STING AND SHAGGY  8–10 pm –10–10 pm

Lead ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Sting Bass/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Shaggy/ Vocals/ Rap/ Reggie ex.ex.ex. Keys/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. Guy B/V ex.ex. Girl B/V ex.ex.ex. Guy Harmonica/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. 1. 44/876 ex. ( The Politicians In This Country Are Getting Me Down) Very Caribbean In The Music Score Love It ( A Spiritual Truth)( 44/786) 2. Morning Is Coming ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( It’s Quarter To Three)( Sunset Night And Day)( It’s A Beautiful Sunshine And Morning Has Broken)   ( I Look Around There Nobody There) 3. English Man In New York ( Sting Cover) ex. I’m A Alien I’m A Illegal Alien)( Come Back)( If You See Me Walking Down The Street)( I’m A Jamaican In New York) 4. Every Little Thing Is Magic ex. ( Police Cover)( I Held To Tell A Storey)( I Resolve To Call Her Up To Marry Her) 5. Oh Carolina ex. ( We Will Be Together) Guy Harmonica Pure Magic Stood Next To Guy B/V ( What She Tells You) Pure Magic Overall Sounds Just Fabulous ( She Rocks Her Body)( Oh Carolina)( Love Is A Flame)( We Will Be Together Tonight) 6. If You Can’t Find Love ex. ( She Looks For Love)( How Can You Find Your Self)( If You Can’t Find Love) Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies. 7. Love Is The Seventh Wave ex.( Sting Cover)( It The Sabbath Day)( It’s Seems Million Miles Away But Get’s A Little Closer Everyday)( The Way She Moves) Also Rhythm Sting Twin Neck Guitar ( Love This Spirit) 8. To Love And Be Loved ex. ( Another Lovely Day) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band And Outstanding Vocals From Sting And Shaggy. 9. Message In A Bottle ex. ( Police Cover)( I Send A S.O.S. To The World)( Message In A Bottle) Repeat By Crowd ( I Hope Someone Gets My Message In A Bottle) Pure Magic Overall Arrangement Of This Song The Place Is Really Rocking Tonight 10 You ex( Shaggy Cover) With Guest Vocals Alex Ander ( Your My Only Choice)( All I See Is You) Shaggy Vocal Rap ( I Want To Be With You) Alex Vocals Just Heavenly Magic Another New Artist Coming Through 11. Brand New Day ( Sting Cover)( All The People Out There)( All Those Sleepless Nights)( Starting Up In A Brand New World) Outstanding Keys/ Lead/ Rhythm/ Keys And Drums With  Some Brilliant Bass Riffs From Sting And B/V Pure Magic 9 Stand Up Stand Up)( It’s A Brand New Day) 12. Waiting For The Break Of Day ex. Amazing Piano Intro Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting. Girl B/V Vocals Just Heavenly ( When The Lights On The Window) Outstanding Lead Filling The Air With Magic Notes ( Is Sent Away) 13 Gotta Get Back To  My Baby ex. ( Lets Give It A Try)( On The Side Of The Road)( It Hopeless Now)( I Shouldn’t Have Messed Around) 14. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free ex. This Is Just A Outstanding Show Tonight ( It’s In My Heart)( If You Meet Somebody)( Don’t Ever Think About Me) 15. Don,t Make Me Wait ex. ( I Don’t What To Fight This)( I Know What Works For Me) Pure Magic Lighting On Stage ( True Love) 16 Angel ex (Shaggy Cover)( You My Angel)( Your My Guardian) Reggie Rap From Shaggy ( Oh Baby)( You Me And Friends I Need) 17. Dreaming In The U.S.A. ( Don’t Stop Now)( I’m In The Land Of The Brave) Talking To Crowd Shaggy Says I Feel Love Tonight Weather Your A Different Colour We Are All Brother And Sisters Here Tonight In Jamaica We Are One People. 18. Crooked Tree ex. With Stage Props Court Room Shaggy Is The Judge And Criminal In Dock ( Before I Pass The Sentence) From Shaggy Reply From Prisoner ( I Face A Broken Heart)( When The Shadows Shape My Criminal Soul) Pure Magic Stage Presentation And Brilliant Sounds 19. Shape Of My Heart ex. ( You Pray For Respect) Guy B/V Vocals Pure Magic Lyrics With So Much Feelings With Beautiful Harmonies Floating In The Air ( You Wonder Were The Sun Comes From) Pure Magic Songwriting And Overall Sounds ( The Place I Know)( Shadows In My Room)( The Love I Give You) 20 Walking On The Moon ex. ( Police Cover) A Very Interesting Intro Arrangement ( Some May Say) Pure Magic Drumming ( I Wasted My Life Away)( We Could Be Together Walking On The Moon)( Keep It Up) Then Some Fast Rap From Shaggy. ( I’ll Teach Them I What Them)( Get Up Stand Up For Your Rights) 21. So Lonely/ Strength Of A Women ( Welcome To This Two Man Show)( So Amazing How This World Was Made)( I Gave My Love To A Women)( There A Smile On Her Face)( My Manchester women)( Strength Of A Woman)( Lonely Lonely) Amazing Harmonies And Pure Magic Vocals ( I Feel So Lonely) 22. Hey Sexy Lady ex. ( I’m Out Of Control)( Only You Can Make Me Scream And Beg For More) 23. Roxanne/ Bombastic ex. ( You Don’t Have To Put On A Red Light) Then Into Bombastic ( I Want A Lovely Young Girl To Ring My Bell) 24. Can’t Stand Loosing You Shaggy And Sting Vocals ( Police Cover) ( I Can’t Forget)( No One Listen To A Word I Say)( You Will Be Sorry When I’m Dead) Some Brilliant Rap From Shaggy And Brilliant Vocals From Sting) Just Outstanding Sounds From Band Speaking To Crowd This Is The Best Way To End The Tour In Manchester. ( This Is My Good By)( I Can’t Stop Loosing You) 25. Desert Rose ex. ( I Dream About)( Shadows Fails Pure Magic Song With So Much Feeling ( I Close My Eyes)( Your Love) Brilliant Key Work On This Song ( Trumpet Sound From Keys)( One Love) A Nice European Sound. 26. It Wasn’t Me ex. Big Hit For Shaggy ( I Was Caught On Camera)( Banging On The Bathroom Floor)( I’m Sorry For The Pain) 27. Every Breath I Take ( Police Cover) ex. ( You Be Long To Me)( I’ll Be Watching You)( Every Move You Make)( Every Step You Take) Encore 28. Next To You ex. ( I Want To Be Next To You) Best Sting Show I’ve Seen The Chemistry Between The Two Was Pure Magic Genius The Staging Of This Show  Is Just Fabulous Amazing Set Fantastic Band Sting And Shaggy Magical Brilliant Song/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Graphics ex Lights/Mixing


