Intro And Songwriting ( True Memories) Amazing Percussion This Band Is Just Magical ( When Happiness Covers You) Outstanding Lead Work And Heavenly Sounds From Rest Of Band Amazing Shades And Landscapes In There Music Arrangements Song About Heartbreak 5. Welcome Too ex. ( Nearly Got True Love) Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air ( When Love Ain’t Right) The Music Arrangements Are On Such A High Level I Find Asian Musicians Are On Another Planet Of Pure Genius 6. Vanilp ex. ( My Baby)( A Let To Look) Amazing Key Work ( I’m Loosing It) Some Outstanding Bass Riffs ( I’m Dreaming) 7. Villa ex. ( Let It Fly)( I Close My Eyes And Float)( Time To Let Go) 8. Almost Mature ex ( Every Time) One Of There Big Hits Outstanding Bass/ Lead/ Keys/ Drums/ Sax And Percussion 9. Burgundy Red ex. ( Hear Comes The Book Of Life)( I See A Shout Of Love) More Amazing Lead Work 10. Greedy ex. ( I’ve Been Tired These Days)( We Will Get Back) 11. Slow ex. Another Amazing Number With Sax. 12. My Jinji ex. A Classic Love Song Pure Magic Overall Sounds Encore 1. Bomb Of Love ( I Love You)( I Want You To Know) 2. Little Monkey Rides ( On A Little Dunky) Great Drum Calypso Sound And Percussion Love It. 3. I Know I Know I Love You ex. ( Don’t Ask) 4. Angel Disco Love ex. ( My Angel Is Loving Me) Pour Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


THE  VILLAGERS 7–30 pm–8–15 pm


Formed In Dublin in 2008 Conour O Brien Vocal/ Guitar ex.ex Danny Snow Bass And Double/ Bass ex.ex. Cormack Cur-ran Keyboards ex.ex. Gwyon Lieweln Drums/ Flughorn ex..ex. Mali Llywlyn Harp ex.ex. Also Two On Brass ex.ex 1. Again ex. Amazing Overall Sounds 2. Sweet Saviour ex. ( Beyond The Barricades) Brilliant Musicians And Songwriters 3. Courage ex. ( It’s A Cold Time)( Took A Little Time To Get Through)( We Are Free) Also Trumpet And Trombone 4 Something Strong ex. ( It In Your Heart Vocals Trumpet 5. Long Time Waiting ex ( Waiting For Some One) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 6. Wondering ex. ( What It All For) Some Amazing Key/ Sythi Work 7 Trick Of The Light ex. ( Stand By The Phone)( I Come So Far) 2nd Key/ Sythi/ Piano Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing.

