ANGEL  BABY   7–30 pm—-8–15 pm

I Was Late Getting There Thought Band was Coming On Till 8 pm Missed About Five To Six Songs  Lead Vocals ex. Bass ex.Drums ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano I’m So Glad I Got To See This Gig Instead Of Ministry Of Sounds  Just A Magical Evening 7. You My Baby Amazing Overall Sounds Great Musicians 8. The One I Love ex. ( Baby That What I Like) Very Indie/ Rock See Lots Of Perpe tual There A Touch Of Prog In There Music Scores. ex. Set ex. Band  ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing


The Band Has Taken Old American  Contemporary Soul Sounds Kwo Vocal / Lead ex.ex. Lot-sun Drums ex.ex. Shao Keyboards ex.ex. Hungli Bass ex.ex. Hao Chia Percussion ex.ex. Taiwanese Band 1. Teen Town ex, ( Your The Way)( Time To Share)( We Can Dream Our Dreams) Mostly Instrumental This Is Such A Talented Band Of Musicians Wasn’t Expecting This Very Different Very Funky Soul 2, Lullaby ex. Amazing Music Arrangement ( Your So Sweet)( I Don’t Know Why)( I Can’t Read Your Lesson) This Band Is Out Of This World. 3. Summer Bonum ex.( Take Take)( New World) Pure Magic Sounds 4. New Drug ex. Brilliant Intro And Songwriting ( True Memories) Amazing Percussion This Band Is Just Magical ( When Happiness Covers You) Outstanding Lead Work And Heavenly Sounds From Rest Of Band Amazing Shades And Landscapes In There Music Arrangements Song About Heartbreak 5. Welcome Too ex. ( Nearly Got True Love) Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air ( When Love Ain’t Right) The Music Arrangements Are On Such A High Level I Find Asian Musicians Are On Another Planet Of Pure Genius 6. Vanilp ex. ( My Baby)( A Let To Look) Amazing Key Work ( I’m Loosing It) Some Outstanding Bass Riffs ( I’m Dreaming) 7. Villa ex. ( Let It Fly)( I Close My Eyes And Float)( Time To Let Go) 8. Almost Mature ex ( Every Time) One Of There Big Hits Outstanding Bass/ Lead/ Keys/ Drums/ Sax And Percussion 9. Burgundy Red ex. ( Hear Comes The Book Of Life)( I See A Shout Of Love) More Amazing Lead Work 10. Greedy ex. ( I’ve Been Tired These Days)( We Will Get Back) 11. Slow ex. Another Amazing Number With Sax. 12. My Jinji ex. A Classic Love Song Pure Magic Overall Sounds Encore 1. Bomb Of Love ( I Love You)( I Want You To Know) 2. Little Monkey Rides ( On A Little Dunky) Great Drum Calypso Sound And Percussion Love It. 3. I Know I Know I Love You ex. ( Don’t Ask) 4. Angel Disco Love ex. ( My Angel Is Loving Me) Pour Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


THE  VILLAGERS 7–30 pm–8–15 pm


Formed In Dublin in 2008 Conour O Brien Vocal/ Guitar ex.ex Danny Snow Bass And Double/ Bass ex.ex. Cormack Cur-ran Keyboards ex.ex. Gwyon Lieweln Drums/ Flughorn ex..ex. Mali Llywlyn Harp ex.ex. Also Two On Brass ex.ex 1. Again ex. Amazing Overall Sounds 2. Sweet Saviour ex. ( Beyond The Barricades) Brilliant Musicians And Songwriters 3. Courage ex. ( It’s A Cold Time)( Took A Little Time To Get Through)( We Are Free) Also Trumpet And Trombone 4 Something Strong ex. ( It In Your Heart Vocals Trumpet 5. Long Time Waiting ex ( Waiting For Some One) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 6. Wondering ex. ( What It All For) Some Amazing Key/ Sythi Work 7 Trick Of The Light ex. ( Stand By The Phone)( I Come So Far) 2nd Key/ Sythi/ Piano Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing.