JO  QUAIL   7–50 pm—-8–15 pm

Instrumentalist/ Music Writer/ Cello Using A Loop Machine To Add On Sounds And Drum Beat 1. Gold ex, Instrumental Piece This Girl Is Really Special Some Of The Mixing She Does Is Pure Magic Genius With Lovely Shades And Orchestral Sounds 2 Mandlecampus ex. All Pieces Instrumental This Pierce Changes Every Time She Plays It Amazing Scraping Sound On Loop Very Experimental Very Clever Cello Mixing At It’s Very Best Amazing Blow Work Drum Beats Beating On Cello And Loop Mix 3. In Four Movements A Most Beautiful Soft Landscapes Music Arrangement Then Going Louder In to Many Orchestral Sounds Floating Magically In The Air A Very Long And Fabulous Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Brilliant Music Writing ex. Lights ex. Mixing

ARAB-ROT     8–30 pm—9 pm

Lead/ Vocals ex. Bass B/V ex. Drums ex. 1. Gospel ex Amazing Overall Sounds 2. And The Whore Is The City  ex ( What Have I Done To You) Amazing Front Man And Guitarist Outstanding Drums And Bass  Pure Magic 3. Tall Man ex ( There A Shadow On  A To bin)( I Saw You Put Your Footsteps Down)( In The Silence) 4. Maldoror’s Love ex. ( Fire Launches Out) Amazing Sounds And Songwriting 5. The Dome vg. ( Tell Me I’m In)( 95 Years) Pure Magic Guitar And Drum Work. Folk/ Rock/ Hardcore ( I Shoot) 6. Sinner Man ex. ( With Jo Quail)( All On That Day)( Run To The River) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 7. The Horns Of The Devil Grow vg. ( We Will Chase Her)( Going For The Devil)( Out Side Of The Body)( I’ll Get The Devil Horns) 8. Story Of Lot ex. ( With Jo Quail)( You Smile At Me)( Ends Of The Sea)( Your Bringing Me Down) Some Amazing Bass Riffs And Brilliant Drumming And Overall Sounds And Songwriting. Band From Norway. ex Set ex. Band ex Songs ex Lights ex. Mixing

MONO  9–30 pm From Japan

Girl Key/ Sythi/ Guitar/ Vocals ex.ex. Bass ex.ex. Lead ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Intro God Bless B/T 1. After You Comes The Flood ex. Pure Magic Sounds And Brilliant Musicians From Japan And Korea Are Really Breaking Through At The Moment Quite Heavy With A Touch Of Prog Rock Influence 2. Death In Rebirth ex. Pure Magic Intro With Lots Of Shades And Depth In There Music Scores 3. Breathe ex. Girl Sythi/Keys Pure Genius ( You Say He’s Going) So Magical And Beautiful In The Music Score 4. Sorrow ex. Love This Song Magic Sounds Flowing Heavenly Through The Room To Every One. 5. Meet Us Where The Night Ends ex. Just Another Magical Melody Flowing With Shades In The Music Score 6. Dream Odyssey ex ( With Jo Quail) Amazing Landscapes And Shades In The Music Score Flying Through The Air With Magic Amazing Cello Work And Fantastic Sounds From Band 7. Girl On Xylophone Intro So Beautiful And Magical Love This Song With Fabulous Sounds. 8. Com(!) ex Brilliant Sounds From Band They Are Such Gifted Musicians Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing See Great Perpetual In This Band Just Love Them Another Great Night At The Gorilla Magic.