MUMFORD AND SONS  8–45 pm–10–35 pm

Marcus Mumford Vocals / Guitar/ Acoustic / Drums And Keys ex.ex.ex. Ben Lovett Vocals/ Keyboards/Sythi/Piano ex.ex.ex. Winston Marshall Vocals/ Electric Guitar/ Banjo ex.ex.ex. Ted Diane Vocals/ Bass/ Double Bass ex.ex.ex. Joe Cl-egg Drums/ Percussion ex.ex.ex. Chris Mass Drums ex.ex.ex. Tom Hob den Fiddle/ Guitar From Band Noah And The Whale ex.ex.ex. Nick Eturel Trumpet/ Flugelhorn/ Keyboards From Band Fifty Six ex.ex.ex. Dave Williamson Trombone/ Keyboard/ Percussion ex.ex.ex.These Are All Live Musicians Maybe Not Using All Of Them Hardy Car-gill Keyboard/ Guitar/ Drums ex.ex.ex. 1. Guiding Light ex. ( I See The Dawn Again)( When There No Stars Your My Guiding Light)( Come Back Backing Something To Believe In) 2.Little Lion Man ex.( Waiting For The)( I Fuck It Up This Time) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 3. The Cave ex.( Sat On A Fence)( Killing Time) 4. Beloved ex. ( Are You Afraid)( We Sit And Talk Stars Fall Down From The Sky) 5. Love Of The Light ex. Violin Keys/ Sythi ( Take A Train Ride Slow) Some Amazing Music Arrangements Tonight 6. Tompkins Square Park ex. ( Meet Me In The Park) Acoustic/ Rhythm Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band The Screens Were Very Dark Should Have Used H/D Music Brilliant Screens Very Poor Tonight 7. Women ex. ( I Never Saw Such A Sight) Amazing Songwriting Just Love This Band 8. Believe ex. ( They Call You Tonight)( I’ve No Fantasy) So Much Feeling In His Vocals ( Make You Feel Good)( Say Something) Outstanding Lead And Drums 9. Ditmas ex.( Broken Cars)( This Is All I Don’t What To Do) 10. Slip Away ex. ( You Always Seem To Cry)( We Will Slip Away)( Something On Your Mind) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band ( Don’t Bring Me Down)( More I Can Say) 11. Picture You ex. ( If I Can Tell You)( I Don’t Know How To Find You)( I’m Holding My Breath)( I’m Feeling Darkness) Guy On Spoken Words Pure Magic Fireworks Into The Air ( All My Friends) 12. Darkness Visible ex.Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 13. The Wolf ex. One Song Goes Into Another Just Love This Band. Encore Wild Heart Small Stage One Mike Acoustic Set ( Move Once Again) Double Bass )( And Kiss You On The Shore) Accordion ( I Ask The Truth) Very Capella Sound ( How We Keep Faith) 15. Timshel ex. ( Your Not Alone In This)( I’ll Hold Your Hand)( I’ll Move A Mountain For You) 16. Hurt ex.( Nine Inch Nails Cover) With Guest Tom Morel-lo Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( I Need To Have It All) Outstanding Lead 17. Rose Of Sharon ex. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air. 18. I Will Wait ex. Brilliant Songwriting. 19.Delta ex. This Has Been  such Amazing  Performance Tonight At The Amazing Manchester Arena This Has Been So Magical. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Very Poor Screens Tonight ex. Pyrotechnics ex Lights ex. Mixing.


ALICE JEMIMA  7–30 pm  –8 pm

Alice Vocal/ Songwriter/ Guitarist ex. 1. Electric ex. Great Guitar And Vocals Needs To Work On Her Stage Presence ( This Is How It’s Going To Be) 2. Dodged vg. ( Everything Changes) Amazing Songwriting 3. Dancing In Love Drums B/V B/T ( Say I’ll Always Be)( You Gave Me Everything) Outstanding Overall Sounds 4. No Dignity ex. ( I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind)( I Like The Way You Work It) 5. A CARUS vg. ( It’s Serious) Great Mix And Add On’s B/T ( Just Have Fun)( Why Do You Get So Serious) Alice Vocals/ Electric Some Nice Guitar Work 6. Liquorice ex. Great Drum Beat B/T ( Try Try Again) I See Lots Of Perpetually There ex. Set ex. Solo ex./ vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Needs To Do A Lot More Gigs