MUMFORD AND SONS  8–45 pm–10–35 pm

Marcus Mumford Vocals / Guitar/ Acoustic / Drums And Keys ex.ex.ex. Ben Lovett Vocals/ Keyboards/Sythi/Piano ex.ex.ex. Winston Marshall Vocals/ Electric Guitar/ Banjo ex.ex.ex. Ted Diane Vocals/ Bass/ Double Bass ex.ex.ex. Joe Cl-egg Drums/ Percussion ex.ex.ex. Chris Mass Drums ex.ex.ex. Tom Hob den Fiddle/ Guitar From Band Noah And The Whale ex.ex.ex. Nick Eturel Trumpet/ Flugelhorn/ Keyboards From Band Fifty Six ex.ex.ex. Dave Williamson Trombone/ Keyboard/ Percussion ex.ex.ex.These Are All Live Musicians Maybe Not Using All Of Them Hardy Car-gill Keyboard/ Guitar/ Drums ex.ex.ex. 1. Guiding Light ex. ( I See The Dawn Again)( When There No Stars Your My Guiding Light)( Come Back Backing Something To Believe In) 2.Little Lion Man ex.( Waiting For The)( I Fuck It Up This Time) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 3. The Cave ex.( Sat On A Fence)( Killing Time) 4. Beloved ex. ( Are You Afraid)( We Sit And Talk Stars Fall Down From The Sky) 5. Love Of The Light ex. Violin Keys/ Sythi ( Take A Train Ride Slow) Some Amazing Music Arrangements Tonight 6. Tompkins Square Park ex. ( Meet Me In The Park) Acoustic/ Rhythm Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band The Screens Were Very Dark Should Have Used H/D Music Brilliant Screens Very Poor Tonight 7. Women ex. ( I Never Saw Such A Sight) Amazing Songwriting Just Love This Band 8. Believe ex. ( They Call You Tonight)( I’ve No Fantasy) So Much Feeling In His Vocals ( Make You Feel Good)( Say Something) Outstanding Lead And Drums 9. Ditmas ex.( Broken Cars)( This Is All I Don’t What To Do) 10. Slip Away ex. ( You Always Seem To Cry)( We Will Slip Away)( Something On Your Mind) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band ( Don’t Bring Me Down)( More I Can Say) 11. Picture You ex. ( If I Can Tell You)( I Don’t Know How To Find You)( I’m Holding My Breath)( I’m Feeling Darkness) Guy On Spoken Words Pure Magic Fireworks Into The Air ( All My Friends) 12. Darkness Visible ex.Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 13. The Wolf ex. One Song Goes Into Another Just Love This Band. Encore Wild Heart Small Stage One Mike Acoustic Set ( Move Once Again) Double Bass )( And Kiss You On The Shore) Accordion ( I Ask The Truth) Very Capella Sound ( How We Keep Faith) 15. Timshel ex. ( Your Not Alone In This)( I’ll Hold Your Hand)( I’ll Move A Mountain For You) 16. Hurt ex.( Nine Inch Nails Cover) With Guest Tom Morel-lo Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( I Need To Have It All) Outstanding Lead 17. Rose Of Sharon ex. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air. 18. I Will Wait ex. Brilliant Songwriting. 19.Delta ex. This Has Been  such Amazing  Performance Tonight At The Amazing Manchester Arena This Has Been So Magical. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Very Poor Screens Tonight ex. Pyrotechnics ex Lights ex. Mixing.


ALICE JEMIMA  7–30 pm  –8 pm

Alice Vocal/ Songwriter/ Guitarist ex. 1. Electric ex. Great Guitar And Vocals Needs To Work On Her Stage Presence ( This Is How It’s Going To Be) 2. Dodged vg. ( Everything Changes) Amazing Songwriting 3. Dancing In Love Drums B/V B/T ( Say I’ll Always Be)( You Gave Me Everything) Outstanding Overall Sounds 4. No Dignity ex. ( I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind)( I Like The Way You Work It) 5. A CARUS vg. ( It’s Serious) Great Mix And Add On’s B/T ( Just Have Fun)( Why Do You Get So Serious) Alice Vocals/ Electric Some Nice Guitar Work 6. Liquorice ex. Great Drum Beat B/T ( Try Try Again) I See Lots Of Perpetually There ex. Set ex. Solo ex./ vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Needs To Do A Lot More Gigs