BLACK PINK  8–05 pm—10–05 pm

Amazing Girl Band From Korea With A Brilliant Band Backing Them With Four Dancers These Girls Are Going To Dominate The World They Are A K Pop As From 2018 Black Pink Is The Highest Charting Band On Both Bill Board Hot 100 And Bill Board 200 Four Vocalists Jisoo ex,ex,ex. Jennie ex.ex.ex. ( She A Big Solo Hip Hop Artist In Korea) Rose ex.ex.ex.( Also A Solo Artist) Lisa ex.ex.ex.ex. Backing Band Omar Dominick Bass ex.ex.ex. Dante Jackson Keyboards/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex.ex. Justin Lyons Lead ex.ex.ex. Bennie Rodger Drums ex.ex.ex. 1. Forever Young ex. Pure Magic Vocals And Dance Routine Love It This Is Going To Be A Magical Night 2. Stay ( Remix Version) Pure Magic Graphics On Screen Amazing Vocals And Rap From Girls With Great Dance Routine First Time In Manchester For Them 3. Whistle Pink Spot Light From Back Of Arena Amazing Vocals And Joined By Four Dancers And Brilliant Dance Routine Next Intermission On Screen Costume Change And Stage Props Du Du Du Video On Screen 4. Rose Solo Amazing Stage Presentation Doing 3 Songs Let It Be ( Beatles Cover) Just Heavenly Magic With Out Of This World Vocals Next You And I Another Magic Vocal Performance With Amazing Playing From Band Next Only Look At Me This Girl Is So Very Talented 5. Lisa Solo With Stage Props Doing Two Songs Take Me ex. Pure Magic Performance At The Highest Level Next Swallow ex. Just Heavenly Vocals 6. Jisoo Solo Clarity ex.( Zead Cover) Amazing Stage Props And Wicked Vocals Love This Girl 7 Jennie Solo One Song Solo ex ( Do You Have Something To Say) Pure Magic Performance This Girl Is So Talented Does Outstanding Vocals And Rap. 8. Kill The Love Fantastic Sounds From Band Just Love The Whole Production Of This Number With 4 Dancers Brilliant Dance Routine 9. Don’t Know What To Do ex. ( You Given Me) Amazing Vocals With Some Laser Lighting Up The Arena Another Solo Vocal With 4 Dancers 10. Kiss And Make Up ( Du Lipa And Black Pink Cover) Also On Screen With Video Coverage Such Amazing Production Numbers 11 Really ex. Instrumental From The Band Another Costume Change Pure Magic Lead/ Bass/ Keys And Drums These Musicians Are Top Of There Field Love Them Sparkling Fire Into The Air Great Pyrotechnics 12. See You Later ex. ( Something Got To Me)( Were All Making Love) Pure Magic Overall Sound These Girls Can Really Sing 13. Playing With Fire ex.( Don’t You Cry) 14. Kick It ex ( Do Do I) Another Great Song 15. Boom Bay ah Four Dancers And All Four Vocalists With Glitter Dresses Love The Dance Routine 16. As It Is Your Last ex. ( I Want It) Also Four Dancers Great Lighting And Lasers 17. Ddu Du Ddu Du ( Remix)( We Had To Be Sorry) Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies 18. Don’t Know What To Do ex. Costume Change Instrumental From Band Just Fabulous       19. Girls In Cars On Screen With Video Coverage And B/T Great Car Sounds Pure Magic Video Coverage Encore 20 Your So Hot ex. Encore Steam In The Air With Some Vocal Rap From Jennie All Vocalists Glitter Dresses One Girl White Two Girls Black And One Girl Black And White 21. You Talk To Much ex. Outstanding Songwriting Love Them 22. Something In The Middle Some Of The Song Tittles Could Be Wrong Didn’t Get A Set List Pure Magic Vocals And Harmonies And Brilliant Dance Routine 23 Last Song Dedicated To The People We Lost In The Bombing At The Venue Two Years Ago Save Us ex. Amazing Melody To The Song ( La La La) All The Light Up Hearts Bought From Merchandise ( From Me To You) All Four Girls Have Put On The The Best K Pop Show For 2019 They Just Worked There Socks Off This Show Has Been Staged So High On Production With Amazing Talented Band Of The Musicians At The Highest Level  Amazing Set Fantastic Four Girls  With Amazing Stage Presence Which Shines With Magic Fabulous Dancers Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores Amazing Pyrotechnics Fantastic  Screens With Graphics And Video Clips magic Brilliant Lights And Lasers Outstanding Mixing This Is Going To Be One Of My Favourite Shows For 2019 Just Love Them.



HOLLOW  COVES  8 pm—8–30 pm

Duo From Australia Normally A Full Band Vocal Acoustic/ Piano ex.ex. Vocal Acoustic/ Drum Bass Pedal Intro Cello B/T 1. My Friend Down By The Seaside vg. Using Bass Drum Pedal ( We Will Run)( We Have Found A Place)( This Time Is All We’ve Had)( We Will Run With A Heart So Young) First Time In Manchester 2. Moments Of Bragin vg. Beautiful Medley In The Song ( The Sun Falls To Fast) Song About Climbing A Mountain In Norway. ( Make This Moment Last) The Two Of Them Live On The Gold Coast In Australia 3. Woods ex. ( Need Words To Find) Acoustic/ Piano ( Believe And Leave It All Behind) Great Use Of The Drum Bass Pedal By Acoustic/ Vocals Amazing Piano Work And Acoustic Guitar Love Them 4. I Don’t What To Preach Piano/ Acoustic And Harmonica Very Lively Songs Last Couple Of Years We Are Getting Some Great Australian Artists And Bands ( You Turn Wide Emotionally)( Take Me Home To The Friends I Know)( Back To The Place I Know)( Take Me Home To The Place I Belong) Really Like This Duo Will See Again Later In Year With There Full Band. 5. The Drift ex. ( Walk Down By The Ocean Far From The Shore)( This Ship Has Left It Course For Distant Lands)( Back To Shore) Amazing Acoustic Guitar Work And Pure Magic Vocals 6. Coast Line ex. Intro Brilliant Acoustic Sounds ( I’m Leaving Home For A Coast Line)( I Feel My Heart For The First Time) Pure Magic Songwriting See So Much Perpetual There ( If You Sleep By The Ocean)( I’m Moving Far Away So We Can Live Our Dream)( You Know How I Feel) Amazing Set Fantastic Duo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