SOPHIE  ELLIS  BEXTOR  8–30 pm–10–30 pm

Sophie Vocals ex.ex.ex. Full Orchestra  String Sect ion ex.ex.ex. / Brass Section ex.ex.ex./ Woodwind Section ex.ex.ex./ Percussion ex.ex.ex. / Conductor ex.ex.ex./ Harp ex.ex.ex./ Piano/ Keys From Sophie’s Band ex.ex.ex. Then Sophie Band At End Lead ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex Intro From Orchestra The Song Diaries ex. Fabulous Arrangement 1. Groove Jet ex. ( If This Ain’t Love)( Spiller Cover ( Take Me One Step At A Time)( Why Does It Feel So Good) 2. Wild Forever ex. Sophie Got Two Amazing Girl B/V ex.ex.ex. Just Heavenly Harmonies This Is The Best I’ve Ever Heard Sophie The Orchestra Is Bringing Another Dimension To Her Performance  Showing Acting And Storey Telling To Her Stage Presence 3 Catch You ex. Just Pure Magic Arrangements Tonight ( Come On Baby Say We Were Meant To Be) 4. Young Blood ex. ( My Love How You See Me)( Young Love)( It’s Going Through My Veins)( Some How It Sets Me Free) 5. Love Is A Camera ex. Sophie Has Her Firth Baby Five Months Old ( Loves A Camera Of Memories) 6.Not Giving Up On Love ex. ( I Want You To Hold Me Now Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Bridge Water Hall This Is The Best I’ve Seen Her. 7. Today The Sun Is On Us ex.( Looking For Trouble Times)( There No Way) Amazing Songwriting 8. Music Gets The Best Of Me ex. ( Music Drives Me Wild) Beautiful Landscapes And Shades In The Music Arrangement 9. Mixed Up World ex. ( I Look Around I See Contradiction)( I Need Guide’s Now) Pure Magic Harmonies From The Two Girls On B/V 10. Bittersweet ex. With A Instrumental Intro Piece From Orchestra Just Fabulous ( Your Love You Give To Me) Her Band On. Lead/ Bass/ Drums And Keys Already On. 11. Take Me Home ex. (Cher Cover) Amazing Overall Sounds With Her Band More Rocky Songs And Orchestra Arrangement 12. Young Hearts Run Free ex. ( Candi Sta ton Cover) 13. Love Is You ex. ( Carol Williams Cover)( Just Want You To Stand And Touch Me) 14. Grove Jest ex. ( If This Ain’t Love)( Spiller Cover) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Vocals And Harmonies From B/V 15. Don’t Leave Me This Way ex. ( Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes)( Baby Baby My Heart Is Falling In Love)( I Need Your Love) 16. Get Over You ex. Crowd Singing And Going Wild. ( We Move It Everyday) 17. Heartbreak ex. ( Make Me A Dancer)( Freemasons Cover) 18. Murder On The Dance Floor ex ( Big Hit For Her)( What You Are)( I’ll Take You Away)( Your Faster Not Leave The Groove) 19. A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed ex ( The Audience Song) Sophie Up In The Choir Circle Singing From The Rail Looking Down Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( It’s Madness) This Has Been Such Amazing Magical Evening At The Wonderful Bridge Water Hall Amazing Set Fantastic Orchestra And Conductor And Band Wonderful Vocals And Harmonies From B/V   Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores And Arrangements ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


PALE WAVES 6-20 pm—6–50 pm

One Of Manchester Break Through Bands Just Love Them Heather Baron Gracie Vocals/ Rhythm ex.ex. Clara Doran Drums ex.ex. Hugo Silvani Lead/ Keyboard ex.ex. Charlie Woods Bass/ Keyboards ex.ex. Intro B/T 1. Eighteen ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds 2. Television Romance ex. Amazing Songwriting Just Love This Band Amazing Front Women 3. The Tide ex. Just Brilliant Musicians 4 Red ex. Outstanding Music Scores 5. Noises ex. Brilliant Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm And Drums Fantastic Rock Vocals 6. One More Time ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( Don’t Say Your Going To Leave Me) 7. There A Honey ex. ( You Said You Want Me)( My Body Says) Brilliant Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band  Brilliant Songs/ Lyric And Music Scores.

TOM  MOREL-LO  7–10—8–10 pm

Tom Morel-lo Lead/ Rhythm/ Vocals And Amazing Mixes ex.ex.ex. Drums/ Percussion  Intro On Screen And Backing Tape With Video Coverage The Grain Elevator ex. With Some Amazing Music And Screen Footage And Vocals On Screen Tom Guitar On Stage And Crowd 1. Lead Poisoning Drums Come On ( We Declared What It Is)( You Can’t Hold Me Down) Pure Magic Guitar Work From Tom Outstanding Drumming 2. Where  It,s At Ain’t What It Is ex. With Rapper On Screen Tom Doing Some Amazing Lead Work Intermission B/T And On Screen 3. Battling Sirens ( I Was Born And Free)( Can’t Stop The Breathing) 4. Rabbit Revenge ex. Some Amazing Lead/ Rhythm With Wah Wah Brilliant Drums Add On Bass L/T Instrumental Piece 5. Can’t Stop The Bleeding ex.( I Was Lost)( I’ll Wait For You) Just Outstanding Guitar Work. 6. Bomtrack ex./ Know Your Enemy ex./ Bulls On Parade ex/ Guerrilla Radio/ Sleep Now In The Fire ex./ Cochise ex./ Like A Storm ex. 7 Short Songs In a Medley( All Alone)( Make Something)( There A Illusion)( Hungary Light) Some Amazing Vocal Shoots On Screen ( Heart To Reap) 7. How Long ex. ( Don’t Talk Down) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Intermission B/T Famous Last Words Video 3 People Talking Very Strange But Cl;ever 8 The Ghost Of Tom Joad ex.( Take Something) Brilliant Songwriting 9. Killing In The name ( Race Against The Machines Song ( A Ticket To The Promise Land) 10. Power To The People Joined By A Vol-entry Group Of Young People With Vocals And Dance ( John Lennon  Cover) Really Enjoyed This Number Pure Magic Overall Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Lead/ Drums And Vocals Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores With Some Great Instrumentals Amazing Graphics And Video Coverage ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