SOPHIE  ELLIS  BEXTOR  8–30 pm–10–30 pm

Sophie Vocals ex.ex.ex. Full Orchestra  String Sect ion ex.ex.ex. / Brass Section ex.ex.ex./ Woodwind Section ex.ex.ex./ Percussion ex.ex.ex. / Conductor ex.ex.ex./ Harp ex.ex.ex./ Piano/ Keys From Sophie’s Band ex.ex.ex. Then Sophie Band At End Lead ex.ex.ex. Bass ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex Intro From Orchestra The Song Diaries ex. Fabulous Arrangement 1. Groove Jet ex. ( If This Ain’t Love)( Spiller Cover ( Take Me One Step At A Time)( Why Does It Feel So Good) 2. Wild Forever ex. Sophie Got Two Amazing Girl B/V ex.ex.ex. Just Heavenly Harmonies This Is The Best I’ve Ever Heard Sophie The Orchestra Is Bringing Another Dimension To Her Performance  Showing Acting And Storey Telling To Her Stage Presence 3 Catch You ex. Just Pure Magic Arrangements Tonight ( Come On Baby Say We Were Meant To Be) 4. Young Blood ex. ( My Love How You See Me)( Young Love)( It’s Going Through My Veins)( Some How It Sets Me Free) 5. Love Is A Camera ex. Sophie Has Her Firth Baby Five Months Old ( Loves A Camera Of Memories) 6.Not Giving Up On Love ex. ( I Want You To Hold Me Now Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Bridge Water Hall This Is The Best I’ve Seen Her. 7. Today The Sun Is On Us ex.( Looking For Trouble Times)( There No Way) Amazing Songwriting 8. Music Gets The Best Of Me ex. ( Music Drives Me Wild) Beautiful Landscapes And Shades In The Music Arrangement 9. Mixed Up World ex. ( I Look Around I See Contradiction)( I Need Guide’s Now) Pure Magic Harmonies From The Two Girls On B/V 10. Bittersweet ex. With A Instrumental Intro Piece From Orchestra Just Fabulous ( Your Love You Give To Me) Her Band On. Lead/ Bass/ Drums And Keys Already On. 11. Take Me Home ex. (Cher Cover) Amazing Overall Sounds With Her Band More Rocky Songs And Orchestra Arrangement 12. Young Hearts Run Free ex. ( Candi Sta ton Cover) 13. Love Is You ex. ( Carol Williams Cover)( Just Want You To Stand And Touch Me) 14. Grove Jest ex. ( If This Ain’t Love)( Spiller Cover) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Vocals And Harmonies From B/V 15. Don’t Leave Me This Way ex. ( Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes)( Baby Baby My Heart Is Falling In Love)( I Need Your Love) 16. Get Over You ex. Crowd Singing And Going Wild. ( We Move It Everyday) 17. Heartbreak ex. ( Make Me A Dancer)( Freemasons Cover) 18. Murder On The Dance Floor ex ( Big Hit For Her)( What You Are)( I’ll Take You Away)( Your Faster Not Leave The Groove) 19. A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed ex ( The Audience Song) Sophie Up In The Choir Circle Singing From The Rail Looking Down Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( It’s Madness) This Has Been Such Amazing Magical Evening At The Wonderful Bridge Water Hall Amazing Set Fantastic Orchestra And Conductor And Band Wonderful Vocals And Harmonies From B/V   Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores And Arrangements ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


PALE WAVES 6-20 pm—6–50 pm

One Of Manchester Break Through Bands Just Love Them Heather Baron Gracie Vocals/ Rhythm ex.ex. Clara Doran Drums ex.ex. Hugo Silvani Lead/ Keyboard ex.ex. Charlie Woods Bass/ Keyboards ex.ex. Intro B/T 1. Eighteen ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds 2. Television Romance ex. Amazing Songwriting Just Love This Band Amazing Front Women 3. The Tide ex. Just Brilliant Musicians 4 Red ex. Outstanding Music Scores 5. Noises ex. Brilliant Lead/ Bass/ Rhythm And Drums Fantastic Rock Vocals 6. One More Time ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( Don’t Say Your Going To Leave Me) 7. There A Honey ex. ( You Said You Want Me)( My Body Says) Brilliant Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band  Brilliant Songs/ Lyric And Music Scores.

TOM  MOREL-LO  7–10—8–10 pm

Tom Morel-lo Lead/ Rhythm/ Vocals And Amazing Mixes ex.ex.ex. Drums/ Percussion  Intro On Screen And Backing Tape With Video Coverage The Grain Elevator ex. With Some Amazing Music And Screen Footage And Vocals On Screen Tom Guitar On Stage And Crowd 1. Lead Poisoning Drums Come On ( We Declared What It Is)( You Can’t Hold Me Down) Pure Magic Guitar Work From Tom Outstanding Drumming 2. Where  It,s At Ain’t What It Is ex. With Rapper On Screen Tom Doing Some Amazing Lead Work Intermission B/T And On Screen 3. Battling Sirens ( I Was Born And Free)( Can’t Stop The Breathing) 4. Rabbit Revenge ex. Some Amazing Lead/ Rhythm With Wah Wah Brilliant Drums Add On Bass L/T Instrumental Piece 5. Can’t Stop The Bleeding ex.( I Was Lost)( I’ll Wait For You) Just Outstanding Guitar Work. 6. Bomtrack ex./ Know Your Enemy ex./ Bulls On Parade ex/ Guerrilla Radio/ Sleep Now In The Fire ex./ Cochise ex./ Like A Storm ex. 7 Short Songs In a Medley( All Alone)( Make Something)( There A Illusion)( Hungary Light) Some Amazing Vocal Shoots On Screen ( Heart To Reap) 7. How Long ex. ( Don’t Talk Down) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Intermission B/T Famous Last Words Video 3 People Talking Very Strange But Cl;ever 8 The Ghost Of Tom Joad ex.( Take Something) Brilliant Songwriting 9. Killing In The name ( Race Against The Machines Song ( A Ticket To The Promise Land) 10. Power To The People Joined By A Vol-entry Group Of Young People With Vocals And Dance ( John Lennon  Cover) Really Enjoyed This Number Pure Magic Overall Sounds Amazing Set Fantastic Lead/ Drums And Vocals Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores With Some Great Instrumentals Amazing Graphics And Video Coverage ex. Lights ex. Mixing.