WALKING ON CARS  8–45 pm  10–10 pm

Girl Keys/ Sythi/ Piano/ Vocals ex.ex. Drums ex.ex. Vocal/ Guitar/ Acoustic ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex 1. Monster ex. ( The Boss Is Back In Town)( I Think You Safe Now) 2. Hand In Hand ex. ( If I Was Alone Again) Pure Magic Overall Sounds ( Strangers Connect Tonight)( Hold My Hand)( We Turn About)( Turn Back) 3. Don’t Mind Me ex. ( It The Same Old Life)( The Light Shines) Outstanding Piano Work From Girl ( This Is Everything I Love)( I Was Thinking Of You) 4. One Last Dance ex. ( Take Me Away)( She Says Put Your Arm Around Me)( For One Last Dance) Double Vocals Girl/ Keys 5. Amazing Instrumental Intro Two Straight Lines ex.( I’m The King Of The Castle)( I Told You Lots Of Things About My Life)( Just Say High) Beautiful Love Song Pure Magic Sounds And Songwriting Vocal Guitar Twin Neck ( It’s That Man) 6. Vocal/ Acoustic Fighting High Fighting Low ex. ( I’m Flying High In Love)( Flying High I’m Falling In Love) 7. Too Emotional Vocal/ Percussion Outstanding Drums/ Bass/ Lead/ Keys And One Hell Of A Front Man ( My Heart)( I Keep Talking And Getting Emotional) 8. Waiting On The Corner ex. ( As She Opens Up His Mind)( She Wonders If Your Broken) Vocals/ Folk Guitar 9. Two Stones ex. ( One More Time)( Worst You Let Me)( Worst You Take Me) 10. Tick Tock ex. ( I Stay Up All Night)( Take It Up)( I’m Still Waiting Tick Tock)( I’m Starting With You) 11. Always Be With You ex. ( I’ll Always Be The Same) Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air Fabulous Lyrics Very Commercial Pop/ Rock 12. When We Were Kids ex. ( I Still Call Out For You)( I’m Lost With Out You) Just Love This Song Vocals On Another Planet Pure Genius 13. Coldest Water ex. ( I Was Working For A Friend)( I Survive)( Here We Go Again In The Coldest Water) Outstanding Musicians 14. Ship Goes Down ex ( You Take Heart)( Take My Heart At Weekend) 15. Catch Me If You Can ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 16. Pieces Of You ex. Brilliant Sounds From Band 17. Somebody Else ex. Pure Magic Vocals 18. Speeding Cars ex. This Has Been A Fabulous Evening At The 02 Ritz Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lighting ex. Mixing Will See Again.



 With   HAYES  7–30 pm—8 pm

Singer/ Songwriter Mali Vocals vg. Guy Guitar vg. 1. Stay With Me vg. ( Every One Has There Good Days)( We Will Make Sweet Love)( I Can Be The One)( If You Can Let Me) Great Electric Guitar Work 2. Jump vg. ( Every Day That Passes Me)( Jump In  With Your Love)( You Pick Me Up When I’m Feeling Down) 3. Priority vg. ( I Shouldn’t Talk To You)( I Still Love You Some How)( How I’m  I Supposed To Live With This Man) 4. This Tune Is Called Living vg.( Cover Ella)( My Heart Still)( How Do You Do This Thing Called Living) There A Lot Of Singers Like Mali She Needs To Find Her Own Style And To Work On  Her Songwriting Needs To Write More Commercially At The Moment Overall Sound Is To Basic And Each Song Sounds The Same But I Do See Talent There I See Her Doing More Uptempo R/B %. Come Close vg. ( My Body  Has To Be Loved)( I Want To Feel You)( I Want You In My Soul) 6. Make Me vg. ( You Took Time Out Of Your Day To See Me)( You Think You Own  Me) No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong She Normally Has A Band Will See Her Again vg. Set vg. Duo Good/vg. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing

ALFA  MIST   8–45 pm—10–10 pm

Pure Magic  Jazz  Band  Brilliant Musicians Of The Highest Order Alfa Sekitoler Keys/ Piano/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. Girl Bass/ Vocals ex.ex.ex. Lead ex.ex.ex Trumpet ex.ex.ex. 1. 44. Instrumental ex. Pure Amazing Sound 2. Naiyti ex. Brilliant Instrumental Some Instrumentals Are In 3 Parts In The Music Arrangement These Are Top Musicians Love The Trumpet Work Alfa Who The Main Man On Keys Pure Genius Music Writer. 3. Amazing Piece In Three Parts With Lots Of Shades In The Music Arrangement Joined By A String Section 3 Girls Violins 1 Girl Cello Part 1 Retainer ex. Part 2 Strings Part 3 Restrainer ex. Amazing Work From Band If You’ve Missed This Gig Do Catch Them Next Time Already Done Gigs At Soup Kitchen And Band On The Wall 4. Pure Magic Piece In Three Parts Part 1. Closer ex. Part 2. 7th October ex. Part 3 Glad ex. Had Rap And Spoken Word From Alfa Outstanding Key/ Piano Work Love His Hip Hop Lyric 5. I Lived ex. Hip Hop Vocals ( Do You Know My Life) Brilliant Arrangement Of The Strings Then Into Instrumental 6. Jjajja’s Screen ex. Amazing Instrumental Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air Alfa Keyboard Playing Is On Another Planet Very Interesting String Arrangement 7. Falling Girl Bass/ Vocals She Got Amazing Voice Outstanding Bass Riffs ( Falling In Love Again) Love This Song 8. Breathe ex. Instrumental Outstanding Strings/ Keys/ Bass/ Lead And Drums And Pure Magic Trumpet Work 9. Keep On ex Girl Bass/ Vocals ( I Hear You Calling Me)( The Sun Shines Down On Me)( I Saw You Floating Through My Mind)( The Stars Shine Down At Night)( And The Son Beating Down) 10. Resolve ex. Instrumental With Amazing Bass Riffs And Brilliant Drumming/ Lead/ Keys Piano And Heavenly Trumpet 11 Intro Door ex. Another Amazing Instrumental With Short Solo From Each Musician As There Names Are Announced Some Lovely Landscapes And Shades In The Music Arrangement Encore Brian ex. Instrumental Alfa Piano Intro Then Drums Come In Followed By Bass/ Lead And Trumpet Pure Magic Sounds And Arrangements At The Very Best Crowd Really Loved It Tonight This Has Been So Magical Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Music Arrangements And Songwriting ex. Lights ex. Mixing Another Great Night At The Gorilla Love It.