Morgan Nicholas Keys/ Sythi/ Guitar/ B/V ex.ex.ex. James Bellamy Vocals/ Guitar/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Dominic Howard Drums/ Percussion Sythi ex.ex.ex. Chris Wolsten Bass/ Guitars/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Intro Dancers With Trumpets Amazing Graphics On Screen With Add On Sounds B/T With Vocal/ Guitar On Walk Way With Dancers 1. Rest Of Band On Algorithm ( Alternate Reality Version Shorten) ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Great Graphics And Video Coverage On Screen. 2. Pressure ex.( Don’t Stop Me)( I’m Feeling The Pressure)( What Are You Doing)( Don’t Put Me In) Intermission ( Drill Sargent) B/T Great Graphics Lead/Bass And Drums 3. Psycho ex. ( Feeling On My Shoulder)( I’m Going To Break You) Pure Magic Lead/ Bass And Wicked Drumming And Key/ Sythi/ Piano 4. Break It To Me ex With Tom Morel-lo ( I Want To Know The Truth) Brilliant Vocal/ Guitars/ Drums And Keys Six Dancers In White With Lights 5. Uprising ex.( Extended Intro And Outro)( We Will Be Victorious)( Revolution Will Take It Toll) Amazing Graphics With Crowd Scenes On Screen ( We Will Come Closer) 6. Propaganda ex. Dancers With Smoke Tubes On Walk Way Lead using A Sythi Guitar/ Bass/ Drums Sythi Drum Pad 7. Plug In Baby ex. ( I Gave My Love) Amazing Strip Lighting On Walk Way ( I’m Going Crazy) 8. Pray ex. Amazing Music Score With Shades And Landscapes ( High Valerian)( Mathew Bellamy Cover)( Shortened)( If You Could See Her Face)( Wake Up)( And Set Me Free) Video Cover Of Band And Graphics On Screen 9. The Dark Side ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds 10 Super-massive ex. ( In The Dead Of Night) Brilliant Songwriting 11. Thought Contagion ex. ( Far Down Your Caring Out)( Someone Looking For Me)( I’ll Never Do What I Want To Do) Full Dancers On This Song Brilliant Dance Routine ( Try Out)( To Late To Have A Revolution) 12. Interlude B/T And Screen Then Into 13. Hysteria ex. ( Led Zeppelin Outro) Pure Magic Sounds From Band Love It. ( Things You Maid)( I’ll Break You Down) 14. Bliss ex. Another Wonderful Song 15. 2nd Law ex./ Untenable ex. From Second Album Two Great Song ( In The City)( In The Freedom)( Everything) Just Love These Two Songs 16. Dig Down ex.(  Acoustic Version)( We Must Fly Away) Pure Magic Overall Sounds STT Interstitial One B/T And Screen 17. Madness ex. Amazing Songwriting 18. Mercy Another Amazing Song This Is Such Brilliant Gig Of Massive Proportions Love It 19. Time Running Out ( Oasis’s Cigarettes And Alcohol Pure Magic Sounds 20. Houston Jam ex. Very Instrumental 21. Take A Bow ex. Amazing Songwriting 22. Prelude ex. Just Fantastic Sounds From Band Brilliant Graphics And Video Coverage On Screen 23. Starlight ex. Another Magic Song Encore STT Interstitial 2. B/T 24. Algorithm ex. Just Love This Band STT Interstitial 3. B/T 25. Stockholm Syndrome ex./ Assassin ex./ Reapers/ The Handling ex./ New Born/  5 Song Melody Pure Magic Genius And Fantastic Musicians Of The Highest Order 26. Knights Of Cydonia ( Ennio Morricon’s ” Man With Harmonica ” Intro Last Song Fantastic Lead/ Bass/ Drums And Keys Brilliant Sounds Amazing Ending To A Magical Evening Of The Best Of Rock Fantastic Set Amazing Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Fantastic Dancers ex. Pyrotechnics Amazing Screens With Video Coverage/ Graphics ex. Lights ex. Mixing