Morgan Nicholas Keys/ Sythi/ Guitar/ B/V ex.ex.ex. James Bellamy Vocals/ Guitar/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Dominic Howard Drums/ Percussion Sythi ex.ex.ex. Chris Wolsten Bass/ Guitars/ B/V ex.ex.ex. Intro Dancers With Trumpets Amazing Graphics On Screen With Add On Sounds B/T With Vocal/ Guitar On Walk Way With Dancers 1. Rest Of Band On Algorithm ( Alternate Reality Version Shorten) ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Great Graphics And Video Coverage On Screen. 2. Pressure ex.( Don’t Stop Me)( I’m Feeling The Pressure)( What Are You Doing)( Don’t Put Me In) Intermission ( Drill Sargent) B/T Great Graphics Lead/Bass And Drums 3. Psycho ex. ( Feeling On My Shoulder)( I’m Going To Break You) Pure Magic Lead/ Bass And Wicked Drumming And Key/ Sythi/ Piano 4. Break It To Me ex With Tom Morel-lo ( I Want To Know The Truth) Brilliant Vocal/ Guitars/ Drums And Keys Six Dancers In White With Lights 5. Uprising ex.( Extended Intro And Outro)( We Will Be Victorious)( Revolution Will Take It Toll) Amazing Graphics With Crowd Scenes On Screen ( We Will Come Closer) 6. Propaganda ex. Dancers With Smoke Tubes On Walk Way Lead using A Sythi Guitar/ Bass/ Drums Sythi Drum Pad 7. Plug In Baby ex. ( I Gave My Love) Amazing Strip Lighting On Walk Way ( I’m Going Crazy) 8. Pray ex. Amazing Music Score With Shades And Landscapes ( High Valerian)( Mathew Bellamy Cover)( Shortened)( If You Could See Her Face)( Wake Up)( And Set Me Free) Video Cover Of Band And Graphics On Screen 9. The Dark Side ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds 10 Super-massive ex. ( In The Dead Of Night) Brilliant Songwriting 11. Thought Contagion ex. ( Far Down Your Caring Out)( Someone Looking For Me)( I’ll Never Do What I Want To Do) Full Dancers On This Song Brilliant Dance Routine ( Try Out)( To Late To Have A Revolution) 12. Interlude B/T And Screen Then Into 13. Hysteria ex. ( Led Zeppelin Outro) Pure Magic Sounds From Band Love It. ( Things You Maid)( I’ll Break You Down) 14. Bliss ex. Another Wonderful Song 15. 2nd Law ex./ Untenable ex. From Second Album Two Great Song ( In The City)( In The Freedom)( Everything) Just Love These Two Songs 16. Dig Down ex.(  Acoustic Version)( We Must Fly Away) Pure Magic Overall Sounds STT Interstitial One B/T And Screen 17. Madness ex. Amazing Songwriting 18. Mercy Another Amazing Song This Is Such Brilliant Gig Of Massive Proportions Love It 19. Time Running Out ( Oasis’s Cigarettes And Alcohol Pure Magic Sounds 20. Houston Jam ex. Very Instrumental 21. Take A Bow ex. Amazing Songwriting 22. Prelude ex. Just Fantastic Sounds From Band Brilliant Graphics And Video Coverage On Screen 23. Starlight ex. Another Magic Song Encore STT Interstitial 2. B/T 24. Algorithm ex. Just Love This Band STT Interstitial 3. B/T 25. Stockholm Syndrome ex./ Assassin ex./ Reapers/ The Handling ex./ New Born/  5 Song Melody Pure Magic Genius And Fantastic Musicians Of The Highest Order 26. Knights Of Cydonia ( Ennio Morricon’s ” Man With Harmonica ” Intro Last Song Fantastic Lead/ Bass/ Drums And Keys Brilliant Sounds Amazing Ending To A Magical Evening Of The Best Of Rock Fantastic Set Amazing Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Fantastic Dancers ex. Pyrotechnics Amazing Screens With Video Coverage/ Graphics ex. Lights ex. Mixing