SKINDRED  7–30 pm—8–30 pm

Vocals ex.ex.ex. Lead B/V ex.ex.ex Bass B/V ex.ex.ex. Drums ex.ex.ex. Intro The Imperial March B/T 1. Big Things ex. Brilliant Songwriting 2. Rat Race ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds 3. Pressure ex. ( With Back In Black Breakdown)( Nothing I Can Say) 4. Machine ex. ( I’m Going Soon)( Hey OO)( Rock And Roll Saved My Soul) Crowd Singing Vocals Speaking To Crowd Listen To Heavy Rock You Are My Brothers And Sisters And We Are Family. 5. Pass It On ex. ( Loud Music Is My Salvation) 6. This Ain’t The Time ex. Vocals Just Out Of This World Just Love This Front Man Brilliant Songwriting 7. My Jam vg. ( I’ve Got You In The Palm Of My Hand)( Are You Ready)( People Want To Bring You Down) Using Some Hip Hop Into Heavy Rock This Band Should Be Higher Up The Ladder Of Success Than They Are Very Clever Overall Sounds ( I’m Sending You To Another Place) Some Add On Mix B/T  8. Nobody ex. ( Were Are We Now) Spoken ( Get Your Fucking Hands Up)( Nobody To Talk About Death And Destruction) 9. War Pigs ( Black Sabbath Cover)( I Need A Break) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting Vocal Speaking To Crowd Take Of Your Shirt Off  And Make A Helicopter 10. Newport Helicopter ex. Fantastic Crowd Participation. End Outro B/T Nobody Does It Better ex. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex Mix/Lights

DISTURBED  8–55 pm—10–50 pm

David Donegan Lead/ Keyboards B/V ex.ex.ex. John Moyer Bass B/V ex.ex.ex. Mike Wengren Drums ex.ex.ex. David Draimen ex.ex.ex. B/T  Intro With Spoken Words And Film Footage On Screen ( Save Us When The Music Is A Weapon)( Just Believe In Your Courage)( No One Is Save) Amazing  Live Festival Coverage On Screen 1. Are You Ready ex.( Take It Away)( We Will Find) 2. Prayer ex. ( In The Darkness Of Sorrow)( This Is The Way To Prayers) Pure Magic Rock Sounds Filling The Air This Band Is So Amazing With Gifted Musicians And One Hell Of A Front Man Just Blown Away By This Band 3. Liberate ex.( It Comes To Me To Night) Outstanding Rock Musicians At The Very Best)( Oh Father) 4. The Vengeful One ex. ( Speak To The Man)( It’s A Dark World) I Like To Thank All My Fans For There Comments I Highly Appreciate Them I’m Still Learning To Answer Them. I Apologise For This. ( Darkness Lurks Out There)( Safe In Your Bed Tonight)( Judgement Falls On You)( Nothing Is Safe)( When The Darkness Falls When You Return) Amazing Sharp Ending Brilliant Song 5. The Animal ex. Sythi Intro B/T ( On My Mind)( We Will Both Shall Die)( We Are On Your Minds) Vocal Talking To Crowd Tonight We Are All Brothers And Sisters In Rock And Roll We Are Family. 6. Stupefy ex. One Hell Of A Front Man Just Shines With Stage Presence Pure Magic Lead/ Bass And Drums 7. Guitar Solo ex.ex. Some Amazing Lead Work At The Highest Level 8. Voices ex. ( Going Into The Night) 9. Land Of Confusion ex.ex. ( Genesis Cover) One Of The Best Covers Of This Song I’ve Ever Heard Love It.( This Is The World We Live In)( To Many People)( Where Are You Now)( These Are The Hands We Are Given)( To Many People With Too Many Problems)( Making A Place Worth Fighting For) 10. Bass Solo Outstanding Bass Riffs Pure Magic Genius Then Followed By A Fabulous Drum Solo Out Of This World Pure Magic Genius Filling The Air 11. Ten Thousand Fists ex. ( What You Want)( You Will Defend Us And Will Conquer These Things)( You Will Remember) 12. The Game ex. ( Be The One)( We Will Shape Our Lives)( Night And Day) 13. No More ex. Off New Album ( It Doesn’t Matter What Your Fighting For)( Tell Your People Are They Ready To Die)( Never Ending War)( Make Them Realise)( No More) Intermission Spoken Word And On Screen Samaritans All About Being A Good Friend To Somebody In Need And Caring For Each Other 14. A Reason  To Fight ex. Drums/ Acoustic ( Lost In Your World Of Lies)( I Find It So Hard To Believe In You)( You’ll Find Out You’ll Rise Again)( When The Demon Inside You Must Fight And Stop Him Getting Your Soul)( The Demon Inside)( Your Heading For The Fire)( Give Me A Reason To Fight) Vocals Talking To Crowd I’ve Lost So Many Friends With Addiction And Depression And Loneliness Is The Biggest Killer 15. Hold On To The Memories ex. ( Do The Best Things In Your Life)( Make The Best Of Your Life) His Lyrics Have So Passion And Feeling Of Live It Pulls At Your Heart Strings 16. Piano Intro A Pure Magic Melody The Sound Of Silence  ( Simon And Garfunkel Cover) Lead/ Piano Extra Musicians On Stage Cello/ Violin And Acoustic Guitar One Of The Best Covers I Have Ever Heard So Beautiful And Magical 17. Investructible Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 18. Inside The Fire ex. So Magical In His Vocals 19. The Light ex. Brilliant Songwriting 20. Stricken ex. Pure Magic Front Man Vocalist Love It  21. Down With The Sickness ex. Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex.Lights ex. Mixing One Of The Best Rock Shows For 2019 Just A Pure Magical Evening At The Amazing 02 Apollo With It’s Friendly Staff.