MICHAEL BUBLE 8–15 pm— 10–10 pm

Amazing Intro From Orchestra Brilliant String Section Woodwind And Brass Section Bass/ Lead/ Keys/ Sythi/ Piano And Full Piano/ Drums/ Percussion And Three B/V Two Girls And One Guy 1. Feeling Good ex. ( Anthony Newly Cover) Pure Magic Arrangement From Orchestra 2. Haven’t Meet You Yet ex. ( I’ve Broken My Heart So Many Times) Michael Vocals Just Heavenly Magic With A Brilliant Music Arrangement 3. My Funny Valentine ex. ( Rodgers And Heart Cover) Just Love These Old Songs. 4. I Only Have Eyes For You ex.( Harry Warren Cover) Pure Brilliant Sounds From Orchestra And Pure Magical Vocals From Michael 5. Sway ex. ( Dean Martin)( Hold Me Close When We Dance) So Many Magic Sounds Filling The Air) 6. Such A Night ex. ( Clyde Mc Phat-tan And The Drifters Cover)( Oh What A Night) Just Love The Orchestra And Michael 7.( Up A) Lazy River ex. ( Hoagie Carmichael Cover) Amazing Swing Number 8. When Your Smiling ex. ( Se-gar Ellis Cover)( The Whole World Smiles With You) Pure Magic Brass And String Section And Overall Sound From Orchestra And Michael Pure Magic Genius 9. Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves You ex. ( Russ Morgan And His Orchestra Cover) What A Fantastic Classic Song This Is Love It. 10. When I Fall In Love ex. ( Jeri Southern Cover) Amazing Strings And Trumpet Solo ( When I Fall In Love With You) 11 Love You Anymore ex. ( Just Because) Amazing Sea And Sand Views On Screen Outstanding Overall Sounds From Orchestra And Heavenly Vocals From Michael And B/V 12. Forever Now ex. ( Love You For Ever Now) Just Love The Overall Sounds 13. Home ex. ( I Want To Go Home) Brilliant Vocals 14. Buona Sera Signorina ( Louis Prima Cover)( In The Meantime I Take You I’m Over You) Amazing Overall Sounds And Heavenly Vocals From Michael And B/V 15. Just A Gigolo ex./ I Ain’t Got Nobody ex. ( Louis Prima Cover) One Song Into Another ( Every Where I Go)( I’m Just A Gigolo) 2nd Song( Nobody Cares For Me) Two Great Songs Love Them Magical Arrangements From Orchestra 16 You Never Can Tell ex. ( Chuck Berry Cover)( Say I Like) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 17. Nobody But Me ex. Another Great Song This Is Such A Magical Evening 18. Cry Me A River ex. Big Hit For Him ( Julie London Cover) Pure Magic Arrangement ( You Said You Loved Me)( I Cried A River Over You) 19. Encore 19. Where Or When ex. ( Rodgers And Hart Cover) Amazing Sounds And Arrangements From Orchestra 20 Everything ex ( You Are A Star)( Your From Out Of Space)( I Can’t Believe I’m Your Man)( Your My Everything)( Love Love) 21. You Are Always On My Mind ( Gwen Mc Crae Cover)( I’m Sorry I Made You Feel Second Best) This Song Has So Much Feeling Michael Just Pure Magic ( Give Me One More) Amazing Set Fantastic Orchestra Brilliant B/V Outstanding Vocals From Michael Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Arrangements Just Out Of This World Just A Fabulous Evening  ex. Lights ex. Mixing.