MICHAEL BUBLE 8–15 pm— 10–10 pm

Amazing Intro From Orchestra Brilliant String Section Woodwind And Brass Section Bass/ Lead/ Keys/ Sythi/ Piano And Full Piano/ Drums/ Percussion And Three B/V Two Girls And One Guy 1. Feeling Good ex. ( Anthony Newly Cover) Pure Magic Arrangement From Orchestra 2. Haven’t Meet You Yet ex. ( I’ve Broken My Heart So Many Times) Michael Vocals Just Heavenly Magic With A Brilliant Music Arrangement 3. My Funny Valentine ex. ( Rodgers And Heart Cover) Just Love These Old Songs. 4. I Only Have Eyes For You ex.( Harry Warren Cover) Pure Brilliant Sounds From Orchestra And Pure Magical Vocals From Michael 5. Sway ex. ( Dean Martin)( Hold Me Close When We Dance) So Many Magic Sounds Filling The Air) 6. Such A Night ex. ( Clyde Mc Phat-tan And The Drifters Cover)( Oh What A Night) Just Love The Orchestra And Michael 7.( Up A) Lazy River ex. ( Hoagie Carmichael Cover) Amazing Swing Number 8. When Your Smiling ex. ( Se-gar Ellis Cover)( The Whole World Smiles With You) Pure Magic Brass And String Section And Overall Sound From Orchestra And Michael Pure Magic Genius 9. Your Nobody Till Somebody Loves You ex. ( Russ Morgan And His Orchestra Cover) What A Fantastic Classic Song This Is Love It. 10. When I Fall In Love ex. ( Jeri Southern Cover) Amazing Strings And Trumpet Solo ( When I Fall In Love With You) 11 Love You Anymore ex. ( Just Because) Amazing Sea And Sand Views On Screen Outstanding Overall Sounds From Orchestra And Heavenly Vocals From Michael And B/V 12. Forever Now ex. ( Love You For Ever Now) Just Love The Overall Sounds 13. Home ex. ( I Want To Go Home) Brilliant Vocals 14. Buona Sera Signorina ( Louis Prima Cover)( In The Meantime I Take You I’m Over You) Amazing Overall Sounds And Heavenly Vocals From Michael And B/V 15. Just A Gigolo ex./ I Ain’t Got Nobody ex. ( Louis Prima Cover) One Song Into Another ( Every Where I Go)( I’m Just A Gigolo) 2nd Song( Nobody Cares For Me) Two Great Songs Love Them Magical Arrangements From Orchestra 16 You Never Can Tell ex. ( Chuck Berry Cover)( Say I Like) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 17. Nobody But Me ex. Another Great Song This Is Such A Magical Evening 18. Cry Me A River ex. Big Hit For Him ( Julie London Cover) Pure Magic Arrangement ( You Said You Loved Me)( I Cried A River Over You) 19. Encore 19. Where Or When ex. ( Rodgers And Hart Cover) Amazing Sounds And Arrangements From Orchestra 20 Everything ex ( You Are A Star)( Your From Out Of Space)( I Can’t Believe I’m Your Man)( Your My Everything)( Love Love) 21. You Are Always On My Mind ( Gwen Mc Crae Cover)( I’m Sorry I Made You Feel Second Best) This Song Has So Much Feeling Michael Just Pure Magic ( Give Me One More) Amazing Set Fantastic Orchestra Brilliant B/V Outstanding Vocals From Michael Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Arrangements Just Out Of This World Just A Fabulous Evening  ex. Lights ex. Mixing.



A Brilliant Old Punk Band Vocals ex. Lead ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. 1. Nazi Dad vg.( Let Me) Great Sounding Band 2. Ton Of Ale vg. Great Songwriting 3. Gimme Gimme vg. Haven’t Done This Song For 2/3 years ( You Say) 4. Action Man vg. ( I See Any One) Great Overall Sounds And Song Writing 5. Sick Boy vg. Very Tight Punk Band 6. The Hammer vg. Dedicated To Musicians Who Have Died Including The Late Lenny Motor-head ( I’m Into You) 7. Drunk In Charge Of A 747 vg. Add On B/T  Great Overall Sounds 8. Up The S hitter vg. ( I Love Diane) Very Short Song 9. Revenge vg. About Slaughtering And Testing Animals ( You Said You Should Stop You Fucking Bastards) 10. Vivisect-or Brilliant Songwriting 11. Molly’s Lips ( Take It England)( You Said)( Take Me Anyway) ex. Set ex. Band vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Will See This Band Again.


Lead ex.ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Vocals ex.ex.ex. Intro How Are You 2. Bitch-slap ! ( We Are Under Attack) Amazing Front Man Vocals On Floor Never Stop Moving Fantastic Stage Presence And A Brilliant Band Of Musicians 3 Wasting My Life Away vg. ( I Can See Your Face) Brilliant Overall Sounds And Songwriting 4. It’s Over ex. ( When You Cried All Night) Pure Magic Band Just Love Them 5. Keep Calm ex. Vocals Still On Floor Came To Back Of Room. 6. Poncho Song ex. ( When I’m Feeling Blue)( Put On My Poncho Baby) 7 PAYE vg. Song About Money Throwing Paper Money To Crowd With Band Name On. 8. Ballad Of Billy Rubin ex. ( Your A Person) Amazing Lively Song 9 Zombie Girl ex. 9( What Is It Like Your Sad Life)( I’m Just A Living Thing)( Your My Zombie Girl) Pure Magic Sounds From Band 10. Eating People Is Wrong ex. Vocal Moving Through Crowd. (  I’m Ready) 11. U R A Lizard, Harry vg. ( Oh No No) Brilliant Vocals 12. ( I Wanna Get) Fucked Up! ex. ( You Better Be Were)( I Want To Get Back Home) 13. We Are The ex. Extra Song ( I Want To Be Alone Again) Amazing Lead/ Rhythm/ Bass And Drums And One Hell Of A Front Man Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing Can’t Wait To See Them Again.