D.B.G.C.  7–30 pm—8 pm

3. Piece Punk/ Rock Band From South Korea Full Name Drinking Boys And Girl Choir All Members Have Day Jobs And Take A Vacation To Go On Tour Bae Meeena Bass/ Vocals Kim Mybong Jin Drums/ Vocals Seo Bondu Guitar/ Vocals Debut Album Keep Drinking 2018 1. Keep Drinking vg. ( You Leave My House) Very High Energy Punk/ Rock Love It 2. National Police Shit ex. ( One Day)( Be Happy)( I Held Your Hands)( I What Sex) 3. Stay Here vg. ( See You)( It Doesn’t Matter)( Feeling) 4. You Hate Me vg. ( I Need Your Love) Great Overall Sounds And Songwriting See Lots Of Perpetually There Love Them. 5. She’s Sitting In The Blue Chair vg. ( You And Me)( My Life So Good) First Time In Manchester. 6. I’m Fucking McDonalds vg . ( Memory To You) Amazing Overall Sounds Drums B/V 7. I Want You vg. Great Lead/ Bass And Drums ( Fuck It Your Two Nice) 8. Baby Baby vg. Bass/ Lead Vocals ( Take My) Very High Energy Punk/ Rock Love It ex. Set ex Band vg. Songs ex. Mixing.

SAY  SUE ME   8–20 pm— 8–50 pm

Indie/ Rock Band From Busan South Korea Choi Sue Mi  Vocals Kim Byung Kyu Guitar Ha Jae Young Bass Kim Chang Wow Drums Debut Album We’ve Sobered Up 2nd Album 13 April 2018 Where We Were Together There Music Is Described As Surf Rock Influenced By Living By The Sea 1, Good For Some Reason vg. ( You Told Me)( You Will See Me) But I Like You vg. ( I Can Convince You)( Some Days)( I Miss You) 3. We Just vg. ( We Should Be Home) Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting ( Your So Stupid) Very Commercial Love It 4. My Problem vg. Amazing Overall Sounds 5. Old Town vg. ( Don’t You See Only What I See)( I Can See You) 6. I Know I’m Kind Of Boring vg.( I Don’t Know What To Say) Brilliant Songwriting 7. Say Sue Me vg. ( Down In The Sand) Very Indie/ Rock Amazing Overall Sounds 8 Intro And Spoken Word One Week ex.( When I Was Young) 9. I Just Want To Dance ex. Love This Song) 10. B Lover ex ( You Want)( Don’t Know What To Do) 11. Sorry I’m Drunk ex. ( You Were So Lazy)( I’m So Grown Up) 12. Dreaming ex. ( Blondie Cover) Amazing Overall Sounds 13. Just Joking Around ex. ( Just To Come Back)( Someone Next To Me) Brilliant Songwriting Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing Love This Band Will See Again.

OTOBOKE  BEAVER  9–40 pm—10–30 pm

Four Piece Punk Band Formed 2009 From Kyoto Japan Band Members Accorinkin Guitar Vocals Yoyoyoshie Guitar In 2018 Kahokiss Drums Hiro Chan Bass 1. Heart ex. Pure Magic Sounds 2. Hello/ Yo Really Rocking The Place Tonight And Brilliant Songwriting 3. Akima ex. Amazing Vocals And Harmonies This Band Has So Much Energy And Stage Presence And Brilliant Musicians. 4. Silver ex. ( Back To Luck) 5. Bakuro ex. ( The Family)( I Don’t What To Loose You) Pure Magic Sounds 6. Why Now ex. ( Song For The Show) 7. Long Killing ex. ( I Can See) Brilliant Songwriters. 8. Relatives ex. ( I Check)( I Don’t Know Why) 9. Love ex. ( Guy Needs To Fuck)( Waiting For Me) Brilliant Guitar And Drum Work. Short Song Love It. 10. Being Loved ex. Pure Magic Sounds Filling The Air So Much Energy From The Band 11. Part ex. ( I’ve Been Chasing You)( It Right Here) Pure Magic Guitar And Drum Work With Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies 12. Mobile ex. ( He’s Hot)( Come On) 13. Jijii ( Don’t Loose It)( See In My Life Before) Vocal/ Rhythm ( I’ll Stay All Night) 14. Maternal ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds. 15. Shade ex. Crowd Going Mad Lots Of Jumping And Hand And Arm Movements 16. Four ex. Just Love This Band 17. Octopus/ Kite ex. Brilliant Songwriting. 18. Wife ex. Such Amazing High Energy Band With Crazy But Talented Musicians Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing This Has Been A Magical Evening At The Deaf Institute.



MARINA  8–30 pm—10–10 pm

Has Had A Long Lay Off From Music For The Love And Heavenly Fear Tour She’s Using Studio Backing Tapes Simply Amazing Also Live Piano/ Sythi Drum Pads And Cello On Some Songs First Half Love Marina Vocals/ Piano Dancers Girl B/V ex.ex. Guy B/V/ Cello ex.ex.Girl B/V Sythi Drum Pads/ Dancing ex.ex. Girl B/V Sythi Drum Pads/ Dancing ex.ex. Intro B/T  1. Handmade Heaven A Most Beautiful Song Fantastic Vocals From Marina And  Amazing Dance Routine From Girl and Guy Pure Magic. 2.  Hollywood ex. ( In  Dreams) Joined By The Two Girls On B/V Heavenly ( Her Mind Is Just Like Mine)( Like A Movie Sean)( I’m Obsessed That Is America) 3. Prima Donna ex. ( Across The World)( It’s Always Someone Elsie’s Fault) Outstanding Songwriting I’ve Really Missed Marina She Has Had A Long Time Off From Music. One Of My Favourite Artists ( I’m A Prima Donna) 4. Enjoy Your Life ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting 5. I’m Not A Robot ( Who Been Acting)( Your Just A Little Baby)( Teach Me How To Feel) Heavenly Vocals Of The Highest Order 6. To Be Human ex. Great Video Scenes Of America On Screen. Another Magic Song Her Vocals Are So Special Outstanding Lyric Writing 7. Superstar ex. ( What About You)( When Your So Far From Me)( Look At Me I’m A Superstar) Outstanding B/V And Vocals From Marina Love This Girl So Very Talented. 8. F root ( Give Me A Reason) Great Dancing And Overall Sounds Pure Magic Overall Sounds Marina Deferentially Back To Her Brilliant Best In Her Songwriting 9. Orange Trees ex.( I Am With The Flowers)( I Feel Free) Sea And Waves On Screen ( Let The Sun Go Down To The Sea And Rap Your Love Around Me) 10. Happy ex. Marina/ Piano ( I’ve Found What I’m Looking For)( Someone Is Watching Over Me) End Of First Album Next Fear Second Album 11. Believe In Love ex. Pure Magic Song And Brilliant Dance Routine 12. Life Is Strange ex. Guy Cello B/V Sythi Drum Pads ( I’ve Lost My Mind) 13. Marina/ Piano Soft To Be Strong ex. Girl Dance Routine So Very Beautiful This Is A Very Theatrical Production Tonight Pure Magic Genius 14 I’m A Ruin ex. ( To Lead You On)( I Have Had My Amounts Of Beautiful Men)( You And Me) All Four B/V ( I Don’t Wait To Say Goodbye) 15. Are You Satisfied ( I Was Out Of My Head)( It’s A Dream) Amazing Flowers On Screen 16. Karma ex. ( I’ll Be Sorry When It Comes Around)( When Your Life Comes Crashing Down It Won’t Save You) 17. Savages ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting. 18. Immortal ex. Two B/V Just Outstanding And Heavenly Vocals From Marina ( Love Is A Loosing Game) 19. End Of The Earth ex. B/V Dancing ( I’ll Love You To The End of Time) 20. Baby ex. ( Take You Back To Last September)( I Am Already Searching For Someone Else Baby) Pure Magic Overall Sounds 21. How To Be A Heart Breaker Love This Song ( Your Number 3)( Your Number 4) All Four B/V  And Brilliant Heavenly Vocals From Marina This Has Been Such Amazing Evening. Amazing Set Fantastic Solo and Dancers And B/V Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing And Brilliant Studio Quality B/T.


CHARLOTTE  7–45 pm—8–15 pm

Singer/ Songwriter/ Pianist Charlotte Vocals/ Piano ex.ex. Joe Guitar ex.ex. 1. I Need Someone To Hold ex ( I Called Out To Somebody)( I’m Searching High And Low) Duo From Hull 2. I Tell You Lies vg. New Song ( You Don’t Know Who I Am)( Stuck In The Fast Lane) 3. Just Me ex. Charlotte/ Piano ( I’m Never Going To Do Things I’ve Never Done)( Voices In My Head) Charlotte Has A Voice Of A Angel ( I Try To Be Unbreakable) 4. All My Life ex. No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong Outstanding Overall Sounds And Songwriter. ( Your Not Alone)( I’m By Your Side)( All Your Worries Are Yours And Mine)( I’ll Give You All My Life) Pure Magic Lyrics And Outstanding Music Score. 5. Get It Right ex. Vocals Only And Joe/ Acoustic Guitar ( You Said I’m The One)( You Had The Chance To Treat Me Better)( My Heart Has Had Enough) Song About Love 6. Red-bone ex.( Cover)( I Wake Up Feeling)( Don’t Feel Right)( You What To Wake It Up But Your To Late)( Don’t You Loose Your Eyes 7. So Frustrating vg. ( I’m Tired Of Shaking)( I’ve Been Running Around)( I’ve Got To Face It)( I Get Nervous Under The Surface)( Cold Sweats) ex. Set ex. Duo vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing Really Like This Artist See Lots Of Perpetual.

NEWTON  FAULKNER 8–45 pm—10–30 pm

Newton  Acoustic/ Vocals/ Keys/ Sythi / Loop Machine Lots Of Add On Sounds And Electronic Gadgets And Drum Beats Interesting Stage Lighting 1. If This Is It ex. ( I Won’t Forget)( I’ll Show You Everything)( It Right Now)( Please Come Back Again) 2. Indecisive ex.( I’m Wanting You)( Is There Nothing I Can Say To Change Your Mind) On Sythi Drum Pad ( Don’t What You To Go)( Where Do You Go With A Broke n Heart) 3. Brick By Brick ex. ( You Keep Building On)( Now We Stay)( Bit By Bit) 4. Clouds ex. ( Go Out And Find It)( No One Gets You Down)( Start Looking From The Clouds)( Something  Bound To Change)( Start Looking Down From The Clouds) 5. I Took It Out On You ex. ( I’m Such A Fool I Should Have Let You Know) 6. Teardrops ex. ( Massive Attack Cover)( On The Fire)( Here Comes The Sunrise) 7. Finger Tips ex. ( I Need Something To Believe In)( I Don’t Mind Anymore)( I’m Sick And Tired Of Getting Nowhere) Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Songwriting.8. I Need Something ex. Very Rocky Clever Mixing From Newton On Pedals And Loop Machine Some Of The Add On’s Are So Magical 9. Don’t Leave Me Waiting ex. ( I Can Fairly Find My Way Home)( You Don’t Have To Say)( I Know It’s Hard) Lighting Just Out Of This World. ( How Will I Know)( They Changed Our Song) 10. Million Reasons ex. ( Jess Glyn Cover)( Give Me A Million Reasons To Let Go) 11. Against The Grain ex. Pure Heavenly Vocals And Outstanding Acoustic Guitar Work. Pure Magic Lyrics Pulling At Your Heart Strings So Much Passion And Feeling 12. Take All You Want ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Songwriting At It’s Very Best. 13. Dream Catch Me ex. Big Hit For Him. Love This Song ( Every One I Want To Be)( I Won’t Come Back At All)( Dream Catch Me When I’m Falling)( This I Know) 14. Shadow Boxing ex. ( There A Feeling In The Darkness)( You And I)( So Were Moving On)( Loving Out)( Feel Like Shadows) 15 I’ll Be There ex. ( Jackson 5 Cover) Amazing Overall Sounds 15 a Sponge Bob Square Pants Theme Short Song ex. 16. Send Me On My Way ex. ( Rusted Root Cover)( All That We Wanted)( I’ll Give You All You Want) 17. Write It On  Your Skin ex. ( Set Your Clothes On Fire)( All The Things I Rather Be)( I’m Starting Again)( I Can’t Stay Around Here)( I Can Sail Away) 18 Up Up And Away ex. ( You Got To Slow Down)( Everything I Want And Everything I Need)( Give Me A Ticket On The Air Waves) 19. Orange Skies ex. Pure Magic Overall Sounds And Incredible Mixing Just A Outstanding Evening Amazing Set Fantastic Solo Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music Scores ex. Lights ex Mixing