MUTANT  MONSTERS  9–30 pm—10–25  pm JAPAN

Just Love These Three Talented Girl Amazing Punk Band These Girls Rock Lead/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Bass/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Drums/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. 1. Abnormal ex. ( I Look At You) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 2. No Way ex. ( I’ve Got Told) Outstanding Stage Presence From The Girls Who Also Are Brilliant Musicians 3. Kawali Dakeja i Ra-renal ex ( Hey Hey) Brilliant Lead/ Bass And Drums Fantastic Rock Vocals 4. Hanashite Ageru ex. ( I Don,t Know Why) Brilliant Songwriting Very Commercial Hardcore Punk So Much Energy 5. Yuryo Rena i ex. ( When I Hear)( I Will Give You)( Look Out For You) 6. Nekokaburi ( Somebody Loves You) Outstanding Drumming/ Lead And Bass 7. Ray Of Light ex. ( You Will Survive) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 8. Parallel World ex. Some Amazing Bass Riffs These Girls Are Just Out Of This World ( I Love You)( I See You)( On On) 9. Sparkling Energy ex. ( Yea Yea Yea)( You Don’t No What Your Missing) 10. Tokyo ex. ( I Want You To Know One Song)( Oh Baby) They Are Really Rocking The Place Tonight These Girls Can Really Play. 11. Cheer Up ex. ( I’ll Give You My Heart)( I Love You)( You Don’t Know) Pure Magic Songwriting. 12. Bub Bub Bobbitt ( Your Extra Nice) Very Commercial High Energy Punk These Girls Really Rock 13. Lazy Guy ex. Very Young Band ( Fucking Egg Man) 14. Koppamijin Rocket vg. ( It’s All About You)( Hey Hey) Outstanding Overall Sounds And Songwriting 15 Girls Flight ex. ( I’ve Seen It Before)( Don’t Forget) Encore I Was On Side Of Stage For Last Two Songs 16. Bara Bara ex. ( Stick Broken)( What About You)( Oh Oh)( So Now We Are) 17. Summer Ticket ex. ( Going Off My Self)( There Goes The Love I’ve Got None) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing Another Great Night At Jimmy’s.



JESS  GLYNNE  7–15 pm  8 pm

Took Nearly 50 min. To Get In Given Wrong Directions And Gate Was Very Busy Had To Listen From Outside So I Had Trouble Catching The Lyrics Caught Last Song In Full Band  Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. B/V ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. I Was So Far Away There Might Have Been Another Band Member 1. Hold My Hand ex. Talking To Crowd Each Song Was Amazing 2. No One ex Another Brilliant Song 3. These Days ( Rudimental Cover) I Enjoyed The Songs From Outside Great Songwriting 4. Thursday ex. Amazing Overall Sound From Band And Heavenly Vocals From Jess 5. One Touch ex. Crowd Going Wild 6. Don’t Be Hard On Your Self ex. Just Love The Melodies 7. Take Me Home ex. ( Cover) Love The Song  8. Medley Of 4 Songs So Real ex./ Real Love ex./ My Love ex./ Rather Be ex. Love This Medley 9 All I Am ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds 10. I’ll Be There ex. ( If You Give Me Love)( I’ll Be There For You) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Fabulous Vocals Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing I’ve Seen Jess A Few Times Right At The Beginning When She Started.