CASHMERE  7–20 pm –7–50 pm

Lead ex. Vocal/ Rhythm ex. Bass ex. Drums ex. Local Band From Stockport 1. So Mean ex. ( I Feel Lonely Sometimes)( Got To Get You Out Of My Sight)( I Need Someone) 2. Codem vg. ( Your Face) Great Overall Sounds And Great Musicians 3. Tokyo vg. ( Your Love)( It Feels So Good)( Look Down On Me)( I Get A Little Love To You) 4. Anaeshesia vg. Brilliant Lead/ Bass And Drums Great Vocal Front Man 5. Gravity vg. Vocal/ Rhythm Great Overall Sounds 6. Lucid vg. ( Blue Sinner) Add On B/T ( The Darkest Times ( All The Troubles)( Trying To Be Someone L ike You)( There Must Be A Better Way To Say It) 7. Potgeler ex.( I’ve Got To Say)( Before I Turn To Stone)( Words Meant To Say) 8. Accident ex. ( You Set Yourself)( Leave The Light On) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

THE  HUBBARDS  8–15 pm –8–45 pm

Vocal/ Rhythm ex Lead B/V ex. Bass B/V ex Drums ex. 1. I Just Want To Say vg. ( You Can Do What You Want To Do)( Your  Boyfriend)( Your The Voice In My Head) 2. How Do You Feel vg. ( I’m Surrounded By People Under Me) 3. Your Love vg. ( It Feels So Good)( Look Down On Me) Great Overall Sounds And Songwriting 4. Born To Fight vg. ( Trying To Sing The Song I’ve Been Meaning To Do)( We Were Born To Fight) 5. I Told You vg. ( Oh Boy)( Don’t Mess With Me)( Get Over It) 6. It A Long Way To Go ex. Amazing Overall Sounds And Very Commercial Songwriting ( Just Look In The Mirror)( That’s Not Right) Love This Song See Lots Of Perpetual There If They Can Write More Songs Of This Quality No Set List Some Tittles Could Be Wrong. 7. Good By Girl vg. ( There Is A God Who Good To Me) 8. I,m A Fool For You vg. ( You Are A Nightmare)( I Like The Way You Touch)( Leave The Light On) ex. Set ex. Band vg./ ex. Songs ex. Lights ex. Mixing.

GIANT   ROOKS  9–15 pm–10–15 pm

Vocals/ Rhythm/ Acoustic/ Percussion And Floor Drum ex.ex. Bass B/V ex.ex Lead ex.ex Key/ Sythi/ Piano ex.ex. 1. Cara Declares War ex. ( I’ve Got Feelings When My Spirit On The Run) This Is A Very Young Band Of Brilliant Musicians To Gig Is  Being Film With A German Crew. ( Why Are You Waiting)( Once In A Life Time) 2. 100 mg ex. ( Don’t You Know)( Good For You) Vocals Floor Drum And Percussion. 3. Went Right Down ex. One Hell Of A Front Man/ Vocalist Just Shines With Stage Presence  Overall Sound From Band Pure Magic Genius Love Them. 4. Bright Lies vg. ( Your More Than) Outstanding Songwriting Songwriting This Is There Fifth Time In Manchester This Band Really Rocks Brilliant Vocals And Harmonies. 5.Slow ex. Another Great Song So Much Feeling In The Lyrics. 6. Head By Head ex. ( I’m Not Alone)( Something In The Water) Try Footprints In The Snow)( Turn To Stone) 7. Sighing Like A Sleeper ex.( She’s Missing It)( Soon They Come Together)( In The Dark They Rise) 8. Chapels ex. Amazing Vocals And Harmonies( I Couldn’t Believe Today)( 1920 For Me) Pure Magic Overall Sounds From Band (Oh Oh Oh Oh) Outstanding Vocal/Acoustic/ Storyteller/ Actor Just Shines With Magic Vocals Down In Crowd Great Singing From Crowd. 9. Walled City ex. Some Incredible Lighting Tonight 10. Wild Stare ex. ( The Sky Is Blue)( We Don’t Say No)( There Are Times)( Where Ever We Go) 11. Mia And Keira ex. Brilliant Songwriting Love It. Encore 12. Rainfalls ex. ( Waiting For It) Amazing Lighting 13. New Estate ex. ( Go To The Other Side)( Believe In Your Heart) 14. King Thinking ex. ( Be My Guest)( Why Should I Stay) Front Man Out Of This World Stage Presence. Another Magical Evening At The Gorilla Amazing Set Fantastic Band Brilliant Songs/ Lyrics And Music scores ex. Lights ex. Mixing.