SPICE  GIRLS  8—30 pm—10–30  pm

Before Coming On Dancers On The Walk Way Two Great Songs On B/T 1. My Hands Are Tied ex. 2. I Wear My Pride ex. Band Lead ex. Bass ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex. Rhythm ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. About 16 Dancers And B/V Intro From Band ex. With Fireworks Lighting The Sky 1. All Four Girls Mel C/ Geri/ Emma/ Mel B On Stage  Spice Up Your Life ex Pure Magic Overall Sounds This Is A Wonderful Start To A Amazing Magical Evening ( Take That Turn)( People Of The World)( Keeper Of The World) Lots Of Fireworks Going Off 2. If You Can’t Dance ex. ( We’ve Got The Players) Nice Bit Of Rap ( Can’t You See Your Having A Dance With Me) With Some rap ( If You Can’t Dance Nothing For Me Baby) 3.  Who Do You Think You Are ex. ( Turn Out The Lights Oh Oh Oh) ( Your A Superstar)( Shake it Move It Who Do You Think You Are) More Fireworks Over The Stadium 4. Do It ex. ( I Can Stop The World)( You Got To Show What You Feel)( You Got To Do It)( This Time)( I’m Loosing Control) 5. Something Kind Of Funny( We Got Something Kind Of Funny Going On) Stage Set Just Fabulous ( This Is Just A Escape)( You Got It)( Feeling Kind Of Funny) Amazing Vocals And Out Of This World Arrangement From Band Intermission B/T Military Cadence/ Sound Off ex.Girls On Screen With Vocals Great Dance Routine From Dancers Costume Change ( Take The Heat)( It’s Over Again)( We Are Stronger) Girls Still On Screen ( We Are The Spice Girls) Dance Routine Guys Vocals On B/T ( We Know How We Got This Far) Next Spice Girls Back On  Stage 6. Holler ex.( Play That Game)( I Want To Love You More)( Don’t Be Afraid)( Call My Name)( Were The Spice Girls)( Girl Power Is All We Need) Great Singing From Crowd Intermission Queer Tango Orchestral Piece B/T Just Two Guys Dancing Amazing Dance Routine Pure Magic 7. Viva Forever ex. ( Do You Remember How It Used To Be)( I’ll Be Waiting For Ever) Some Amazing Spanish Lead Love It ( It Was Just A Dream) 8 Let The Love Lead The Way ex. ( I See Sunshine) Another Amazing Song From All Four Girls.( She Will Find It)( Sunshine In The Rain)( You Can Be Perfect) Pure Magic Vocals Coming Over Louder ( I Want To Be) 9. Good-by ex. ( If I Never Try)( Good By People)( Send A Angel To Me)( Good-by My Friends)( It Not The End) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Love This Song. So Much Feeling ( I Never Thought You Go Your Own Sweet Way) Intermission B/T Car Wash ex. Dancers On Screen Just Amazing About Sixteen Dancers ! Girls Back On 10. Never Give Up On The Good Times ex. ( Come Back On The World)( Baby You Ran Out Of Time)( Remember All The Good Times) 11. We Are Family ( Sister Sledge Cover)( All The People) Pure Magic Cover With Heavenly Vocals 12. Love Thing ex. Outstanding Sounds From Band And Pure Magic Vocals From The Girls ( It Happened To Me)( You Don’t What To Be Dreaming)( I’m Not That Easy)( All That Pushing And Shoving) Heart Graphics On Screen 13 Lady Is A Vamp ex. ( Cover) Lou Lead/ Conner Percussion/ Ace Keys/ Chris Bass And AT Drums. ( A Lady In Another World)( We Love Her So)( She A Dance House Queen) Intermission B/T The Last Waltz On Screen Big Ben Showing Twelve O Clock Dancers Doing A Dance Routine Looks Fantastic The Dance Routines Have Been Out Of This World. Spice Wheel Looks Like A Clock 14. Too Much ex. ( All I Can See)( I Need A Friend)( To Much Of Something Is To Much)( I Need To Be Satisfied)( Something Is Bad Enough)( Keep Me Satisfied) 15. Say You’ll Be There ex. ( Last Time)( Now Your Telling Me Your Falling In Love)( All I Want From You Is A Promise That You’ll Be There) 16. Two Be Come One ( Tomorrow I Need Some Love)( Tonight We Become One) Intermission B/T Girl Power ex. On Screen And Dancers 17. Stop ex. Girls Routine Just Fantastic With Amazing Vocals And Sounds From Band. 18. Mama ex. Love This Song Just A Fabulous Arrangement 19. Wannabe ex. Another Brilliant Song To End The Show Great Dance Routine And Outstanding Vocals From Mel C/ Geri/ Emma And Mel C  This Show Has Been So Magical Loved Ever Minute  Ending Intermission Spice Up Your Life ex. With Amazing Firework Finish Amazing Set Fantastic Band Fabulous Vocals From All Four Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Fantastic Video Footage And Graphics On Screen Outstanding Pyrotechnics Fabulous Lighting Brilliant Mixing.


ALL-MAN BROWN  8 pm—8–30 pm

Rae Keys/ Piano B/V ex. All-man Vocal/ Acoustic ex. 1 Darling On Me ex. ( I What You Tonight) Some Tittles Could Be Wrong No Set List ( One Has To Break)( Into My Arms)( I Hold You Close To Me) Pure Magic Sounds And Great Songwriting ( I Said Your Name) 2. Then I Will Hold You Tight ex. ( I Will Keep You Warm)( And I Want My Self) Girl Vocals ( I Keep The Light Off)( We Are Building Our Kingdom)( In Our Hearts Sons And Daughters) 3. Your The Sweetest Thing ex.( Tears To Set You Free)( I Ever Did See) 4. Bury My Heart ex.( Everything Is Grown Is Still) Pure Magic Lyrics So Beautiful With So Much Feeling ( Everybody’s Heart Believes The Blue Sky)( It’s You I See)( I Will Wait For You) We Sit Around The Moon vg. ( It’s Foolish I Know)( Suddenly I’m Afraid)( I See You Shinning In The Night)( There Magic In The Air) 6. I Was Waiting For Something To Believe In ex. ( I’m So Tired Of Living)( Where Did The Kindness Go)( My Soul Is To Heavy)( I Do My Best To Be Kind) I See Lots Of Perpetual In This Duo With Amazing Keys And Brilliant Acoustic Work And Heavenly Vocals And Harmonies ex. Set ex. Duo ex./ vg Songs And Songwriting ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

DIDO   9 pm—10–38 pm

Drums ex.ex.ex. Percussion ex.ex.ex. Bass B/V Keys ex.ex.ex. Lead/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex Keys/ Organ/ Sythi B/V ex.ex.ex. Dido Vocals/ Acoustic ex.ex.ex. Intro From Band Just A Magical Arrangement Very Key/ Drum And Percussion Based 1. Hurricanes ex. ( I Want To Wake Up By Your Side)( I Want To See You Walking Through The Door) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting Her Band Is Just Fabulous And Brilliant Musicians Love Them Dido Acoustic ( I Can Stay) 2. Hell After This ex. ( You Better Run)( The Sun Goes Down And The Lights Go Out Flame Graphics On Four Screens ( Feeling On Fire) 3. Life For Rent ex. Lead/ Acoustic ( I Need To Find A Place Like Home)( I’ll Travel The World)( There Nothing I Have To Give Up) Another Powerful Lyric Song Love It. ( There Nothing More) 4. Hunter ex. ( With One Life)( If You Were A Bear On The Run)( I Want To See The World Again) Outstanding Sounds From Band And Heavenly Vocals From Dido Just Out Of The World ( Let Me Go) 5. No Freedom ex. Dido/ Acoustic ( Take It By Your Side)( No Love Like Me) Lead/ Acoustic ( No Love Without Freedom) Amazing Graphics On Screen 6. Grafton Street ex. ( No More Watching Sunset)( No More Watching Lovers)( I’ll Be There And I’ll Do My Best)( Rocking Angels)( No More Staying Up All Night)( Nothing Can Bring Us The People We Had On Grafton Street) 7. Sand In My Shoes ex. Intro Pure Magic Acoustic/ Lead ( Things Don’t Look The Same)( As We Go Into The Night)( I Want To See You Again) Lead B/V ( I Still Get Sand In My Shoes) 8. Give It Up ex. Song About When Romance Dies ( I’m Not Saying)( I Found Away To Let You Go)( You Can’t Rip My Heart Out)( Nothing Is Safe)( You Changed My Mind) 9. Thank You ex. Another Big Hit ( Not So Bad)( I’ve Got Your Picture On The Wall)( Best Day Of My Life)( All I See Is You)( What I’m I To Do)( Just To Be With You)( I Just What To Thank You) 10. Friends ex. ( I Thought About) Outstanding Percussion/ Drums/ Bass/ Lead And Keys ( Don’t Go Teaching Again) Some Amazing Key Melodies ( You See It Slip Away)( Don’t Know Why) 11. Sitting On The Roof Of The World ex. Dido/ Acoustic Lead/ Acoustic ( Just To Run From A/B ( There I Was)( Not Knowing How I Got There) A Fantastic Acoustic Song Just Dido And Lead Amazing Vocal Harmony From Lead 12.Quiet Times ex. ( Ask Me When I Go Tonight)( It Hard Enough To See The World As It Is) Tree’s On The Screen( I Miss You)( I Want You) 13. Hear With Me ex. ( I Do What I Want)( Till Your Back With Me)( I Can’t Hide)( I Will Know) Pure Overall Sounds From Band And Heavenly Vocals From Dido. See You When Your 40 ex Song About A Broken Relationship ( We Are Raped Up In Changes) Lead/ Electric ( Sad That You Lost Me)( I’ll See You Tonight Your Just A Boy Not A Man)  15 Mad Love ex. Great Calypso Beat ( Show Me Love) 16. End Of Night ex.( Your Twisted Life)( It Doesn’t Matter I Not There)( There No Need To Reply) 17. Take You Home ex. ( The Sun Is Up)( Everyday We Meet)( And Take Me Home)( Sleep All Day) 18. Take My Hand Off First L/P Pure Magic Guitar Work ( Come Into My Heart)( Take Your Time) 19. Have To Stay ex. Song About Having A Kid ( Your Smile On Your Face)(When You Cry I Tell You I Haven’t Gone)( When We Walk Hand In Hand And Tell Me About Your Day) Bass/ Keys ( That’s What Love Is All About) 20 White Flag ex. Beautiful Intro From Keys ( I Won’t Go Down With The Ship)( I’m In Love) Amazing Set Fantastic Band Dido Pure Magic Heavenly Vocals Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing This Has Been Such A Wonderful Evening At The Amazing Albert Hall.